Mar. 1st, 2010

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Okay, so I decided to try for [ profile] comment_fic's challenge this weekend. Ha. I write longer fics more slowly than everyone who INEVITABLY decides to compete the same weekend I do, but here is what I wrote (all DCU, I know you are shocked):

I managed to get 15 in before the cut-off, which is more than I've ever managed. Too bad someone did TWENTY, but oh well! NEXT TIME, maybe.

For [ profile] zoe_chan:
* Evil!Tim/Evil!Kon/Cissie, "Can you ever forgive us?" (730 words)
* Tim/Cissie/Kon, Surprise! (225 words)

For [ profile] museofspeed:
* Tim/Tam, teaching her self-defense (173 words)
* Tim/Kon/Cissie, kissing it better (275 words)
* Tim/Kon/Cissie, being invulnerable with two all too vulnerable partners (344 words)
* Tim/Kon/Cissie, PILLOW FIGHT! (276 words)

For [ profile] milleniumrex:
* Tim/Tam, running Wayne Enterprises (637 words)
* Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones, retirement (256 words)
* Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones, midnight cravings (244 words)
* Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones, heartbreak (47 words)

For [ profile] aravistarkheena:
* Tim/Tam; Tim was caught in the snow and Tam needs to warm him up again (625 words)
* Tim Drake/Tam Fox; future fic (192 words)
* Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones; 'The magic words.' (122 words)

For [ profile] angel_gidget:
* Tim/Tam, Tam keeps track of how many times Tim does something (140 words)
* Lucius & Tam Fox, His little girl has changed (206 words)

SO. The run-down, for my own benefit:

15 ficlets
4,555 words
Tim/Tam: 6
Tim/Kon/Cissie: 5
Tim/Cissie: 4

Wow. Not too shabby, even if I didn't win! And now I am exhausted.


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