Mar. 4th, 2010

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The subject is just an excuse for quoting Douglas Adams.

Today is NATIONAL GRAMMAR DAY! I declare it can be Grammar Day in Canada too, because we like those Canadians with their giant inflatable beavers and lumberjacks. Here, have a list of the Top Ten Grammar Myths! God, I love being a word geek. I knew all of those. :D I want one of the Grammar Day t-shirts. Seriously.

ALSO, this is the most amusing and adorable wedding video ever. [ profile] zoe_chan linked me, and she made my morning. ♥ Watch it, it is short and oh-so-awesome. I dare you not to smile.

Oh, what else? Sounds like this week has just been hell for most of my f-list, and I am very sorry. :( ::HUGS:: And okay. I feel the need to say something. And that thing is that I won't be saying anything. I am not participating in discussions about the comics spoiler that has been plastered all over twitter, LJ, and the internet at large. (In conclusion: Twitter makes avoiding spoilers IMPOSSIBLE.) Feel free to do whatever you like, because we're all entitled to feel and react in our own ways, but please don't ask me my thoughts right now. Trust me, I have them, I'm just not ready to share.

Oh, and in case it was lost anywhere, I wrote a bunch of Tim/Tam, Tim/Cissie, Tim/Kon/Cissie comment fics here. 15, to be exact.

I'm also hearing about awesome AU fic ideas from [ profile] xenokattz and [ profile] second_batgirl. The [ profile] au_bigbang fic Zoe and I are writing is coming along nicely, now that we've beat back writer's block, aaaaand we are VERY looking forward to [ profile] het_idcrack claims to begin. (BTW, prompting ends Saturday, claims start Sunday! I think. Something like that! GET THOSE PROMPTS IN!)

Also, [ profile] xenokattz, [ profile] likeadeuce and [ profile] second_batgirl are trying to make me read ALIAS so I can know and care about Jessica Jones. Here is what I know about Jessica Jones: she was a superhero, she quit, she's married to a superhero and they have an adorable baby. And her best friend is Marvel Girl Ms. Marvel. I am AFRAID to find out more because I think SHE MIGHT BE EXACTLY MY TYPE. And unlike Cissie, she doesn't live in comics limbo.

SO, HERE IS YOUR ASSIGNMENT, LJ: What is making you happy right now? I think we could all use the happy today. ♥


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