Apr. 1st, 2010

lady_sarai: (For the Birds O_O)
No, I haven't been pranked, but it's hit me that oh god, it's April. O_o

Easter this weekend. And BOSTON COMIC CON next weekend, and vacation the week after the following weekend, and then my aunt is coming home from the 29th to the 3rd and WHEN are all my GIANT PROJECTS for grad school due? OH RIGHT, THE WEEK OF MAY 3RD. ...My aunt's timing sucks. (For the record, locking myself away to work 24/7 while she is here... not an option. That will have to be the rest of the month.)

I feel a need to take deeeeeeeeep breeeeeeeaths. At least the sun is out for the first time in aaaaaaaages! And I opened a window.

I have fic to read and comment on, and fic to write, and I feel that this picture needs to be a Tim/Cissie fic. ...That I don't write, for clarification. ;) (Or I suppose it could be Tim/Tam.)

I have a fic idea that's kind of just... sitting at the edge of my brain, and I feel like if I look directly at it, it will run away and I don't want it to, because it's... kind of intriguing and I'd like for it to stick around and maybe let me look at it a little more closely. Because... it could be interesting. But it's still in the stage where I'm not even exactly sure what it is. So it's like something shiny sitting juuuuust in my peripheral vision. If I make a sudden movement, it'll run away. Anyone else ever feel like this? What do you do?

(Oh lord, I just opened my planner. April is going to be hellish.)


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