May. 23rd, 2010

lady_sarai: (Lost: Sawyer doesn't know either)
I might be insane, but here, have a meme! Saw this... somewhere, I forget. But anyway!

Comment with a pairing/character, and word prompt for a letter of your choosing and I’ll write you a drabble/ficlet in return!

A is for:
B is for:
C is for:
D is for:
E is for:
F is for:
G is for:
H is for:
I is for:
J is for:
K is for:
L is for:
M is for:
N is for:
O is for:
P is for:
Q is for
S is for:
T is for:
U is for:
V is for:
W is for:
X is for:
Y is for:
Z is for:

I'll update this entry as people claim letters. Go ahead and claim more than one, but no more than three at a time.

OMG EVERYONE TODAY IS LOST DAY AND I AM NOT READY FOR MY SHOW TO EEEEEND. Also, Zoe and I posted our bigbang fic this week. It's AU, and we had looots of fun writing it. So you should read it. No, really. You all want to know what Kon would be like if Lex raised him. I know you do. ;)

And now to find some way to occupy myself until 7 tonight when the LOST FINALE EVENT begins!


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