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I got to thinking that I should have one central place to locate all my fic. So here is that place, organized by fandom.



The Smell of Smoke: Roy Harper, Dick Grayson; TT v. 1
It took six fire departments and the Teen Titans to contain that fire, and now Roy can’t get rid of the smell of smoke. (genfic) [March 1, 2007]

Study Buddies: Roy Harper, Dick Grayson, Donna Troy; TT v.1
Roy and Donna fight, and Dick does damage control. (genfic--mostly) [March 19, 2007]

First line Tim/Kon ficlet for [ profile] miakun, using the line "Tim was never going to get tired of it." [May 10, 2007]

Reliving: Kon, Martha Kent; Adventure Comics
Kon died. He was dead. And now he isn't. (genfic) [August 14, 2009]

Just a Scratch: Tim/Cissie, future, PG.
For [ profile] zoe_chan's prompt "Tim/Cissie, 'It's just a scratch.'" Tim doesn't like it when Cissie's hurt. Cissie's tired of arguing. [December 6, 2009; 1,108 words]

Snowed In: Tim Drake/Tam Fox; Red Robin AU, PG.
For [ profile] aravistarkheena's prompt "Tim Drake/Tam Fox; Bandages made from strips of old blanket" [December 5, 2009; 1014 words]

Cure for the Not-So-Common Cold, PG. [February 14, 2010; ~2500 words]
For [ profile] rai_daydreamer's prompt in [ profile] help_haiti: Tim/Kon hurt/comfort

Give Rest: Tim/Cissie, PG. [9/21/10, ~1500 words]
For [ profile] zoe_chan, to cheer her up. Title is from the song "Ships" by Umbrellas--We will one day dock at the same port / And give rest to our weary legs.

The majority of my DCU fic, co-written by [ profile] zoe_chan

TONS of DCU comment fic

2 DCU fics co-written by [ profile] xenokattz


X-Men Movieverse:

Mark the Music, Scott Summers, Scott/Jean

If someone were to make a soundtrack for Scott’s life, these are six songs that would be on it. [For [ profile] michan17 in [ profile] summers_fling, April 1, 2007]



Lives By Breaking: All four Pevensies, 1600 words, gen. For [ profile] yuletide 2006.
The heart... lives by breaking. 8 ways Narnia can break a heart.

Put Aside Childish Things: Susan and Peter, gen.
Peter visits Susan. Spoilers for The Last Battle, insofar as there can be spoilers for books written that long ago.

Queen Lucy's Cordial: Peter and Lucy, gen.
Aslan gave Lucy a precious gift, but Peter has asked her not to use it. Written for [ profile] narniaficathon 2006.


Harry Potter:

Believe: Ernie MacMillan, genfic.
Ernie has a conversation with the Fat Friar following the events of the Third Task in GoF.

Draco Dormiens Numquam Titillandus: Founders fic; co-written with [ profile] zoe_chan and it was entirely [ profile] xenokattz's fault.
A series of notes passed between the Founders reveals the story of the school's motto.



Unsent: Ella Enchanted, for [ profile] yuletide 2007.
The letter Ella wrote but didn't send to Char.

Man and Legend: Robin McKinley's Outlaws of Sherwood, for [ profile] yuletide 2008.
"But there was a time not long ago that I thought all you would ever let me have of you was your legend--and--and I might at least use that to some effect." Marian's thoughts before the Fair.

Out Flew the Web and Opened Wide: Traditional Fairy Tales: Rapunzel, for [ profile] yuletide 2009.
There are no more colors. There is no more light. He is alone, in the dark. But he will find her. In which the blind prince searches for Rapunzel.


Things written for [ profile] comment_fic:


Comment Fic I wrote for [ profile] zoe_chan, in which Tim comes home after a rough night on patrol.

Lian/Milagro future!fic
Cissie & Jason, Rocks Fall!verse 1
Tim & Cissie, Match aftermath, first time she considered taking up the bow again after YJ
Tim/Cissie, New Year's Eve
Lian Harper/Milagro Reyes, (futurefic) First time Lian got injured as Robin.
Tim/Ducati, Tim/Cissie; The Other Woman
Tim/Cissie, "Can I come in?"
Cassie/Kara, V
Tim/Cissie, Waking up late
Tim/Kon/Cissie, "You don't have to sleep on the couch."
Tim/Cissie, Last Dance
Tim/Cissie, "It's just a scratch."
Tim/Cissie, having family over for the holidays

For [ profile] aravistarkheena: Tim/Tam, "I want to kiss you again Tam, but I know I shouldn't."
For [ profile] milleniumrex: Tim/Cissie, long-distance Valentine's Day
For [ profile] second_batgirl: Dick and Roy the first time Tim comes to pick up Cissie for a date
For [ profile] kirax2: Tim/Kon, first day of summer
For [ profile] milleniumrex: Tim Drake/Cissie Queen (Yes, Queen)
For [ profile] museofspeed: Tim/Kon/Cissie, doing awful things to people who hit on them
Tim/Kon/Cissie, BABIES
For [ profile] xenokattz: Jaime Reyes and Lois Lane

For [ profile] zoe_chan:
* Evil!Tim/Evil!Kon/Cissie, "Can you ever forgive us?" (730 words)
* Tim/Cissie/Kon, Surprise! (225 words)

For [ profile] museofspeed:
* Tim/Tam, teaching her self-defense (173 words)
* Tim/Kon/Cissie, kissing it better (275 words)
* Tim/Kon/Cissie, being invulnerable with two all too vulnerable partners (344 words)
* Tim/Kon/Cissie, PILLOW FIGHT! (276 words)

For [ profile] milleniumrex:
* Tim/Tam, running Wayne Enterprises (637 words)
* Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones, retirement (256 words)
* Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones, midnight cravings (244 words)
* Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones, heartbreak (47 words)

For [ profile] aravistarkheena:
* Tim/Tam; Tim was caught in the snow and Tam needs to warm him up again (625 words)
* Tim Drake/Tam Fox; future fic (192 words)
* Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones; 'The magic words.' (122 words)

For [ profile] angel_gidget:
* Tim/Tam, Tam keeps track of how many times Tim does something (140 words)
* Lucius & Tam Fox, His little girl has changed (206 words)

10 Tim/Cissie comment fics:

1. Win-Win Situation' ('Stay with me tonight. It's cold outside. You can save the world tomorrow, Boy Wonder. | 453 words)
2. Tim had a new understanding for what crimefighting in high heels and a miniskirt was like. (437 words)
3. The sheriff and the Native archer (YJ Western AU from the 80-page giant) (286 words)
4. "I'm scared, Tim." (827 words)
5. Home for Christmas (Home safe | 977 words)
6. Hot red car (289 words)
Altering Fate verse (where Cissie is Arrowette again):
7. Modeling the costume (459 words)
8. Patrol injuries. (413 words)
9. Cissie's new costume is showing off a lot of skin. (220 words)
10. Only a Flesh Wound (564 words)

For [ profile] alphabet26: SPN, Sam and Dean, weechesters!

Harry Potter, RENT, X-Men:
Two drabbles about Tonks for [ profile] zoe_chan.
Two Harry Potter and Two RENT drabbles as requested by [ profile] aradiachiba and [ profile] scribophile.
X-Men and Hufflepuffs for [ profile] larinzia.


DCU, co-written with [ profile] zoe_chan:

As a Constellation: Tim/Kon, some nebulous future, ADULT.
Tim surprises Kon with a late night visit to the farm. [May 27, 2007] (slash, and ADULT. Really.)

Of Mortality: Tim/Kon, some nebulous future.
Kon drops in on Tim and is unpleasantly surprised. [June 21, 2007] (slash--note the pairing, yo)



East of the Sun: Tim/Kon/Cissie, Red Robin 1-3, PG.

Kon and Cissie learn that Tim has set off on a crazy solo mission to find Bruce. They set out to find him, but when they do, he is not as eager to see them as they had expected. [Written for [ profile] polybigbang: ~20,600 words in 11 parts; Oct 28, 2009]

Titans of Industry: AU, featuring Tim, Cissie, Kon and others, Teen.

Wayne Enterprises, LexCorp and Queen Industries are all vying to win a high-stakes business deal and are sending in their best representatives--Tim Drake, Conner Luthor and Cissie King-Jones. While their fathers can hardly stand each other, they have managed to become friends outside the boardroom. The week before they are to face off for the deal, Wayne Enterprises and Queen Industries are broken into by someone dressed as Arrowette. When Conner knows too many details about Cissie's business proposal, Tim and Cissie begin to wonder if he isn't following in his father's footsteps after all. But that still doesn't explain who Arrowette is or why someone would frame Cissie. [Written for [ profile] au_bigbang: ~15,800 words in 7 parts + epilogue; May 19, 2010]


Tim/Cissie fics set in the "Love in the Electronic Age" continuity, co-written with [ profile] zoe_chan:

Put the Past Away: Tim, Cissie, Young Justice.
Tim and Cissie talk about her mother, the Olympics and Karma. Set between issues 24 and 25 of Young Justice, while Cissie is competing in the Olympics.

12 Years of Christmas: Tim/Cissie, covering Young Justice to an AU future, including children and the assorted Bat and Arrow clans.
12 Christmases Tim and Cissie spend together through the years.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part10, Part 11, Part 12

Of Sore Shoulders and Backrubs: Tim/Cissie, Rish, future AU, for [ profile] xenokattz.
Cissie has shoulder pain, and Tim makes it better.

Various (14!) Five Things Lists
14 lists about Tim, Cissie and their children from this continuity.

20 Random Facts About Sadie Drake
20 Random Facts About Aiden Drake
20 Random Facts About Sophie Drake
Exactly what they seem! 20 Random Facts about Tim and Cissie's children.

Five Days Gone: Tim/Cissie, Rish, future AU. (~31,500 words in 8 parts)
Cissie is kidnapped. Tim doesn't deal well.


Tim/Cissie fics co-written with [ profile] zoe_chan, part of the "Altering Fate" verse--in which Cissie returns to heroing:

Human Error: Tim/Cissie, PG, for [ profile] milleniumrex.
Cissie breaks her ankle on a mission and Tim has guilt. Hurt/Comfort, fluff.

Family Business: Tim/Cissie, PG, also for [ profile] milleniumrex.
The prompt was "Future fic, Tim as Batman, Cissie as Oracle." We had too much fun with it.

So This Is Christmas?: Tim/Cissie, PG, again for [ profile] milleniumrex, for [ profile] jbbs 2008. Hurt/Comfort, Christmas fluff.
It's Christmas Eve, there is no peace on Earth, and Tim and Cissie are sore and exhausted.


And then there is the Postcard-verse, also co-written with [ profile] zoe_chan:

Wish You Were Here: Tim/Cissie, Bart, Kon, Cassie, Jaime, Rose.
The Titans establish and continue the tradition of sending Cissie a postcard whenever they go abroad.

Part 1, Part 2


Fics co-written with [ profile] zoe_chan that are not necessarily Tim/Cissie or connected to any of our Tim/Cissie AUs:

Operation: Christmas Cheer. Tim, Cissie, Bart; post-YJ. (Written for Kate in [ profile] jbbs 2007.)
Bart decides Tim works too hard and needs some holiday cheer. He brings Cissie along for reinforcement, but Tim is working.


RENT, co-written with [ profile] zoe_chan:

Not Enough: Mark/Maureen, pre-RENT.
Mark and Maureen have a conversation during Roger's withdrawal.

Insomnia: Mark, Roger, gen.
Mark and Roger discuss April--by some definition of the word. Immediately follows Not Enough.


DCU, co-written with [ profile] xenokattz:

Oxygen Variations, hosted at [ profile] cute_and_glee.
Superman Returns/DCU crossover, specifically focusing on Jason White and Lian Harper.

Made of WIN, go look and see how awesome it is. ;)

Richard, Bruce and Clark go into a bar...
Um. Superman Returns/Batman Begins/Marvel/DCU crossover. Yes, really. Also Kim Possible. And whoever else we think of. Crack, of the LJ-breaking variety and too fun not to check out, trust me.


DVD-style Fic Commentaries:

The Smell of Smoke, DC comics, Roy. 3-24-2007

Study Buddies, DC Comics, Roy and Dick. 3-25-2007


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