Oh, October

Oct. 4th, 2010 11:33 pm
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It is October.

-I overslept
-I dropped a pan on my foot
-I dropped the egg carton, breaking the last egg
-I bought sushi at the store for lunch and didn't realize until I got home that they used rice paper instead of seaweed and said sushi subsequently sucked and I couldn't make myself eat it :(
-My printer ran out of ink while I was printing off this week's chapter for tonight's class
-I was cut off by a tractor-trailer truck on the way to said class
-I was nearly rear-ended in the parking lot
-Which had me so rattled that I LOCKED MY DAMN KEYS IN THE EFFING CAR
-And realized it the moment I shut my locked door. So I was late to class because I had to try to break into my car and realize that no, I could not break in
-You know that chapter that didn't print? WE HAD AN OPEN-BOOK QUIZ ON SAID CHAPTER
-Otherwise I have no idea what happened in class, I was too busy panicking over being 45-50 minutes from home with no way to get home
-I used class break time to call Mom and have her bring the spare key to me, feeling like a jerk for making her drive all the way to Lewiston just to unlock my car
-The key she brought? Was for my Buick. The car I haven't had for three years now
-Called a tow company, but could not figure out what the address of the campus was; luckily the receptionist was really nice and looked it up online
-At 7pm, the tow truck showed up and let me in the car, and accepted a credit card and gave me a $5 student discount, so that was good
-My key AND the spare key were in my purse, as it turns out
-Was tailgated very bizarrely all the way to the toll-booth--I would speed up, they would speed up; I would slow down, they would slow down. It was WEIRD.
-Finally made it home by 8 and ate dinner at 9 pm
-Found out they are coming to replace our roof tomorrow morning. At SIX AM.

And we are not going to the Fryeburg Fair this year and it makes me very, very, very, very, very sad. :( No fair for Sara. The Fair is like my favorite thing ever. No meeting my football-playing-lobstering-farming-lumberjack future husband this year, I guess.

It is only October 4th. The whole month CAN'T be like this. I know this month hates me, but COME ON.
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