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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for signing up and offering one of the things I've asked for! I am so excited. Yuletide is one of my very favorite parts of this time of year, and I hope you're happy with the request we were matched on!

I am very easy to please. I have a post with some of the things I love/don't-so-much-love in stories over here, if you'd like some general details about what I like, but aside from the things in the list that makes me cry, anything will make me happy! Write something that makes you happy and I'm sure I'll love it!

Now, as for specifics...

Request 1: A Curse Dark As Gold, by Elizabeth C. Bunce
Charlotte Miller, Rosie Miller, Randall Woodstone, George Harte

I just love this book SO MUCH. I honestly will be happy with ANYTHING from it--in fact, my "request this for Yuletide" notes on this say:
-Rosie's POV!
-Rosie and Harte's love story!
-Randall's POV!
-Charlotte! being awesome!
-Biddy Tom
-Charlotte and Rosie's mother

So, really. ANYTHING. (And if you were matched on another fandom and want a great book suggestion, READ THIS ONE. Then find me after the reveal and flail with me!)

...I have nothing to add to this, except to say that I encourage everyone to read this book and then come talk to me about it. ;)

Request 2: Red Robin (Comic)
Tam Fox, Gen

I adore Tam. I'm a big fan of Tim/Tam, but since I'm not asking for Tim, it's okay if that's not the focus of the fic, but even if it is, I'd prefer the focus to be on Tam. I love her, and I'd like to know more about her--her relationship with her sister, her father, with Tim. I have a Thing for the Supportive Civilian (ala Lois Lane, Alfred, Lucius...), and seeing Tam play that role would be awesome.

I would have selected M/F and Gen as tags if the sign-up had let me, because I really would love Tim/Tam, but I would absolutely adore some gen-fic about her. In the case of Tim/Tam, just please avoid villainizing anyone, as this seems to happen a lot. I am also of the opinion that Lucius is no fool and totally knows The Secret that his daughter is now in on, and I'd love to see that played with if you're so inclined. Other interesting things about Tam I'd love seeing explored include all of that self-defense training she's had (and why) and her language skills (she's spoken Russian and German, if I remember).

Request 3: Spindle's End, by Robin McKinley
Peony, Gen

I adore Peony. I'd love anything about her, about her childhood, her friendship with Rosie, her thoughts/feelings/emotions surrounding the switch, her life after, as a princess... I'd love to see her past, her present, her future... Basically, ANYTHING you write about Peony will thrill me!

Seriously, scenes from Peony's POV, a missing scene, the past, the future, her relationship with any of the people in her life, her new family... I'd love any of it. This is another book I encourage everyone to go read and come talk to me about.

Request 4: Green Arrow (comics)
Cissie King-Jones, Gen

I confess to really loving the idea of Cissie being Ollie's biological daughter. I'd love to see her integrating into the Arrow Family--going to live with Ollie instead of going to Elias, going to live with him after YJ, building a relationship with him as an adult, how she interacts with Mia/Connor/Roy/Dinah... (Bonus points for jealousy issues re: Mia and the girls overcoming that, but femmeslash is not my favorite here.) So, yes. Anything would please me here.

Another confession: I have made similar requests before, but I can't help it. Have you ever found a plot bunny you can't help but love any version you can find? Cissie-in-the-Arrow-clan is it for me. I really would prefer Genfic here though, since it feels too much like incest for me, even if they are not actually related, and as I said, I'd much prefer to see Mia and Cissie build a friendship/sisterly relationship than anything romantic. (...My favorite pairing for Cissie is actually Tim, followed by adult!Bart or an OT3, but for this request, I'd really love to see a focus on family.) My only other real request is that part of what I love about Cissie is that she quit and stayed quit. If you have her returning to heroing, I really need build up and a reason for it that doesn't negate the majority of her canon character development for it to work for me. Mostly, I love anything that plays up her new life and role as a civilian and her jealousy/abandonment issues. And bonus points for her medical training. I just have a real soft spot for the people who stay at home while their loved ones go into dangerous situations; I think it takes just as much courage, of a different kind.

All this said, the recent events in the Arrow family haven't thrilled me at all. Cry for Justice is just heartbreaking. I won't tell you to ignore it or not use it if you choose to, but I would really like it not to be the focus. ...And if you got matched to me on this one by checking the "any" box and you don't know or care about Cissie, um. I'm very, very sorry?

When I finished my sign-up, I realized I requested four fics about awesome women being awesome in one way or another. So really, I am just looking forward to seeing what you write for me, and because it's about one of these women in one of these fandoms, I will be thrilled!

Thank you so much!


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