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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I love Yuletide, and all three of my requests are things I will absolutely LOVE to receive. I can't wait to see what you do for me!

So I said this last year and it still applies: I am very easy to please. I have a post with some of the things I love/don't-so-much-love in stories over here, if you'd like some general details about what I like, but aside from the things in the list that makes me cry, anything will make me happy! Write something that makes you happy and I'm sure I'll love it!

1.) Blue Bloods | Danny Reagan

I love Danny, and I especially love him and Linda and their marriage; I would dearly love anything about their amazing marriage. I love everything about them, but as Linda isn't an offered character and this might not be what you want to write, dear author, I would also adore anything about Danny the Big Brother. I have a serious soft spot for sibling relationships, and overprotective big brothers? Definitely a thing I love that totally fits the Reagan family. I'd also love anything with Danny and his boys or any of the kids, or Danny and Jackie, because police partners are awesome. Honestly, anything with Danny being the awesome Family Man/Big Brother/Partner that he is? I will be thrilled.

I'll be honest: a huge part of what makes me LOVE this show is Danny and Linda. I adore Linda and I really want to know more about her. If you haven't seen the most recent episode, I do apologize, but Danny made a remark about Linda saving him and MAN I WANT TO KNOW MORE. I love how they end all of their conversations with "love you" "love you more" and... yeah, I'm a sucker for functional, loving marriages. I can't help it. HOWEVER, I realize Linda wasn't a character choice, so if you don't love her or their marriage, please please choose one of the other options I pointed out. I really do have a soft spot for siblings, and anything about Danny being the big brother--either while growing up or while he was overseas or after Joe died or during canon--will make me happy. Basically, it's going to be very hard to disappoint me here. ♥

2) Young Justice (comics) | Cissie King-Jones

Cissie is my favorite character; I love her story arc and I have a ridiculous amount of fannish thoughts on her, so I would really love a story about her. I'd especially love something post-YJ, when she has to adjust to being a civilian and deciding what to do with her life. The one thing I ask is that she doesn't change her mind about being a hero. I'd prefer gen or het, but if it's about Cissie, I will love anything you do for me.

So, yeah. Cissie. She's my girl. I want to see her grow up and be amazing as a civilian; I may have a thing for the Lois Lane type--the ordinary person in a hero's world, and Cissie's extra special because she USED to be a hero. She KNOWS. I would love gen-fic for this, but I'd also love het. Pairings I love for Cissie are Tim Drake, Bart Allen, Kon... Jaime Reyes... I kind of prefer Cissie's relationships with girls to be more BFF/sisters than romantic, but pairings are not at all required. I totally subscribe to the Cissie-is-Ollie's-daughter theory, but whatever you do will make me happy, seriously.

3) In Plain Sight | Mary Shannon, Marshall Mann, Brandi Shannon, Jinx Shannon

I love this show so much, and most of what I love about it is Mary. She is such a strong female lead, with an insane amount of issues. I would love anything about her; her partnership with Marshall, their co-dependance, her relationships with Jinx and Brandi... I would love something about her childhood, growing up as the main caretaker for her mother and sister. I'd love any of the other characters reflecting on Mary. I would like Mary/Marshall (as long as it doesn't vilify Marshall's girlfriend, because I do like her), or just gen or family-centric fic. The relationships between all of these people really make this show for me, so anything focusing on that will thrill me.

Oh my word, this show. The snark and wit and Mary's attitude, and her fierceness and the conflicting feelings about her pregnancy... I'm fine with pre-canon, post-canon, something set during canon... Like I said, I really love this show and I adore Mary's relationships with her mother and sister and Marshall. But if you aren't interested in writing Mary, I also genuinely like the rest of them and would love to read about them, too.

In conclusion: YAY YULETIDE! It will be incredibly hard to disappoint me, as anything in those fandoms will make my day. Thank you so very much for being my author!!



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