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Okay, a bit of geeky glee.

Looking for Batman Begins fandom-type stuff, I came across a rumor that the next movie will have the Joker (duh, take a look at the end of the movie), and the rumor has to do with the casting.

Possibly redundant cut for rumor spoilage... )

Right, so. "Hey Mickey" is possibly the worst song ever except for how it's the BEST SONG EVAH!!!!eleventyone!! =D

And there's something about "Let the River Run" that makes me feel all girl-powery. Or just celebratory in general.

Also, I need a Batman icon. And Scott Summers. ::nods::
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Watched Batman Begins tonight and once more, my inner Batman fangirl!geek is oh-so-happy.

That is all a superhero movie should be.

(Well. I'm sure I could nitpick, but... What with X-3 a week away and my hopes for that being nonexistant... I'll take what I can.)

Geeked out all over again, as I haven't seen it since last August.

I love me my superheroes.

And Batman was my first superhero love. We're talking age 8.


Anyone know of any good fics incorporating Dick Grayson into the Batman Begins universe?

'Cause I kind of crave that now.

(Heck, when DON'T I crave a good Dick Grayson fic? Come on. It's Dick and I love him.)

Also, still looking for the Right and Perfect Narnia Fic (tm).

Have yet to find it.

But rest assured, it involves Peter.

I mean, Peter's so... kingly in the books and most fics I read. And that's fine and right, and he isn't called "Magnificent" for nothing. But. What I want is a human High King Peter, with human emotions under that crown and title.

We're talking guilt and regret and worry and love and self-recrimination and insecurities and loyalty and faith and the weight of all Narnia on his shoulders and all that jazz. Actual emotions. Maybe he doesn't actually LIKE fighting and battles but he knows he needs to lead the army anyway. Killing can't be fun; come on.

And he's been at this since he was 14.

(I think I mean Golden Age Peter. I don't particularly care how far into the Golden Age.)

It should have Lucy in it.

Because Lucy is awesomeness incarnate.

Or Edmund. I like Edmund a lot more after reading the books than I did with only the movie for reference. (I liked him before, anyway.)

I'm rather fond of the movie's version of Susan, actually. Randomly.

But I'd also like this fic to have something resembling a plot. Naval gazing is fine, but... after a bit it gets old.

I really have nothing coherent or helpful to say at this point.

I just want to read something *good* in these fandoms, involving my favorite characters. =P

(Not at all picky or demanding, am I? ;) Heh.)
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Okay, partly for my own benefit so I can find what I want when I return Sunday. And for Theanna and anyone else in a Batman fic mood. :)

Batfic recs... )

:D So, have things to do. Will do them.

Have a fantastic weekend. I hope I do.
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Okay, so, first off, Ariel and Theanna, things are good tonight. Not sure for how long, of course, but he and Mom had a talk and things... well, things are okay for the moment which is about all we want right now. (Apparently her mother FLIPPED out and took Mom's side about things, and they are not allowed to see each other for a while. Which somehow makes him see some sort of light. I don't know, I was working. :P Ah well.)

Secondly, lookit! I found a fic!

Five Things that Never Happened to Dick Grayson, which is something I wanted to find. And it's great. I particularly love "Lights Going Down" and "In the Center Ring." Very cool.

Now I want one for Bruce. Or, oo, Alfred. And maybe some different Dick scenarios... Hmm...

(Also, made the rather amusing discovery that Melissa Gilbert (aka Laura, of Little House on the Prairie fame) voiced Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in the cartoons. This amuses me. And I will not admit that I watched any of said cartoons and recognized the voice that way. Nope. On a related note, it has never failed to amuse me that Luke Skywalker is the Joker. Or rather, Mark Hamill's voice is.)

::sigh:: So, to bed before my Day Of Work. Yes. Get up, throw some laundry in to wash, eat, pack lunch AND dinner, showe, go to work. At work by 11. Bus leaves for a picnic at 11. Have picnic, play wiffleball (or watch, if lucky), take bus back. Walk to Sweets N Eats for ice cream. Walk back to Little Falls. Sit and watch kiddos on playground until parents take them. Stay until 5:30. At 5:30, camp training/planning begins. Woot. Plan activities for camp this summer, set up shifts/groups/cleaning duties. Set up camp. Leave. Hopefully before 9 pm. :P This should be an interesting day...

(Meanwhile, am opening on Friday! Like... the program director gave me the keys to the building! I get to let people IN! :) Check out me and my mad power trip. Also, get to open, sit at front desk while parents sign in kids, maybe watch them on the playground... then go to the movies. And leave when we get back. Booyah.) Except Steph called and she doesn't want to go to Vermont but will because I do and I don't know how to call Katharine and say, oh, btw, we aren't coming cause Steph doesn't want to. Eh. >.< It's never just simple, is it?

Ah well. I suspect there will be drinking in this cabin on the lake. I will refrain from being either joyous or annoyed at this until Sunday when I get back.

Oooo, boy. Maybe I'll write something at some point. I want to. Gah.

Also, Ariel, THIS was the wondrously funny comic we discussed on the beach. Bleeding nub. ;) Must be seen, so there you are.
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I've got some thoughts. I want some fics. I don't know how to find what I want... I could look for somewhere to request them... but eh.

And might I say, FF.Net is already invaded with Bad!fic. ::hangs head:: I mean, it existed before... but now, with the new movie... ::sigh:: MORE. I mean, Batman has a section under movies, as it should, since they're so different... (even the marvelous Batman Begins can't follow canon EXACTLY. Heck, even the COMICS don't follow canon all the time. So... BUT, one of the fics actually has a summary that says it is based off a performance at an amusement park.

Just gonna let you mull that over.


Also, I find it evil that the Batman comics section does not have the nifty choose-a-character feature. As there are 52 pages of fics. Hmph.

Also, discovered there is a "Bible" section of FF.Net.... Does this strike anyone else as... a bit... odd? And... disturbing?

Also, a bit of nifty trivia for you. The character Harley Quinn? The Joker's sidekick? Was created for the cartoon. Was such a success she wound up being written into the comics and was featured as the arch nemesis on the TV show Birds of Prey which didn't last a whole season, much to my chagrin... despite how horribly it mangled canon. But still.

Yes, I am a fountain of useless knowledge and trivia. Bow down. Booyah.

So. Here are some things I want in a Batman fanfic. In random order.

-Alfred. His thoughts on Bruce's life's work and later, on Dick's. It's got to be hard... he must feel like a father to them... Anyway, something about Alfred, centered on Alfred... along those lines.

-What if's... I like them. They make me think. "5 things" fics... I want those, too.

I mean... what if Bruce had never taken in Dick Grayson? What if his parents had lived? What if he had given up Batman after the first time? What if there never WAS a first time? What if Bruce had adopted Dick early on, instead of waiting until he was an adult? What if Dick was Bruce's REAL son? What if Bruce got married?

I'm interested.

And now my night has been disrupted and I am tired and going to bed.
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Okay, first off, totally spoiling it for anyone who didn't watch AFI's 100 Years 100 Quotes special tonight.

But I'm totally proud of myself for guessing it early on.

And it reminds me of Ariel... who I give about 2 seconds to guess what the # 1 quote is.

Yes, that's right.

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

:) Well chosen, in my book. Others from Gone with the Wind included "As God is my witness, I'll never go hungry again!" and "After all, tomorrow IS another day."

Made me think of you, sweety.

Also, DUDE!!!! Leik, OMG!!! THEANNA!!! ARIEL!!! EVERYONE!!!


They're making a sequel!!! DUDE!! What did I say? Did I not throw out my arms and proclaim "Door! Wide open!! Sequel!!" :D

I am beyond happy. Best of all? Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman have SIGNED!!! :D

Pardon my glee.

And the JOKER...

Okay, off to find some fics now. ::cough::

(Also, there is no Batman drabble community, did you know that? This upsets me. I'd like one. Or I'd like to find it and know how I've missed it.)

Interesting work news, Ariel and Theanna... email or call me if we don't connect tonight online... )

And, like my new icon? Made it in about 15 minutes. Ha, that's why it's not great... But it's fun anyway. :-P

Edit:But ack, I weep!!!! :( Alan Cumming won't be back for X-3!! NIGHTCRAWLER!!! I have to go mourn now....
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Okay, so, it's the day after I saw Batman Begins with the two most awesomely wonderful people EVER. :D As if the movie wasn't good enough.

And, btw, Theanna, I am ever so happy you have finally given in and joined us in the Batverse. It's been a long time coming, but I knew you'd be here eventually. And I am highly glad you understood my many random squeals of glee... cause, you know... DUDE.

For Ariel: Liek, OMG!!!1!!!one!!!! WTF, and Dooooooode!! I'm totally, like, geeking out here! :D That movie rox my sox! (happy? that's twice!)

So, yes. Let it first be said that I am a huge dork. Geek. Nerd. Whatever. I LIKE Batman. A lot. I like the Batman comic-verse, but like most comics, it is large, extensive and full of weird canon changes. But the core remains. And I have a fairly good grasp of comic canon. Good enough to be highly picky.

Also, am obsessed enough to not hate the other Batman movies.

'Course, now, they don't stand a chance with me, despite my long-held affection for them, earned simply by their existence.

In an effort to avoid filling up f-lists with insanely long posts about how much I love Batman and the complete awesomeness that is the new movie... a cut )

In any case, the movie MORE than lived up to my expectations and hopes. I loved it.
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All right, only because I still have all the windows open, I will retype my fic recs tonight. I will retype my squealing fangirl reaction to Batman Begins tomorrow at some point.

Suffice it to say, it went much like this:

OMG, WTF?!?! Leik, WOAH!! That was totally WICKED!! OMG!!!!!one!!!11!!!

(Right, Ariel? ;) Who is now rotflmao... or rotflHao.)

Complete with comic geekiness and rantage.

Like... Wow. It actually followed canon. It brought me INSANE joy.

SO sucked into the Batverse now. Knew I would be. This happens from time to time. Heh. I love my Batman. More will follow on why, tomorrow or something, at least.

::sigh:: I wish I hadn't lost my fangirl-ish geeky reaction. Cause... yeah. Touched on just about everything.

Suffice it to say, the movie was PERFECT. More than I expected.

Go see it. NOW. I wanna see it again. NOW.

Anyway, mainly for [ profile] zoe_chan's benefit, some fic recs. )

(And new [ profile] iharthdarth!!!!! Woot!! :D)

And, because Theanna says she likes them, I have a few Batfics. 3, but 1 I don't care much for. The two I like... fine.

Graveside Confessions was more of a 'deal with issues by giving them to your characters' fic for me, but it worked. In which Dick mourns his parents on the anniversary of the day they died, and he and Bruce discuss mourning differences.

Lost Boy is about Dick coming to live in Wayne Manor, and follows quite closely the cartoon episode "Robin's Reckoning"... but with lots more emotion. :P

Keep in mind, I wrote these... wow, 3 years ago, now. I feel old.

Also, I hate the way they look. I need to re-upload them and edit them, because I hadn't figured out's new system yet. Bah. All my lovely scene changes vanished, much to my SUPREME annoyance.

Now, to bed with me. :P Oi.


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