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Oh, why not? It's been a while. Shamelessly stolen from [ profile] second_batgirl.

Ask me my Top Five Whatevers. Fannish or otherwise. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really! And I will answer them all in a new post comment. Possibly with pictures.

So, yes. I have been a moody, grouchy Sara lately, which seems unfair for my birthday week, but it's turning out to be a weird birthday this year anyway. I'm not getting into it again right now, because argh. But as a present, I am redecorating my bedroom, which involved emptying it and painting it.

Hahaha, seriously? I had pictures from a 1995 calendar up there, as well as a Babysitter's Club book order poster and a quiz on state capitals from seventh grade in September, 1996. Apparently when I was younger, I thought it was okay to just... hang a poster up OVER whatever was already on the wall. Yeah, there's a reason I have put off redecorating for years. However, my room is now a sunny yellow and very pretty. I am trying to reassemble it so I can sleep there tonight.

OH, and I have a new I Harth Darth mood theme. <3

Annnnd that's all I have right now. HIT ME.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] zoe_chan!!!

I hope you have a fantastic day, my person!

Also, this means it is INTERNET PARTY TIME! You all know what that means! Bring on the picspam and commentfic!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] museofspeed!!!

SHANA. Do you want your internet party NOW or... at some other time when we can all better play? (I know you said something about maybe postponing it at some point, and we all know how stressed I am this week.) So... TELL ME!

WAIT. I do suggest fic prompts be left here today, as then people can write you comment fic on your birthday ANYWAY! ...Or can be thinking about them so as to write them eventually? :D

(And also because I am just... not even going to bother looking through [ profile] comment_fic today. Not that I can do any writing for awhile anyway, but. I have done MORE than enough "dealing with death" in RL, I don't care AT ALL to read/write fic about it, thankyouverymuch. I have Issues, I own them. Also, that's not a fun birthday theme for Shana. ♥ So, I mean--if someone's left a good prompt, link me, but I'm not looking.) ...Which is an aside that has nothing to do with Shana's birthday so shutting up now!

NEVERMIND, IT IS PARTY TIME!! Fic prompts, picspams and assorted good times, let us have them as best we can! ...Maybe it should be a party WEEK, since I know I will be sadly buuuuuuusy for playing!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] milleniumrex and [ profile] second_batgirl!!!

OKAY. So I have no idea who is putting up the PARTY POST, especially since Bek is very sadly without computer access, BUT I HEREBY DECLARE THE PARTY STARTED!

(Mind you, I am doing homework and multitasking this afternoon before I have claaaaass for a few hours this evening, BUT THEN I WILL BE HERE WITH BELLS ON! And I am here for a while now!)

SO. Party time! Fic prompts, pic spams, other proclamations of love and adoration! Have at it, people!



Feb. 20th, 2010 04:22 pm
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] aravistarkheena!!!

Is it too early to GET THE PARTY STARTED? :D

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] xenokattz!!!

Have a wonderful day!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] alphabet26!!!

I hope you have a fantastic, marvelous day! ...Minus the snow, of course. That's just insane!
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Today is October 2nd, 2009.

My grandmother was born in Tonsberg, Norway on October 2, 1919. This would have been her 90th birthday. People who knew her--can you believe that? 90? She was 88 when she died, and she was still playing bridge twice a week and tennis and had a more active social life than me. We went to Norway just six months before she died. I mean--a 13 hour flight overseas, a six hour train ride from Oslo to Bergen, a ten hour bus ride back to Oslo, a family reunion--all when she was 87.

We had no idea she was as sick as she was until only a week before she went into the hospital. I mean, two years ago today, I made a lemon chiffon cake and my aunt came home from California, and my grandmother gave a toast and said something about how it might be her last birthday and we all brushed her off. Because that was clearly ridiculous! And then she died a month and a day later.

Anyway. My grandmother would have been 90 today.

Some pictures and stories, because a 90th birthday deserves to be celebrated, even if she's gone. )

Happy birthday, Moomoo. I miss you.
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First, THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes, everyone! I had a very nice birthday--had presents and cake and saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which I really enjoyed. And my brother's new(ish) girlfriend gave him a birthday card to give me, which was nice of her. And my phone call with my aunt was only a little traumatizing!

AND ADVENTURE COMICS CAME OUT. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. I also am one of exactly... two people who didn't hate Red Robin. (I liked it, I don't know. I also don't feel like arguing about it, as an FYI. :P Comics are my fun stress relief thing.) I HAVE A PULL AND A LONG BOX NOW. And about two extra copies of Adventure Comics for strategic covering the box purposes. ;) As it is gorgeous.

I really don't have anything else to say except maybe HI KATE!! And THANK YOU EVERYONE!! ♥

And in other news... My mother is on vacation this week and ISN'T SHE GOING BACK TO WORK YET? :P Today was promised to be our stay home and be lazy day, but Mom's interpretation of "stay home and be lazy" involved cleaning out the refrigerator, changing the cat litter, dusting, vacuuming and generally otherwise finding things to DO.
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LJ! Birthday alerts are not particularly useful if you wait to send them until the actual birthday! I need warning in advance! In any case!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] second_batgirl & [ profile] milleniumrex!

I hope you both have a wonderful day! (TWO birthdays for the price of one! And you are both so awesome!)

If either of you would like a drabble or ficlet, go ahead and prompt me--sorry I don't have anything done in advance!
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So, I was asked to come up with a birthday list. I'm Really Bad at them, which is possibly why this has taken so long. =P Oops! But--there are still more than two weeks before my birthday?

So, there are approximately four of you who I think can or may be willing to write me Tim/Cissie. There would indeed be definite squeeage. They have been my OTP for a year now, and I loves them and there is not nearly enough fic out there--but what there is makes me very happy!

So. For Tim/Cissie, I offer the following plot bunnies:

1. This scenario. Yes, again. I still want to read someone else's take on it.
2. Tim and Cissie's wedding, or their honeymoon, or a birthday, or just something fluffy and sweet, with snuggling. Lots of snuggling. And I'm not opposed to sex. We are just incapable of writing it for them. God knows why, but it's like a physical impossibility.

I also offer up general scenarios for any characters--Tim and Cissie are more than welcome, of course:

1. Hurt/Comfort. It is my bulletproof fic kink. Particularly if there is a beside vigil. These days particularly, with my Cold of Doom, a fic where character A is ill and character B takes care of them is so not out of order.
2. The whole redeemed by the power of loooooooooove cliche--totally works for me. Just saying.
3. As does the trapped in a cave/on a desert island/etc cliche.
4. Friends who fall in love? I'm so there.
5. I love the sugar and fluff and cuddling and falling asleep together snuggling, but I also love the angst and woe and doom, so long as there is still some cuddling and comforting. I suppose this means I like just any and everything, but especially--number 1 again. ;)

As per [ profile] alphabet26's request, a list of things I love that are *not* Tim/Cissie! ;)

For DC, I love Dick/Roy, Dick and Tim being brothers, Dick, Tim and Bruce--and Alfred--being a family... Cissie and Roy... Lian... If the subject of Ollie being Cissie's father is done respecting the fact that she thought her father was someone else and he was dead and she loved him--then I'd like to see that... Kon and the Kents or Clark being family-like... Bart!, Bart/Rose... Young Justice...

And for Non-DC!

1. Harry Potter: I adore, adore, adore Helga Hufflepuff/Salazar Slytherin. Strangest pairing ever? Maybe? But the tragedy and doom of it is kind of fun?
2. Also HP: I do love Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione. And their kids. I know, I'm weird--I liked the epilogue! I think it's more the wank and pissing and moaning that made me start avoiding fandom than anything else. I also love Luna/Neville. And I love the trio being the trio.
2. Enchanted: Edward/Nancy. I'd love more of them.
3. Rent. Oh, Rent. Pretty much love them all in any incarnation but the friendship is really what I love here. Not a huge slash fan.
4. Heroes! Petrelli family angst and love. Bonus points for Claire! (I love her.) Also, Hiro and Ando are so incredibly awesome. Oh, and you know who I miss from season one? Zach. I adored Claire and Zach.
5. I hate to put this here, but yes--High School Musical. Way post high school, though. Chad/Ryan. Or just Ryan. He's so cute and gay. ;) Also--I do like Gabriella. She's a pretty strong female character, all things considered.
6. There is still this list, too, though a lot of it was stolen for this one.

And Katt--if you felt like some Cissie/Bart or Tim and Cissie discussing Cissie/Bart--or Tim-and-Cissie period, I would not complain. ;) (Though you are indeed one of the four people I mentioned earlier who I think might be willing to write me some Tim/Cissie, so do take that into consideration.) ;)

::hugs and ♥::

I feel very odd writing this list. I'm certain I'm forgetting things, too. And I'm not sure it's at all helpful, or if it's just me coming across as extremely self-centered and ooo, write me presents! =P If that's the case--I'm sorry! If it's not helpful, let me know how to be helpful?

Now, to take more cold medicine and try not to pass out so I can actually sleep tonight.
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So! I had a lovely birthday--just stayed home and had a quiet day, and Mom made me my favorite chicken casserole and a cake and it was nice. I felt lousy, but the cold is mostly gone now, except for a nagging cough--ugh.

Then I went to [ profile] zoe_chan's for a few days, and it was awesome. =D Had more bad news about a job, but. Status quo? =P And anyway, [ profile] zoe_chan, her husband and I watched Willow, Blade III and The Princess Bride. Which was awesome.

I had never seen Willow--upon hearing this, her husband said "You walk and talk and look human, but you've never seen Willow."

This is just one of many reasons I love visiting them.

Also! [ profile] zoe_chan made a cake!

And I had some very lovely birthday messages from my wonderful f-list! ::loves:: Thank you>! ♥

[ profile] scribophile even wrote me comment-fic crack! Sawyer and lobsters and a woman named Sarah! =D (As Kate said, clearly not me, as this woman has an "h" in her name. ;) hee!) It is made of win and awesome and makes me giggle.

AND!!!! AND!!!! AND!!!!!!

[ profile] xenokattz!!! KATT MADE ME MANIPS!!!

So, okay--for [ profile] cute_and_glee, we cast Milo Ventimiglia as Dick Grayson--BEFORE he said he wants to play him (YAY!), and Jared Padalecki as Roy Harper.

Katt totally made manips of them as Nightwing and Arsenal. O_O!!! AND she made one of Zac Effron (who we cast as Tim Drake) as Robin.

Lookit! Lookit the pretty! OMG, it is beyond perfect casting. )

The pictures, they are pretty and they make me smile.

[ profile] zoe_chan said we should post these with fic snippets, but she *did* admit that was a shameless bid for fics on her part. ;) As for me, teh pretty distracts me every time. I have no photomanip skills, so I remain in awe of you, Katt.

Clearly, I need icons of these.
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Okay, first thing is first:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] aradiachiba!!!

I hope you have a wondrous day, Ariel m'dear! =D

In other news, got a phonecall and I start work part-time on Tuesday! Wee! Also, I am going to Open House night, which is GOOD for parents can grill me when the classroom teacher is there. ;) I've got back-up.

This means I must rearrange my sleep schedule. Well. Huh then. =P

(Btw, [ profile] xenokattz, you've created a monster. That thing is over 2000 words and onto page 8 now. They won't shut up. We only stopped because we were falling asleep!)

No, onto my day. Everyone enjoy yours! (Especially Ariel!)


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