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Okay, so last week was Week 1 of summer camp. I took Wednesday off and went to Six Flags with [ profile] zoe_chan and [ profile] aradiachiba and it was SO FUN. It also had the added perk of allowing me to miss out on last Wednesday's adventures--two girls throwing up. One of them during free play, the other during a craft.

Next day, there were roughly 8 kids absent.

Friday? Out of 36 campers, *20* showed up. 9 of them were called out sick, apparently all throwing up--as was one of our counselors.

Yesterday I had a day off (don't ask, the rec department is cutting everyone's hours >_<), so I missed out on my Bart being absent, as well as 5 other kiddos.

Today, one of MY campers threw up--TWICE. Seeing as how yesterday was his first day of camp, we weren't sure if he was sick or if it was heat exhaustion. (We were out in direct sunlight all day and he was running around. It was HOT.)

So--out of my group of 9 campers, 1 of them went home after vomiting twice, Bart had a high fever--complete with chills--by the time he was picked up, two of my girls wound up taking naps instead of playing during free play, a total of five of them complained of headaches and stomachaches and one girl spent five minutes crying for literally no reason.

Either all our campers got heat exhaustion, or the flu is going around and is hitting my group (which, btw, is named "Sara's Seagulls (of the Sea)"--they named themselves).

Anyone have tips on how I can manage to avoid catching this bug? God help me.

And we go to Storyland on Thursday!! I wants to go!

Will not get sick. Will not get sick. Will not get sick. The fact that my stomach is twisty is due to being overtired and overheated all day, and also is a trick of my mind. Will have bland food and will not get sick!!

Also--there is nothing more pathetic than a very small child who feels sick. And at one point I was handling five of them.
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I do think I love having the 4th fall on a Tuesday. =D No camp today! Day off! Woo!

And yesterday, being a Monday?


We had 8 children show up for camp! *8*! With 3 counselors and a director! (The others went home.) 8 out of a registered 22.

It was so the best day. We did crafts as a whole group... which was fun for the counselors, who got to do other people's activities. ;) Then we played 4 corners in the gym (as we're going on 3 weeks of unmowed grass. Ick.), then there was lunch. Then, our director got out a tarp, some handsoap and the hose.

Slip 'n Slide!

=D They had about an hours worth of fun on that. Then we walked to the ice cream place down the street, and came back and watched Ice Age. It was ridonkulously hot and the lawn was still unmowed, so we decided keeping the kiddos (all under 7 yesterday) cool was the best thing to do. =D

Then, when the movie ended, my shift ended! And it was only 4, and there were only 2 kids left. Everyone else was picked up early.

I have never seen anything like it.

And now, today, I wish you all a...

Happy 4th of July!
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Oh, man. It's barely 8:30 and I'm EXHAUSTED. I'm nodding off now. Oi.

But I've got plans for Wednesday with one of my two favorite girls. =D

And camp went really well. The enrollment is way down this year, and this week I have 6 kids in my group. Tomorrow, it's a beach day. Wee! Kiwanis, even. The water's murky and the bottom sticky, but there's a snackbar and picnic tables and shade. Dude.

My group named themselves the "Dolphins."

I'm so tired. I'm going to *try* to watch Treasure Hunters on TV. (I *so* want to get into this show. It's like Amazing Race with history and puzzles! Come on!)

...But honestly? Going to bed doesn't sound bad, either.

I'm sorry. :( Theanna, I love you. I promise I'll catch you at some point...

Write me something, someone? ;)

Oh boy, tired. I think I forgot how much kids sap the energy out of you. They're energy leeches when you put them in groups.

And it's been raining all day. Even a small group--less than 30, total--gets LOUD in a gym. Oh, the echo. But they all got along pretty well and enjoyed dodgeball. Which meant one giant game instead of twenty small games. =P

Oh, I want to write. And read. But I have no creative juices right now, story-wise. I feel stuck. Blah.

Oh, bed *is* calling me.

I feel old and silly. =P
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So, it's Friday night at 10:20-ish... and I'm ready to fall asleep on my keyboard. I feel old. This is what I get for working at a summer camp. Oi. Stoopid humidity. And I will have Ariel and Theanna know that I did NOT get scared during tonight's thunderstorm! (Well, okay, when we were going to Hannaford and saw an actual lightning bolt cross the sky, I kinda had a moment, but Mom said 'let's go, we're here' and I calmed down.) Wicked proud o' me, yo.

Also, I think we should all thank our parents for taking us to amusement parks. Granted, Mom only had 2 kids, and I had a group of 7, (14, really, since I joined up with another counselor) but Funtown was exhausting. Not kidding when I say that today, only half the kids showed up. Probably because they were all ridonkulously wiped out after a day at the park. I am never riding the tilt-o-whirl again. Astrosphere, maybe. Log flume, booyah. But my neck is all burnt. Damn sun.

A bit of camp stuff... something good and a mini-rant about co-workers )

In other news, re-reading HBP. Still brings me joy. Loving my happy shipping. =D And I love my girls. Had lots of fun last night. Ariel, I forgive you about the shoes. All is well. Also... half-kneazle. ;) And I do not squee over Ron. ...loudly.

Um. There was a point to this at some point. Did I mention the tiredness? Yeah.

Oh!! Here!!

THEANNA!! Since we have a mutual Ben Affleck obsession, this picture will make you squee and love him even more. Check out the book he's reading!!

Also, a meme... )

AND!!! WHOOT!!! In 2006, a Cinemagic in WESTBROOK! On County Road! (wherever that is, too excited to think, off exit 46...) Doode. WTF, OMG, girls! =D Granted, Theanna, you'll be out-of-state then, but still... excitement and coolness. :D

Ariel, how does 11:30 on Sunday sound? That's the first showing, the second is at 2 and cuts it closer, perhaps. Depends. Let me know. I can come pick you up, or you can come here... um, for 11:30, I'd say we could meet 11 and be absolutely fine. Unless you want breakfast. Comment, you, I know you're online! ;)

Also, dang it, Theanna, I want plausible fic. I won't say the ship because it is spoileriffic, and I don't want you to ream me out. ;) ::sigh::

Bedtime now.

Solemn Oath

Jul. 2nd, 2005 01:11 am
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Found in several lj's tonight. Dude, so true.

I solemnly swear that when I discuss spoilers or potential spoilers related to HBP, I will put them behind an LJ-cut tag for a period lasting until at least four weeks following the release of HBP, possibly longer if a significant portion of my flist is still reading or hasn't read it by then. If I fail to do so, it will be because of a coding error, which will be fixed as soon as humanly possible because I will always check my entries upon hitting "post". I'll iron my hands for good measure.

(I may just avoid the internet until I finish it, but I will be nice and cut spoilers. So please, do the same.)

Also, at the beach, a little girl ran up to our male camp director and pointed at his legs, yelling "Harry Potter Hairy Legs!!"

Yes, and today I dealt with the biggest nose bleed I have EVER seen, and the Teen Xtreme camp invaded our space, their director yelled at one of our counselors, a parent or two got ticked off at me for not knowing when the bus from swimming lessons would be back, and many small children did NOT use their indoor voices in the gym.

I do love working with first and second graders. I do.

But darn, that 5 year old bled a LOT. On the upside, I now know what to do in nosebleed crises.
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So, slept through my alarm this morning.

I NEVER do this. Gah. Luckily, the brother hadn't left, and woke me at 10:30, saying "Mom says you have to be at work at 11."

Oi, so there you go. Got to work at 11. Good thing camp is located 2 minutes down the road. Got there, got on the bus, took the kiddos to Shaw Park... ate in the grass, played games, played in the river, took a nature walk, played in the industrial/farm-sized sprinkler... went back and went to Sweets N Eats for ice cream... walked 20 small children down the road and across the street...

And then endured TORTURE.

We watched the Spongebob Squarepants movie. >.<

God, save me. I did survive. Barely.

Then, planning for *actual* camp, which starts Monday. Got home about 8pm.

Camp related stuff )

And I get to go to work at 7:30 tomorrow and OPEN, which means... I have to decide if the kids are playing on the playground or in the other room... except they took all the video games and stuff, so it may have to be the playground.

Hoping I'm not by myself all morning. Heh. (Well, I know I won't be, but still.)

Then, going on a field trip to the movies to see Madagascar. Woo! I am excited. Get paid to go to a movie. And watch 20 kids. Heh. Not bad. Then, I get to leave.

So, tomorrow afternoon, I have to... deposit a check, get some cash, fill my gas tank, clean out my car, pack clothes and beach things, get some snack foods... and meet Steph at 5. Then head off for Thetford, Vermont!

Woo! 8 friends in a cabin for a weekend. We shall see. Back at some point Sunday, so have a marvelous weekend, all.

The weekend... ) So. This should be an interesting weekend.
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Okay, so, first off, Ariel and Theanna, things are good tonight. Not sure for how long, of course, but he and Mom had a talk and things... well, things are okay for the moment which is about all we want right now. (Apparently her mother FLIPPED out and took Mom's side about things, and they are not allowed to see each other for a while. Which somehow makes him see some sort of light. I don't know, I was working. :P Ah well.)

Secondly, lookit! I found a fic!

Five Things that Never Happened to Dick Grayson, which is something I wanted to find. And it's great. I particularly love "Lights Going Down" and "In the Center Ring." Very cool.

Now I want one for Bruce. Or, oo, Alfred. And maybe some different Dick scenarios... Hmm...

(Also, made the rather amusing discovery that Melissa Gilbert (aka Laura, of Little House on the Prairie fame) voiced Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in the cartoons. This amuses me. And I will not admit that I watched any of said cartoons and recognized the voice that way. Nope. On a related note, it has never failed to amuse me that Luke Skywalker is the Joker. Or rather, Mark Hamill's voice is.)

::sigh:: So, to bed before my Day Of Work. Yes. Get up, throw some laundry in to wash, eat, pack lunch AND dinner, showe, go to work. At work by 11. Bus leaves for a picnic at 11. Have picnic, play wiffleball (or watch, if lucky), take bus back. Walk to Sweets N Eats for ice cream. Walk back to Little Falls. Sit and watch kiddos on playground until parents take them. Stay until 5:30. At 5:30, camp training/planning begins. Woot. Plan activities for camp this summer, set up shifts/groups/cleaning duties. Set up camp. Leave. Hopefully before 9 pm. :P This should be an interesting day...

(Meanwhile, am opening on Friday! Like... the program director gave me the keys to the building! I get to let people IN! :) Check out me and my mad power trip. Also, get to open, sit at front desk while parents sign in kids, maybe watch them on the playground... then go to the movies. And leave when we get back. Booyah.) Except Steph called and she doesn't want to go to Vermont but will because I do and I don't know how to call Katharine and say, oh, btw, we aren't coming cause Steph doesn't want to. Eh. >.< It's never just simple, is it?

Ah well. I suspect there will be drinking in this cabin on the lake. I will refrain from being either joyous or annoyed at this until Sunday when I get back.

Oooo, boy. Maybe I'll write something at some point. I want to. Gah.

Also, Ariel, THIS was the wondrously funny comic we discussed on the beach. Bleeding nub. ;) Must be seen, so there you are.


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