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I've got to rec this fic, which was recced to me. Various POVs after Cedric's death.

(It's movie-based, so there's quite a bit of... well, things that don't follow book canon. But I managed to look past it because for the most part, the characterizations are on and the language is worth it. The word choice... wicked.)

In the Country of Lost Things by [ profile] eudaimon.

working on reading other recs, but dial-up is so slow in comparison. sigh.

Also, anyone else having issues with getting comments and replies via email? Or is it me? And have I asked this before? =P

(Had a plot bunny attack and write itself on the car ride down, but now that I've got a Word document open, it has run away and hidden. GRRR!)


Nov. 23rd, 2005 12:58 am
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All right, this is what I get for rambling on and on without my books handy!! Came home for Thanksgiving break and dragged out PoA...

Yeah, Cedric is a *fifth* year in PoA, making him a *sixth* year in GoF... which just throws me off-kilter. He's only two years ahead of Harry and one ahead of Cho. Not sure why that matters, but still. I always thought him a seventh year. Well, no N.E.W.T.s for him, then. But PoA would be his O.W.L. year. Randomly.

Also, the age thing is still baffling me. The cut off at Hogwarts must be August/September-ish, because Hermione's birthday is in September and she is 17 in HBP. HER sixth year. So it isn't completely crazy that by Halloween Cedric would be old enough to put his name in the goblet.

Harry throws me off every time. He's got to be one of the youngest in his class. Which is an interesting thought. Oo, Ariel, it might be a bit like you and me... I'm so used to being at the older end of the spectrum, it didn't occur to me to think of it from the other angle. How about you?

...I'm over-thinking things again.

And where did I get the idea that Hermione called him the cutest boy in school? Did I read that in another journal entry or something? The first mention of him is Oliver Wood bemoaning the switch from Slytherin to Hufflepuff because they'd been preparing to compete against the wrong team and Cedric had put together a good one, and he was an "excellent" seeker. And Oliver's chasers giggled. Angelina calls him "that tall, good looking one" and Katie adds "strong and silent"... then they dissolve into giggles again.

(I love that, btw. SO normal girl behavior. All girls do this, no matter how they try to deny it.)

Also, where did the hostility from Fred and George come from in GoF? Because when Harry wakes up, and he finds out they lost the match, they don't seem angry with Cedric. In fact, George doesn't seem to cast any blame at all. He says:

"Diggory got the snitch," said George. "Just after you fell. He didn't realize what happened. When he looked back and saw you on the ground, he tried to call it off. Wanted a rematch. But they won fair and square... even Wood admits it."

...Maybe it's Mr. Diggory's behavior and bragging about it. Hmm.

Also, that'd be an interesting ficlet, that scene. Randomly.

...and how many 16 year old team captains would try to call a rematch in that situation? Would Oliver Wood?

Gods, I need professional help.
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Yeah, so apparently Cedric Diggory has moved into my brain. Permanently. He even brought the good china.

(I have no clue.)

All I know is I never planned on... )

On the plus side, I've managed to get Ariel and Theanna to write me Cedric fic!

=D Never a bad thing. And I did not squee out loud. Much.

And because I'm a selfish little wench, anyone else wanna join them? [ profile] alphabet26, perhaps? ;)

Hee... I so have bunnies breeding up there. It's not all that unpleasant.

On that rather interesting note, I'd better take a nap. Or do something productive... that is school related... Oh dear. I am a world-class geek.
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This got rather out-of-hand and a bit longer and more in-depth than I planned. But please read and comment. Please.

In defense of my newfound love... AKA: 'I am not a fangirl'... (beware, a handful of spoilers) )

....So, I've got to go to bed now, which is one of the reasons I am stopping. I am sure more will come to me, which is saying something... since that wound up discussing Cedric, Cho, Cedric/Cho, Harry/Cho, Cedric's role in the series, the role his death plays in the series... and finally, the point I was getting at in the first place with this post, Cedric's personality (book and movie and the difference) and all-in-all, why I like him. And the 3rd Task. Mustn't forget that.

I guess it suffices to say that I am by no means a NEW Cedric fan. The movie may have brought this all to light, but it's been lingering all along. I know that a whole new batch of shiny fic will be arriving, thanks to moviegoers and the hottness of Cedric... but we always knew he was hot. We always knew how his story ends. Why hasn't there been more fic?

Edit: err.... yeah. This post clears up a few things I got a bit wrong, not having PoA with me when I wrote this. Heh.
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All right, based on my newly discovered adoration of Cedric Diggory, I spent the night searching the web for good Cedric-centered fic.

Sadly, my last post comprises the best fics I could find (or at least my favorites), and there are precious few.

So, I am sending out a call. A request for Cedric stories.

Cedric GEN stories, specifically.

Most importantly, canon-compliant Cedric fic.

Cedric alive and well, Cedric growing up, Cedric BOOK-CANON fics. I'll take Cedric/Cho! I'd love Cedric interacting with other characters. Cedric and his parents... the other champions... teachers... Even characters discussing Cedric after his death!

I'd like book!canon-compliant Cedric fic.

Because we say "Remember Cedric Diggory," and how better than in fanfic?

That, and I'm a bit of a stickler for canon. And the book has so much MORE of him. ;)
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Gosh darn it, I've done nothing but avoid working on my units and portfolio today. And ha! Lesson plans? Not likely.

I guess every so often you need a mental health day, eh? (What am I, Canadian? I mean, I know it's not far from Maine, but come on.)

Also, have aquired a new obsession with Cedric Diggory. I mean... I always loved him. Always have been all sniffly and waving my little "Remember Cedric Diggory" sign... but the movie? I think I had built Cedric up quite a bit without knowing it.

So, I went on a search across the internet-from Sugar Quill to Fiction Alley to the Pit. And I've been reading Cedric stories.

So, here goes:

Musings. By PiperX.

Cedric and Cho by the lake after the Second Task, discussing Harry. I LOVE this one.

Astraea by Tannhäuser.

Oh, I have few words for how I love this. Cedric as a 3rd year. Professor Kettleburn! Who is quite cool! And... Just read it.

To Be Hufflepuff by Ciircee

I come back to this one again and again. It may not be perfect, but I love it. A prefect explains to the newest Hufflepuffs what it means to be a Badger, in the fall after Goblet of Fire.

Pride Before Fall by Canadian Pixie.

Cedric's POV of the 3rd Task, worth it just because I really can see Cedric's worst fear being... that. And it makes me love this.

That Will Never Die by Twinsais.

So, faulty italics aside, this is not a bad fic. Harry, post HBP, runs into Mrs. Diggory.

A Terrible Fate by Fionnabhair Nic Aillil.

Okay, wasn't sure at first, but the 3rd part won me over. 3 interactions between Cedric Diggory and Ginny Weasley, 1 for each school year. The last seems so... Cedric.

Eve by Arctic Demon.

Totally surprised me. This is actually Founderfic, but...

"Genesis" prompt fic by [ profile] scoured.

Written for the first challenge at hp500, this ficlet traces Cedric through his sorting, Quidditch and entering his name for the TriWizard Tournament. Characterization is on. My only issue is that the Sorting Hat makes a comment about no one wanting to be sorted into Hufflepuff. I SO beg to differ. ;) ::points to icon:: Otherwise, I agree with the Hat.

Okay, wound up spending about 3 hours searching about for Cedric fic, and there is a distressing lack of it.

I am now pouting.

Any one care to find me something marvelous? Or write it for me? ;)

Sigh. I am a Cedric fangirl. And have always been-I just didn't know it. God help me.

ETA: I have a Cedric fic request going here. But comments here work, as well.

I want book!canon-compliant Cedric. Sigh. So much.


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