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Okay, so Katt offered Christmas drabbles or ficlets, and she gave a list of fandoms and I exploded with indecision (and too much tequila).

Meanwhile, I am baking like mad (once we regain our kitchen) for Christmas and I'd like to steal Katt's idea for those I can't send cookies to! ;) (She might forgive me if she gets to attack me with the same sort of request I attacked her with when I was three margaritas in.)

Anyway--unlike Katt, I'm not going to put a limit on the number of requests (except to say 1 request each), or a time limit. I'm also issuing the caveat that I might take a while with some of these--they may be New Years' gifts, but know they come with love.


I offer a ficlet of your request for the holiday season, with the following guidelines:

For your request, please include:
1) a character/characters or pairing;
2) a prompt (a word, sentence, theme, situation, genre, etc.); and
3) a Christmas/Winter-Holiday-Of-Your-Choice song with a link I can download, a YouTube video I can watch, etc.

Fandoms I will play with:
DC comics (if I don't know the character, I'll let you know)
X-Men movieverse
Harry Potter
Narnia (mainly the Pevensies)

...And ask if you can think of another I've forgotten.

Now, for *my* wishlist, I offer a slightly more coherent version of what I spammed Katt with to demonstrate my utter indecisiveness: Under the cut )

...And if all that looked like shameless begging, I will apologize and say--request away!!

I am so shamelessly stealing this from Katt, but she might forgive me as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? And she has my permission to hit me with a zillion options after what I did to her. ::cough::
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Uploaded these songs, so I thought I'd share with everyone. :)

I'd teach my feet to fly... Teacher says a hippo is a vegetarian... The stars are brightly shining... Sweet silver bells... A pair of mittens that were made by your mother... )
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Taking a quick moment to stop and say Merry Christmas and ♥ to my wonderful f-list. I hope you all have a joyous holiday, whatever you celebrate! :)

And a quick note to my [ profile] yuletide Santa: I have no idea when I will have another moment at the computer between now and tomorrow night, but rest assured that I am SO looking forward to reading my story! =D Thank you!!

There are times I really love being Norwegian; Christmas is one of them. :) Yesterday was "Little Christmas Eve" (Lile Jule Aften), so we had a lovely time at my grandmother's with the whole family. Tonight, presents! As it's Jule Aften (Christmas Eve!), at my grandmother's, and that's when Christmas is celebrated for her. Then to my house tomorrow for Christmas day! :) We're a small family, but we sure have fun!

Now, off to dress and get ready for CHRISTMAS!! :)

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Well, I'm off to bed here, because I'm exhausted.

But first, a quick uber-thanks to [ profile] likeadeuce and [ profile] zoe_chan for the fantastic, speedy and thoughtful emergency beta-reads of my [ profile] yuletide fic. You girls saved the day! :)

Second, when my [ profile] yuletide recipient discovers who I am, I want you to know this: I LOVED writing this fic. Seriously. I tried something new, and am pleased to say, I think it works. I doubt I would have tried it otherwise. Definitely pleased with my participation this year. Also, yay! Go me! Uploaded on time! =D

And third, my aunt came from California tonight. It's very nice to see her. :) It is now officially Christmas. This means that my life is not my own, of course. Just tonight, I discovered that my plans of cleaning the house and baking are not actually my plans for tomorrow: tomorrow I wrap and go to the post office and write Christmas cards and call my aunt for further directions.

::headdesk:: Hello, Christmas.

If I vanish, I blame family. I'm excited to start working on the First Kiss stories, btw. :)

Now, my wish list!!

If you'd like to make me happy, I'd like Helga/Salazar. Or something to do with Peter Pevensie. :) And Scott Summers is fun, too--especially when combined with any of the following: Xavier, Jean, Erik, Warren, Gambit or Logan. ;)

Just saying.
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Had a fantastically marvelous Thanksgiving, and am NOW giving thanks for no longer working in the Maine Mall, which opened at 1 am. Good lord. And I DO call Ariel and Theanna crazy for being there. But applaud your bravery, as there were lines forming when the 11 o'clock news was on. Yikes.

Also, am giving thanks for 94.9 FM, WHOM, which has started its 24/7 "Holiday" Music marathon, which lasts until midnight Dec. 26th. (Although Christmas is obviously what the "holiday" refers to...)

Have I ever mentioned my favorite time of year is absolutely, hands-down, 199% Christmas? I got teary when Santa appeared in the parade today, and I am 22 years old, for goodness sake. Sigh. Sometimes you never grow up.

In honor of this occasion, and the fabulous plot bunny [ profile] alphabet26 gave me, I shall do her movie meme. With a slight change. Just cause.

List your (current) Top 5 Holiday/Christmas Movie Scenes!

I am also not tagging. I'd like to see everyone's.

Now, in no particular order...

1.) The Santa Clause-when the sleigh lands at the North Pole... from the time they land and the elf comes out and the Pole comes sliding out of the snow, to the time Scott looks over and sees Charlie asleep... it's magic. Bernard never fails to crack me up with his sarcasm and Charlie's so amazingly cute and enthusiastic, and, well, I love Tim Allen, he makes me laugh. I particularly love when the sleigh is decending into the workshop, and the music has that lovely crescendo... ::happy sigh:: I adore this movie.

2.) The Bishop's Wife, with Cary Grant and David Niven... Oh, so, anything with Cary Grant is fantastic, but this movie? The whole thing is amazing. Best part? Gosh, okay, I LOVE the sermon Dudley writes that the Bishop gives on Christmas Eve. Especially as he realizes he didn't write it, but keeps going. And it's a lovely sermon.

3.) Prancer... Oh, how I LOVE this movie. This is our traditional stringing-popcorn-and-cranberries movie. I love the whole thing, and picking a favorite scene? So hard, but... the ending. When Jessica's dad reads her "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" and takes her out to Antler Ridge so they can reunite Prancer with Santa... It absolutely NEVER fails to make me cry, especially when he reads to her. (His voice sounds a lot like my dad's, so this may play a role.)

4.) The Year Without a Santa Claus... Dunno if this counts as a movie, being one hour long, but I love Heat Miser and Cold Miser and their songs. Plain and simple. Although to help this count, I also love Santa Claus is Coming to Town... "Burger Meister Meister Burger!!" ;)

5.) The Muppet Christmas Carol. God help me, I love those muppets and this movie. Favorite scene? Oh, I love the Ghost of Christmas Present singing, but I think my favorite part is when old Scrooge is watching young Scrooge and his girlfriend sings that lovely sad song... "When Love is Gone," I think. I adore Michael Caine. He's fantastic.

That was SUCH a hard list to make!! Ack! We have too many Christmas movies. But I love this season. ::contented sigh::

Also, for Christmas, I'd like shiny new fics. And a Hufflepuff scarf, like the ones in the new movies, not the first 2. =D


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