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Oh, stolen from aaaall over, because I am weak.

((This version from [ profile] kirax2))
1. Comment in this thread and say, "Fic or Treat!"

2. Tell me who you're dressed as. (You don't have to actually be dressed as that person). You can be any one character from a fandom I know. If I'm not familiar with your character I might--or might not--ask you for a different one. You can be dressed as the same character as someone else, but try to give it a bit of variety if you can (i.e. specify a different version of your character).

3. On October 31st, you'll get a treat! It might be an icon, a song recommendation, maybe even an actual fic or anything else I can think of! Hopefully with a Halloween spin.

(...That said, I will probably be okay if there are multiples of the same character.)
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Okay, so I decided to try for [ profile] comment_fic's challenge this weekend. Ha. I write longer fics more slowly than everyone who INEVITABLY decides to compete the same weekend I do, but here is what I wrote (all DCU, I know you are shocked):

I managed to get 15 in before the cut-off, which is more than I've ever managed. Too bad someone did TWENTY, but oh well! NEXT TIME, maybe.

For [ profile] zoe_chan:
* Evil!Tim/Evil!Kon/Cissie, "Can you ever forgive us?" (730 words)
* Tim/Cissie/Kon, Surprise! (225 words)

For [ profile] museofspeed:
* Tim/Tam, teaching her self-defense (173 words)
* Tim/Kon/Cissie, kissing it better (275 words)
* Tim/Kon/Cissie, being invulnerable with two all too vulnerable partners (344 words)
* Tim/Kon/Cissie, PILLOW FIGHT! (276 words)

For [ profile] milleniumrex:
* Tim/Tam, running Wayne Enterprises (637 words)
* Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones, retirement (256 words)
* Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones, midnight cravings (244 words)
* Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones, heartbreak (47 words)

For [ profile] aravistarkheena:
* Tim/Tam; Tim was caught in the snow and Tam needs to warm him up again (625 words)
* Tim Drake/Tam Fox; future fic (192 words)
* Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones; 'The magic words.' (122 words)

For [ profile] angel_gidget:
* Tim/Tam, Tam keeps track of how many times Tim does something (140 words)
* Lucius & Tam Fox, His little girl has changed (206 words)

SO. The run-down, for my own benefit:

15 ficlets
4,555 words
Tim/Tam: 6
Tim/Kon/Cissie: 5
Tim/Cissie: 4

Wow. Not too shabby, even if I didn't win! And now I am exhausted.
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10 Tim/Cissie comment fics:

1. Win-Win Situation' ('Stay with me tonight. It's cold outside. You can save the world tomorrow, Boy Wonder. | 453 words)

2. Tim had a new understanding for what crimefighting in high heels and a miniskirt was like. (437 words)

3. The sheriff and the Native archer (YJ Western AU from the 80-page giant) (286 words)

4. "I'm scared, Tim." (827 words)

5. Home for Christmas (Home safe | 977 words)

6. Hot red car (289 words)

Altering Fate (where Cissie is Arrowette again) verse:

7. Modeling the costume (459 words)

8. Patrol injuries. (413 words)

9. Cissie's new costume is showing off a lot of skin. (220 words)

10. Only a Flesh Wound (564 words)

I didn't have a prayer of winning the day's challenge, but that is still a lot for me, and a total of 4,925 words! I'm fairly pleased.
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So, I hit a landmark last night:

30000 / 50000

Also, I've had a plot breakthrough, which is making it a lot easier. I stalled out for a little while around 25k, but then I had a EUREKA! moment, and I'm happy again, and we shall just see how this goes.

But once I hit 30k, I took a much needed break and wrote some comment fic. I may write some more today, but there needs to be kitchen floor mopping happening first. Bleh. Oh, and class.

OH, AND--got my second paper back from my Monday class last night. A-! Again! So 45% of my grade is an A-. I am way okay with this. (And 10% is participation, and I am not sweating that one. I talk in class. Shocking, but true.) So, you know. I'm pleased!

Anyway, the comment fic:

Tim/Cissie, waking up late
Tim/Kon/Cissie, "You don't need to sleep on the couch. There's plenty of room in the bed."
Tim/Cissie, "Can I come in?"

So, yeah. Mopping time now. Maybe more comment fic later. I only have 20-zillion bookmarked.
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Because it's Saturday and not a [ profile] comment_fic contest weekend, like a certain someone thought, said certain someone encouraged me and apparently that's all I need. ;) So!

Informal Comment Fic Exchange time!

-Leave a prompt
-Fill a prompt!

Easy as that. ;) Try to fill one, though. (I promise I will, too!) Feel free to leave multiple prompts and fill multiple prompts! <3

...That's really all I have to say about it at the moment. Have at it!
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OMG IT'S CISSIE!!!!!!! AND ANITA!!!!! I approve of of the haircut. Very much so.

Also, was talking with Katt tonight:

Lady_Sarai: you know what intrigues me? those comment porn ficlet/meme things you sometimes see.
Lady_Sarai: because--how does that even come about? do you just decide "gee, I think today I will beg my flist to write me porn" and... they do?
[ profile] xenokattz: yes
[ profile] xenokattz: if they love you
[ profile] xenokattz: I'd never do it 'cause my ego is too fragile ;)
Lady_Sarai: I think your flist would surprise you.
Lady_Sarai: I don't know what would happen if I tried this on my flist. Maybe it would surprise me and I'd be inundated with porn...?
Lady_Sarai: I would write you porn. Or, you know, try and flail and comment and run away?
Lady_Sarai: Hide behind something while you read it?
Lady_Sarai: I am preoccupied by this comment-porn-a-thon concept! I don't know why!! It's not like I often seek out porn for porn's sake, either!
Lady_Sarai: also, my ego would shatter and go weeping in a corner if I tried it. or I'd get, like, CASSIE and Tim, which--would hurt my soul.
[ profile] xenokattz: LMAO
[ profile] xenokattz: It might be from me and I MEANT for it to be Cissie/Tim but my fingers wouldn't fing
Lady_Sarai: ::laughs:: but if it was from you, I'd KNOW it was a typo. ;)
Lady_Sarai: one of these days it will get trained out of you and then you'll try to write about CASSIE and mistype HER name.
Lady_Sarai: and Cissie will feel vindicated. ;)
[ profile] xenokattz: okay, TOTALLY writing now
Lady_Sarai: writing my comment porn?
Lady_Sarai: ;)
[ profile] xenokattz: did you ask on LJ?
Lady_Sarai: NO.
Lady_Sarai: I may totally have to post parts of this IM, though, for I am silly and we are postable.
Lady_Sarai: like post-its.
Lady_Sarai: would that count?
[ profile] xenokattz: sure!

So--am I asking for comment porn? Apparently. ::scratches head:: I am not sure how this happened, but I won't blame Katt because she might write me something. ;)

I should go to bed, but tomorrow I shall post the parts of our IM where Katt and I sorted the cast of Heroes into Hogwarts houses--and tried to do so for the DCU but distracted ourselves and blamed Batman.


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