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So, I've complained about my modem before, yes? Anyone who IMs with me on a regular basis is familiar with the rotating door that is my screenname.

Out of curiousity, I opened an IM to myself just to see the timestamps and to prove that no, it's NOT my imagination.

I opened the IM this afternoon right before 5--and was promptly kicked off and signed back on. (I should add that this is not AIM or whatever, it's my modem. And it's not the router, because my brother and his laptop have NO difficulties. It's my wireless card or my laptop or just the universe hating me a little.

But take note--I was on for a full hour and a half before it kicked me off again, at first. I was *gone* during that time, BUT.

Lady_Sarai signed on at 5:00:14 PM.
Lady_Sarai signed on at 6:34:58 PM.
Lady_Sarai signed on at 6:37:50 PM.
Lady_Sarai signed on at 6:39:06 PM.
Lady_Sarai signed on at 6:43:27 PM.
Yeah, I kept that IM open until 11 pm. This is me not even exaggerating. )
Lady_Sarai signed on at 10:59:44 PM.

>_< Gah, modem.

(Ironically, the timestamps amuse me. Possibly I'm deriving amusement from a very frustrating situation in the best way I know how. No one seems able to help me. It's been doing this since, oh, MARCH, when the cable company screwed up so fantastically and had to replace our router and I wound up having to replace my wireless card. >_< BAH.)

Oh! But on an upnote, I found my copy of "Awake," Josh Groban's newest cd (from November, yes)--which I had in a bag from school back in June--and I have had pretty, pretty music all day.

Lady_Sarai: It's not my imagination! My modem IS evil!!
Lady_Sarai: (Of course, YOU are well aware of this.)
[ profile] zoe_chan: YES.
[ profile] zoe_chan: I feel personally attacked by your modem
Lady_Sarai: I think the modem is jealous of us and our awesomeness.
Lady_Sarai: and the rapid bunny of glee that won't stop breeding.
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::giggles::
[ profile] zoe_chan: Maybe your modem is trying to control the rapid breeding
Lady_Sarai: O_O! That's so MEAN. We do not approve.
[ profile] zoe_chan: No, we do not.
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Mom and I were supposed to meet one of her friends at a restaurant that specializes in PIE. PIE, people.

But they are closed on Mondays. Woe! No pie for me!

And iTunes inexplicably decided to delete its library on me!!! I mean, I got the music back in there, as it was all still on my harddrive, but!!

I LOST MY ZILLION AND ONE AWESOME PLAYLISTS!!!! ::weeps:: And my broken iPod can't even help me. As it's broken.

AND I lost my Top 25 Most Played Songs list, wherein "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" had like a zillion plays and was *so* *close* to being knocked down to number 3 by "Ships" (we're talking like 2 more plays!) and "Ordinary Men Abound" was still sitting pretty at #1 where it's been for like YEARS. And I can't remember where the other ones were!

Right now my most played song is "Without Love" from Hairspray at 2024 plays and "It's Hairspray" at #2 with 19--I have no idea why that one is #2. I blame James Marsden. ALL MY TOP 25 ARE HAIRSPRAY BECAUSE THAT'S ALL I COULD GET TO WORK FOR ABOUT TWO DAYS!


I have to rebuild playlists. I should do that.


.....I clearly need a life less attached to my iTunes.

::facepalm:: Trying to make a "Smart Playlist" of my 80s music gave me 32 songs. Clearly I need to be better about entering complete info for the songs in my library, because when I took TEN HOURS to make my old 80s playlist, it had like 200 songs.

The more I think about it, the more playlists I find myself mourning over. I had a Helga/Salazar playlist I was hanging on to. And Lian's Girl Power mix. And Kon's Soul. Young Justice. OMG, my "Damn Papers Suck My Brains Out" list from college!! And my NaNo. And "Dissonance." GOOD LORD. At least [ profile] zoe_chan has our "Love in the Electronic Age" playlist saved.

It is not so easy to make a playlist when your library has 2,639 songs in it. >_< What? I love me my music!!

On the theme of loving music, here is a meme!

Music is good. We all love music. Share the music love!

Reply to this post with a song recommendation; it can be a silly song, an obscure song, a favorite song or just a song you think I'll like. You can reply with just the title and artist information, or (if you really like me) you can upload the song to YouSendIt or MegaUpload and reply with the link! ;)

And of course, once you've commented, post this in your own journal and experience the joy and wonder that is new music!

Also--I will *totally* reciprocate. Last time I did this meme I wound up with some *very* funny songs, courtesy of [ profile] alphabet26. =D

...Actually, go ahead--Have a song. "Fett," by Postgirobygget. Yeah, it's Norwegian. I bought this cd in Norway simply because the store was playing this song when I was in there waiting for my aunt to meet me, and it was catchy and pretty and I love the lead singer's voice.

I have absolutely no clue what's being said, as I don't speak Norwegian except to be able to string together some sense in a conversation if the people talking are doing so slowly and clearly. ;) (The family reunion was *fun* that way. >_< Heh.)

But you should snag the song. Cause it's awesome. (I have the rest of the album, too, if you like it and want more. The whole thing is really good, even with the language barrier.) Also, yeah, I may be biased but I think that Norwegian is a really beautiful language to listen to, so here's your chance to hear some. ;)

(Also, I uploaded the "Arsenal" mini and the Batman-and-Arsenal issue for [ profile] second_batgirl--if anyone else would like them, let me know, I'll link you.)
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Well, sort of. Moved in, mostly unpacked... Then came home for a night or two. Heh. Ah well, no one's there anyway, yet.

Moved in early due to Student Teaching Orientation, which was yesterday, and intimidating. I know I will be fine. And it will be fun... but yikes. 157 page handbook in a binder. Just... yeah. Get me in the classroom, please, and I'll be fine.

We got new furniture!!!!! Since freshman year, our dorm has been "next in line" for new furniture, and it HAPPENED!! LOFT beds!!! DUDE! I had mine raised so it's at SHOULDER-LEVEL! And!! The furniture MOVES!! The desk and dresser aren't bolted to the wall!! I'm so happy and excited I can't take it.

And we have new windows and curtains, too, so we won't freeze or wake the entire hall when opening the window! =D

On the other hand... the internet. ::whines::

Yeah, so, every year we have to go to the website and agree to the terms before we can use the internet on campus. Well, now we have to download this antivirus thing, which is good, as it's great, and free... but we have to remove all other antivirus stuff first...

But my computer is stoopid. And it wouldn't let me remove the antivirus I downloaded from the Dell people. Something didn't work right in the uninstall, and it said, "go to the website for help."

Right, except the only webpage that works at school is the school site. So I had to bring the computer home to remove that. And did. (I hope.) But now I have to be at school again to install the ResNet thingy.

Oi. Computers. I don't like them.

On the other hand, I am a cool nerd. )
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After a 47 minute scan, my new AntiSpyware program found 80... that's right, 80... spyware/adware programs on my computer, effecting 600 or so files. Yeah, yay, as right before I ran this program, I ran AdAware, Spybot AND McAfee Anti-Spyware. All three programs told I was a-ok, no problems found.

How's that for a great, big "Grrr, Argh!"

So, restarted the computer, but it took so long I decided, hey, try running that scan again. Yeah, it's found 12. In 30 minutes.

::slams head on desk::

May I say, I HATE technology?

I would, however, recommend everyone download "Microsoft AntiSpyware" from here. I'm hoping it will save my computer, and it seems to be doing that.

But, have been reading some AWESOME fic in [ profile] femgenficathon. It's awesome. I do love my Harry Potter fics... Gen fics, no less! Girl power gen fics, even!

I particularly recommend [ profile] tangleofthorns' "Sea Change," found here. Awesome, awesome look at Narcissa. And I usually avoid Narcissa fics, for one reason or another, but this one. Just read it, if only for the beautiful language. The author has a great way with words.

(Also, please note the perdy new icon from [ profile] mage_brandebouc! =D Jimmy Stewart! And yay for the quote! =D)
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So, I wiped out Mom's computer and reinstalled everything yesterday. It is now lovely and clean, and empty. Clean slate. Intimidating, whoa!

Also, spoke with someone in Tokyo, I think, last night. That makes about 4 people in India, 1 in Asia, and 2 from the Deep South. And Clayton, who helped me install the drivers last night. Who had... well, only a HINT of an accent when telling me a website.

But that website would be the reason for the post today. He gave me a site with free anti-virus and anti-spyware programs that they use.

I figure, hey, good enough for Dell Support people..., and under "Spyware Support," choose "Microsoft AntiSpyware 1.0.615 Beta 1." Then, under "Virus Support," a bit further down the page, choose "Grisoft AVG 7.0."

So, thinking they can't hurt. Passing on the few advantages of spending 4 hours on the phone Saturday and 2 hours on Sunday.
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Ooh, lookit!! New Marta art! Spoileriffic art, though... But SO perdy. Pardon the drool.

Ariel, shut up. I hear you, you know. "Won-won," indeed. Bah. ;)

Also, was on the phone for 3 hours and 51 minutes today with Dell Tech support. Good god. Ryan managed to get a virus on Mom's computer, and it made it impossible to even sign on, so I called. Yeah. Talked to India. They were very nice.

Hopefully marginally entertaining account of the joys and wonders of Dell Technical Support and How I Contributed to the Economy in India. )

AND, ee!! Spoilers for the JKR interview that is highly spoilerific, but insanely fun for detail-hungry me... )

Okay, so maybe it was a little more spoilery than I had planned when I started. But still. I feel happy. Ariel, stop saying that. I know you're mocking me. I have telepathy that way.

And now, to bed, so I can be at your house at 9:30, so we can make the age-old decision: IHOP or Panera before movie?


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