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I got to thinking that I should have one central place to locate all my fic. So here is that place, organized by fandom.


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Title: Give Rest
Fandom: DC Comics
Characters: Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,566

Summary: For [ profile] zoe_chan, to cheer her up! Title is from the song "Ships" by Umbrellas--We will one day dock at the same port / And give rest to our weary legs. ZOMG, Sara wrote something! GASP.

Cissie returned to her room after practice exhausted, tired and hating the whole world. )
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I posted fic! O_O And now I'm off to clean the fridge to make room for the MILLION groceries I bought this morning, ack! And then bake. ::nods:: (OMG where has December gone??)

In other news, we have twenty inches of snow. Yes, twenty inches. 50.8 centimeters, thank you google. (That actually sounds equally impressive, however you read it.) That poor Damn Reindeer is half-buried, and our 24" Christmas trees? Well, you know, we can see 4 inches of them. ;)

ANYWAY, FIC! Sort of a... multi-media fic thing? ::shrug::

Title: Wish You Were Here! 1/?
Authors: [ profile] lady_sarai and [ profile] zoe_chan
Pairing/Characters: Tim/Cissie, Bart, Kon, Cassie, Jaime, Rose
Rating/Warnings: PGish
Disclaimer: We do not own anything or anyone. We promise.

Summary: When the Titans go abroad, they have a tradition to uphold: they send a postcard to Cissie.

Part 1: In which the tradition is established.

Authors' Note: Okay, so [ profile] lady_sarai has a slight Photoshop addiction, and both of us love postcards. For the purposes of this fic, the Titans are Tim, Cassie, Kon, Bart, Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle) and Rose Wilson (Ravager). Which means, yes, Bart and Kon are alive again. Don't ask us how. And to allow for this to be, they are all college age--hence the address on Cissie's postcards. (And, yes, Tim and Cissie are together.)

(And yes, this is image-heavy. Sorry, dial-up.)

Remember how you said you like postcards?

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Did you think the Cissie picspammage was over? Ha! ;)

Last time, Cissie vanished into a pile of fanmail.

So where did she go? To help her friends play baseball.

As crazy as it sounds, Young Justice wound up on an alien planet, coerced into playing baseball to save it from an invading alien race.

Young Justice was awesome.

Cissie and baseball are not the best of friends, however. )

Previous picspams are here and here.
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So what have I been up to this Friday night?

I made a masterpost of my fanfic, because it seemed like a handy thing to do. Organized by fandom. Hee. (I have more than I thought I did, actually.)

Shockingly, the most prolific fandom? DC. Considering I only started dipping my toes in back in February of this year? Yeah, I'm surprised too.

Although, the amount of unfinished, unposted fic [ profile] zoe_chan and I have? Obscene. Just wait.

Oh, my shiny almost-new fandom. I ♥ you.

Speaking of DC, I made some icons--just cropping, but. Have some.

All from Young Justice.

Yes, I know, they're all Tim and Cissie. I blame [ profile] zoe_chan. ;) (Although I really should take half the blame.)

Here, have a Bart:

Edit: Oh! Oh! I forgot! I was all productive and home-improvementish today!! =D

The banister (or railing, excuse me Home Depot employee who didn't know what a banister was) in our stairs fell down--fortunately while my brother was using it, not my mom. So today I removed all FIFTEEN screws from the wall, where they were stuck. And spackled the holes. Go me! (One of them was a big hole, will have to maybe do another coat.)

Also, I replaced the hinges on the cupboard doors under the sink.

In all, I unscrewed 28 screws and put in 16--which means I spent almost three hours wrestling with 44 screws, never mind the spackling.

I feel all handy. But my arms are DEAD and an electric screwdriver would have been nice. =P
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As promised, more Cissie! ;)

Cissie goes to the Olympics, her mother saves the day and she gets a roommate... )

Next time, Cissie joins Young Justice as they play baseball with aliens to save the planet--and is jealous of Empress, and gets an agent.
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So! I am writing my [ profile] femgenficathon fic about Cissie King-Jones, the former Arrowette, who is awesome and amazing and really, really fun to have living in my head.

And I realize that some of you--::cough::[ profile] xenokattz[ profile] scribophile::cough::--do not know who Cissie is! Now, I could easily *describe* her, and go on about how very cool she is, but...

I decided to let Cissie speak for herself. ;) What does this mean? PICSPAM. Or several.

(Because, yes, I totally have all of Young Justice on my hard drive, JOY! And honestly--I'm not so sad that Cissie is in comics-limbo, given what's happened to the *rest* of Young Justice these days. It hasn't been pretty.)

Anyway, so here is the first of what will probably be several picspams featuring Cissie.

Part of why I love Cissie is because she joins YJ in issue 4, and quits by issue 17--but continues to make regular appearances for the rest of the series, almost 40 issues after she quit. So, picspam 1 is dedicated to Cissie's career as Arrowette, short as it may seem.

Meet Arrowette. The superhero who dares to ruffle Robin's hair when he is in full Bat-sulk mode:

Please to be noting, those of you familiar with Cissie, that I do a significant amount of context and explaining for the benefit of those unfamiliar. If I've made any mistakes, feel free to point them out!

Also--so not dial-up friendly. Sorry.

Click to see Arrowette join Young Justice, yell at Superman and deal with her *mother.* )

Next time, Cissie goes to the Olympic Games in Australia, gets a roommate and is eaten by fanmail.

(I totally need some Cissie icons--better yet, some Tim/Cissie icons. :) I could make them myself, but begging is more fun. ;) Plus, photoshop keeps quitting on me when I am working. Not cool.)
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It's finally up! A while ago, I mentioned that [ profile] xenokattz and I had created the Best Crossover Ever with the OTP of cute.

This is that crossover.

Oxygen Variations

Katt ([ profile] xenokattz) and I present The Oxygen Variations, a collection of stories centering around Jason White (of Superman Returns fame) and Lian Harper (of DC comics fame).

TITLE: The Oxygen Variations
FANDOM: DC comics/Superman Returns crossover
CHARACTERS: Ensemble, though mainly Jason White and Lian Harper at this point. Eventual pairings include Clark Kent/Lois Lane/Richard White, Roy Harper/Dick Grayson and Tim Drake/Conner Kent.
RATING: Eventual Teen/Mature.
SUMMARY: Two families growing up together as seen through the eyes of Jason White and Lian Harper.

NOTE: Katt and I have had many a long, detailed and geektastic discussion about this crossover and how best to meld comics canon with Superman Returns canon. We even have a very extensive spreadsheet. Because of the nature of comic canon and movie canon, some significant changes have been made, but rest assured that nothing has been decided without extensive discussion--and probably a lot of squee.
CONTINUITY: Currently--post Superman Returns. Coinciding DC continuity illustrates the afforementioned canon-twisting; WAY pre-Infinite Crisis--in fact, pre-Death of Superman. However, Dick is Nightwing and Roy is Arsenal--a member of the JLA. Tim is not yet Robin.

--Dueling Intros, wherein Katt and I explain precisely how this insanely awesome Crossover of Glee and the OTP of Cute came about. (There is also an explanation of the carefully chosen title.)
--Stranger Like Me: Lian Harper has just moved to Metropolis for Gr. 1. and Jason White finds a real bestest friend. How it all begins.

Note: Now also available on LJ for those so inclined: Stranger Like Me (LJ remix-but-not-really).

Disclaimer: We do not own Clark Kent (Superman, Kal El), Lois Lane, Richard White, Roy Harper (Arsenal, Speedy I, Red Arrow), Dick Grayson (Nightwing, Robin I), Kon El (Superboy, Conner Kent), Tim Drake (Robin III), Jason White or Lian Harper. They belong to DC with extensions to the creative teams of Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster and Brian Singer, Dan Harris & Michael Dougherty.

And a minor footnote involving our casting choices:

[ profile] xenokattz: I LOVE our cast. I don't think I've said that often enough
Lady_Sarai: I don't think we've spent enough time gushing over them, either, given how awesome and made of win they are.
[ profile] xenokattz: It was like cherubs were harping and light came down from on high and the fanfic God pointed a finger and said "This is Thy Cast with whom I am pleased."

The banner and HTML are entirely Katt's doing. Links lead to her website, because her HTML-fu powers are greater than my own. ;) Also, she rocks.

No, really, tell [ profile] xenokattz how absolutely FANTASTIC and AWESOME the banner she made is. Because isn't it gorgeous? ♥ And now go read. ;)
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So, [ profile] miakun wrote me an entirely awesome first line ficlet featuring Dick and Roy and homework. Eeee! So I went and played in her meme!

Here's what I wrote--Tim/Kon, roughly 390 words.

For [ profile] miakun:

Tim is never really going to get tired of it. )

Small note: If you play in my meme, I will totally play in yours! :)
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5 Times Bart Babysat Lian for [ profile] pervyficgirl:

Bart had read, like, five books on child development and two books on babysitting... )

Totally will still take requests, I love these things. ;)

Also, never thought I'd be GLAD for a power outtage, but this Patriots' Day Nor'Easter knocked it out at about 10 am and so we're spending the night at my grandmother's--where there is power and heat and *internet*--albeit stolen wireless internet from a neighbor, but still.

We're in a state of emergency and half the roads between here and home are closed, and that's ALL the news talked about. I didn't even hear about VirginiaTech until the national news, and I think that's just wrong, even given the damage the storm has done here. I'm glad everyone on my flist seems fine, and I hope your loved ones are, too. ♥

(I have no Bart icons? This needs to be fixed.)
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5 Times Donna Had To Remember She Really Loved The Boys, So She Didn't Kill Them for [ profile] miakun:

I tried to make "the boys" apply to ALL the boys, but Donna told me that "The Boys" refers to Dick and Roy. Also, my canon knowledge is handwavy and I had no internet check available. :)

Roy asked her about Amazonian customs... )

And then, for ME:

5 Things Kon Secretly Loves About The Farm But Would Never Admit, Even To Clark—But Maybe To Tim

Except he thinks Tim already knows these things. )

Okay, now I feel bad mooching the internet and a table, even though I bought a bagel, because it's getting kind of crowded in here. Oh, my conscience.

I discovered last night that I get EXTREMELY intermittent internet access at home, for about two seconds at a time, but that means occasionally an email slips through the internetless haze. It's also the worst tease possible, because then I spend an hour and a half hitting "sign on" in vain hope that maybe it will work this time. =P
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Back in Panera for another 20 minutes here.

Some things I've learned without my internet: I go to bed much earlier when there is nothing to do. I apparently can't write without distracting myself, EVEN when there is no internet to be distracted with.

Old Orchard Beach is OPEN, at least the food places we like best. YAYNESS AND GLEE. And Mom and I are going to a movie, and my brother might ACTUALLY join us (have no idea when this last happened.)

Also, I hate jazz music. Have I mentioned this before? Oh, Panera, you try to kill my braincells.


5 Times Dick Almost Failed a Class for [ profile] miakun:

There was that time he thought taking creative writing was a better choice than interpretive dance... )

Okay, now I have to leave, but that was fun.

Anyonw want to write some "5 things" for me, involving Kon? ;) You'd make my exile enjoyable.

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[ profile] xenokattz and I have created what might possibly be the world's greatest crossover universe in the HISTORY of crossover universes, complete with the ultimate OTP of CUTENESS.

I think that's all I'll say for now, but while she's at school and work, I may or may not have been obsessing over this. OMG. Best. Thing. EVER.

Also, Kon continues to own my heart and soul. And Tim. And Lian, and Roy and Dick and Bart and guh, DCU, how much do I love you? I'm also growing fond of the Superfamily and THAT is saying something.

My rabid bunny of plot is fighting with the crossover Bunnzilla, and my brain might not be able to handle this much fannish glee, so! MEME!

Possibly my favorite meme EVER!!!! So, PLAY WITH ME, please! =D Gakked from everyone and their monkey's uncle:

You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. (examples: "5 times Dick gave Bruce a headache", "5 things Kon might actually like about living in Smallville," or "5 ways Dick and Roy might have met.") Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to your Top 5 ideas, according to me. Serious or fun!

I'm telling you, I love this meme, I'll try just about anything--and I'll tell you if I won't. ;)
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I discovered this song thanks to [ profile] lunatunes and I can NOT stop listening to it. Guh.

The Downeaster "Alexa" by Billy Joel.

Like all the locals here I've had to sell my home
Too proud to leave I work my fingers to the bone
So I could own my Downeaster "Alexa"
And I go where the ocean is deep
There are giants out there in the canyons
And a good captain can't fall asleep

I got bills to pay and children who need clothes
I know there's fish out there, but where God only knows
They say these waters aren't what they used to be
But I got people back on land who count on me

So if you see my Downeaster "Alexa"
And if you work with the rod and the reel
Tell my wife I am trolling Atlantis
And I still have my hands on the wheel

Just... GUH. I can't live in Maine and not appreciate this song. For goodness sake, I pay the extra $15 for the lobster license plate because the money goes to the lobstering/fishing industry. It has been said more than once that what I need is to find me a lobsterman.

You know how some people romanticize farmers and farm life? Must be a side-effect of living in Maine, but I think I do that with fishing/lobstering/island life. That's not to say I don't understand just how HARD a life it is. Maybe that's part of it.

I don't know, but this song is ten kinds of GORGEOUS and kind of heartbreaking.

So, on that theme, some other songs I can't stop listening to this week )

And I made some icons that I figured I may as well upload and let you nab if you like--it was mainly just cropping, so if you want to change them, go ahead. Then show me. ;)

1. 2. 3.
Two more Kon icons, and then some more Roy and Lian icons )

And the continuing saga of The Tree.

Turns out that not only were the THREE trees all ONE tree, but the trunk? TOTALLY on the neighbor's lawn.

We're not holding our breath for him to come over and offer to help pay for the removal, though. Thank goodness for homeowner's insurance, I guess. But the fact that it only fell because the neighbor cut branches on his side? Makes us *oh* so happy.

Check out what the tree did to our house, and look how HUGE the stump is! )

And this is a total grab-bag of a post, isn't it? Something for everyone!

I like American Idol tonight; Jennifer Lopez is fun to watch with the contestants. I do NOT like Chris Richardson, though--he is no Rob Thomas. Hmph.

0_0 Although, WHOA SIMON, what he just said to Haley. I might agree with him, but WOW.

Now, to spend some quality time with Word.

ETA, 9:15: OMG I FLAIL SO DAMN MUCH!!!!!!!!! Dancing with the Stars, you totally just WON MY HEART!

DREW!!!!!! Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy and DREW!!! Oh! Oh! BEST SURPRISE EVER!
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Um. Note to those I coerced into playing [ profile] penknife's "I Never..." challenge... those would be due April 5th.

Which I just realized is TOMORROW. O_O (Boy, I'm a smart one.)

And it's snowing a very wet snow and I had outdoor recess duty today. Blah.

Also, had a story idea on the way to work but a day of math ed teching drove it from my brain and it makes me sad. I need a tape recorder or something.


BTW, the [ profile] summers_fling fics I've read thus far are BEYOND amazing. Just... really wow. Especially the one for me! Bearings by [ profile] ion_bond. OMG, it's got a very young (set in 1985), *blind* (as in pre-ruby quartz) Scott Summers and ERIK LEHNSHERR and BRAILLE.

Yes, you heard that combination correctly. Also, there is a mention of an Atari screen. How much LOVE is that?

I wish I had more time to just READ these fics, but I do have to, you know, write another story. =P Plus there's the whole have-a-life thing. (A what now?)

I think, after [ profile] yuletide and [ profile] summers_fling, it's safe to say that I ADORE ficathons, despite the last-second panic. Which, you know, is my own fault for apparently working best under pressure.

Here's hoping that works for my "I Never..." fic. Heh. >_<

I'm incredibly happy with how my [ profile] summers_fling fic turned out, given the amount of flailing I did over it and how much I HATED it on Sunday afternoon--you can ask my mother, who got to hear how much it sucked when I was helping make dinner. She has no idea what I was talking about, but was very sympathetic. [ profile] zoe_chan put up with my AIM flailing with the usual grace and minimal eye-rolling, complete with statements of "you do not suck." ;)

Also, I'm a geek, but I think I'll save the reason why for another post.


Also, have fallen deeply and madly in love with Superboy. Dammit, Kon. And Tim. But I already loved Tim, so this is not news. My Kon love isn't news now, either, not to poor [ profile] zoe_chan and [ profile] xenokattz. Although I blame Katt for this *anyway* because she's the Super-Fan, and I've always been a Bat-Fan. And I blame my Tim-love on [ profile] zoe_chan, because... well. Why not? ;) (And I thought I was *SAVING* my professions of geekiness?)

On this note, I have a rec of IMMENSE AWESOMESAUCE POWER. LIKE OMG. I flailed at [ profile] zoe_chan over IM all night when I read it (and stayed up until 2:30 to do so), even though she was sleeping, and I emailed Katt and. Yeah. I think I had multiple geekgasms. (Which is a term you KNOW I've been dying to say.)

The Way I Was Made by [ profile] hackthis

It is Superman Returns meets Smallville meets the Teen Titans v. 3 (DC comicverse). And it's GOOD. REALLY good. It's adult, and slash, but seriously awesome in so many ways. Basic idea? Jason White is Kon-El.

No, *so* not joking. Complete with Lex Luthor DNA. You'd think it'd be crack, and it IS, but it's the GOOD crack.

I know enough of each verse to make loud, high-pitched noises when I recognized things--like BART, and STEPH, and the shades of Jason Todd that Jason White exhibits, and the incredible mention of the Narrows made me fall over because that makes it Batman Begins verse, as well. GUH. This is like the crossover to end all crossovers, AND IS WELL-WRITTEN.

AND it does right by Richard White, which we all know is MAJOR for me (or we should know). Because Jason has three dads, but he only calls Richard "dad."

The author's Jason voice is amazing, and so Kon-like that at first it's a stretch to think of little Jason White in SR as this college student with such blazing sarcasm and wit, but then it all makes sense.

Calculus isn't the same as 2 + 2 = 4, though, and Jason's not too sure how he's going to take care of his math requirement without bribery and blackmail.

Remarks like that are his inner Luthor coming out, which is a big joke with his dad, but Clark doesn't really tend to laugh about it very much. When Clark is all uptight, Jason reminds him that he's a genetically created baby, who was implanted in his mom while she was kidnapped on assignment. It took three men and two women just to get him into college.

Jason's bound to be a little warped; Clark should just accept it.

DUDE. Jason. Kon-El. MADE OF WIN. (I wish *I* had thought of this.) =D

Plus, hello, there is Tim/Jason-who-is-Kon, which, you know, is like icing on the cake.


One of my students from when I taught sixth grade last year has my MSN and her screenname is currently "Dang my extremely loud internal monologue!" Oh, sweety, I love how much you are a geek. ♥


So... any plot bunnies want a home? Hit me with 'em.

(Wait, what am I doing? I must be mad.)
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Okay, so... Harry Potter fandom.

Oh, you are monstrous and huge and not a little scary. And while I may not participate much, beyond the occasional fic... I have watched you from when you were small and relegated mainly to FF.Net BEFORE the Cassie Claire debaucle. I mean, I started reading fic actively when PoA came out! I'm not even sure I know when that was without looking.

However. This is the last book. As everyone on earth who is not under a rock knows, the cover was revealed today. I have thinky thoughts on it, but my first thought was "darn it, fandom!"

Which. Was maybe not the reaction I should have had.

A few thoughts concerning spoilers and possible f-list trims... )

I'd at least like a nice shiny spoiler-labeled LJ cut, and some people don't get that, at least in comms. (Note: if you are a person who I have friended, I am not worried. Particularly if you've friended me back, as all of YOU lovely people are considerate about things like spoilers. And the declaration of new information is not something I'm going to get upset about; I don't plan to live under a rock, really. It's when people post mini-images of new book covers without cuts that bother me because what will happen when it's something bigger than that? I'm a little afraid I'll have to cut the newsletters, but we'll see.

In other news, DC fandom, why? Why have I fallen in such utter and complete, total, flailing, buy-you-a-ring-and-feed-you-chocolate LOVE with you? Why, when your canon so clearly FAILS at times and contradicts itself and I can't stand some of the writers (canon, not fandom--fandom writers are ♥) and there are so many years of canon to catch up on and I am broke so I can't even keep up with current canon?

And why do you make me so damn happy?

Perhaps most perplexing is the question of how you've changed my fannish leanings. Because I swear that there was a point when I would have searched out every gen fic EVER before looking for any other kind of story. And the idea of writing something not gen would have been a bit daunting and not something I considered for a good while.

So why do I have the urge to write GAY SEX? I mean, really. I have been fannish for years, and have friends who can prove this. Hell, I have binders from SECOND GRADE that prove it. Shut up, I so do.

Anyway, my point is that up until now, my tendency has not been to look at two characters in a text and say "oh, they're gay" unless it's CANON that they are. My tendency hasn't been to pair anyone up at all, really, except in cases where the subtext is SO THERE--Ron/Hermione, Erik/Charles, Remus/Sirius, etc--or when the ship IS canon--Scott/Jean, Bella/Edward, Harry/Ginny (I love that it's canon), Mark/Maureen, Angel/Collins, etc.

My default has always been gen, possibly because it's what I write best and possibly because there seems to be less genfic than anything with pairings.

Anyone who has been around me can ALSO tell you that when it comes to two characters being best friends, it has annoyed me when fandom automatically starts pairing them up romantically. Witness the hissy fits I've had over the RENT fandom and the insane number of Mark/Roger fics but huge LACK of Mark-and-Roger as Best Friends fics.

(Perhaps a bit contrarily, the Best-Friends-Who-Fall-In-Love pairing is one that TOTALLY does it for me. I have no idea what to make of my oddness.)

So, DC fandom, I ask you--how did you CHANGE THIS about me?! How? Seriously.

Why is it I look at Dick and Roy (and Kon and Tim, OMG) and start inserting slashes between their names and drawing pink, sparkly hearts around them? Why do I want to cover them all in band-aids and wrap them in grandma-knit-afghans and feed them hot chocolate? Then let them have sex?

Oh, DC fandom. How infatuated I am with you.

And... any good Kon-lives!or-otherwise-is-back-from-the-dead! fic out there?

It is so not fair that I should fall so in love with a character who is DEAD. ::scowls::
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So, [ profile] china_shop is running the Fandom Appreciation Challenge 2007, and today's challenge is to rec 5 fics written for challenges/exchanges.

Which means I get to revisit some AWESOME fics and squee!

5 recs of awesomesauce power in no particular order within--DC, HP, and Narnia )

American Idol? WHAT is going on with Paula--did she take crazy pills? And Simon wins for randomly pointing out that he likes puppies.

I'm so watching Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader because fifth-graders are smart, yo, and well... Schadenfreude, anyone? ;) (And I hope *I* am smarter than a 5th grader, as I hope to *teach* them!)

Trapezoids have four sides! I taught 4th grade geometry this fall. I know my quadrilaterals!

I plan on enjoying this show purely on the basis of the children, who will probably lose it when the adults blow easy answers. This will also prove that their parents cannot help them with homework. ;)
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Okay, so I go from not posting in several days to posting four times in one afternoon, but all these IM posts do come from TWO conversations--Wednesday and Thursday nights. So, um... not sure how, but that makes it better? Also, my mother is sick and I am taking care of her and thus spending my Saturday just sitting here. ;)

So, lately, I gave in to the voice in my head that was screaming DICK GRAYSON at me, and I revisited some of my comics. Which lead me to giving in to curiousity and finally reading Infinite Crisis.

Oh, DC. I love and hate you, all at once.

The hate? Well. >_< Superboy punched reality, didn't he? Which is entirely cracktastic and wonderful in that it's SO cracktastic, but it's also... horrid. ::shrug:: Also, not a fan of mindless death, but it's comics, right? Meh.

The love? Well.

I've mentioned that I've been in love with Dick Grayson since I was seven, right? ;) And the whole screwed up father-son relationship between him and Bruce is one of my favorite things, EVER, and Infinite Crisis? Was chockful of it.

I was planning on posting about this eventually, but [ profile] zoe_chan and I got chatting and I wound up explaining it all via IM, so I'm gonna just copy/paste, rather than retype. ;)

But first! I was chatting and this exchange occurred:

Me: Well, Dick kind of spiraled into this wacky emo drama king full of WOE and DOOOOM.
[ profile] zoe_chan: I don't really see Robin as emo.
Me: No, but Nightwing is.

And prompted me to give a quick and extensive off-the-top-of-my-head history of Dick Grayson, former Boy Wonder. ;)

Note: This was all utterly off the top of my head, so forgive any inconsistencies. Also, while I have read a fair amount of Nightwing, I also read a lot of Wiki. ;) Also, my grasp of DC timelines--especially after both Crises--is handwavy at times.

Another note: I really did gloss over a LOT of details and if you want more, check out Wikipedia, at LEAST. ;) I actually know more than this lets on, if you can believe that. I am completely aware that much more went on than I managed to convey. I could probably talk for several hours about Dick, AND the people around him. Contrary to what I might let on, I know a LOT more about the DCU than I do about the X-Men. And, sacriledge that it is, my love for Dick may be EVER SO SLIGHTLY more than my love for Scott, which, ACK!! So WRONG!

Wherein I discuss the Life and Times of Dick Grayson, introduce Roy Harper, discuss the original Teen Titans, quote a lot of Infinite Crisis and Nightwing and generally am a HUGE comics geek. )

So, yeah. I think that covers everything I could possibly want to say about Infinite Crisis, Bruce as an Emotionally Constipated Father Figure, the Batclan, the Titans, and why Dick is, indeed, emo these days.

ETA, 3/2/07: D'oh! I read this over now and I think "wait, no, I was WRONG!" Because now I've done far more research on the Teen Titans and oh. It's not bad as a picture of what I knew, but now I know more. So forgive me. =P


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