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Between all the news from Haiti and some Family Drama and then my tv shows last night, it was not the most pleasant Thursday (although I did have a lovely phone call with my person, and that made things better). Then today I got an email saying I can't actually take one of the classes I'm signed up for this semester, because it is restricted to people who are currently teaching. So... that is an Issue. I am not sure what to do about it yet. Someone in one my classes last semester said she took it over the summer, so maybe that will be an option? UGH.

(Also, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice came back from hiatus last night. I won't say too much, but the episode before hiatus had me in love with Grey's all over again and I drew sparkly hearts all around it and I loved it and named it Squishy.

Yeah. That feeling lasted about as long as you might expect with that show.)

IN ANY CASE, today is a housework day, and I feel like Cinderella, SO I want to do [ profile] fannish5 this week:

5 fannish things that are bringing you joy right now:

1. RED ROBIN. That comic is freaking awesome and I love it to pieces. Especially 7&8.
2. ADVENTURE COMICS. GUH. KON. CAPSLOCK. Also, Francis Manapul is the most amazing artist.
3. SUPERNATURAL. Um. Yeah, I said it. I looooove that stupid show, and I am all caught up and SEASON 5, HOW ARE YOU SO AWESOME? It is awesome and I love it and I may watch 5x08 "Changing Channels" again as a reward for finishing my housework today. Dean is a fan of Grey's AnatomyDr. Sexy! THE BIG TWIST AT THE END, ZOMGWTFBBQGLEEE. LOVE.
4. [ profile] help_haiti. I love that Fandom is being awesome and banding together to Do Good.
5. Now that I am caught up on Supernatural, I may even have time to read or write. ;) These are good fannish things! I have a ton of books to read. It pleases me. And I have a lot of things to write, too.

Also, my kitties love me and my brother called to ask about my school situation because Mom mentioned it to him and he was concerned, which was nice of him. So not all is bad.
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Today's [ profile] fannish_5: Name your five favorite fictional kids.

So, I love kids. This is helpful when you, you know, teach elementary school. But so I decided to use pictures for this too, because these kids are too damn cute and awesome for mere words.

1. Micah Sanders, Heroes

Che Guevara led a revolution. This is a rebellion. So whose side are you on? And 'mine' is not an answer. )

2. Lian Harper, DC Comics


3. Milagro Reyes, DC Comics

That's right baby girl. I'm the crazy one. )

4. Molly Walker,Heroes

'How did you sleep?' 'On my pillow.'  )

5. Lilo, Lilo and Stitch

This is your badness level. It's unusually high for someone your size. We have to fix that )

...Huh. Why do I not have a Micah icon? Clearly I need one.
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So, [ profile] selenak posted about fannish attitudes regarding female women and children and it ROCKS SO DAMN MUCH and is my opinion in better words than I have to express them. Seriously. (Although, be warned, the post contains spoilers for Pirates of the Caribbean and Deathly Hallows.) But it's so the truth, and it makes me want to stand and point and go "YES!!"

So imagine me on a soap box doing just that.

In other news! Still hot. Also, [ profile] fannish5, how I have neglected you!

Today's! Who are your five favorite fictional parents?:

1. Molly and Arthur Weasley
2. Roy Harper
3. Bruce Wayne (FAVORITE, no one said anything about GOOD ;) But he does try.)
4. Joyce Summers
5. Martha and Jonathan Kent (I may not adore Clark, but I adore Kon and Ma and Pa.)

Yes, yes, I know. Very DC-heavy lists here, but whatever. ;)

Last week's: What five characters would you like to see get more attention in fan fiction?

1. Cissie King-Jones, former Arrowette and all-around kick-ass retired-heroine. I have much ridiculous love for Cissie and I want more to read about her. (However, if DC would like to continue to ignore her existence, I AM OKAY WITH THAT. Because DC is mean.)

2. Bart Allen. Oh, BART. Impulse, Kid Flash, Flash... really doesn't matter what name he uses, he is made of awesome and win. He may not count as not getting "enough" attention, but I would like to see more of him. ;)

3. Helga Hufflepuff. I love the Founders, so I'd list them all, but I have a fondness for Helga. :)

4. Richard White, of Superman Returns, because Richard? Totally rocks.

5. Peter Pevensie. Because I like Peter.


On a related note, if anyone happens to know of some good Cissie fics? Especially Bart/Cissie or Tim/Cissie (of which I have only ever found 1, which is just sad). Perhaps *particularly* Tim/Cissie. Otherwise known as the rabid-bunny-breeding-ship.
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This week's [ profile] fannish5: Name five qualities you always find attractive in fictional characters. Please note: fictional.

1. A complicated relationship with a surrogate father-figure. I think it's fair to blame this on Dick Grayson, given that I imprinted on him at, what? Age 8? Surrogate parental figures of EITHER sex do it for me, too--for instance, Meredith Grey? I love her relationship with the chief and her stepmother. This also possibly says something about me, but I'm not touching that. ;) Heck, ANY parent-child interaction works for me, really.

Please note: Also extends to sibling relationships (and the complicated part here is optional but pretty much guaranteed when involving siblings)--The Pevensies, Tim and Dick, the Weasleys, etc. Although I think the Pevensies also count as a surrogate parent relationship, because as far as I see it, Lucy and Peter have something more like a father-daughter relationship with the complication of Peter *really* being her brother thrown in. ...Guh. Love them.

2. A sense of humor--but not slapstick. Yeah, dry wit? Please and thank you. Vicious sarcasm? I'm a fan. Jokes no one gets because the teller is smarter than his/her audience? Check. Witty banter? Hell, yes. Quips used to throw off an enemy in battle? Amen!

3. An obscene sense of honor and loyalty--especially to family and friends. Hey, I *am* a Hufflepuff, aren't I? That whole willing-to-lay-down-your-life-for-your-loved-ones thing? REALLY works for me.

4. Self-esteem issues, especially when related to aforementioned parental figures. Guh, no defense for myself here. I just... yeah. Particularly if the self-esteem issues tie into making parental figures proud. Yeah. I particularly like this when it's a HIDDEN self-esteem issue that maybe only gets addressed with, say, a Best Friend. Which leads me to #5.

5. Strong friendships. I know, this feels like it shouldn't count, as it involves more than one character, but it DOES. I'm talking Tim-and-Kon, Meredith-and-Cristina, Mark-and-Roger, Harry-Ron-and-Hermione, Helga-and-Rowena, drop-everything-at-a-second's-notice-because-my-friend-needs-me friendships. I'm talking "shut up, I'm your person" friendships. I mean the type of friendship where one character knows the other character well enough to predict their reactions to things and where they both NEED each other. A symbiotic friendship. FRIENDS-type friendships, even. Works for me Every. Single. Time.
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Okay, so I decided that I would force myself into a good mood by lounging around, eating chocolate, reading (good!) fic, and listening to music on headphones played far too loudly.

I made good music choices, btw.

Which means that [ profile] three_nails meme is a good one for me to snag. ;)

List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

I should note that I made a playlist of all my music from the 90s and then I dwindled it in half and it's still about 9 hours long, but that's what I've been listening to, so, be prepared for some flashback power. Also, remember the above note on making myself smile. Some of these are here for the crack factor.

1. Livin', Bon Jovi
I have to confess to trying very hard to NOT include 7 Bon Jovi songs on this list. ;) I seem to be on a Bon Jovi kick.
2. The Way, Fastball
The tune is catchy and upbeat, so even if you know the story behind the song, it's still fun.
3. Devil Went Down To Georgia, Charlie Daniels Band
4. It's Tough To Be A God, from The Road to El Dorado
It so is. (NOT Elton John's version--this has Kevin Kline!)
5. If You Want It To Be Good, Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy), Backstreet Boys
I did warn you about the crack, but just TRY not smiling at this song! It sends me into GAILS of giggles Every Damn Time.
6. Smooth, Rob Thomas and Santana
Is it wrong that this song ALWAYS makes me think of Gambit? I'm from the bayou. You hear my rhythm on the radio. You feel the turning of the world, so soft and slow, turning you round and round. Yes, yes, we do.
7. Cruel to be Kind, Letters to Cleo
It makes me bop my head around and think of 10 Things I Hate About You and who doesn't love that movie?

All YSI links. If they expire, ask nicely. ;)

Also, I figure I owe my flist some not-so-much-with-the-angst posting, and I'd rather not go to bed with a migraine again. Apparently crying All Day Long induces migraines. Who'da thunk?

I totally had the hardest time trying to limit that to 7 songs. Really. (My "90s music is made of WIN" playlist is 130 songs--this being the halved version.)

So, ♥ to my flist for putting up with my moodiness lately.

Also, today's [ profile] fannish5: Name five characters that you identify with the most.

Cutting to spare your flist. Cause I'm nice that way. )

I might be able to write tonight. That'd be nice.

(Using my Jane icon because she totally almost made it onto this list, because she kicks ten kinds of ass, and she loves animals and learning and she teaches and the monkeys took her boot! Oh, Jane. ♥ "I was SAVED! By a flying, wild man in a loin cloth!" "Loin cloth, good lord." "And DADDY! They TOOK MY BOOT!") /fangirling.
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Today's [ profile] fannish5: Who are your five favorite sidekicks?

This IM might put things into perspective:

Lady_Sarai: dude, fannish5: Who are your five favorite sidekicks?
Lady_Sarai: I am so playing.
aradiachiba: hmm...
aradiachiba: I dunno how I'd answer that...
Lady_Sarai: no?
aradiachiba: nope
Lady_Sarai: I love me my sidekicks.
aradiachiba: I know you do
aradiachiba: ::pats you and your sidekick harem::
Lady_Sarai: O_O

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

So, uh, yeah.

Here are the top 5 members of my Sidekick Harem:

1. Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, who was once the original Robin to Bruce Wayne's Batman and therefore totally counts as a sidekick, even if he IS all grown up and a hero on his own now. And rocks in Every. Possible. Way.

Not even exaggerating a little there.

I should also let it be known that my first ever crush was on Robin, thank you Batman: The Animated Series.

2. Ron Weasley, because while I adore Hermione and Neville and everyone else... it's Ron. I have always had great Ron-love.

3. Samwise Gamgee, who is everything a sidekick should be and then some. ♥ Sam.

4. George O'Malley, Izzie Stevens, Cristina Yang and Alex Karev, the Grey's Anatomy interns. Not that they're *precisely* sidekicks, as I think they're main characters, but the show *is* named after Meredith Grey, and these four are her family. I just adore these people. Alex has particularly grown on me in massive ways. :) I just love when Meredith and Izzie used to go lie in bed with George when they were in bad moods. I miss that.

And I am not cheating, you can't have one of these guys without the others. (And Miranda Bailey is too much of the awesome to be a sidekick. She's the Nazi.)

5. Xander Harris, best friend of Willow Rosenberg and Buffy Summers. Xander saved the world, yo. YELLOW CRAYON. I adore Xander.

That was fun. And I am wiped out.

At some point, I will totally post about how I have now read DC's Infinite Crisis and... I adore it. I blame Batman and Nightwing, I do. Although mentioning that Superboy punched reality will never get old.

But speaking of, anyone have any DC recs for me? Specifically Nightwing oriented? (See sidekick 1)

I'm a sucker for Dick Grayson. I suppose there are some things you never outgrow. (Seriously, I was maybe seven, and totally crazy about him.)
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Because I really enjoy nit-picking. ;)

What five nitpicky things do you wish writers in your fandom(s) would get right?

1. Narnia: When the Pevensies were ruling Narnia the first time, they forgot about their lives in England. Forgot their mother, forgot the professor, forgot modern technology. They just Forgot. Even in the movie, it's obvious when they see the lantern that they don't know what it is and grown-up!Lucy remembers "Spare Oom," not "the spare room." Conversely, they did not forget Narnia after being spit out the first time--not even Susan. Susan chose to forget after Prince Caspian.

2. HP: Hufflepuffs are not stupid, useless or boring. REALLY. I cannot tell you enough how much some portrayals of Hufflepuffs annoys me. In fact, JKR, could you *please* give them some opportunity to kick ass? Because they would. ::points to icon::

3. HP: Salazar Slytherin may have been a racist who build a chamber and hid a horrible monster under the school, but he was also a FOUNDER of a SCHOOL. He was Godric Gryffindor's best friend. And he was in love with Helga Hufflepuff. Give him some credit as a human being, please.

4. Grey's Anatomy: Not that I've read much fic, but, please. Their names are Cristina and Izzie. Not Christina and Izzy. I know, I'm nitpicky, but it *is* on the official website and the DVDs. ;) Also, Izzie's full name is Isobel but she's never, ever called that. Also, Addison? Is often called Addie, so that's okay. And she is now Dr. Montgomery, no Shepherd. Speaking of, it's Shepherd, not Sheperd.

5. I appreciate that you ship a certain pairing. This does not mean that EVERYONE must, or that canonical breaking of your pairing means that the entire canon sucks or that you should take your frustration out on female characters who are blameless. For instance, in HP--Remus/Sirius. I love them, I do. But there's an easy way to explain Remus/Tonks--bisexual, anyone? As for Harry/Hermione fans, I don't think you should go sulking in the corner because JKR shot you down--fanfic is full of potential. This does not mean you should make Ginny a total bitchy slut, or Ron an abusive bastard. That's just mean and makes me mad at you for making characters I like act so out-of-character.

Now, back to the Chapter of Emotional Trainwrecks. (Matchbox Twenty is working well at not just keeping me calm and happy, but getting these scenes written.)

Actually, back to work until 8, when I rewatch Grey's. :)

On an utterly unrelated note, we got a coupon in the mail so went to Yankee Candle tonight and now I have two GIANT candles burning and the house smells SO DAMN GOOD. Sparkling Lemon and Island Spa. Yum. (Green and yellow, Ariel. ;) Hee!)
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[ profile] fannish5

Name five totally self-indulgent story ideas. (The fanfic you would write if you didn't care if you had an audience and also had no shame.)

Superheroes and Doctors and Bohemians and Vampires... )

That was very fun.

ETA: I added a sixth. Because... well. I just did. iTunes played the song, it's not my fault.


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