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I made these lists before writing my NaNo as a guide for my own writing, and then decided I'd like to have it up as a reference to point to, so here it is!

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My list of likes is a whole lot longer than my list of dislikes. ;) Please don't take these lists as a judgment on your tastes, if something on it is what you enjoy. It's just a matter of personal taste, but I make no judgments on people who do like them!
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So, I was asked to come up with a birthday list. I'm Really Bad at them, which is possibly why this has taken so long. =P Oops! But--there are still more than two weeks before my birthday?

So, there are approximately four of you who I think can or may be willing to write me Tim/Cissie. There would indeed be definite squeeage. They have been my OTP for a year now, and I loves them and there is not nearly enough fic out there--but what there is makes me very happy!

So. For Tim/Cissie, I offer the following plot bunnies:

1. This scenario. Yes, again. I still want to read someone else's take on it.
2. Tim and Cissie's wedding, or their honeymoon, or a birthday, or just something fluffy and sweet, with snuggling. Lots of snuggling. And I'm not opposed to sex. We are just incapable of writing it for them. God knows why, but it's like a physical impossibility.

I also offer up general scenarios for any characters--Tim and Cissie are more than welcome, of course:

1. Hurt/Comfort. It is my bulletproof fic kink. Particularly if there is a beside vigil. These days particularly, with my Cold of Doom, a fic where character A is ill and character B takes care of them is so not out of order.
2. The whole redeemed by the power of loooooooooove cliche--totally works for me. Just saying.
3. As does the trapped in a cave/on a desert island/etc cliche.
4. Friends who fall in love? I'm so there.
5. I love the sugar and fluff and cuddling and falling asleep together snuggling, but I also love the angst and woe and doom, so long as there is still some cuddling and comforting. I suppose this means I like just any and everything, but especially--number 1 again. ;)

As per [ profile] alphabet26's request, a list of things I love that are *not* Tim/Cissie! ;)

For DC, I love Dick/Roy, Dick and Tim being brothers, Dick, Tim and Bruce--and Alfred--being a family... Cissie and Roy... Lian... If the subject of Ollie being Cissie's father is done respecting the fact that she thought her father was someone else and he was dead and she loved him--then I'd like to see that... Kon and the Kents or Clark being family-like... Bart!, Bart/Rose... Young Justice...

And for Non-DC!

1. Harry Potter: I adore, adore, adore Helga Hufflepuff/Salazar Slytherin. Strangest pairing ever? Maybe? But the tragedy and doom of it is kind of fun?
2. Also HP: I do love Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione. And their kids. I know, I'm weird--I liked the epilogue! I think it's more the wank and pissing and moaning that made me start avoiding fandom than anything else. I also love Luna/Neville. And I love the trio being the trio.
2. Enchanted: Edward/Nancy. I'd love more of them.
3. Rent. Oh, Rent. Pretty much love them all in any incarnation but the friendship is really what I love here. Not a huge slash fan.
4. Heroes! Petrelli family angst and love. Bonus points for Claire! (I love her.) Also, Hiro and Ando are so incredibly awesome. Oh, and you know who I miss from season one? Zach. I adored Claire and Zach.
5. I hate to put this here, but yes--High School Musical. Way post high school, though. Chad/Ryan. Or just Ryan. He's so cute and gay. ;) Also--I do like Gabriella. She's a pretty strong female character, all things considered.
6. There is still this list, too, though a lot of it was stolen for this one.

And Katt--if you felt like some Cissie/Bart or Tim and Cissie discussing Cissie/Bart--or Tim-and-Cissie period, I would not complain. ;) (Though you are indeed one of the four people I mentioned earlier who I think might be willing to write me some Tim/Cissie, so do take that into consideration.) ;)

::hugs and ♥::

I feel very odd writing this list. I'm certain I'm forgetting things, too. And I'm not sure it's at all helpful, or if it's just me coming across as extremely self-centered and ooo, write me presents! =P If that's the case--I'm sorry! If it's not helpful, let me know how to be helpful?

Now, to take more cold medicine and try not to pass out so I can actually sleep tonight.


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