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I'm not f-locking this because Katharine, I love you and I miss you. Everyone should know what a wonderful and special person you were and that I have been blessed to have you for a friend, even if it wasn't for long enough.

Katharine's obituary

For my own sake, when the link eventually expires. )

I'm sort of a mess right now, and I'm cutting this for use of the term 'wallow' in a non-sarcastic way. )

Unrelated, the girls are better than the boys on AI, and Randy and Simon must be having PMS.

Now, that all being said, I'm really just in need of some cheering up, and I expect that tomorrow this will especially be the case.

So! Help me out?

Leave me shiny happy bright things (or even not so shiny-happy-bright things) to come home to tomorrow night.

Also, if anyone knows where I can grab up some DC fics--particularly Dick Grayson and Roy Harper (OMG, ROY, how did you steal my heart so?)--point me? Or point me to people who know? ;) As my flist (as awesome as you are) is not so DC related, I won't ask you for Dick/Roy pr0n, even if I kind of want it. ;)

(And I have no idea when I'll be home, but if anything bad happens on Grey's Anatomy, it might BREAK ME. In a not good way.)

Link me, write me, comment-fic me. Show me something silly or happy, or even not-so-happy if it's in a fandom I like.

Go ahead and have a comment-war and break my LJ, even if I'm not here to participate. That'd be fun to come home to.

So, um, make me smile, please? At this point, in this mood, I am not above begging.

I ♥ my flist!

ETA: I was doing laundry and my mother nagged me about the dryer stopping and I groaned and she said "I know, I know, I'm the dryer nazi." I think she wins with that comment--it sent me into gigglefits until I cried.
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Lissa had her baby yesterday morning. Samuel Timothy.

And Nicole is pregnant.

(Mind you, neither finished school. Although Nicole is at least taking classes toward her degree. They're both 22.)

I'm not judging. I'm not. ...If they judge me, is it okay? (And they have.) No? Crap.

...Yeah, moving on.

How is it that mothers know just what to say to make you feel about *this* tall? And then turn around and make you feel 100% better after you've moped and cried about it for half an hour?

And why is it that Matchbox Twenty never fails to soothe me and put me in an utterly calm mood?

I like this last point very much. Just saying.

Also, Grey's! )

I have such love for this show.

Next week looks good, and interesting.

Now, back to Bruce and Richard, because if I don't finish this monstrosity sometime soon, I might kill them both. And that's not good. It messes with canon.
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So, today is my birthday! =D

(As if I hadn't been bouncing around broadcasting that all week... =P Oops.)

Anyway, when I finally made it to the computer this morning, I had birthday messages waiting for me on AIM from [ profile] zoe_chan, [ profile] aradiachiba and [ profile] arnica (who also wrote me a story!), then [ profile] alphabet26 had posted a birthday message on her LJ and later [ profile] author_by_night wished me happy birthday, too. I feel very loved and I thank all of you!! =D

Came home tonight and my friend Tina? Had IMed me while I was gone. >_<

A bit of frustration being aired... )

But! Onto happier things.

Family stuff... )

Anyone who has met my grandmother should not be surprised to hear that she went to Finishing School... )

It's just fun to picture my grandmother in a ball gown, dancing around in a ballroom as big as her house, sometime in the 1920s, in a small town in the middle of Norway.


I signed up for the HP [ profile] queenathon. O_O I was seduced by the Queen music! Not my fault! But... dude, I got an awesome song. =D (It always makes me think Mighty Ducks, but that's beyond the point.) Now I'd *really* better write my [ profile] femgenficathon story!

I have had a very nice birthday, and I'm irked at Tina for ruining the lovely warm and fuzzy feeling I was having, but. She's not the most important thing in my life. Like [ profile] arnica said earlier, I'm just too soft-hearted for my own good. Ah, well. My aunt called to play "Happy Birthday" on her piano for me. =D Private piano concerto all the way from San Diego to Maine.
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Utterly pointless post about Friday, orgasms and drinking. )

There is no point to this post.

Except that I made two icons today, and I like them very much and will likely experiment and make some more! :)

Although I should write. And I REALLY want to do a meme I saw, but... need to write my already requested drabbles before offering more. ;)
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Oh, we're too much for even me.

Typical conversation, really... recorded for posterity's sake )

And have I mentioned my Grammar Nazi alter-ego? )

And it's just that kind of productive evening.
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Wow. Talk about a wicked week.

Let's see, I spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday in a perpetual portfolio panic (woo! alliteration!). We're talking up till 4 or 5 am and getting an average of 3 hours of sleep. We're talking anal retentiveness to the nth degree.

We're talking re-doing the tabs on the dividers so the font matched the font on the section headers.


BUT! My portfolio is a work of art. And gorgeous. And scrapbooked! And everyone loves it. My supervisor loved it. This makes me happy.

4 years of work compiled into 1 2" binder? Not too shabby, either.

Yeah, so Tuesday was P-Day. Portfolio Fair day, that is. Mom, my grandmother and Ryan came up. Lissa wound up coming, too, with her baby just because she wanted to go to the bookstore, but she came.

As did SO MANY of my friends and people I had practicum with! It was very nice. AND my professor I took Intro to EDU with my first semester of college came, as did my practicum supervisor. Who I adore. And apparently he knew I was student teaching so he kept visiting my Student Teaching supervisor to see how I was doing. Heee. :) And he had very nice things to say.

Then Wednesday was my Exit Interview, which meant Tuesday I was up working on my unit... until 3 am, and up at 7. But it was Early Release and I left at 10 for my interview, and my mentor said I didn't have to come back because we were working on report cards that we had finished. So Wednesday was great.

We drank Wednesday night. =D (But not enough to get a hangover! Then again, I've never done that.)

Thursday, taught. Good day. Thursday night... Holiday Festive Meal in the dining hall! Christmas party with the girls!! =D It was great. Anne gave me a framed picture of the whole group of us. Jenna made all 3 of us who are graduating this year collages of photos... Steph gave me a little angel that said "cherished friend..."

Then Steph, Tina and I went to see RENT.

Which I adore more and more every time. And Tina adores it as well, which is huge because a year ago she NEVER would have even looked twice at. But she is in love with Joanne. Has a WICKED crush on her. This cracks me up. She wouldn't stop talking about RENT and asking me to play songs so I made her cds for Christmas.

And now, having seen it, Steph also loves it. More, she says, than Phantom. Which is huge for Steph.

And... she is OBSESSED with Roger. I'm playing Adam Pascal's cds right now because she wanted to hear his voice. We have put Roger on our hot guy door of DOOM. (We put Mark up, too, for me.)

So, yeah, Steph's new obsession with Roger is so amusing me. Cause I've obsessed over Adam Pascal for YEARS. And now have moved on to Mark. But... it's funny.

She said "hello, Roger" when we got back from Pizza Hut tonight. :) We thought about going again tonight but... it's frickin' wicked cold out, yo. And snowy.

And in Pizza Hut, she turned to me and said "Will I lose my dignity?"

I said, "Will someone care?" and everyone else looked at us like we were crazy.

...I just caught her googling RENT. The broadway site plays music and her first comment? "That's not Roger!!... well, it's not the REAL Roger." And now she's listening to the movie soundtrack online (or clips, rather).

I am oh-so-amused.

And today it snowed, right? All of southern Maine shut down, pretty much. My school dismissed at 12:30... which is far less fun when you are a teacher than it is when you're a student, btw. Hmph.

So, no going home tonight for me.

And Mom fell outside the credit union, and Ryan was with her, luckily.

She fell and broke her arm. She cracked that ball that sits on your shoulder joint--her right arm, her bad arm anyway.

And she hurts, and they couldn't even cast it. =( And it's her right arm, and she can't use it at all, so she'll have to take time off work... Oi. And right before Christmas, too.

Things are interesting. I feel so bad for Mom... like she needs any MORE pain on top of her arthritis. Sigh.

But, yes, thrilled beyond thrilled that portfolios and units and lesson plans are done! =D Now, just to teach for another week. Which I can SO handle!

I need to find a way to balance Cedric and Mark in my brain. Unfortunately, neither of them are very pushy characters, which means they don't shove around in my brain, either. (And doesn't THAT sound schizophrenic?)

All right, off to look up fics until Steph decides she wants to watch TV and drags me away. (She stayed because of snow, too.)
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Oh, it's been a lovely day.

Went to see RENT with Ariel, Theanna and Chris. Had the best time EVER. I love you girls, and I have missed you!! And I'm impressed with Chris. Anyone who can spend extended time with the three of us and not only tolerate it, but hold his own... Ya done good, The. ;) hehe... It was fun.

Random IHOP guy. "OMG, we're going to DIE!!" "We need 4 mops in aisle 2..." I think we handled ourselves very well, girls. The squeeing was kept to a minimum. ;)

"Our Father, who art in heaven..."
"Hallowed be thy name, thy kingd-"
"What? I can say it!! I remember how it goes!"

::cough:: /randomness.

Seriously, it was a terrific day, girls. I love you!!!

Also, everyone needs to see RENT right NOW. This very moment, go. See it and love.

And laugh when people walk out during "La Vie Boheme." And pity them.

Also, I am now in love with Mark. SO not fair. But, Adam Pascal was suitably pretty.

Why do RENT and GoF have to come out at the same time? Can't I immerse myself in one fandom for once? ::sigh:: I suppose I shall have to dabble in two.

Working on finding my inner Luna Lovegood for a fic. She's hiding.

Watching The Bishop's Wife with Mom... they don't make men like Cary Grant anymore. Sigh. Now, that's the type of sexy Cedric Diggory should have been! ;)
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So, I begin my apple unit tomorrow. Woo. I have twelve pilfered apples lined up in a row on my bed as I type. They look quite cute. But people keep trying to steal them and I keep having to do a head-count of my apples.

But Jenna donated two "wild" apples, which quickly became juggling material and then we "appled" Colleen. And Becky, who caught on very quickly.

You see, we "clementine" one another. It has not begun yet this season, as we have no boxes of clementines yet. But oh, once we get them... no open door will be safe. No *closed* door will be safe. No computer, desk, bed or chair. No walking freely and safely through the hall.

Oh, no.

Beware the Clementine. Beware the run-by fruiting. It's hit-and-run by fruit. Fruit crime scenes, if you will.

Oh, yes. Just look:

Image hosted by

My poor bear was Clementined!

Image hosted by

Beware the Beaver with a Clementine. (Which is funnier when you know our mascot is the beaver.)

You never know when they might strike.
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So, it's Friday night at 10:20-ish... and I'm ready to fall asleep on my keyboard. I feel old. This is what I get for working at a summer camp. Oi. Stoopid humidity. And I will have Ariel and Theanna know that I did NOT get scared during tonight's thunderstorm! (Well, okay, when we were going to Hannaford and saw an actual lightning bolt cross the sky, I kinda had a moment, but Mom said 'let's go, we're here' and I calmed down.) Wicked proud o' me, yo.

Also, I think we should all thank our parents for taking us to amusement parks. Granted, Mom only had 2 kids, and I had a group of 7, (14, really, since I joined up with another counselor) but Funtown was exhausting. Not kidding when I say that today, only half the kids showed up. Probably because they were all ridonkulously wiped out after a day at the park. I am never riding the tilt-o-whirl again. Astrosphere, maybe. Log flume, booyah. But my neck is all burnt. Damn sun.

A bit of camp stuff... something good and a mini-rant about co-workers )

In other news, re-reading HBP. Still brings me joy. Loving my happy shipping. =D And I love my girls. Had lots of fun last night. Ariel, I forgive you about the shoes. All is well. Also... half-kneazle. ;) And I do not squee over Ron. ...loudly.

Um. There was a point to this at some point. Did I mention the tiredness? Yeah.

Oh!! Here!!

THEANNA!! Since we have a mutual Ben Affleck obsession, this picture will make you squee and love him even more. Check out the book he's reading!!

Also, a meme... )

AND!!! WHOOT!!! In 2006, a Cinemagic in WESTBROOK! On County Road! (wherever that is, too excited to think, off exit 46...) Doode. WTF, OMG, girls! =D Granted, Theanna, you'll be out-of-state then, but still... excitement and coolness. :D

Ariel, how does 11:30 on Sunday sound? That's the first showing, the second is at 2 and cuts it closer, perhaps. Depends. Let me know. I can come pick you up, or you can come here... um, for 11:30, I'd say we could meet 11 and be absolutely fine. Unless you want breakfast. Comment, you, I know you're online! ;)

Also, dang it, Theanna, I want plausible fic. I won't say the ship because it is spoileriffic, and I don't want you to ream me out. ;) ::sigh::

Bedtime now.
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So, slept through my alarm this morning.

I NEVER do this. Gah. Luckily, the brother hadn't left, and woke me at 10:30, saying "Mom says you have to be at work at 11."

Oi, so there you go. Got to work at 11. Good thing camp is located 2 minutes down the road. Got there, got on the bus, took the kiddos to Shaw Park... ate in the grass, played games, played in the river, took a nature walk, played in the industrial/farm-sized sprinkler... went back and went to Sweets N Eats for ice cream... walked 20 small children down the road and across the street...

And then endured TORTURE.

We watched the Spongebob Squarepants movie. >.<

God, save me. I did survive. Barely.

Then, planning for *actual* camp, which starts Monday. Got home about 8pm.

Camp related stuff )

And I get to go to work at 7:30 tomorrow and OPEN, which means... I have to decide if the kids are playing on the playground or in the other room... except they took all the video games and stuff, so it may have to be the playground.

Hoping I'm not by myself all morning. Heh. (Well, I know I won't be, but still.)

Then, going on a field trip to the movies to see Madagascar. Woo! I am excited. Get paid to go to a movie. And watch 20 kids. Heh. Not bad. Then, I get to leave.

So, tomorrow afternoon, I have to... deposit a check, get some cash, fill my gas tank, clean out my car, pack clothes and beach things, get some snack foods... and meet Steph at 5. Then head off for Thetford, Vermont!

Woo! 8 friends in a cabin for a weekend. We shall see. Back at some point Sunday, so have a marvelous weekend, all.

The weekend... ) So. This should be an interesting weekend.


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