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So I managed to work myself into a rage earlier and I am working on coming down from it. It was over something really stupid and inconsequential, too, but I wound up having to run an errand during "Survivor" and I spent the entire time ranting and possibly screaming in the car. =P (I was alone, though--and then got stuck in nighttime road work. >_< Figures.)

I was also a few minutes late for Grey's which had me... yeah, I was in a rage. But the DVR rewinds, so I did that.

And I am feeling better now.

Also had a really good day, before the evening arrived. =P But--GREY'S ANATOMY!!!!!!!!

And I say--OH SHOW. I LOVE YOU SO! I think you may be forgiven for last year's finale.

Things I loved (in no particular order):
-Chief Webber
-Mark & Derek
-Cristina & Alex (!!)

Things I grudgingly loved but am reserving judgment on based on last season:
-Derek ("loved" might be putting it strongly, but.)

Just... oh. My show is back.
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Cut for courtesy. )

But the best part? All the Cristina-and-Meredith moments. They are SO one another's persons. Oh, girls.

All-in-all, though, I'm now in a bad mood. And I KNOW I shouldn't be so emotionally affected by a tv show. BLAH.
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Grey's Anatomy.

My reaction in three words: What. The. Hell. )

And next week might kill me, and if it doesn't, waiting all summer *certainly* will. Can't believe it's finale time already. Geesh.
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Okay, at the end of tonight's Grey's Anatomy, I turned to my mother and said:

"Meredith is this show's Tim Drake."

She didn't get it, but it's true. Oh, Meredith. When did I start really liking you?

I don't have the energy for a full-fledged reaction now, but the above statement stands. And it's true. (I can totally explain my reasoning to those unfamiliar with either canon, if interested.)

I have anxiety today, and I don't know why. Actually, no, I could make a list but it would send me curling into the fetal position and that's not actually what I'd like to do.

And I am going to a bridal shower Sunday. I am now three times a bridesmaid, and this will be 5 weddings in as many years. Two of them already have children (or, you know, one has two, and the other has a child-in-progress). This is only remarkable given my age, which is not that old!

I am angsting over a plot issue to an insane degree. Seriously, I need to focus on the larger arc and not the minute details. REALLY.

I remain in love with fishermen of all ilk. My mother tried to play psychologist on me this evening after we watched Deadliest Catch (how much do I love the replays of past seasons?). (In all seriousness, I have an insane addiction to this show in a bad way--AND it has a Bon Jovi theme song; come on.)

She says it's in my blood, and my ancestry, and also--I live in Maine. This makes sense. My great-grandfather was captain of a whaling FLEET. (Yes, FLEET, and we have some *awesome* family stories.) My grandfather was a ship engineer. My family is Norwegian. I live in Maine. (I even have the lobster license plate!)

...Possibly I should go hang around the docks. (JOKING! Mostly.)

In a past life, I must have totally been a fisherman, or a fisherman's wife.

I have not written like I want to have written, thanks to the angsting over details. Which may have been solved, except for how it's not sitting quite right, but that might be obstenance on my part.

I will not play in photoshop instead of write. No.

You know how when you order something in a catalog/online and you give your email? I just got an email coupon FOR MY BIRTHDAY.

My birthday is in AUGUST? Bwah? (And I have no money.)

This post totally has no point, does it?

Except that Meredith is the Tim Drake of Grey's Anatomy. And my icon is SO appropriate.
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I may or may not have rediscovered my Man Who Shot Liberty Valance kick. Song-wise. Just a warning.

Also, may do a running commentary of Grey's tonight if I don't get too caught up in watching to do so. ;)

I promise nothing coherent. )

GUH! I'm flailing.

I'm going to go write now. I'm going to write teenage woe and doom of the angst variety. Oh, boys. And possibly watch a movie, but probably just listen to music.

Whatever I intended on posting about had completely fled my brain, thanks to Grey's. This show is the good crack.
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My entire reaction to this week's Grey's Anatomy can, indeed, be summed up by my away message and the resulting conversation with [ profile] zoe_chan:

Auto response from LadySarai: And I quote: "HOLY FLYING F---ING MOTHER OF GOD ON A MOTORCYCLE!"
[ profile] zoe_chan: May I assume you saw Grey's?
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::bland voice::
Lady_Sarai: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
[ profile] zoe_chan: word.
And then I got stuck in GREY'S!CAPSLOCK! )
Lady_Sarai: So, yeah, seriously, Grey's. SERIOUSLY.

A little more coherency now... )

I love this show, even when it puts me into incoherent capslocks.
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So, I subbed yesterday for fifth grade--and I ACTUALLY WAS THE TEACHER.

Quick gushing about actually TEACHING, and The Field Trip That Might Have Been... )

In even OTHER news, I have quite a few fandomish things I want to post about, and honestly? My thoughts might best be conveyed by just copy/pasting from IMs with [ profile] zoe_chan from this week. ;) And I'm thinking I'm gonna do this as several small posts, instead of one big one, just for the sake of not spoiling people for things, as [ profile] zoe_chan and I? Get off an tangents like whoa.

I'll start with how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles imprinted on me at a very young age and apparently is the Root Cause for my favorite Bulletproof Kink (in a non-sex way, although if sex is a byproduct, I don't ever complain!):

Lady_Sarai: IT HAS MY KINK!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ profile] zoe_chan: It DOES!!!
Lady_Sarai: IT SO DOES!
[ profile] zoe_chan: It is your kink all up and down.
Lady_Sarai: it's even got the less pretty side of my kink that REALLY does it for me and I try OMG SO HARD not to think of the psychological ramifications of.
[ profile] zoe_chan: and the less pretty side of your kink?
Just in case anyone particularly cares about the plot of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie... )
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::shifty eyes:: I so share that aspect of your kink (and this is so terrible)
Lady_Sarai: THANK YOU
Lady_Sarai: I feel far less pathetic now.
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::hugs you::
Lady_Sarai: it's so disturbing.
[ profile] zoe_chan: yeah, I'm there with you

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

Context? Is for the weak. (Also, this conversation will probably just get re-posted in context at a later point, but. Yeah. >_<)


Also, I seriously need more icon space, and I want icons of Friends, the DC fandom--Nightwing and Arsenal, SQUEE!, Grey's, Twilight, Teh Gay Sex... ;) Among other things. Speaking of icons, [ profile] zoe_chan's Leonardo icon would be PERFECT for this post. ::sigh::

..All this being said, the current Grey's Anatomy plot would SO be my kink--minus the disturbing Turtle-related bits--if it were happening to, say, Alex or Addison, or Bailey or Izzie or George or Cristina... Um. ::rethinks:: Yeah, it'd be perfect if it were Alex. (And when did Alex become my favorite? REALLY?!)
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Well, [ profile] aradiachiba, requested two OTPs, but the second will have to wait because today is surprisingly busy. :)

This became more of a fic than a list of personal canon, since you know... it's not *strictly* canon. ;) It was fun!

Grey's Anatomy, Alex Karev/Addison Montgomery: The Vanilla Latte OTP )

Okay, now, back to Bruce and Richard. Oh, boys.

Also, somehow I found myself roped into being one of 6 adults taking over 100 children snow tubing from 12 to 5:30 tomorrow afternoon. O_o First--what snow? Second--bwa? Oh, Gorham Rec, you own my soul. (I'm trying to do that math... that's like 16 or 17 kids per adult! Gah!

Also... I have no ski pants. Huh.
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Lissa had her baby yesterday morning. Samuel Timothy.

And Nicole is pregnant.

(Mind you, neither finished school. Although Nicole is at least taking classes toward her degree. They're both 22.)

I'm not judging. I'm not. ...If they judge me, is it okay? (And they have.) No? Crap.

...Yeah, moving on.

How is it that mothers know just what to say to make you feel about *this* tall? And then turn around and make you feel 100% better after you've moped and cried about it for half an hour?

And why is it that Matchbox Twenty never fails to soothe me and put me in an utterly calm mood?

I like this last point very much. Just saying.

Also, Grey's! )

I have such love for this show.

Next week looks good, and interesting.

Now, back to Bruce and Richard, because if I don't finish this monstrosity sometime soon, I might kill them both. And that's not good. It messes with canon.
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So, Grey's Anatomy breaks me into tiny pieces and puts me back together.

Overwhelmingly (and expectedly so), my reaction right now is all about George and Cristina.

I can't not address this.

There's a club. The (SPOILER) club. )

I think Cristina was the only one of them all who could really reach George right then, and I'm so glad she did. She said the right things and just... guh. It's not all right and it's not going to be all right for a long time, but my Oh, GEORGE quotient just went through the roof. And now I'm adding an Oh, CRISTINA to that.

::smooshes them::

I love her for what she said.

I think I still love this show. Ask me again when this episode is not so raw.

...This icon isn't heartwrenching enough for this. I could use my Helga one, but... this has GEORGE. I think I need one with him and Cristina now. I need more icons.
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So, I played in Photoshop this afternoon, before my computer was eaten by Satan. (It was possessed anyway, I swear!)

I have insane love for what I'm dubbing my Vanilla Latte OTP, and what [ profile] thistlerose has dubbed the HMS Vanilla Latte. Therefore, I present 3 George and Izzie icons, and 6 Alex/Addison icons. And a wallpaper. =D


georgeizzie alexaddie alexaddie

Because he was rude to you. )

And now I'm going to write, I swear.

But first, I was tagged by [ profile] thistlerose, so it's meme time. )

Okay, really done now. :)
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Grey's Anatomy: 3.1,  )

I'd be more coherent and maybe I'll watch again and do commentary or something, but I'm so beyond tired. This is the latest I've been up all week. Sadly.
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Uh, yeah. So, I was chatting with [ profile] zoe_chan earlier today and we were discussing our love of Addison Montgomery Shepherd. So I was brilliant and said "I need an Addison icon!"

48 icons later... =P


(And I just lost this post and have to RE-DO it. >_< Ah well!)

A lot of these are variations on a theme, where I couldn't decide on text. (Or couldn't get the text to look right...) :) Feel free to take, just credit, please!


'What do McDreamy and McSteamy see in her?' 'She's McHot.' 'McYeah!' )

:) Enjoy!
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I totally can't even be coherent about this episode yet.


I love George more than I have ever loved George before, and I loved him. OMG, George.

He owns my heart.

As do Burke and Cristina.


....I swear, this show kills me. It keeled me. I am emotional roadkill.


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