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I got to thinking that I should have one central place to locate all my fic. So here is that place, organized by fandom.


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So, [ profile] china_shop is running the Fandom Appreciation Challenge 2007, and today's challenge is to rec 5 fics written for challenges/exchanges.

Which means I get to revisit some AWESOME fics and squee!

5 recs of awesomesauce power in no particular order within--DC, HP, and Narnia )

American Idol? WHAT is going on with Paula--did she take crazy pills? And Simon wins for randomly pointing out that he likes puppies.

I'm so watching Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader because fifth-graders are smart, yo, and well... Schadenfreude, anyone? ;) (And I hope *I* am smarter than a 5th grader, as I hope to *teach* them!)

Trapezoids have four sides! I taught 4th grade geometry this fall. I know my quadrilaterals!

I plan on enjoying this show purely on the basis of the children, who will probably lose it when the adults blow easy answers. This will also prove that their parents cannot help them with homework. ;)
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Well, it's a bit late, yes, but I decided to do that "what you've written this year" thing that's been happening in more interesting LJs. ;)

All in all, considering I took three literature courses last spring and had no life of my own and then spent the summer in a perpetual writer's block... I'm fairly impressed. Here's hoping I do better in 2007!

Fics sorted by fandom... )

Well. Back to Richard and Bruce.
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I'm friggin' sick.



I just got HEALTHY, people. I've only been in that classroom for four half-days, and it's not like I'm in the kids' faces or something!

Seriously. I have a normal immune system, and I'm germ-conscience. Come ON. I'm sick to DEATH of colds.

Ugh. So, feeling all head-cold-ish. And trying not to say anything about it, because Mom will Flip Out. "Why are you sick? How'd you get sick? Haven't you been careful?"

Blah blah blah.

Like I did this on purpose. Ugh.

Okay, done whining, really.

Now. Some serious questions for my dear f-list.

What would students call the Founders? This is roughly 1000 years ago, mind. I'm not sure 'professor' works.

Also, how does everyone feel about surnames? Meaning, the Blacks and Malfoys and Weasleys and Potters, et al. can PROBABLY trace their families back that far, but would those particular last names be in use? As for me, sometimes I like it--if secondary characters happen to have names familiar to me, it's fun. But on occasion, it gets grating.

Beyond that, any suggestions on names--first OR last--for Founders-era characters? Or on where I could find such names? I have a regional/ethnic baby name book I generally use, but it doesn't contain any information regarding *when* those names were popular.

Just some logistic type questions, to get a feel for opinions. =D

Thank you.
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I have spent the better part of the evening making a webpage.

I am rather proud of myself. =D

Thus far, the only functional page is the Harry Potter fic page!


::is proud of herself::

Now, to shower and bed. =P (EEEK!!!)
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Um, so, back in July I posted this fanmix meme.

I kinda sorta totally forgot to post the rest of the mixes after I posted the Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Snape ones.

So, erm... oops?

(Also, don't forget my August Frankenmix!)

For [ profile] scribophile, who requested Tonks.

Like the Harry/Ginny mix, I couldn't seem to stop at one mix. Heh. So, Tonks turned into Remus/Tonks, and then Remus needed one of his own, too.

So there you are.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tonks (and Remus) fanmix(es) behind this cut! )

And [ profile] zoe_chan asked for a mix for Mac and Ripley. Sorry, dear, no pretty cover for you, as... well, I was lazy.

=P (I figured you'd forgive me, as you will also enjoy the Tonks, Remus and Tonks/Remus mixes. ;) Hee!)

Mac and Ripley mix! )

So, there we are. I hope you love them, girls! ♥! And that you forgive the lateness. Oops.
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Well, [profile] zoe_chanand I have done it! We've finished our Founder fic at roughly 2,600 words.


And here it is!

Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus

(A Founders Fic)
 By lady_sarai and zoe_chan(aka the_and_sara)
Disclaimer: We own nothing. But we’d love to own feedback.
Authors’ notes: This is completely and utterly xenokattz’s fault. She poked the bunnies. We were also up way past our bedtime, and lady_sarai’s LJ was broken in the making of this fic.

Follow the fake cut to the fic!

[profile] xenokattz, I hope you enjoy it, as I doubt you've stopped cackling since you broke my LJ. ;)


That was a ton of fun.
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Okay, minor spoilers for the OotP film.

Spoileriffic cut! )

Also, it's only 11? Geesh. The house is so quiet, even the cats have gone to bed somewhere. (Probably in front of the freezer...)

I need to get more comfortable. And get something to drink, I'm thirsty.

(And the Founder fic of DOOOOOOM and dragons may well be finished tonight. Then it needs Looking Over. ;) Hee!)
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::resists the urge to play in Photoshop and tweak my header make more Founders icons and assorted graphics::

I'm going to try to write. So far, my Helga/Salazar playlist is over 3 hours long. I may need to chop it a bit. =P


Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin (and therefore their respective students) are more alike than they first appear.

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[ profile] zoe_chan has decided on our Rowena and Godric!

To celebrate, and because I love her (and she asked), I have made her a header!!

Rowena and Godric under the cut! )

I hope you love it, hon!! I ♥ you!

While I was making it, my mother says "I don't know what you find to do on that computer all the time." I thought about saying "I read and write stories about Harry Potter, various superheros, Narnia and of course, Fandom of the Week. Sometimes these involve things you wouldn't want to know I'm reading about. And then of course, I make icons and headers of said Fandoms." But instead I made some sort of noise in my throat that went something like "blerrrrg." ;)


Aug. 23rd, 2006 09:34 pm
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[ profile] xenokattz wrote me Helga/Salazar in the forbidden forest! Squeeeee!!! =D I sent her this pic as my prompt (except that the REAL Salazar should be where Richard Gere is).

::tries to look angelic::


Just go read the ficlet, for it rocks. =D


Aug. 22nd, 2006 01:43 am
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Okay, so today was okay. But!

I have found Helga Hufflepuff! =D

Thanks to [ profile] three_nails for the suggestion and terrific caps!

Julia Ormond, who played Guinevere in First Knight. I like it. She works for me.

And so, I made some icons! )

Now, am tired. =P And maybe now I can write. ;)

Also!!!! Got a phonecall and have an interview Wednesday morning at 8 for a long-term subbing job!!!!!! Eeeeek! =D
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[ profile] xenokattz is my hero. [ profile] xenokattz is the bestest EVER!

[ profile] xenokattz wrote me Salazar/Helga comment fic!!!!


And it's glorious and wondrous and there are daisies and Salazar is PERFECT. Oh, am in awe.

::happy sigh::


In other news, thanks again to [ profile] xenokattz and continuous talk of Timeline, I watched it tonight. I am geek. I ♥ this movie. Gerard Butler? Should just talk, all the time. Stand there, smile, and talk. Oh, and geek out about history. I absolutely adore that.

And, in other news, decided to Wikipedia something that's been bothering me plotwise for my Founders epics fic. I'm so excited now. It will work.

Cut for those not interested or whatever... But I'm in geeky glee now. I love it when things work out. )

And! Finally!

I've been tagged by [ profile] three_nails!

Six Random Fact About Myself )


That was fun. I tag.... anyone who wants to play.

One more question of my flist. Envisioning a wizarding battle, I began wondering about Avada Kedavra. Is there any definitive answer as to when the spell became a spell? I imagine magic works much like science, with new discoveries and spells happening all the time (isn't that how Luna's mother died, experimenting with magic?). Otherwise, boring. I think I also sort of equate AK with guns, and other weapons of killing efficiency.

The point I'm getting to is, would this particular spell have been in use during the Founders' lives? I have a gut instinct here but I would like opinions.

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I'm very depressed. I want to write but nothing is coming. Also, maybe casting the Founders wasn't a good idea because instead of the post-relationship Helga/Salazar I had been in the mood for, now all the plot bunnies want to be sunshine-and-daises, except that totally doesn't work for Salazar and Helga, even when they ARE happy.

Salazar does not strike me as sunshine-and-daisies, although I imagine he is surprisingly tolerant of Helga's sunshine-and-daisy fits.

... That made sense, right?

And I *really* want to find a Helga to make a Helga icon.

Priorities? What are those?


Having anxiety tonight. Got another "thanks for the application but we've chosen someone else" letter today. Great.


So, I'm bummed and anxious. And EXHAUSTED. OMG.

Dusted for an hour and forty-five minutes today. There was not a dust mote safe from the Wrath of PLEDGE! Of course, this meant I SNEEZED for an hour and forty-five minutes.

Then Mom gets home and is appreciative but then begins asking about the things that did NOT get done. And later apologizes, which was good.

Still, ::headdesk::.

I want chocolate. Ice cream. And a job, please. Also, my back hurts and no matter how I sit or lie, it continues to hurt. Ow.


Okay, done whining now. Promise. What was I talking about? Oh, yes! Founders!

... Sorry, my icon is distracting. I look and wonder 'what is he all broody and smoldering about' and the only thing I come up with is 'he wants to ravish Helga' and that is distracting from my PLOT. And words in general.

The fact that right now, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" is playing does NOT help me avoid this plot-distracting scenario.

So, I'm off to bed because I'm still sneezy and sniffly from ze dust and because I'm rather bummed and LJ is slightly dead. (Shut up, I do too have a life!)

Write me Helga/Salazar? ::is angelic::

Heck, write me anything?
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I only posted once today. Wow. And this post will count as tomorrow, so... huh. ;)

Everyone can (and should!) still contribute ideas for the Founders casting call!

This being said, I think I've fairly well decided on Gerard Butler as Salazar Slytherin.

Because he's sexy and he's not *quite* the Good Man that Eric Bana is. ;)

Even scruffy-looking, it works for me.

Now, the other Founders are yet to be determined. And now I want to find them so I can make icons and a header and fun manips.



Mind you, I should perhaps be WRITING about them before I start photoshopping them.

Anyway, lookit!

Salazar icons! (And Hector, just 'cause.) )

Okay, that's all I've got. Except a horrid backache I suspect comes from the insane cleaning I've been doing. Ugh, I hate getting the house appraised. =P

...I WANT to write. Why can't I seem to stop playing with photoshop long enough to do it? Now I should sleep. ::sigh::
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All right, fine, so I should be WRITING about the Founders, and instead? Would like to cast them. =P

Meaning I'd like some input and suggestions, o f-list of mine! =D

You may all blame [ profile] xenokattz and [ profile] scribophile for lighting this fire under me. ;)

Now, first. [ profile] zoe_chan and I have been working on our Founders-fic(s) for well over a year now. We may not have much written that is ready for viewing, but it's there. We have Details. And Plans.

This being said, we've had pictures in our minds for all this time. Now we want to cast them. And this is where my subjective and ever-so-brilliant flist comes in. ♥!

There seems to be, in the limited Foundersfic available, a few common and popular choices for the way they look. There's a lot of red hair for Godric and Helga, and black hair for Rowena and Salazar, and sometimes blonde--particularly for Helga.

This is not what we envision.

So, please keep these details in mind when suggesting actors/actresses. Of course, any and all suggestions are more than welcome.

For the record, they are all pure-blooded witches and wizards from noble families.

Helga Hufflepuff:

Normal height, light brown hair, hazel eyes, mostly average build (decidedly not waifish). Outgoing, friendly. Most at ease with children and animals. The mother-hen.

Rowena Ravenclaw:

Slightly taller than average, dark brown hair, blue eyes, average build. Studious. Reserved around those she doesn't know very well.

Godric Gryffindor:

Tall, light brown to blonde hair, hazel eyes. Broad at the shoulders, athletic build. Outgoing, friendly. Sometimes borders on obnoxiously courageous/chivalrous.

Salazar Slytherin:

Taller than Godric (but not by much), dark brown to black hair, greenish eyes. Proud, cunning. Reserved.

Here is where [ profile] xenokattz came along and started this whole thing by suggesting Gerard Butler for Salazar. I had been envisioning Salazar slightly less broad across the shoulders, but I'm in love with this casting and now he has broad shoulders. ;)

And then another choice occured to me, so...

Cut for pictures of possible Salazars... )

Please comment and put your two cents in! We can use all the input we can get. =D
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Beginning with [ profile] aradiachiba's request for "Ginny Weasley or Harry/Ginny"...

Well, I sort of did both and then made one for Harry, too. He felt left out. (Of course, you could just say I made three Harry/Ginny mixes and call it good, too. ;) Heh.)

Also, err... much more than 3-5 songs. Nothing mini about this. I got into it. I love me my H/G.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Follow the cut for several sunlit days... )

And then [ profile] arnica tried to give me a heart attack or something and requested Severus Snape/Hermione Granger.

I apologize for no fancy banner thingy, but it might have broken me to make one. ;)

Snape/Hermione mini-mix for Arnica )

I hope you girls like! =D That was fun. (The sad thing is, writing this post took all week. Oops. The other mixes should be along... sometime. =P) Should the links stop working, let me know and I'll re-upload. :)

Edit: [ profile] zoe_chan is back and she asked me to elaborate on the Snape/Hermione mix and anyway, [ profile] arnica might be interested:

Song choice reasonings! )

Which I think says it all.
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I would really like to read some good Founders fic.

And not just any good Founders fic.

Founders fic of the crack!pairing of OTP!DOOOOOOOM and exposition, Helga Hufflepuff/Salazar Slytherin.


I'm just saying. There's not enough out there. And while I plan on writing some, in the not-so-distant future...

I want to read some.

That is all for now.

And perhaps I'd like to read some X-Men fic. Hmm.

All this ignoring that I start work tomorrow. Joy. First aid and CPR training. AGAIN. ::rolls eyes::
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So, made several icons a while ago, and here they are: take and credit, if you like!

1. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 2. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

3. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting And a variation: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And just 'cause: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now, in reference to the first two House icons (originally made for [ profile] aradiachiba and myself)... I think I want to make more. So!! Poll time! For I am not creative enough. =P ;)

[Poll #748107]


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