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For [ profile] likeadeuce's birthday last week, I wanted to write something, but didn't manage in time--however, I did manage to help [ profile] second_batgirl while she wrote Crisis on Infinite Shrimp Boats. I'm posting our IM, because it's kind of hilarious and also, [ profile] second_batgirl wants it known whose fault that fic really is.

The shrimp boat is my fault. There, I've said it.

So when you've had a chance to read that entirely awesome fic, here is a little behind-the-scenes commentary for you.

[ profile] second_batgirl: give me a plot bunny!
[ profile] second_batgirl: something X-Men!
LadySarai: ummmm... Jean and Wanda being friends!
LadySarai: Jean and Scott?
LadySarai: Jean's birthday!
LadySarai: um, Jean!
LadySarai: er.
[ profile] second_batgirl: heee!
[ profile] second_batgirl: maybe I will write something Exiles
LadySarai: ...that is not anything I suggested.

That is only the beginnings of the existential magical mutant shrimp boat madness. And capslock abuse. )

In conclusion: WE LOVE YOU, [ profile] likeadeuce!! ♥
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EEEE!! LOOKIT! I got a new Yuletide story!! :D (Or, you know, New Year's Resolution story, I guess.)
LadySarai: for ENCHANTED!
LadySarai: about NANCY!!
[ profile] xenokattz: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! EDWARD IS ADORKABLE
[ profile] xenokattz: heeeeeeeeeee
LadySarai: Nancy wants some sex, damn it! ;)
[ profile] xenokattz: Wait until the fun starts.
[ profile] xenokattz: ;)
LadySarai: bwahaha!
LadySarai: do you think he'd break into song?
[ profile] xenokattz: Y'know, when he caught his breath
[ profile] xenokattz: ;)
[ profile] xenokattz: Or maybe instead of have the twisty orgasm face, he'd let out a very nice, pure high note?
LadySarai: OMG.
[ profile] xenokattz: *snerkle*

...I think that sums it all up, really. (Though it should be noted that there isn't actually a sex scene in the fic, but it's kind of more perfect for it.)

ETA: [ profile] zoe_chan just quoted part of the fic at me and it is kind of the perfect example of why this is so awesome, so now I'm quoting it at all of you, so you can see too:

[Nancy's] life was hardly NC-17, but it was a nice comfortable R. It had alcohol consumption and mature language and adult situations. She couldn't be mad at a wholesome G for not understanding those things even existed.

Meanwhile, I still mourn that we never got to hear Idina Menzel and James Marsden sing a duet. SIGH.
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[ profile] alphabet26 did this meme:

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

My icons are under the cut! )

And later, regarding Pushing Daisies:

LadySarai55: It is not my new fandom!!! I am just watching it!
[ profile] xenokattz: That's what they all say at first. Next thing you know, you're planting daisies
LadySarai55: I kill plants.
LadySarai55: I have a black thumb.
LadySarai55: It would be horrifying!
[ profile] xenokattz: And your image of a perfect husband becomes lobersterman!Robin who gardens on his days off
LadySarai55: .....
LadySarai55: okay, sorry, I got distracted before I saw the gardening part.
[ profile] xenokattz: LMAO
LadySarai55: you can't just spring lobsterman!Robin on me and expect coherence!
LadySarai55: don't you know me at all?!
LadySarai55: (also--is farming considered gardening?)
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So, give [ profile] zoe_chan and I some time on AIM and this sort of thing is inevitable.

Lady_Sarai: Alfred could totally save the world with silver polish.
Lady_Sarai: he just doesn't because then Bruce would be bored. and no one asked.
[ profile] zoe_chan: Yes, and yes.
[ profile] zoe_chan: It gives the boys something to do.
Lady_Sarai: to which they all go "............"
Lady_Sarai: and are not surprised, really, except for how they are.
[ profile] zoe_chan: Tim: But... you always object when we put ourselves in danger...
Lady_Sarai: Alfred: There are more efficient ways to go about it that would not require triage after the fact.
[ profile] zoe_chan: Tim: .......
[ profile] zoe_chan: Dick: .........
[ profile] zoe_chan: Bruce: ............
Lady_Sarai: Alfred: Tea?

In which there is a Batfamily dinner and Alfred gives Bruce an aneurysm and Tim knows far too much about tranquilizers and poison and Dick and Jason are scared. In other words--Family Bonding. )
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I am having one of those Rough Days where I want to crawl into bed and hide under the covers until I feel like a human being again, and that feels like it could be years.

But--came home and am talking to [ profile] zoe_chan and [ profile] xenokattz and am beginning to feel better.

Provided my family doesn't try to take my internet away from me, I will be okay in a few hours.

Katt and I had this conversation which must be preserved (Context is for the weak--or those who are getting snippets of my WiP):

[ profile] xenokattz: ZOMG KON!
[ profile] xenokattz: and a HAM!
[ profile] xenokattz: And possibly twice-baked sweet potato pie which he hates 'cause it's got raisins!
[ profile] xenokattz: It's not pie, sorry. Just twice-baked sweet potatoes.
Lady_Sarai: either way.
Lady_Sarai: they're sweet potatoes with raisins.
[ profile] xenokattz: but WHY does Kon dislike raisins? As Tim says, they are nature's candy.
Lady_Sarai: ::laughs:: he doesn't mind RAISINS per se, just--he does not like raisins in his potatoes.
[ profile] xenokattz: Truth.
Lady_Sarai: (he does not think he should have to CHEW his potatoes like that)
[ profile] xenokattz: What does he do with fries then?
Lady_Sarai: fries are fried.
Lady_Sarai: if its fried it automatically okay
Lady_Sarai: and he doesn't mind chewing potatoes, but he minds chewing MASHED potatoes.
Lady_Sarai: Martha's cooking spoils him.
[ profile] xenokattz: gotcha
Lady_Sarai: plus, she doesn't put raisins in his.
Lady_Sarai: Clark gets raisins.
[ profile] xenokattz: Clark loves raisins. They are, after all, nature's candy.
Lady_Sarai: to which Kon facepalms.
[ profile] xenokattz: and wonders why he ended up with the S and Tim with the Bat
Lady_Sarai: and whether or not Luthor likes raisins, and if he doesn't, he's going to buy a giant sized bottle at the wholesale club and eat them all BECAUSE.
[ profile] xenokattz: oh KON
[ profile] xenokattz: He's going to be runny for a WEEK
[ profile] xenokattz: And I'm not talking his nose
Lady_Sarai: which is why Tim will stop him.
[ profile] xenokattz: And one day, perhaps several years from now, Bruce will go to Clark's holding a giant jar of petrified raisins with a sign in Tim's spiky printing "Kon-- this will kill you. I'm not even kidding."
[ profile] xenokattz: And Bruce will arch one brow
[ profile] xenokattz: And say "I blame your boy entirely."

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)
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So! [ profile] xenokattz wrote me almost-porn comment fic!! She loves me lots. ♥ =D Apparently shameless begging DOES pay off. ;) She even wrote Tim/Cissie!!! ::does happy dance of glee and falls off couch::


The Patriots game was a thing of beauty and brilliance and OH, how I love my boys. ♥


Saw [ profile] zoe_chan and her husband today, which made it a FANTABULOUS day. We went to lunch and bought the tickets for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, YAY! It will be a very fun weekend.

Anyway, we sorted DC characters into Hogwarts houses, and talked about football pants. [ profile] zoe_chan said I was very earnest. But--football pants! I'm just saying.

Also discussed the fact that if you live in New England, you hate the Yankees just BECAUSE. There's no rhyme or reason to it, you just DO. And the Cowboys are--according to my brother--the Yankees of Football. So, even if we weren't already die-hard Pats fans, we wouldn't root for the Cowboys.


Our Tim/Cissie Epic of Rabid Crack Bunnies--is EPIC. I did a word count tonight. I'm kind of... awed? by how much has been written. Especially since so little is postable yet. Such is the sad reality of writing in chunks and skipping around as we do so. =P But possibly can start posting SOME things to [ profile] tim_cissie (or [ profile] 30_ballads) soon...

Speaking of, go join. ;) Tim and Cissie need love. Also, then we won't be posting to ourselves and Katt. Although Katt is an awesome audience... she also beta-reads. ;) (Because she loves us, and viley enables and I beg. ♥)

[ profile] tim_cissie[ profile] tim_cissie[ profile] tim_cissie[ profile] tim_cissie


Just had the following exchange with Katt:

Lady_Sarai: I have unfounded and unreasonable anxiety tonight. I don't appreciate it! ::frowns::
[ profile] xenokattz: QUICK! WRITE PRON!
Lady_Sarai: .....possibly drinking sugar-laden pumpkin spice coffee an hour ago wasn't the best move I've ever made either.
Lady_Sarai: BWAH!

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

I suppose I do owe her. But Wait!! [ profile] femgenficathon!!!! MUST FINISH! ::beats head on wall::
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OMG IT'S CISSIE!!!!!!! AND ANITA!!!!! I approve of of the haircut. Very much so.

Also, was talking with Katt tonight:

Lady_Sarai: you know what intrigues me? those comment porn ficlet/meme things you sometimes see.
Lady_Sarai: because--how does that even come about? do you just decide "gee, I think today I will beg my flist to write me porn" and... they do?
[ profile] xenokattz: yes
[ profile] xenokattz: if they love you
[ profile] xenokattz: I'd never do it 'cause my ego is too fragile ;)
Lady_Sarai: I think your flist would surprise you.
Lady_Sarai: I don't know what would happen if I tried this on my flist. Maybe it would surprise me and I'd be inundated with porn...?
Lady_Sarai: I would write you porn. Or, you know, try and flail and comment and run away?
Lady_Sarai: Hide behind something while you read it?
Lady_Sarai: I am preoccupied by this comment-porn-a-thon concept! I don't know why!! It's not like I often seek out porn for porn's sake, either!
Lady_Sarai: also, my ego would shatter and go weeping in a corner if I tried it. or I'd get, like, CASSIE and Tim, which--would hurt my soul.
[ profile] xenokattz: LMAO
[ profile] xenokattz: It might be from me and I MEANT for it to be Cissie/Tim but my fingers wouldn't fing
Lady_Sarai: ::laughs:: but if it was from you, I'd KNOW it was a typo. ;)
Lady_Sarai: one of these days it will get trained out of you and then you'll try to write about CASSIE and mistype HER name.
Lady_Sarai: and Cissie will feel vindicated. ;)
[ profile] xenokattz: okay, TOTALLY writing now
Lady_Sarai: writing my comment porn?
Lady_Sarai: ;)
[ profile] xenokattz: did you ask on LJ?
Lady_Sarai: NO.
Lady_Sarai: I may totally have to post parts of this IM, though, for I am silly and we are postable.
Lady_Sarai: like post-its.
Lady_Sarai: would that count?
[ profile] xenokattz: sure!

So--am I asking for comment porn? Apparently. ::scratches head:: I am not sure how this happened, but I won't blame Katt because she might write me something. ;)

I should go to bed, but tomorrow I shall post the parts of our IM where Katt and I sorted the cast of Heroes into Hogwarts houses--and tried to do so for the DCU but distracted ourselves and blamed Batman.
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Heard on the radio this afternoon--the DJ said "Remember--love is a battlefield. Wear Kevlar."

Then he played the song. I love my radio station.

A commercial for Enbrel (which my mom used to take until it stopped working): "I knew Rheumatoid Arthritis was painful, but I didn't know it could attack my joints."

The hell? ....WTF kind of Rheumatoid Arthritis do *YOU* have, lady? O_o *is baffled*

So, [ profile] zoe_chan and I watched Heroes and kept a running IM commentary.

Spoilers and flailing, ahoy! )

If that made sense to you, I commend you! ;)

My last day with my second graders. I shall miss them.

Also--NorEaster this weekend?! O_O Oh, FUN. (At least it's rain?)

I need a Heroes icon. Hmmm, but who?
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I know, it took forever, but I finally finished Eclipse and it fills me with so much mush and love that it cannot be contained. SERIOUSLY.

I don't know if I usually have OTPs that are *actual* OTPs, but I SO DO for this series. GAH!!! ::loves Edward and Bella SO DAMN MUCH::

[ profile] zoe_chan finished it the night before I did, so of course we talked about it. ;) Or squealed.

Lady_Sarai: and I finished Eclipse!
[ profile] zoe_chan: eeeeeeeeeeee!!!
[ profile] zoe_chan: Did you love it?
[ profile] zoe_chan: I kind of loved it.
Uh, yeah, spoilers behind this cut. )

I did indeed love this book.
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Lady_Sarai: OMG, there is a new series on Discovery Channel that started tonight and is on right now.
[ profile] xenokattz: LMAO
[ profile] xenokattz: Dang. And here I was hoping it was about real lobsters...
Lady_Sarai: haha!
[ profile] xenokattz: Okay, that conversation just HAS to be metaquoted.
[ profile] xenokattz: I wish where was an IM metaquote 'cause I'm still laughing about it
Lady_Sarai: The only problem is that it is about the deep sea lobstermen at Georges Bank,and not about lobstermen from Maine. Who go out EVERY DAY to get their lobsters, not just once a year, thankyouverymuch. I being snooty? PROBABLY.
Lady_Sarai: *laughs* You could post this in your LJ.
[ profile] xenokattz: I think I will
Lady_Sarai: My flailing over lobstermen.
Lady_Sarai: But Katt!!!
[ profile] xenokattz: I KNOW! LOBSTER MEN!
Lady_Sarai: It's like someone loves me.
[ profile] xenokattz: *huggles*
Lady_Sarai: With lobster traps and everything!
[ profile] xenokattz: I think I love you now more than I ever have
[ profile] xenokattz: No one else would msg me something like that
Lady_Sarai: I don't know if that should make me feel special or.... special in the not good way.
[ profile] xenokattz: Heeee!
Lady_Sarai: (Wow, I am giving you lots of good LJ posting material here, aren't I?)
[ profile] xenokattz: And me with limited time
Lady_Sarai: Wait, is it still considered blackmail if I encourage it?
[ profile] xenokattz: ...
[ profile] xenokattz: self-sabotage maybe
Lady_Sarai: Yes, but now I've entertained you.
Lady_Sarai: *snort*
Lady_Sarai: (*I* may have to post this, which really WOULD be self-sabotage.)
[ profile] xenokattz: I think you should
Lady_Sarai: *laughs*
[ profile] xenokattz: And then I'll mail you salmon
[ profile] xenokattz: Or, y'know, a salmon fisherman
Lady_Sarai: O_O
Lady_Sarai: You LOVE me.
[ profile] xenokattz: Will you go to the dance with me? Circle "Yes" or "no"
Lady_Sarai: *circles Yes*
[ profile] xenokattz: *twirls*

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

So I'm going to the dance with Katt, and she is sending me a salmon fisherman, and I am watching a show about lobstermen--and even though they're not *Maine* lobstermen, it's okay. It's like Deadliest Catch but with lobsters!

Does it get any better?

...Considering how much flailing I do over lobster/fishermen, I should have an icon for it. Maybe with a buoy or a lobstertrap.

The mutant shrimp boat will have to do. ;)
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Um, [ profile] zoe_chan and I are the special kind of nerds.

Lady_Sarai: Kon says that at least he can milk a cow, so there is ONE thing he can do that Tim can't.
[ profile] zoe_chan: Tim says that he's not sure he ever *wanted* to milk a cow, so Kon is welcome to the skill.
[ profile] zoe_chan: And suggests that there is something vaguely wrong with Kon that he boasts *this* as the thing he's better than Tim at.
Lady_Sarai: Kon's going to ignore that until one day when they're trapped on an island or in a cave or on a planet populated only by cows and their only source of nourishment is milk and THEN Tim will think differently about his mad milking skills. Or possibly when the alien cows invade.
Lady_Sarai: and he says that Tim laughs NOW but it's because he knows this is entirely too possible
[ profile] zoe_chan: Tim says that he will be happy to allow Kon to do the milking in this case.
[ profile] zoe_chan: And he will offer a frilly milkmaid dress in the event that such an occasion arises.
[ profile] zoe_chan: He's pretty sure he saw one in the Batcave.
Lady_Sarai: Kon would like to remind Tim which of them has actually dressed in drag before.
Lady_Sarai: Also, he sticks his tongue out.
[ profile] zoe_chan: Tim would like to advise Kon that he still has not decided how he will kill the person who brings up his drag episode again, but suggests that large amouonts of Kryptonite might be involved. There may also be some of that in the Batcave
Lady_Sarai: Kon still thinks Tim will change his tune when he saves the world all by himself because *he* can milk a cow and *Tim* can't.
[ profile] zoe_chan: Again, a situation that Tim has no problems with whatsoever.
Lady_Sarai: Kon is seriously considering distracting Tim in rather inapropriate ways, because he really doesn't enjoy talking about milking cows that much.
[ profile] zoe_chan: Tim might be amenable to such distractions.
Lady_Sarai: Okay, seriously, the only thing Kon said just now was "SCORE!"
[ profile] zoe_chan: Tim is smirking.
Lady_Sarai: (I have a teenage half-kryptonian clone living in my brain.)
Lady_Sarai:(It's a little scary, except I love him so.)
[ profile] zoe_chan: I have a teenage Bat-clone living in mine.

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)
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This is why [ profile] zoe_chan and I should not be left unsupervised:

Lady_Sarai: omg this fic is awesome, it kills me. now we have possible sex pollen. (I'm not sure if that's what it is yet)
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::snorts::
Lady_Sarai: seriously
Lady_Sarai: yes, yes it WAS sex pollen.
Lady_Sarai: I have to read it because Tim is totally drugged with sex pollen, which is a really fun thing to say.
[ profile] zoe_chan: I... worry about you sometimes...
[ profile] zoe_chan: In a loving and wonderful way
Lady_Sarai: try saying it. really. just once: sex pollen.
[ profile] zoe_chan: ^_^
Lady_Sarai: say it!
[ profile] zoe_chan: SEX POLLEN!
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::mad giggles::
[ profile] zoe_chan: ...
Lady_Sarai: SEX POLLEN!
[ profile] zoe_chan: SEX POLLEN!!!
Lady_Sarai: see?
Lady_Sarai: you totally like it.
[ profile] zoe_chan: It is the pollen of sex.
[ profile] zoe_chan: man sex.
Lady_Sarai: that makes it BETTER.
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::nods seriously::
Lady_Sarai: eeeee, gay man SEX POLLEN!
Lady_Sarai: and NOW "pollen" is starting to not look like a word.
[ profile] zoe_chan: pollen
[ profile] zoe_chan: sex-pollen covered peevish kettle.
Lady_Sarai: OMG!
Lady_Sarai: 42 sex-pollen covered peevish kettles!
[ profile] zoe_chan: (and why is it still peevish? Because there are no other boy kettles to exercise the polleny sex with)
Lady_Sarai: Poor peevish kettle with no boy kettles.
Lady_Sarai: no boy kettles to counteract the effects of the debilitating pollen of gay man sex.
[ profile] zoe_chan: You know, people will think that we are high
Lady_Sarai: ....but we are not.
Lady_Sarai: I don't think this helps our case, does it?

-and then I sent her a link which was made of win and Tim-

Lady_Sarai: see, you totally forgive me for the sex pollen when I give you the good crack.
[ profile] zoe_chan: You totally deal the good crack
[ profile] zoe_chan: liekwoah
Lady_Sarai: I know your brand of heroin.
[ profile] zoe_chan: this is true

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

There is no point to this post. I totally didn't think this would be as funny today as it was last night, but it is.
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Dear Unasked for Plot Bunny,


Or at least resolve yourself to being glimpsed at vaguely and with Jedi-like handwaves in some larger picture.


-No love,

Dear Memes I've Seen That Look Really Fun,

I don't have the time or energy to play with you right now! ::weeps:: Wait until tomorrow?

-Much love,

Dear Ficathon-fics,

Cooperate with me and be kind.


Dear HTML,


And behave.


In other news, had a very productive day while running on four hours of sleep. No call to sub, which meant I didn't have to say I couldn't, which meant the cable company guy came and found out that a fuse had blown somehow. He also showed me how to fix the mess my brother made with the wires connecting the cable box, dvd player and tv. So, go me! Also, I CLEANED. O_O The house looks like people can live in it. Wow.

Also, I updated my website with my latest fic (DC) and my Narnian [ profile] yuletide fic and the cracktastic llama of a crossover fic-type-thing [ profile] xenokattz and I can't stop thinking about. (Can you blame us?) Then... well, the HTML pretty much beat me up all afternoon/evening. Oh, and new layout for the lj, woot! It's pretty, from [ profile] premade_ljs.

Took a trip to LL Bean and realized that I go there very rarely in the summer, but it's not unusual to go in the winter. Oddly. Must be the tourists that scare me off. Mom can totally get handicapped parking in the winter--although that's essentially useless, as the walk to the door is SUBSTANTIAL when her knee is bugging her. Bought a lunchbox. Was bit by rapid plot bunny who did not leave me alone for the whole ride home. Ate quesadillas for dinner.

Has an IM conversation with [ profile] aradiachiba in which I lost two days and found them behind the peanut butter and cracked myself up when she began self-flaggelating herself. )

I really need to sleep now, because I may or may not get a phone call at 6 am asking me to sub and oi. If this happens, it might not be pretty. I am not nice to myself, I should have been in bed hours ago.

Dear Self,


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So, first, a hello to my new friends! =D Hi! I'm really *very* blown away by the responses I've gotten to The Smell of Smoke and it means a lot to me. Thank you!!

Second, [ profile] xenokattz has a bit of a habit of breaking my LJ. (I'm sure it's happened more than the times I've caught and tagged it, though. Hmm. Although by now we've also broke *her* LJ a time or two.) So, yesterday, Katt and I broke BOTH my LJ AND hers. I think this deserves a reward.

To quickly recap, there is a bar/pub where movieverse!Clark Kent, Richard White and Bruce Wayne went for drinks. Wherein Elemental!Remy Lebeau was the bartender. And eventually the *rest* of the Summers brothers wound up involved, along with various other Marvel and DC comicverse characters, including Roy. And there is much snark and flirting. And eventually we're going to have to clean this up and put it somewhere where people can read it, or where WE can read it, anyway.

We moved to IM. O_O Recorded here for posterity and our amusement. And hopefully yours:

[ profile] xenokattz: YAY! tonight is the night No More LJs Will DIE *waves flag*
Lady_Sarai: ...except that it's fun to kill them sometimes, so I'm sure that won't stop COMPLETELY.
[ profile] xenokattz: Then this is the night Fewer LJs Will DIE!!
[ profile] xenokattz: *L* The internets WANTS broken LJs because it loves rum
Lady_Sarai: can we break an LJ from here?
[ profile] xenokattz: There must be a death ray of some sort. No benevolent dictor of worth lacks death rays.
We rule the world so much it takes three countries to contain our awesomesauce. Also, there is a naked mole rat of win. )

If you read and followed that and are amused, I salute you. If you aren't amused... do you like nutella?

And Katt--the LJ-breakage offers a buffer of time that IM does not, which could prove dangerous in future interactions. Well, dangerous to Richard.

I was going to try and not spam my LJ today, which so far has worked well. No promises for this evening, however. My brain is operating on shuffle-mode, as [ profile] aradiachiba discovered this morning:

Another IM conversation in which I operate on RANDOM and there are bunkers of toothpicks, Punky Power and coffee. )

In other news, I'm still loving my pretty, pretty music. :) Not sure about the new layout, but there are *penguins* so...

Also, I'm in that really fun new-fandom phase where everywhere I go, there is something to read. And I'd like to read as much as I can, but--you all are prolific!! (This is a *good* thing.)

So, a minor request to my new friends: Would you mind reccing a few of your own fics to me? Because I want to read them, but I'd like a starting-point, and who better to ask? :)

ETA:D'oh! LJ cuts should work now. Shoot.
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Okay, so I go from not posting in several days to posting four times in one afternoon, but all these IM posts do come from TWO conversations--Wednesday and Thursday nights. So, um... not sure how, but that makes it better? Also, my mother is sick and I am taking care of her and thus spending my Saturday just sitting here. ;)

So, lately, I gave in to the voice in my head that was screaming DICK GRAYSON at me, and I revisited some of my comics. Which lead me to giving in to curiousity and finally reading Infinite Crisis.

Oh, DC. I love and hate you, all at once.

The hate? Well. >_< Superboy punched reality, didn't he? Which is entirely cracktastic and wonderful in that it's SO cracktastic, but it's also... horrid. ::shrug:: Also, not a fan of mindless death, but it's comics, right? Meh.

The love? Well.

I've mentioned that I've been in love with Dick Grayson since I was seven, right? ;) And the whole screwed up father-son relationship between him and Bruce is one of my favorite things, EVER, and Infinite Crisis? Was chockful of it.

I was planning on posting about this eventually, but [ profile] zoe_chan and I got chatting and I wound up explaining it all via IM, so I'm gonna just copy/paste, rather than retype. ;)

But first! I was chatting and this exchange occurred:

Me: Well, Dick kind of spiraled into this wacky emo drama king full of WOE and DOOOOM.
[ profile] zoe_chan: I don't really see Robin as emo.
Me: No, but Nightwing is.

And prompted me to give a quick and extensive off-the-top-of-my-head history of Dick Grayson, former Boy Wonder. ;)

Note: This was all utterly off the top of my head, so forgive any inconsistencies. Also, while I have read a fair amount of Nightwing, I also read a lot of Wiki. ;) Also, my grasp of DC timelines--especially after both Crises--is handwavy at times.

Another note: I really did gloss over a LOT of details and if you want more, check out Wikipedia, at LEAST. ;) I actually know more than this lets on, if you can believe that. I am completely aware that much more went on than I managed to convey. I could probably talk for several hours about Dick, AND the people around him. Contrary to what I might let on, I know a LOT more about the DCU than I do about the X-Men. And, sacriledge that it is, my love for Dick may be EVER SO SLIGHTLY more than my love for Scott, which, ACK!! So WRONG!

Wherein I discuss the Life and Times of Dick Grayson, introduce Roy Harper, discuss the original Teen Titans, quote a lot of Infinite Crisis and Nightwing and generally am a HUGE comics geek. )

So, yeah. I think that covers everything I could possibly want to say about Infinite Crisis, Bruce as an Emotionally Constipated Father Figure, the Batclan, the Titans, and why Dick is, indeed, emo these days.

ETA, 3/2/07: D'oh! I read this over now and I think "wait, no, I was WRONG!" Because now I've done far more research on the Teen Titans and oh. It's not bad as a picture of what I knew, but now I know more. So forgive me. =P
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My entire reaction to this week's Grey's Anatomy can, indeed, be summed up by my away message and the resulting conversation with [ profile] zoe_chan:

Auto response from LadySarai: And I quote: "HOLY FLYING F---ING MOTHER OF GOD ON A MOTORCYCLE!"
[ profile] zoe_chan: May I assume you saw Grey's?
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::bland voice::
Lady_Sarai: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
[ profile] zoe_chan: word.
And then I got stuck in GREY'S!CAPSLOCK! )
Lady_Sarai: So, yeah, seriously, Grey's. SERIOUSLY.

A little more coherency now... )

I love this show, even when it puts me into incoherent capslocks.
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Ahem. ;) [ profile] zoe_chan finally read Twilight and we gushed. [ profile] aradiachiba, you are not allowed to read this post until you finish BOTH books, and then you need to gush at me, too. ;)

Also, this post is mainly so I can hear [ profile] scribophile go supersonic over the Twilight squeeage. ;)

Lady_Sarai: so what're you up to?
[ profile] zoe_chan: not much
[ profile] zoe_chan: finished Twilight last night and started New Moon
Lady_Sarai: WEEEEEE!!!!!
Lady_Sarai: ::twirls you::
Lady_Sarai: fangirl at me, please. ;-)
[ profile] zoe_chan: okay.
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees::
Lady_Sarai: I KNOW!
[ profile] zoe_chan: OMG, I love this book

Then her husband came home and we both went our separate ways for the evening, but later, she came back to me, and we continued the squeeage.

[ profile] zoe_chan: Sara...
Auto response from LadySarai: I just tried to say "whiskey tango foxtrot" and it came out "whisko tangey foxtrot." Somehow I think I earned the laughing and the mocking.
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::whines::
[ profile] zoe_chan: I'm *upset*
Lady_Sarai: is this RL or New Moon?
[ profile] zoe_chan: New Moon
Now enter the New Moon flailing. )

Then we went to bed, and the next night, she IMed me:

[ profile] zoe_chan: I finished New Moon today
Lady_Sarai: SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::IS HAPPILY AND GLEEFULLY TWIRLED::
Lady_Sarai: all right dear, it's past my bedtime like whoa, but the squee session will, continue at some point!

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

And that? Is really the sum total of everything I feel about these damn books. I am consistently reduced to screaming, gleeful, flailing CAPSLOCK. :)
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So, I subbed yesterday for fifth grade--and I ACTUALLY WAS THE TEACHER.

Quick gushing about actually TEACHING, and The Field Trip That Might Have Been... )

In even OTHER news, I have quite a few fandomish things I want to post about, and honestly? My thoughts might best be conveyed by just copy/pasting from IMs with [ profile] zoe_chan from this week. ;) And I'm thinking I'm gonna do this as several small posts, instead of one big one, just for the sake of not spoiling people for things, as [ profile] zoe_chan and I? Get off an tangents like whoa.

I'll start with how the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles imprinted on me at a very young age and apparently is the Root Cause for my favorite Bulletproof Kink (in a non-sex way, although if sex is a byproduct, I don't ever complain!):

Lady_Sarai: IT HAS MY KINK!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ profile] zoe_chan: It DOES!!!
Lady_Sarai: IT SO DOES!
[ profile] zoe_chan: It is your kink all up and down.
Lady_Sarai: it's even got the less pretty side of my kink that REALLY does it for me and I try OMG SO HARD not to think of the psychological ramifications of.
[ profile] zoe_chan: and the less pretty side of your kink?
Just in case anyone particularly cares about the plot of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie... )
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::shifty eyes:: I so share that aspect of your kink (and this is so terrible)
Lady_Sarai: THANK YOU
Lady_Sarai: I feel far less pathetic now.
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::hugs you::
Lady_Sarai: it's so disturbing.
[ profile] zoe_chan: yeah, I'm there with you

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

Context? Is for the weak. (Also, this conversation will probably just get re-posted in context at a later point, but. Yeah. >_<)


Also, I seriously need more icon space, and I want icons of Friends, the DC fandom--Nightwing and Arsenal, SQUEE!, Grey's, Twilight, Teh Gay Sex... ;) Among other things. Speaking of icons, [ profile] zoe_chan's Leonardo icon would be PERFECT for this post. ::sigh::

..All this being said, the current Grey's Anatomy plot would SO be my kink--minus the disturbing Turtle-related bits--if it were happening to, say, Alex or Addison, or Bailey or Izzie or George or Cristina... Um. ::rethinks:: Yeah, it'd be perfect if it were Alex. (And when did Alex become my favorite? REALLY?!)
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Well, he did. Then [ profile] aradiachiba, [ profile] zoe_chan and I started chatting.

You should all know this is bound to go post-modern.

[ profile] aradiachiba: I have pomegranite vodka
[ profile] lady_sarai: ooooooooo
[ profile] aradiachiba: and black currant vodka
[ profile] zoe_chan: I have all sorts of liquors
[ profile] lady_sarai: I have..... none.
[ profile] zoe_chan: aww!
[ profile] lady_sarai: ::shifty eyes:: I should call Superboy.
[ profile] aradiachiba: you should
[ profile] aradiachiba: he could fracture some reality for you
[ profile] lady_sarai: he can punch reality and get me liquor.
Reality punching doesn't get any realer than punching reality. )

Immediately after this, my iTunes began playing "They're Coming To Take Me Away" and I got paranoid.

When in doubt, just remember:

Superboy punched reality.
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I'm all aflutter and flaily. (Yes, it's a word, shut up.) =D [ profile] yuletide is making for much glee. Everything is SO well-written and lovely!

And I'm literally going mad trying to not respond to the comments I've gotten on my fic and seeing the response it's getting. I have joy. Also, seeing the fic written for me get recced is VERY exciting. Almost as exciting as seeing the fic *I* wrote get recced. ::bounces on hands::

I'm not good at this anonymous thing, but I'm doing very well, I think.

There is a fabulous Superman Returns fic, Interview Skills, featuring Superman and Richard White, and it makes Bruce Wayne a classmate of Richard's in college. According to Batman Begins, that would be Princeton.

And I am utterly in love with the idea of those two being more than just passing aquaintances, but roommates. [ profile] likeadeuce should write something about this, as she mentioned it earlier and I will be a nag if I have to. ;) But... yeah, apparently I have a bunny. Of the plot variety.

[ profile] zoe_chan is doing a lovely job beckoning me to the dark side.

[ profile] lady_sarai: I, my dear, am going to a very special kind of Hell.

[ profile] zoe_chan: oh?

[ profile] zoe_chan: whyso?

The crack pairing that is eating my brain... )

Oh, plot bunnies. You and a glass of wine do not mix. (Or rather, you DO, too well for my own good.)

...I need an icon for this utter crack crossover pairing of DOOOM.

They're so messed up, it hurts, but I LOVE it. (Particularly the scene [ profile] zoe_chan and I just worked our way through! GUH!!!)

And now, I am so going to bed it isn't funny. And you know, wine? Goes straight to my head. Hello, lala-land.


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