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A conversation with my mother, when I went to dig out my car from the Pile O Snow:

Mom: Wear a scarf.
Me: I don't need a scarf, Mom, I've got a really high collar. *zips to prove it*
Mom: You need a scarf!
Me: Mom, I don't want to wear a scarf. It's fine.
Mom: *shoves a scarf at me*
Me: I'm not wearing the scarf.
Mom: But scarves are cool.
Me: .....
Mom: What? They are!
Me: Mom. Scarves are not cool. Unless you're in California and don't need one.
Mom: They're cool. Scarves are rad.
Me: *extremely long pause* ...Rad!?!
Mom: Groovy?
Me: Mom! Groovy?!
Mom: What? Rad and groovy aren't cool?
Me: *has no idea what to say, but is crying from the laughing*
Mom: Hey, there's nothing wrong with groovy.
Me: Not if you're a member of the Partridge family!
Mom: Hey, I wanted to be Susan Partridge!
Me: First: Scarves are not cool, rad, OR groovy. Second: GROOVY?! *more laughing*
Mom: Oh, stop it. What's wrong with groovy?
Me: Nothing! Just 30 or 40 years.
Mom: Well, you didn't seem to like "rad."

Which proves that my mother does, in fact, rule all and get the last word. But hearing her say "rad" might well be the funniest thing EVER.
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::resists the urge to play in Photoshop and tweak my header make more Founders icons and assorted graphics::

I'm going to try to write. So far, my Helga/Salazar playlist is over 3 hours long. I may need to chop it a bit. =P


Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin (and therefore their respective students) are more alike than they first appear.

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[ profile] xenokattz is my hero. [ profile] xenokattz is the bestest EVER!

[ profile] xenokattz wrote me Salazar/Helga comment fic!!!!


And it's glorious and wondrous and there are daisies and Salazar is PERFECT. Oh, am in awe.

::happy sigh::


In other news, thanks again to [ profile] xenokattz and continuous talk of Timeline, I watched it tonight. I am geek. I ♥ this movie. Gerard Butler? Should just talk, all the time. Stand there, smile, and talk. Oh, and geek out about history. I absolutely adore that.

And, in other news, decided to Wikipedia something that's been bothering me plotwise for my Founders epics fic. I'm so excited now. It will work.

Cut for those not interested or whatever... But I'm in geeky glee now. I love it when things work out. )

And! Finally!

I've been tagged by [ profile] three_nails!

Six Random Fact About Myself )


That was fun. I tag.... anyone who wants to play.

One more question of my flist. Envisioning a wizarding battle, I began wondering about Avada Kedavra. Is there any definitive answer as to when the spell became a spell? I imagine magic works much like science, with new discoveries and spells happening all the time (isn't that how Luna's mother died, experimenting with magic?). Otherwise, boring. I think I also sort of equate AK with guns, and other weapons of killing efficiency.

The point I'm getting to is, would this particular spell have been in use during the Founders' lives? I have a gut instinct here but I would like opinions.

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I'm very depressed. I want to write but nothing is coming. Also, maybe casting the Founders wasn't a good idea because instead of the post-relationship Helga/Salazar I had been in the mood for, now all the plot bunnies want to be sunshine-and-daises, except that totally doesn't work for Salazar and Helga, even when they ARE happy.

Salazar does not strike me as sunshine-and-daisies, although I imagine he is surprisingly tolerant of Helga's sunshine-and-daisy fits.

... That made sense, right?

And I *really* want to find a Helga to make a Helga icon.

Priorities? What are those?


Having anxiety tonight. Got another "thanks for the application but we've chosen someone else" letter today. Great.


So, I'm bummed and anxious. And EXHAUSTED. OMG.

Dusted for an hour and forty-five minutes today. There was not a dust mote safe from the Wrath of PLEDGE! Of course, this meant I SNEEZED for an hour and forty-five minutes.

Then Mom gets home and is appreciative but then begins asking about the things that did NOT get done. And later apologizes, which was good.

Still, ::headdesk::.

I want chocolate. Ice cream. And a job, please. Also, my back hurts and no matter how I sit or lie, it continues to hurt. Ow.


Okay, done whining now. Promise. What was I talking about? Oh, yes! Founders!

... Sorry, my icon is distracting. I look and wonder 'what is he all broody and smoldering about' and the only thing I come up with is 'he wants to ravish Helga' and that is distracting from my PLOT. And words in general.

The fact that right now, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" is playing does NOT help me avoid this plot-distracting scenario.

So, I'm off to bed because I'm still sneezy and sniffly from ze dust and because I'm rather bummed and LJ is slightly dead. (Shut up, I do too have a life!)

Write me Helga/Salazar? ::is angelic::

Heck, write me anything?
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So... feeling strange. I've got anxiety tonight, and it bothers me. (This happens on occasion.)

In any case, unless I calm myself down, I'm going to work myself into a very interesting state and won't be able to sleep. Then I'll lie awake worrying all night.

Good lord, isn't there a way to turn our brains off? Seriously.

Rambly ramblings... )

So, anyway.

Oh, I found a HP fanvid to The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

It amuses me. And is quite good, so you ought to check it out.

And thanks to [ profile] xenokattz, I now want to find appropriate "models" for my Founders. In other words, I want to cast them.


I OUGHT to be writing about them, really.

Also, apologies for setting off minor wankage with my last entry. I didn't mean it, I promise!
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Okay, fine, so you all knew I'd do it anyway.

I found a copy of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and watched it tonight.

And by "found" I by no means am saying that I searched high and low and discovered that the only store in the state of Maine that carried ONE copy was Borders. No.

Also, all of our movie rental stores? Suck.

But there's no reason I should know this because I am not that obsessive.



Has anyone else seen this movie? Because I'd REALLY like to discuss it.

Suffice it to say, despite it being a Western, and despite John Wayne (who I have decided I am not a fan of, really), I liked it.

Enough to not regret the $8 I spent on it. ;)

My favorite character not being Liberty Valance, Tom or Ransom, but Hallie.

Yes, the female lead.

She kind of rocked. It surprised me.

Hallie has a temper and the best thing ever? The way she slams things around the kitchen she works in and yells at everyone and bullies them around with her yelling. Particularly the men.

And then, in the end, I totally can't read her and it... intrigues me.

Some thoughts I'm thinking... )

And THAT is how the movie ends.

It's kind of a depressing ending, and it sort of left me a little sucker-punched, like... whoa.

So, worth it for that ending.

All that said, The reason I think I like this movie... )

The song is a lot cheerier. ;)

Also, I think certain parts could have been built up and the movie would have been better had they explored the love triangle more. Given us more of a reason to understand that ending, anyway. That, and a bit more between Liberty and Ransom to set up the duel.

Also, Liberty called Ransom "dude" the entire movie, and Tom called him "pilgrim." It was odd.
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Oh, I think I ought to sleep. =P

I'll probably pay for this tomorrow, but it's been worth it tonight.

And in other news, [ profile] xenokattz broke my LJ. But as there were berries and ice skating cowboys (among other things), that's okay. ;)

In other news, "Liberty Valance" is currently sitting at number 6 in my iTunes "Top 25 Most Played" songlist.


Seriously. >_<

I think there are reasons for that, including the reason my new icon (lookit!) makes me all woobley inside.

I'm ridiculously addicted to old-fashioned romances. And highly climactic moments. And waiting to see who survives a confrontation type things. And the underdog... especially a bookish underdog who wins.

It's got it all. With a catchy tune!!

And yet, I'm fairly feminist and the whole "little woman waiting behind" thing annoys me, but... this doesn't stop me from watching an old movie and going to mush.

For the hell of it, select lyrics...

From out of the east, a stranger came, a lawbook in his hand.
The kind of a man the West would need to tame a troubled land.
Cause the point of a gun was the only law that Liberty understood
When it came to shooting straight and fast, he was mighty good.

Many a man would face his gun, and many a man would fall.
The man who shot Liberty Valance... He was the bravest of them all...

The love a girl can make a man stay on when he should go.
Just trying to build a peaceful life where love is free to grow.
But the point of a gun was the only law that Liberty understood.
When the final showdown came to pass, a lawbook was no good.

Alone and afraid, she prayed that he'd return that fateful night
When nothing she said could keep her man from going out to fight
From the moment a girl gets to be full grown, the very first thing she learns:
When two men go to face each other, only one returns.

Everyone heard two shots ring out
One shot made Liberty fall
The man who shot Liberty Valance,
He was the bravest of them all...

And now, OMG, to sleep. But my cat loves this song, too, btw. He's purring like mad and rubbing his head against the speaker.
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Beyond the fact that it will only take 6 3 more plays to put "Liberty Valance" on my 25 most-played list, I am pathetic.

Because I was thinking "Jimmy Stewart is in this movie."

This led to ZOMG! Scott Summer's favorite actor is Jimmy Stewart! I bet he's seen this movie!



I need a life. Or someone to talk to, because everyone has away messages up!! ::pokes her buddy list::

Instead, I spam my LJ.

And shut up, okay, I made some icons, whatever...
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Okay, I am a horrid person and missed this when it was posted.

But I have several Tonks fans on my list, and as I loved it, here!

Go read Clumsy Changeling: Chameleon by [ profile] scribophile!!

Read it now! It's Tonks at age 5, and brilliant.

(As it was written for [ profile] everyfiveyears, starting at age 5 is a good thing. ;) Heee!)

Since I missed it, others may also have--that and not all my Tonks-admiring fans are members of that comm.

Liberty Valance makes me want to write a Western fic now. Or something grand and epic, anyway, involving lawmen and outlaws and cowboys and pirates.

Shut up, I'm sure pirates could work their way in.

Possibly Mexican war heroes, too. And Gene Pitney.

No, Hugh JackmanLogan as the singing minstrel, playing Gene Pitney. And James MarsdenScott the lawman. Dude, the sherriff.

OMG, I must stop. Work on a fic, Sara, and stop listening to this song. (1715 more plays before it makes song 25...)

I totally need some more fun icons...
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So, I can NOT stop listening to this song. It's ridiculous.

See, earlier I listed several of my favorite Cary Grant movies, so I went to to make of list of ones I wanted to rent, and I then looked up Jimmy Stewart (I seem to be incapable of calling him "James," despite that being his name...), and I saw the name of one of his movies and I thought "hmm, that's a song, let me go find it!"

And I did.

And now? Can NOT stop playing the damn thing. It's addictive. I mean, I've heard it before, but... um. Now it's in my iTunes and my prediction is by the time I go to bed it will be well into my Top 25 most played list.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Yes, that's right. Gene Pitney.

Good lord, I'm addicted. I'm not even a huge fan of westerns!

And I realized how obsessive I am this afternoon.

I saw Scott Summers on a motorcycle in Portland.


Beige dress pants, blue dress shirt, on a very loud motorcycle--but wearing a helmet. The way he was weaving in and out of traffic and breaking all sorts of speeding laws kind of negated the math-teacher look. ;)

And then I realized that no, I could not be seeing Scott Summers on a motorcycle, because why would Scott be in Maine?


I do, in fact, realize that he is a fictional character. This did not stop my double-take.

So, because I have many James Marsden fans on my flist, and because I love him too, and the transition has been made...


Because it's James Marsden. Singing.

Which is almost as good as Hugh Jackman, singing. I think they should sing a duet.

...Now, thanks to Liberty Valance, I keep picturing Scott Summers in a ten-gallon hat. And somehow Harry Potter is there, too. It's a strange place, my mind.


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