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First, apologies. I got smacked by the Hyper Bus, apparently. I feel like, if I weren't comfortably surrounded by pillows and a pile of folded towels, I would skip about and maybe dance a jig.

Those who know me in RL are *laughing* at that right now.

This is a vast improvement over the badness that was last night, but I'm not feeling any more writerly inclined tonight, sadly. Just more... bouncy. Heh!

Oh, Bruce and Richard, I need to be mean to you now and you need to help me so I can finish this damn whateveritis.

As an awesome side-note, [ profile] likeadeuce wrote a Richard ficlet that I requested! Wee, and it is made of win.

But on that note, minor ranting about Richard White in (other) fics... )

Still in love with Grey's Anatomy, randomly. Watched a ton today with Mom. ♥ this show.

Also, it's been a while, so it's time for some pictures of my cats.

Just two, but they clearly show how very made of win my boys are... )

Okay, really, going to go write. Because otherwise I'll fall asleep. But I think that the Deep Freeze has perhaps passed, because the furnace has stopped running for the first time in three days and I'm actually WARM. Shocking.

Also, LJ. Stop lagging on the comment notifications. 30 minutes is too long a lag. What if [ profile] xenokattz was trying to break my LJ again? We would be up all night. Shut up, this scenario totally has never happened before.

Using my new icon, which I think expresses my current mood Perfectly.
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A proper post shall follow once I've gotten some sleep and sent out more job applications. Blech.

Meanwhile, enjoy teh kitten pictures!

Because I can't help showing them off, my boys. =D

They're kittens; who doesn't love kittens?! )

Proper post about field trip (with pictures!) to follow at some point. It was very fun, and quite adventurous! What's a field trip without two thunderstorms, one quite massive and with constant lightning and a flash flood in the Old Port? Or without getting lost on the way to dinner? ;)

At least our "three hour tour" did last only three hours and not, you know, several television seasons and syndication.

=D Feeling silly, which means bedtime.
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Oh, I wish I had a camera! Or that someone was awake who had a camera!

Because Mo? Silly little kitten jumped on the bed and demanded love and attention, and of course I gave it to him.

So he decided he wanted to cuddle.

But I'm lying on my stomach.

So... he climbed on my back.

And has curled up on the small of my back and is purring away.

OMG, I have such kitten bliss right now, I might explode.
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Yes, it is time for kitty pics! Because I love them and I miss them and I am bored.

You know you want to see my baby boys... )

Yeah, so, love my cats. I do. ;)

And read my stories if you haven't, and comment. ;)

Feeling happy tonight, very little reason for it. Kitty pictures, probably.
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Back to school tomorrow... Sigh.

It won't be bad, except I'll *MISS* my kitties!! And I'm not sure Chip will *ever* forgive me. Poor baby...

On that note, we have discovered that our cats are ridiculously silly boys.

Crazy boys... )

Why did I sign up for the [ profile] omniocular January challenge? Cause I have the Fat Friar and Ernie MacMillan and NO idea. Oi.

Also, stress level fell *tremendously* because my refund check *finally* showed up on my school bill. This is good. I can buy my books now.

God, I hate money. (Or I love it, but I hate not having any...)

And I *totally* wrote an entire ficlet while trying to fall asleep last night, but it was definitely completely in my head while lying down. So nothing on paper or the computer. And, obviously, can't remember a damn thing. Heh!

And I love Cold Case, even if they always leave me teary and sad. But I couldn't help giggling every time I saw Tracie Thoms tonight, and had to refrain from yelling "Joanne!" whenever she appeared onscreen. Amusing, anyway.

I love Lynette on Desperate Housewives. Really.

And ooo!!!! New Grey's Anatomy!!!!! SQUEE!!! I can't wait!
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I truly love the RENT movie soundtrack. The *music*... dude. Just... I think the instrumental parts kick ass.

Sometimes you get a cd, you know, and you immediately love it. And sometimes it takes a few listenings to decide what you think of it, you know? Idina Menzel's is definitely the former and Anthony Rapp's was the latter. And the decision I came to is that I *do* love it.

Certain songs in particular. I *love* Goodbye. Dunno why. And Living Alive took me a while to decide on, but I DO love it. Guh.

And then there's Adam Pascal, and I've had his cds for about a year, and Civilian? So much love for that cd. Ordinary Men Abound may well be an all-time favorite song.

I have OBC!Rent-cast joy.

And I AM a geek, and definitely read all of Anthony Rapp's posts/responses on Broadway, and can I just fangirl him for a while? Cause, dude. He rocks. AND he's a Red Sox fan. (In the only way that matters, after all-in that he's not a Yankee fan. ;) Apologies to any Yankee fans out there.) And is not a fan of George W. Which is enough for me.

The weather is stinky. Stupid Maine. Every morning, cold and snowy. And grey, now. Fun.

The furnace is fixed. SO happy about this. God, heat is good. It was 62 when we woke up this morning, and went DOWN to 60 by the time the furnace guy left. Now it's a normal, tolerable temperature in the house. Wee!!

But my poor kitty threw up all over the place. Poor little Chip. :\

On the other hand, we think Febreze should hire Mo as a spokes-kitty, because after cleaning the icky with appropriate pet-safe carpet cleaner, I sprayed Febreze all over the rug. And Mozart, being the silly kitten he is, proceeded to have fits of glee and roll and roll and roll himself around the living room carpet. Oh, his joy.

He loves Febreze.

We timed him. He rolled around, and stopped and flopped back over to roll some more, for at *least* half an hour. Now Mo's sleeping. On the febrezed carpet.

It's rather hysterical.

And, oh, RENT has me in SUCH a fandom grip. It's upsetting, because there's not much AT ALL out there, by means of good fic. Theanna, I am THIS CLOSE to setting up something just for good fic. But the problem would be finding anything to PUT there.


On an up-note, I finally switched POVs and am very nearly on page 9 with current word count 2,592. Which is a lot. Considering I'm still setting the darn thing up. And I have a fairly good game plan. Here's praying this doesn't fall victim to school once the new semester starts...

But anyway. Having one of those 'what do I do with myself?' moments... BORED. Guh.


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