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I got to thinking that I should have one central place to locate all my fic. So here is that place, organized by fandom.


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[ profile] merfilly requested something about Narnia and I just happened to have this started; it's one of those scenes that never made it into Lives By Breaking (the fic I wrote for [ profile] yuletide. But there is absolutely no reason this can't be read on it's own. :)

Queen Lucy is so happy, she feels she might burst and shower her joy over all of Narnia. )

I have a few other Narnia fics at my website.

I'll still take requests. :)
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So, [ profile] china_shop is running the Fandom Appreciation Challenge 2007, and today's challenge is to rec 5 fics written for challenges/exchanges.

Which means I get to revisit some AWESOME fics and squee!

5 recs of awesomesauce power in no particular order within--DC, HP, and Narnia )

American Idol? WHAT is going on with Paula--did she take crazy pills? And Simon wins for randomly pointing out that he likes puppies.

I'm so watching Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader because fifth-graders are smart, yo, and well... Schadenfreude, anyone? ;) (And I hope *I* am smarter than a 5th grader, as I hope to *teach* them!)

Trapezoids have four sides! I taught 4th grade geometry this fall. I know my quadrilaterals!

I plan on enjoying this show purely on the basis of the children, who will probably lose it when the adults blow easy answers. This will also prove that their parents cannot help them with homework. ;)
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Well, it's a bit late, yes, but I decided to do that "what you've written this year" thing that's been happening in more interesting LJs. ;)

All in all, considering I took three literature courses last spring and had no life of my own and then spent the summer in a perpetual writer's block... I'm fairly impressed. Here's hoping I do better in 2007!

Fics sorted by fandom... )

Well. Back to Richard and Bruce.
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Meant to do this much sooner, but RL has not given me much spare time. ;) Here is the fic I wrote for [ profile] narniaficathon.

Queen Lucy's Cordial
Length: 1,200 words
Summary: Lucy was given an extraordinary gift by Father Christmas, but Peter has asked her not to use it.

Standard Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. This is for fun.

Author's Notes: Set roughly seven years into their rule of Narnia, in the Golden Age. You can also read this at my website, if you prefer.

"If I had my cordial with me," Queen Lucy was saying, "I could soon mend this. But the High King has so strictly charged me not to carry it commonly to the wars and to keep it only for great extremities!"

—C. S. Lewis, The Horse and His Boy

When Peter woke... )

Feedback is love.
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Okay, quick quick update. Real Life ATE ME for the past week and a half. >_<

Two words: Report. Cards.


In other news, my last day with my fourth graders is Fridsy. :( I will miss this school and my coworkers, and my students... but hopefully my next class will be less... challenging. =P

I have a new haircut! It's bouncy and WICKED cute.

I have an interview for a job tomorrow at 2. Pray for me!

Also, beautiful new layout courtesy of [ profile] justaddlayouts. It's GORGEOUS! I may try and make a Christmas header for it when I have time. =P But I am happy.

Anyway, off to bed now. =P

RL, please to stop killing me. Kthxbye.

Oh! And I finally posted my [ profile] narniaficathon fic! Weee! (Hence the up past my bedtime. >_< Oops.) Go read it!! Peter and Lucy, roughly 7 years into their rule in Narnia.

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Title: Put Aside Childish Things
Length: 1,623 words
Summary: Peter visits Susan before visiting the Professor in The Last Battle.

Standard Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. This is for fun.

Author's Notes: Very small spoilers for The Last Battle, and it makes more sense if you have a vague knowledge of the series. For all my talk of Peter, this came out utterly about Susan. Huge thanks and love to my beta readers, the ever-encouraging and insightful [ profile] zoe_chan and the exceptionally speedy and brilliant [ profile] alphabet26.

There's nothing wrong with my memory. You can't remember what never happened... )

Feedback is love. Feedback me.
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Watched Batman Begins tonight and once more, my inner Batman fangirl!geek is oh-so-happy.

That is all a superhero movie should be.

(Well. I'm sure I could nitpick, but... What with X-3 a week away and my hopes for that being nonexistant... I'll take what I can.)

Geeked out all over again, as I haven't seen it since last August.

I love me my superheroes.

And Batman was my first superhero love. We're talking age 8.


Anyone know of any good fics incorporating Dick Grayson into the Batman Begins universe?

'Cause I kind of crave that now.

(Heck, when DON'T I crave a good Dick Grayson fic? Come on. It's Dick and I love him.)

Also, still looking for the Right and Perfect Narnia Fic (tm).

Have yet to find it.

But rest assured, it involves Peter.

I mean, Peter's so... kingly in the books and most fics I read. And that's fine and right, and he isn't called "Magnificent" for nothing. But. What I want is a human High King Peter, with human emotions under that crown and title.

We're talking guilt and regret and worry and love and self-recrimination and insecurities and loyalty and faith and the weight of all Narnia on his shoulders and all that jazz. Actual emotions. Maybe he doesn't actually LIKE fighting and battles but he knows he needs to lead the army anyway. Killing can't be fun; come on.

And he's been at this since he was 14.

(I think I mean Golden Age Peter. I don't particularly care how far into the Golden Age.)

It should have Lucy in it.

Because Lucy is awesomeness incarnate.

Or Edmund. I like Edmund a lot more after reading the books than I did with only the movie for reference. (I liked him before, anyway.)

I'm rather fond of the movie's version of Susan, actually. Randomly.

But I'd also like this fic to have something resembling a plot. Naval gazing is fine, but... after a bit it gets old.

I really have nothing coherent or helpful to say at this point.

I just want to read something *good* in these fandoms, involving my favorite characters. =P

(Not at all picky or demanding, am I? ;) Heh.)

Oh, canon!

May. 20th, 2006 01:44 am
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Read The Last Battle today.


Now I'm done. And... hmm.

No comments tonight on it, I'm digesting it all. And finding it impossible to even think of picking up a new book right now.

Went to Target tonight and bought movies!!!

=D $10 DVDs. I couldn't help it!

I got Batman Begins (FINALLY!!!) and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, the 2-disc edition! With extra footage!!!

My Robin Hood fangirl is squeeing. =D

And I found the BBC Chronicles of Narnia miniseries and... yeah, I bought them. (Fairly cheaply, too!!)

Been watching The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

[ profile] alphabet26, you're right. The special effects ARE "special." And it's insanely loyal to the book. Down to dialogue in bits.

And I'm getting terribly sleepy. =P

Oddly, it's making me want to watch certain scenes in the new movie, which I just might do before sleeping.

I would like to say that I may have been in the HP fandom entirely too long.

How do I know this?

Because when trying to figure out the Narnian timeline, I realize there are timelines created by others, even possibly using Lewis' own notes.

But I come from the HP fandom, where even JKR's own words are sometimes disputed as being NOT canon, because what she says isn't in the books.

Heck, even her own books aren't considered canon by some! (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through The Ages, that is.)

So. Even though I generally count JKR's word as LAW, it is widely known and accepted that she's horrid at dating things. So sometimes you pick and chose what is canon, when it comes to the Harry Potter world.

And that very "the author's word or DOOOM!" mentality has so been engraved in my brain. The idea of taking another author's word as canon, even if it comes from C.S. Lewis' notes... grates.

I feel snobbish for this. Or... elitist. Or... some other unflattering emotion. =P That would probably make me terribly unpopular with serious Narnia fans.

(Speaking of Narnia fandom, though, dear fandom: Stop writing RPF and incest. And Lucy/Tumnus. And other things to make my brain bleed. Thank you. And to the RENT fandom: using song lyrics as titles does not make you clever. That is all.)
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One book left!! Read The Silver Chair today. I think... my least favorite thus far, in the way Chamber of Secrets is my least favorite HP book. Not disliked at all. Just... not as loved. =P

(Put that way, I want to love it! ;) Heh.)

I'm having issues.

I have got plot bunnies stirring for all sorts of things, in various fandoms. And I have promised to write certain fics! And they shall be written!

Just not tonight. =P

Anyway, before reading the books, I was very interested in the "Golden Age, when Peter was High King." And still am, but the back-in-England-after part is interesting me more now.

And I think I've read too many fics about how Susan deals with it. Because I'm eh about that.

(And all this "High King" talk is making me want to reread the Prydain books. Dude, Eilonwy and Taryn and... I should do that.)

(Also, I still really find Peter and Lucy's relationship to be really fun and interesting and I'd like more fic about them. I still adore them.)

Anyway, my point tonight is that since finishing The Horse and His Boy a few days ago, I've had a passage from a Robin McKinley book knocking about in my head.

And it's somehow trying to merge with my Narnian plot bunnies, and none of them know what to make of it.

It's always been one of my favorite passages, and therefore may be why it's been knocking about but...

Why should Narnia make me think of The Hero and the Crown? Which I haven't re-read since high school?

Cut simply because it is the last line of the novel, but not TERRIBLY spoilerrific, as I've only got the most important bit here... and I want help! )

And what on earth?

Maybe I'm too tired to make sense of this, but it's been rattling about for DAYS now and I'd like to make something of it.

Hmm. There are obvious routes I could go with it, in terms of applying the vague idea to Narnia, but... obvious and I aren't friends tonight.

So far as I know, reading the books, none of them married while in Narnia the first time around, correct? Hm. Trying to establish a timeline is DIFFICULT and the ones I've found online are by people other than CS Lewis and am I missing something important? Because I'd like to know how long that "Golden Age" lasted and 15 years doesn't sit well with me, especially if the whole Rabadash incident happened in their 14th year. Ugh. I also have no idea what THIS has to do with the idea forming.

I like it when ideas spring fully formed into my mind, screaming WRITE ME NOW!!!!!

But I don't know what to make of this, and I've been thinking about it. Ugh. I hate that. Maybe I should do some housework. (HA!)

Any ideas? Suggestions? Requests?

Oi. Bedtime, I think.
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Apologies to [ profile] zoe_chan because I took a bit of this directly from our IM conversation. Because I'm lazy like that, but I did expound on some of it...

So, I kind of wish that I could have fandom in moderation, you know? That a character wouldn't come and clock me upside the head. It's frustrating. But that's what's going on with Peter Pevensie right now. Many of you should be familiar with the symptoms; you've seen me do this before. (Most notably of late with Cedric Diggory and Mark Cohen. Why do I do this?)

I've been sucked into Narnia, and there was no wardrobe to leave through. )

This was supposed to be about Peter, but became about being an older sibling... )

This has digressed a LOT.

More on Peter... )

And I'm so annoyed with this paper and with Narnia and Peter and what the heck. ::growls at herself:: Seriously. If I HAVE to be in a fandom could I at LEAST have a fic idea to think on instead of generic character analysis and whatnot? Or at least some links to really good fic, and I will not have my unhealthy diatribe on incest again. Because it gives me an aneurism.


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