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So, wow, tomorrow is a week since the funeral--seriously? Huh? What happened to the time? And why is Thanksgiving A WEEK FROM TOMORROW?! O_O ::spazzes::


Anyway, went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Friday night with [ profile] zoe_chan and [ profile] aradiachiba. We have decided this is a Girls-Only event, given the amount of incoherent noises we make and the collapsing against each other and flailing of arms.

This exchange, for example:

TSO: *plays awesome music*
Lights: *are lighttastic and lasery and strobeish*
FLAMES: *are flaming and shooting fireballs*
TSO: *upstages the lights and flames with TWO ELECTRIC GUITARS, A DOUBLE-HEADED GUITAR and AN ELECTRIC VIOLIN--all at once, in impressive man-on-man-on-man-on-man ways*
We Three: *are incoherent, and too incoherent to BE incoherent--in fact, are probably holding one another up--impressive feat while sitting*
People From Behind Us: *get up and leave with their things*
[ profile] aradiachiba: "How can they LEAVE after that?"
Me: "How can they STAND?"

By some combination of bombastic music and strobe lights and the kind of post-song haze that follows such a display, she thought I said "*I* can't even stand." (Which, okay, might be the implication but I am pointing out the correct dialogue. ;) For the record.)

The rest of the weekend and Tuesday night went like so... )

Note: If ever presented with the opportunity to drive a car for the VERY FIRST TIME when it is AFTER DARK--say no. Just--don't do it.

::facepalm:: Once I figured out that to shift into reverse I had to reach between the seats instead of behind the steering wheel, we were off.

I did figure out the CD player, though. Priorities, yo.

So--big night for Sara. New desktop computer--all shiny and new and empty and WAITING to be filled with goodies! But... no desk for it to top. Hmmph. And--new car! That I drove when running errands today and BY GOD it is the most wonderful car ever in the history of cars. IT HAS REMOTE LOCKS. AND A TRUNK THAT I CAN USE! (It might be good to note that the trunk in my Buick has been unaccessible except via screwdriver since October of 2004, and since immeasurable time before that, I have only been able to unlock it using the passenger side door. This remote thing is INSANE.)

Also I got a 4GB pendrive for $35, using a $25 gift certificate at Circuit City. Yay sales! However, my music folder alone is 10GB so... this could be interesting. Also, the wireless internet is protected by a passcode and I DON'T KNOW IT and neither does my brother. CURSE YOU, CABLE COMPANY! ::sigh:: Not only do I have no desk for the desktop, I have no interweb. Woe.

(Also, I would really like to get downright GIDDY about these things, as I have lusted after a new car and computer for ages, but--I can't help but feel like I am stealing or borrowing them, which might be a way of delaying the inevitable sinking-in of not having my grandmother anymore.)

And on that depressing note, which wasn't meant to be depressing, I tell you I am 400 words shy of 25,000 words in my NaNo--woooooot! (But less than a third through the plot. Well, damn.)
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So today was a pretty darn nice Saturday, if quiet. Quiet is good!

Went and bought a present for the Bridal Shower I'm going to tomorrow--in Winthrop, which might be two hours away. I've never been there before, I have no idea how far it is. Ugh.

It occurs to me, that after Steph has her wedding in June, I will have attended a wedding every year since 2004.

Seriously. Let's run down my wedding history (and known future):

-August 2002, Maid of Honor.
-October 2004, guest (former roommate).
-August 2005, bridesmaid (best wedding EVER).
-October 2006, guest (blown out tire--Millinockett wedding).
-June 2007, bridesmaid-to-be (last roommate).
-Summer 2008, guest (so far as I know).

A little venting about 6 weddings in as many years. )

On another note, I will be RIDICULOUSLY busy for the next few months. ZOMG.

The weekends of May:

This weekend--Steph's bridal shower.
Next weekend--Mother's Day.
Weekend after--[ profile] zoe_chan's birthday!! (Not that I have plans, but this is how I mark time in May.)
Weekend after--Mom's birthday, and Memorial Day.
Memorial Day week--I start long-term subbing for fifth grade, YAY! (Which means fulltime teaching again.)


One of those first two weekends, I have to come see you, [ profile] aradiachiba, and take you up on the offer to alter my dress. =D Plus, the three of us need a weekend, since our Writing Weekend fell through. Also, [ profile] zoe_chan has Batman/Superman episodes I need to see, yes?

June 16th--Steph's wedding

June 23rd--LEAVE FOR NORWAY!!!!!!!!!! ZOMG IT IS ALMOST HERE! *flail*

A small amount of flailing over the impending trip... )

In the midst of this craziness, it looks like we will be house hunting because everyone agrees Mom's arthritis has gotten to the point where she needs a one-story home. And instead of going for something two-story with a first-floor bedroom, we acknowledge the fact that my brother and I will move out one day and go for a ranch--or a condo. She's hoping for a condo, and my aunt is ON US to start looking NOW.

Pardon me while I freak out at THAT idea. Throw moving into this mix?

Oh, and one can NEVER forget the EVER LOOMING job search of necessary doooooom. >_<

Expect some frantic lj posts.

That, and I want to finish my fic of implausible science and soul-searching before I leave for Norway, but likely won't have MUCH time once teaching starts so... I should be writing that now instead of this post.


Edit: Oh! Also!!! Today was Free Comic Book Day and I ♥ it. Immensely. I got JLA 0, and bought the new Buffy while I was at it. I am very much enjoying Buffy season 8, I must confess.

I don't think it's possible to have a bad day when comics--especially FREE comics--are involved.

Now I need to go write something or [ profile] xenokattz will yell at me and beat me with rum when she returns. Although, rum? Never BAD.
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Wow. So, Mom's reading Michael Connelly novels because my brother is obsessed with them and kept shoving them at her. He loves them because they're action-packed and he's a criminal justice major. She's reading them because the first one got her hooked.

But she just stopped to tell me that she wants to put the book in the freezer (anyone who recognizes that joke, I will... squee at and write a drabble for or something), and then she said she used to read these mystery/crime novels all the time, but then she stopped and I asked why. She just Looked at me and then said she used to have a hard time sleeping.

Now, I thought it was a case of active imagination, but then she explained that when we were little, she used to sleep with a baseball bat under her bed and a BUTCHER KNIFE under her mattress in easy reach.

Those of you who know my mother will understand why that makes me go O_O, because she's possibly the least violent person I know.

But I was seven and my brother was three when my dad died and she was a single mother. It shouldn't surprise me that she worried, but she said tonight that she doesn't think she had a good night's sleep before I was in high school.

This? Is why my mother is my hero. It's another reason to continue to want to grow up to BE her. I love my mother.

Also, I realized that it's been two weeks today since I found out about Katharine's death. Because I'm having a bit of a moment, I'm recording some thoughts just to release them. )

Anyway. Yeah. I realized a while ago that my default position on the parentage of characters is to assume a dead or absent father. This makes writing for certain characters/fandoms easier than others. But when I need to write a story where there are two parents? HA!

The old "write what you know" rule definitely applies there. Heh!

I was all random and silly earlier and now I'm feeling kind of... meh. I'm sure I could switch to random very easily again, but maybe I can harness this into something creative and write something. Hmm. The question is *what.*

And [ profile] zoe_chan? I am on a Meat Loaf kick now, thanks to you. I JUST got over my Bon Jovi kick! Ack!
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I'm not f-locking this because Katharine, I love you and I miss you. Everyone should know what a wonderful and special person you were and that I have been blessed to have you for a friend, even if it wasn't for long enough.

Katharine's obituary

For my own sake, when the link eventually expires. )

I'm sort of a mess right now, and I'm cutting this for use of the term 'wallow' in a non-sarcastic way. )

Unrelated, the girls are better than the boys on AI, and Randy and Simon must be having PMS.

Now, that all being said, I'm really just in need of some cheering up, and I expect that tomorrow this will especially be the case.

So! Help me out?

Leave me shiny happy bright things (or even not so shiny-happy-bright things) to come home to tomorrow night.

Also, if anyone knows where I can grab up some DC fics--particularly Dick Grayson and Roy Harper (OMG, ROY, how did you steal my heart so?)--point me? Or point me to people who know? ;) As my flist (as awesome as you are) is not so DC related, I won't ask you for Dick/Roy pr0n, even if I kind of want it. ;)

(And I have no idea when I'll be home, but if anything bad happens on Grey's Anatomy, it might BREAK ME. In a not good way.)

Link me, write me, comment-fic me. Show me something silly or happy, or even not-so-happy if it's in a fandom I like.

Go ahead and have a comment-war and break my LJ, even if I'm not here to participate. That'd be fun to come home to.

So, um, make me smile, please? At this point, in this mood, I am not above begging.

I ♥ my flist!

ETA: I was doing laundry and my mother nagged me about the dryer stopping and I groaned and she said "I know, I know, I'm the dryer nazi." I think she wins with that comment--it sent me into gigglefits until I cried.
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So there's no way to avoid talk of the Valentine's Day Nor'Easter we may be getting. ::shifty eyes:: The weather just predicted 10 to 16 inches for where I live. Storm center located in the Gulf of Maine. Wow, and a winter storm watch already up. Hmm.

It amuses me that I have subbing jobs lined up for Tuesday and Friday, and there may well be snow days between them.

Also, I was gobsmacked today. Gobsmacked, being another way of saying that Superboy punched my reality again.

The day this doesn't happen will be a very odd day. Today I was introduced to my brother's first grade teacher. That was cute.

But the gobsmacking happened when I was introduced to a class and a special ed aide came up to me and asked, "Are you related to..." and then said MY FATHER'S NAME.

You probably could have knocked me over with a feather. I don't know when that has EVER happened to me--people ask about Mom or Ryan or people I've never met, but I can't remember when I've been asked about my DAD. Let's keep in mind that he died over 16 years ago.

I'm still reality-punched. )

Anyway, I totally didn't expect for someone to ask if I was related to my FATHER, of all people, when I went in to sub this morning.

It was very, very, very strange and I'm still kind of weirded out.

That turned into a really rambly and weird post, but sometimes you just have to kind of air things out, you know? So, just sort of getting all this out of my head must be helpful, right?

(Also, contrary to how it may seem, I am not in need of sympathy or hugs. I'm good. Weirded out, but good.)

I'm going to continue my exploration of DC fandom, thankyouverymuch. Dammit, Dick Grayson. I've read more Wikipedia pages than I should have, just to figure out who's who in the DCU and oh, COMICS.
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So, today is my birthday! =D

(As if I hadn't been bouncing around broadcasting that all week... =P Oops.)

Anyway, when I finally made it to the computer this morning, I had birthday messages waiting for me on AIM from [ profile] zoe_chan, [ profile] aradiachiba and [ profile] arnica (who also wrote me a story!), then [ profile] alphabet26 had posted a birthday message on her LJ and later [ profile] author_by_night wished me happy birthday, too. I feel very loved and I thank all of you!! =D

Came home tonight and my friend Tina? Had IMed me while I was gone. >_<

A bit of frustration being aired... )

But! Onto happier things.

Family stuff... )

Anyone who has met my grandmother should not be surprised to hear that she went to Finishing School... )

It's just fun to picture my grandmother in a ball gown, dancing around in a ballroom as big as her house, sometime in the 1920s, in a small town in the middle of Norway.


I signed up for the HP [ profile] queenathon. O_O I was seduced by the Queen music! Not my fault! But... dude, I got an awesome song. =D (It always makes me think Mighty Ducks, but that's beyond the point.) Now I'd *really* better write my [ profile] femgenficathon story!

I have had a very nice birthday, and I'm irked at Tina for ruining the lovely warm and fuzzy feeling I was having, but. She's not the most important thing in my life. Like [ profile] arnica said earlier, I'm just too soft-hearted for my own good. Ah, well. My aunt called to play "Happy Birthday" on her piano for me. =D Private piano concerto all the way from San Diego to Maine.


Jul. 26th, 2006 04:47 pm
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My brother went and paid the last $200 on his car today.

The long story is that his engine broke the week of May 13th and cost $1800 to replace, due to a faulty oil pumping do-hicky thingy inside the engine.

Then he got his car back, after a month.

Then his transmission went. As in, he drove the car home and that's where it stayed. =P

So, the transmission was rebuilt... for $1500.

So, because he works farther from home than I do, he's been using my car to get to work so he can pay for the work on his car and get it back.

The short story is....

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Cut for excessive whining about OMG TEH PAIN!!! )

♥ my flist. Ignore my whining rambling.

I'm alive.

Jun. 12th, 2006 01:09 am
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My baby brother graduated high school this afternoon.

I'm exhausted. But it was a lovely ceremony, and he graduated and that is... awesome. =D

Quite proud of the boy.

Sleeping in tomorrow and crashing, completely.

It's been a BUSY week.

I feel like I could write, which is good, as I owe fic to several people and would like to work on [ profile] fengenficathon and [ profile] everyfiveyears and I owe [ profile] minisinoo Cedric fic. ;)

But all that must wait until I am no longer brain dead.
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So, reading Trickster's Queen and I come across this gem:

" could loop itself around the back of Aly's ear and dangle its head by her eardrum."

I laughed out loud.

I would want nothing dangling by my earDRUM, thankyouverymuch. >_<

How did that slip by?

Also, my away message begins "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya..."

I'm sure you know the rest of it. If you don't, perhaps you're like my friend who IMed me saying:

"wait, whos inigo and didn't you say your dad had a heart attack?!?!"


That repeated thumping you hear? That'd be my head hitting the wall.

And it's Memorial Day weekend. June is THURSDAY. O_o Where did May go?

My brother gives me headaches. Seriously. How can he push every button I have?

For instance. He's driving, leaving O'Donal's Nursery. He goes to turn left. Mom says "It might be better to turn right." I add, "Yeah, then you can take the back roads and avoid downtown. It's faster, anyway."

What does he do? Turns left. >_< We got caught in traffic. And the other nursery was closed when we got there 10 minutes past 5. >_< (The nursery Mom and I wanted to go to in the first place, but my brother said 'no, the other one's better' except for how it wasn't.)

ANYWAY. And all this Memorial Day stuff and beautiful, summery weather makes me think of my dad and my grandfather and I miss them. And there's my seriousness for tonight.


Hanging by her *earDRUM*?!?!
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Geography Bee was powerful fun. (As Theanna would say.) Wicked awesome.

I ran on adrenaline ALL DAY LONG.

Like... got there at 10:30, got back to the room at 4:40 and left at 5 when the girls returned. Those 20 minutes? Had time to use the bathroom FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL DAY, eat the rest of the strawberries I'd eaten 1/3rd of for breakfast and update my journal. ;) Ranting, yes, but still.

I didn't even get the half hour break the program promised. But it was all good. AND I sent a fax, for the first time ever.

Then, Chinese food! Which was nice, and fun. But we planned for 20 people, and ordered food for 20... and 11 showed up. 6 of whom are college girls who... well. College girls never eat the way they WANT to when they're together in a group.

*I* don't, anyway. And I decided that since all I'd eaten was a few strawberries, I would EAT. And Jenna ate. And this sophomore who NEVER SHUT UP and was SHRILL and an "athlete" (pardon me, athletes of LJ)... she ate, but really just piled her plate and left things half-eaten on it.

Which was annoying when the girls were fighting over teriyaki chicken and she wound up with 2 of them... of the 4 we had. And half-ate them both.

And, pardon me, but if you were going to a dinner? Would you have a friend drop you off and just... leave it at that?

How does one expect to get home? I mean, if you have FRIENDS there... but she didn't. She just announced mid-meal "Can I get a ride with anyone?" which....


My mother and grandmother have DRILLED etiquette into my head. No way on God's Green Earth would I do this, and this behavior irritates me.

So, for the record: Sara likes the manners.


ANYWAY, it was nice. And fun. But I found myself wanting to sit with the adults and not with the college students and THAT was an interesting pull. And not one I think I particularly liked, but... yeah.

Also, the manners!!

When there are 2 chinese food restaurants in a town, within 2 minutes of each other, do you sit in one and talk about how you like the other better?!!?!


Especially when you're bashing the one *I* happen to like best. The other one is sketchy and makes me illish.

But... I would never discuss this IN the restaurant I don't like!

I would never be talking about how the other restaurant has better food when, say, the WAITRESS IS REFILLING MY DRINK.

There. My Bailey-esgue rant is done. But, come on people.

Also, vaguely sad about the whole thing. It's over now! I've been working on this since November, and... I *REALLY* want to stay in touch with my mentor teacher and still get together with her, even if it's over, and I hope she does, too. I love her to pieces, really.

But I think the adrenaline CRASHED after dinner. Then Jenna, Tina and I walked to Gifford's ice cream and I got a whoopie pie ice cream cone. ZOMG, favorite ice cream EVAR!!! Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake pieces and vanilla frosting. Meep! In a waffle cone!

And I wore capris and flip flops and NO JACKET all day.

There was joy.

Then I watched my Friday night shows.

Because my life is THAT exciting.

And now, completely exhausted and you see this time?

I'm going to bed.

Before midnight.

Leik..... WHOA.


Mar. 30th, 2006 03:07 pm
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It's Spring!! =D

It's 60 degrees PLUS out there. God, I love the spring. Although it IS when all the skinny girls come out in their sluttiest outfits and lie on blankets "tanning." ::rolls eyes:: We're in Maine, girls. It's not THAT warm, and you won't get THAT tan.

Job searches are SCARY and I DON'T enjoy them. As a btb.

Oh, I went and talked to the freshmen about student teaching, with two other girls I had seminar with last semester. It was a blast. We talked the entire period. Heh! I'm sure half of them were bored to tears but we had fun. And Becky gave us presents! Not just any presents... Dark Chocolate Ghirardelli squares! My little PMS heart skipped a beat. =D

...Oh, I found two job openings I think I REALLY might want. Oh. That's all I'm saying now, for fear of jinxing. Oh. Meepage.

It's a gorgeous day.

Also, I came back around 9:30, took a nap and... set my alarm for 10:30 PM. Which did not help me when I woke up at *12:20*... AFTER my class WAS OVER. >_< Well. All we were doing was watching a film, BUT. Oops! Ah well, I must have needed it.

I love that when I walked to class this afternoon, my sweatshirt was too hot. I LOVE this weather. Oh, spring! =D

Goegraphy Bee tomorrow! Set-up tonight. Wee!
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Been a strange day. I had weird anxiety, for no reason, all day. And was fairly (as Steph puts it) "blue."


Better now. Talked to my Mom. =) Mom's are good. Mom's make things better and put things in perspective, and I don't care that I'm 22. I love my Mommy. =D

The horror movie was horridly horrible. ::glares:: Did not enjoy. At all.

But! Survived. And hid under my coat, but the damn subtitles made that hard to do... I kept peeking to read them and try to avoid looking at the rest of the screen when I did. =P Made things interesting, anyway!


I may make more icons. Maybe. Maybe I'll enter an icontest... We'll see what comes when I try the prompt. Plus, I am allowed to finish my Ariel icons for [ profile] wd_100 so I ought to work on that, as I have done... 5. Heh. (But I *like* my 5...)

I know there was a point when I started this post, but now I have lost it. Ah well.

Homework, icons and perhaps some Zoo Tycoon before bed. ::nods::

And I enjoyed Lost very much tonight, and am pleased with the American Idol results, too. =)
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Yeah. Seriously. Major glee of the bouncing around in my chair variety.

First of all, again, OMGLEIKWOAHTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU to whomever gave me a paid account. For a YEAR. ::flails:: I don't quite know what to do with myself. =D Thank you! (Please let me know! I *know* it's anonymous for a reason, but... I want to say thank you!)

That COMPLETELY made my evening when I returned from film class, checked my email and found an email from LJ telling me. Dude. We watched "Blind Shaft," which is a Chinese movie about two men who go around getting jobs in mines with people who are desperate for work, and then they pretend that this third person is related to them... and then they kill him, and take compensation money from the mine so the mine can avoid government intrusion. .... Yes, *highly* cheerful movie. =P So this was very nice to come home to!


A little ditty about my day/week... except I'm not singing it, because you don't want to hear that. )

Yeah, so that was a lot longer and more detailed than I planned. But! Now you know. ;)

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...Yeah, so apparently it was a beautiful day today.

Not that I would know.

I have not left my room. In fact, I got out of bed to answer my mom's phone call at 10:30 this morning, and it went something like this:

Me (croaking): Hello?
Mom: Sara?
Me: Hi.
Mom: Oh, poor Sara! How're you feeling? You sound terrible!
Me: Eh. I feel pretty terrible.
Mom: What are your classes today? Can you miss them?
Me: Technically, according to the syllabus, I can. But-
Mom (rudely interrupting): Then hang up the phone and go back to bed. And when you wake up, make some tea and drink some juice.

And I was somehow bullied/talked into missing my classes. Which I could afford, actually, but now I feel like a total bum/slacker.


So I'm just crawling from the bed to the computer now, at 3:30. Heh. And planning on climbing right back into bed. Maybe I'll make another cup of tea. Hmm.

I forgot what my point was here.

Oh! Right! The weather! At least I know it's not a fever making me think it's unseasonably warm. Away messages tell me that this is indeed the case. I haven't even pulled a shade open today. I feel like a bum. (I DID change from my nightgown into pj pants and an old shirt... so that's some progress, eh?)

In conclusion! I have no idea.

Sick and feeling it.


Bedtime again, methinks. Oh, my professors must LOVE me. >.
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Ung. The nap helped for roughly an hour. By the time I went to dinner and got my soup and sat down, I wondered if I had the energy to *eat* it.

I'm whining and bored, but so tired I can hardly stand it.

Can't focus on a thing. Brain is addled.

Can't even cough properly, as it hurts.

So much with the whining. >.< Sorry.

...why does my fandom suck? Really. Theanna, don't bother your nightly check. That wreckage is painful to witness.

Someone would write me Mark fic to make me feel better. ;)

...Speaking of, you know what might be a nice change? Roger taking care of Mark for once. Seriously. Yes, we all know Roger will die and Mark will be there for him. ::sigh:: If even half those fics didn't paint them as OMGLEIKWOAHMARKANDROGEROTPFOREVER!!!! ::cough:: Yes, done now. I mean, lord, even a Mark-has-the-flu/cold/strep can get horridly screwed up. Seriously, people!!!


I should get my nalgene bottle of apple juice stealthily stolen from the dining hall and lie down in bed until Steph returns from yoga and she, Tina and I watch a movie. And I probably fall asleep.
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Amusing tidbit. I just woke from an extremely long nap... and unexpected.

I took a book and climbed into bed and planned to read for the half hour before class started. This was at roughly quarter of 1. I woke up at 4.

Oops, there goes class!

But the nap helped significantly with my headache and mood, so. That's something.

Also, Steph just told me that when Gabe called this morning and I answered, his first thought was "Satan?! What are you doing in my honey's room? And what have you done with Sara?!" But he rather thought I wasn't in the mood for that sort of joke when I sounded so... evil and Satanic.

For some reason this made me laugh. A lot. He thought I sounded like Satan. (I've been called a lot of things when I sound sick, but never Satan.)


Feb. 27th, 2006 09:27 am
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Right, so it's cold. IN the room. (This never happens. We have the heater on and can SMELL the heat, but not feel it. This is odd.)

Also, am dead tired and this will not change. Ugh.

And my internet is spastic and won't keep me on AIM. Hmph, fine then.

Katharine has two male friends coming up this weekend and asked Steph and I if they could sleep in our beds. O.o Uh.... say what?! First of all, neither Steph or I will be here. Second of all, holy bed issues, Batman! Third of all, we don't know these boys and have never met them. Fourth of all, Katharine is mad at us. Last I checked she was being immature and not talking to me, so wtf? Seriously. And fifth of all, they have a FUTON. IN THEIR ROOM. ?!

And now how do Steph and say "Dear gods, NO!" to her when we're already in a rocky place with her. Erg. And how do you say no to something like that without coming across as a total bitch?

But how do you even ASK something like that?! Seriously. It's our BEDS. And our room, which we would then have to leave UNLOCKED all weekend. Uh, not likely, I rather like my possessions.


And my to-do list just keeps growing and I'd love to freeze time. >.<

-Read a 30 page essay for my Toni Morrison class at 11 TODAY so I can lead a discussion on it. Or sound like I've read it.

-Read The Canterbury Tales for class TODAY at 2:20. Just in case we get a random quiz, as we keep being threatened. >.<

-Read The Assistant by Bernard Malamud. Currently on page 16. Need to read to the end (pg. 246) by TOMORROW at 11 am.

-Write a "talk" about Morris Bober and his relationship with his daughter, Helen, as well as his contributions to the novel. Need ~2 pages of notes to hand in. Talk to be given TOMORROW at 11 am.

-Write a 6 (not 5) page paper on a Toni Morrison book we've read for WEDNESDAY at 11. Meet with professor about it and turn in said paper by Friday at 5 pm.

THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN A DAY! And I'm already sleep deprived, and feeling like I'm coming down with the plague. (Would not be surprising. Everyone else has it. Urgh.)

At least after Wednesday I can sleep?
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Is it still Monday?

Damn, even by the clock it is. =P

Ah well.

Bitchy Rant. Damn the girl, anyway. )

Also, my right shoulder-blade *really* hurts. Ow. Where is a heating pad when I need it?

On the up-note, I won a TON over at the Last Unicorn icon community I belong to. They have 2 challenges every week, and I won 1st, 2nd and Mod's Choice for the image challenge and 2nd, 3rd and Mod's Choice for the Quote challenge!!

I feel awed by that.

I should make more icons! This would cheer me up.

I took Steph's "simply sleep" tylenol tonight. Hoping this knocks me out and I sleep well tonight.
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My mentor teacher just called me! =D I miss her.

She wants me to find 5 UMF students to help keep score at the Maine Geography Bee in March, because she wants to "save" me for the finals, because-and I quote: "I want you to do the finals because I need to know the person scoring that can handle it. And I want to keep you on reserve just in case anything comes up during the other rounds."

=D Squee! And every so often I feel about 5 again, because a little pat on the head does wonders for me. Cue Sally Field-"She likes me! She really likes me!"

I knew she did, but the reaction is there just the same. As is the bounciness and the joy I felt when I heard her voice. I didn't know I missed her as much as I do.

Sigh. I knew I missed the kids...

Who apparently also miss me, especially one girl. Who managed to trick my mentor into giving her my email and so now has me on MSN messenger and talks to me all the time. I don't always get to talk to HER, since I'm never at the computer when she is, but... it's nice. And apparently when I *do* talk to her, she goes into school and tells everyone she can make listen to her about it.

I feel so cool. I'm the cool teacher. Dude. I mean, I remember hanging all over my 6th grade teacher and *her* intern? Dude. Was all over her. LOVED her.

...I AM her!! Or was. Sigh.

BUT!! I will be a chaperone on their field trip this June! ::dances::

I think I'll end here with a minor complaint. OW. Theanna, I think my back is having sympathy pains. Right shoulder blade, eh? >.< All tight and ow. As is my lower back, but THAT is related to something I can't do anything about, save, you know, early menopause.

So, gonna curl up and whine now. Oo, wine would be nice. Too bad we have none. And we're an of-age room! We could have all the alcohol we wanted and could FLAUNT it and nobody could touch us!!


Yeah, welcome to the land of procrastination. I am its Queen.

Although! I went through all my syllabi and wrote down every assignment for the whole semester in my planner!! And then I HIGHLIGHTED it! I color-coordinated!

...yet somehow I still think I will fall behind and pull all nighters in futile attempts to save my eternal academic soul.

Ah well!

Dinner is a Chinese Festive Meal tonight. GAG me. I've got to talk the girls out of that... Now, REAL chinese food... yum. School chinese? NO.

And I wrote a fic! I just need to go over it and title it and have it checked out. =D ::bounces::

Now I should go read.

Also, I HATE my world film class, but it's too late to add/drop without jumping through hoops so I'll have to suck it up. The movie wasn't terrible, but the rest of the class is. Guh. Stupid pretentious film prof. Who made me buy at $50 book that's smaller than some of my Literature novels.

Gotta love it.

I cleaned off my car today and the doors opened! And the engine started! I count my blessings. AND I listened to music on headphones while doing it, and I should so remember to do that more often. Made crossing campus MUCH nicer.

And despite wanting to curl into the fetal position, I have been roped into going to a step aerobic class tonight at 7:15 with the girls. Why are we suddenly gym groupies? This seems so random and different. Not that I'm complaining, I doubt I'd go if it were just me. But. Out of nowhere this semester. And closing my window, the air is FREEZING.

Edit: Oh, crap. Totally forgot I was silly enough to sign up for [ profile] omniocular's January challenge, which means I have to write something about Ernie MacMillan and the Fat Friar by, oh, Tuesday. And get it beta'd and posted and sent. O.o Riiiight.

I need to find my Harry Potter place again, and I wonder how bad it would be if that fic wound up being more about Cedric than my 2 given characters? >.< Probably not the point.


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