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...Clearly no one can leave me unsupervised for any period of time. I might have played in photoshop and made a pretty, pretty header (I really do like how it turned out) and then decided there should be a comm and the next thing I knew, I had made one.

So, yeah. Tim/Tam. Has a comm now. [ profile] timxtam. ("timtam" is already in use, sadly.) Join. Tell your friends. I'll be hiding in the corner.

And I was going to write all kinds of comment fic and work on my fic of DOOM or Yuletide, but nope. Photoshop for hours, then setting up a comm and posting stuff. Oh well.

I COMPLETELY blame Red Robin 7, btw. I basically have glee all over that issue. I loves it dearly. I know some of you on my f-list are not fans, but I am loving this, especially this issue. And OMG, Tam is ten kinds of awesome. So, yeah. Now I have to resist the urge to make icons instead of write. Because I have already wasted enough time today.

ALSO, tomorrow my mother and I are going to see The Princess and the Frog. ♥ I am excited. And then we're putting up the Christmas decorations, so--it should be a good day.
Here's hoping she's in a better mood tomorrow than she was tonight.

...If I'm ever looking to waste a million hours, remind me to organize my freaking tags, ugh.
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Oh, lazy Saturdays are awesome things, aren't they? ♥

First--thank you everyone who commented on my last entry. You were all very helpful, and in conclusion, I am going to stop letting people-who-are-not-my-body freak me out about my body. (You would think this would have been an obvious solution in the first place, but possibly hearing the same thing a zillion times over six years or so finally got to me? OH WELL.)

Second--Dreamwidth! I has one. No codes, though, and same name there as here. Who else has one? I don't know what I'll do with it. I loves my LJ.

Third--my brother is now 22. Acts not so different than 21. Interpret as you will.

Fourth--MEME TIME. Snagged from [ profile] alphabet26, who always has the best ones. (Also, twittering during Heroes was AWESOME. Why haven't we done that before?)

Fannish History Meme )

Well, that was fun.

Fifth--Deadliest Catch is back. I am a happy Sara.

Sixth--Have started watching Firefly. Yes, is awesome.

Seventh--I just like even numbered lists and like them better when they are multiples of five. Seven is a filler. And [ profile] aradiachiba's favorite number. ♥

Eighth--Am completely addicted to this website and the texty pictures therein.

Witness the awesome pictorial evidence! )

Ninth--LEGION OF THREE WORLDS 4 ZOMG FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL! MADE OF EVERY AWESOME EVER. AND I HAVE A VERY PRETTY NEW BACKGROUND FOR MY COMPUTER, which so happens to be the same one that [ profile] xenokattz, [ profile] second_batgirl and [ profile] shananagin all have. Because we are that awesome.

And Tenth--ONE LAST THING: Linking to a most awesome post by [ profile] selenak because everyone loves Obama, but our Secretary of State is made of win too, and Hillary Clinton kind of kicks some ass in these videos.

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I am spamming LJ tonight. Don't mind me.

Point the first--REALLY FUN ESSAY on SQUEEEEEE! Go, read, have joy.

Point the second--there is a Porn Battle happening on InsaneJournal. I am tempted to think up prompts to request, because--hi, pr0n. But I hesitate because I'm afraid all my requests will be Tim/Cissie and therefore ignored because apparently writing porn for them is impossible. (If my flist takes this as a challenge, I will not stand in anyone's way. Feel quite free to prove me completely wrong.)

Point the third--in an attempt to be more positive and stop dwelling on everything that is wrong and bad and makes me curl up and cry and get stuck in my depressive cycle--I created a community, [ profile] 5_gratitudes. I have been told to try to find 5 things to be grateful for *every* *day.* Even--or especially on bad days. They do not have to be big, huge, life-altering gratitudes. Just 5 things that make you feel grateful on this day. It's a small thing, but it might help.

In that vein, I think this might be a good thing for more people to do. So--no pressure. The only rule is that you post your list and be nice to one another. It is an effort to keep the depressive cycle at bay, after all. ;) Come, join me, be grateful. [ profile] 5_gratitudes

Am posting my list here *and* there, because I can and because I think you should all join me.

March 31, 2008:
1. The girls in the other 5th grade class, who squealed over my new haircut at lunch and wanted to touch my hair and were insanely cute about it.
2. A student from last fall (in another class this year) who ran up to me and gave me a HUGE hug in the hall because he thought I looked stressed.
3. The essay on squee.
4. AIM, where I can chat with [ profile] zoe_chan and [ profile] xenokattz
5. I had a nap and a plum!

There is no order to those, just as they occurred to me.
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So, wow, tomorrow is a week since the funeral--seriously? Huh? What happened to the time? And why is Thanksgiving A WEEK FROM TOMORROW?! O_O ::spazzes::


Anyway, went to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Friday night with [ profile] zoe_chan and [ profile] aradiachiba. We have decided this is a Girls-Only event, given the amount of incoherent noises we make and the collapsing against each other and flailing of arms.

This exchange, for example:

TSO: *plays awesome music*
Lights: *are lighttastic and lasery and strobeish*
FLAMES: *are flaming and shooting fireballs*
TSO: *upstages the lights and flames with TWO ELECTRIC GUITARS, A DOUBLE-HEADED GUITAR and AN ELECTRIC VIOLIN--all at once, in impressive man-on-man-on-man-on-man ways*
We Three: *are incoherent, and too incoherent to BE incoherent--in fact, are probably holding one another up--impressive feat while sitting*
People From Behind Us: *get up and leave with their things*
[ profile] aradiachiba: "How can they LEAVE after that?"
Me: "How can they STAND?"

By some combination of bombastic music and strobe lights and the kind of post-song haze that follows such a display, she thought I said "*I* can't even stand." (Which, okay, might be the implication but I am pointing out the correct dialogue. ;) For the record.)

The rest of the weekend and Tuesday night went like so... )

Note: If ever presented with the opportunity to drive a car for the VERY FIRST TIME when it is AFTER DARK--say no. Just--don't do it.

::facepalm:: Once I figured out that to shift into reverse I had to reach between the seats instead of behind the steering wheel, we were off.

I did figure out the CD player, though. Priorities, yo.

So--big night for Sara. New desktop computer--all shiny and new and empty and WAITING to be filled with goodies! But... no desk for it to top. Hmmph. And--new car! That I drove when running errands today and BY GOD it is the most wonderful car ever in the history of cars. IT HAS REMOTE LOCKS. AND A TRUNK THAT I CAN USE! (It might be good to note that the trunk in my Buick has been unaccessible except via screwdriver since October of 2004, and since immeasurable time before that, I have only been able to unlock it using the passenger side door. This remote thing is INSANE.)

Also I got a 4GB pendrive for $35, using a $25 gift certificate at Circuit City. Yay sales! However, my music folder alone is 10GB so... this could be interesting. Also, the wireless internet is protected by a passcode and I DON'T KNOW IT and neither does my brother. CURSE YOU, CABLE COMPANY! ::sigh:: Not only do I have no desk for the desktop, I have no interweb. Woe.

(Also, I would really like to get downright GIDDY about these things, as I have lusted after a new car and computer for ages, but--I can't help but feel like I am stealing or borrowing them, which might be a way of delaying the inevitable sinking-in of not having my grandmother anymore.)

And on that depressing note, which wasn't meant to be depressing, I tell you I am 400 words shy of 25,000 words in my NaNo--woooooot! (But less than a third through the plot. Well, damn.)
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So! [ profile] xenokattz wrote me almost-porn comment fic!! She loves me lots. ♥ =D Apparently shameless begging DOES pay off. ;) She even wrote Tim/Cissie!!! ::does happy dance of glee and falls off couch::


The Patriots game was a thing of beauty and brilliance and OH, how I love my boys. ♥


Saw [ profile] zoe_chan and her husband today, which made it a FANTABULOUS day. We went to lunch and bought the tickets for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, YAY! It will be a very fun weekend.

Anyway, we sorted DC characters into Hogwarts houses, and talked about football pants. [ profile] zoe_chan said I was very earnest. But--football pants! I'm just saying.

Also discussed the fact that if you live in New England, you hate the Yankees just BECAUSE. There's no rhyme or reason to it, you just DO. And the Cowboys are--according to my brother--the Yankees of Football. So, even if we weren't already die-hard Pats fans, we wouldn't root for the Cowboys.


Our Tim/Cissie Epic of Rabid Crack Bunnies--is EPIC. I did a word count tonight. I'm kind of... awed? by how much has been written. Especially since so little is postable yet. Such is the sad reality of writing in chunks and skipping around as we do so. =P But possibly can start posting SOME things to [ profile] tim_cissie (or [ profile] 30_ballads) soon...

Speaking of, go join. ;) Tim and Cissie need love. Also, then we won't be posting to ourselves and Katt. Although Katt is an awesome audience... she also beta-reads. ;) (Because she loves us, and viley enables and I beg. ♥)

[ profile] tim_cissie[ profile] tim_cissie[ profile] tim_cissie[ profile] tim_cissie


Just had the following exchange with Katt:

Lady_Sarai: I have unfounded and unreasonable anxiety tonight. I don't appreciate it! ::frowns::
[ profile] xenokattz: QUICK! WRITE PRON!
Lady_Sarai: .....possibly drinking sugar-laden pumpkin spice coffee an hour ago wasn't the best move I've ever made either.
Lady_Sarai: BWAH!

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

I suppose I do owe her. But Wait!! [ profile] femgenficathon!!!! MUST FINISH! ::beats head on wall::
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Heard on the radio this afternoon--the DJ said "Remember--love is a battlefield. Wear Kevlar."

Then he played the song. I love my radio station.

A commercial for Enbrel (which my mom used to take until it stopped working): "I knew Rheumatoid Arthritis was painful, but I didn't know it could attack my joints."

The hell? ....WTF kind of Rheumatoid Arthritis do *YOU* have, lady? O_o *is baffled*

So, [ profile] zoe_chan and I watched Heroes and kept a running IM commentary.

Spoilers and flailing, ahoy! )

If that made sense to you, I commend you! ;)

My last day with my second graders. I shall miss them.

Also--NorEaster this weekend?! O_O Oh, FUN. (At least it's rain?)

I need a Heroes icon. Hmmm, but who?
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Lady_Sarai: OMG, there is a new series on Discovery Channel that started tonight and is on right now.
[ profile] xenokattz: LMAO
[ profile] xenokattz: Dang. And here I was hoping it was about real lobsters...
Lady_Sarai: haha!
[ profile] xenokattz: Okay, that conversation just HAS to be metaquoted.
[ profile] xenokattz: I wish where was an IM metaquote 'cause I'm still laughing about it
Lady_Sarai: The only problem is that it is about the deep sea lobstermen at Georges Bank,and not about lobstermen from Maine. Who go out EVERY DAY to get their lobsters, not just once a year, thankyouverymuch. I being snooty? PROBABLY.
Lady_Sarai: *laughs* You could post this in your LJ.
[ profile] xenokattz: I think I will
Lady_Sarai: My flailing over lobstermen.
Lady_Sarai: But Katt!!!
[ profile] xenokattz: I KNOW! LOBSTER MEN!
Lady_Sarai: It's like someone loves me.
[ profile] xenokattz: *huggles*
Lady_Sarai: With lobster traps and everything!
[ profile] xenokattz: I think I love you now more than I ever have
[ profile] xenokattz: No one else would msg me something like that
Lady_Sarai: I don't know if that should make me feel special or.... special in the not good way.
[ profile] xenokattz: Heeee!
Lady_Sarai: (Wow, I am giving you lots of good LJ posting material here, aren't I?)
[ profile] xenokattz: And me with limited time
Lady_Sarai: Wait, is it still considered blackmail if I encourage it?
[ profile] xenokattz: ...
[ profile] xenokattz: self-sabotage maybe
Lady_Sarai: Yes, but now I've entertained you.
Lady_Sarai: *snort*
Lady_Sarai: (*I* may have to post this, which really WOULD be self-sabotage.)
[ profile] xenokattz: I think you should
Lady_Sarai: *laughs*
[ profile] xenokattz: And then I'll mail you salmon
[ profile] xenokattz: Or, y'know, a salmon fisherman
Lady_Sarai: O_O
Lady_Sarai: You LOVE me.
[ profile] xenokattz: Will you go to the dance with me? Circle "Yes" or "no"
Lady_Sarai: *circles Yes*
[ profile] xenokattz: *twirls*

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

So I'm going to the dance with Katt, and she is sending me a salmon fisherman, and I am watching a show about lobstermen--and even though they're not *Maine* lobstermen, it's okay. It's like Deadliest Catch but with lobsters!

Does it get any better?

...Considering how much flailing I do over lobster/fishermen, I should have an icon for it. Maybe with a buoy or a lobstertrap.

The mutant shrimp boat will have to do. ;)
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So, I have a new header, which I'm fond off--although the coding for my layout seems a tad wonky and I don't feel like messing with it, or messing with the coloring any more. But!

I also have a new mood theme, courtesy of [ profile] tropic_themes--HAPPY FEET! Eee, penguins! This is the first time I've changed my mood theme since getting my paid account, and I feel a slight twinge for my Grey's Anatomy theme, but... after the season finale, I don't feel so badly about it.

Also, amusing side-note: we have ONE new counselor this summer--who happens to be my next-door neighbor, who just graduated high school and who I remember as the 4 year old I used to play "Batman" and dinosaurs with. This amuses me. We returning counselors gave him a hard time, but we *did* let him have all the "good" kids when we made the groups.

AND I have a passport! FINALLY! Had to spend ALL DAY Tuesday in Boston to get it--we had an appointment, but appointments mean NOTHING these days, as there were people with appointments later than ours or no appointment at all in front of us in line. We stood in line for over 2 hours before being let into the room to sit down, and then it was about 45 minutes before our number was called. But since we drove down from Maine, they let us pick the passports up same day--if we waited two hours.

BUT we have passports. Woot!

And we leave for Oslo, Norway on SATURDAY!!!!! O_O!!! EEEP! That's... ridiculously soon. And we have a zillion things still to do. Eek.

But anyway, the new header and default icon are in celebration of our trip. Weee!

Speaking of said trip, if you would like a postcard, I need an address--yes, [ profile] aradiachiba, I mean you. ;) Comments shall be screened!

I do love my new mood theme, ee!
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This is why [ profile] zoe_chan and I should not be left unsupervised:

Lady_Sarai: omg this fic is awesome, it kills me. now we have possible sex pollen. (I'm not sure if that's what it is yet)
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::snorts::
Lady_Sarai: seriously
Lady_Sarai: yes, yes it WAS sex pollen.
Lady_Sarai: I have to read it because Tim is totally drugged with sex pollen, which is a really fun thing to say.
[ profile] zoe_chan: I... worry about you sometimes...
[ profile] zoe_chan: In a loving and wonderful way
Lady_Sarai: try saying it. really. just once: sex pollen.
[ profile] zoe_chan: ^_^
Lady_Sarai: say it!
[ profile] zoe_chan: SEX POLLEN!
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::mad giggles::
[ profile] zoe_chan: ...
Lady_Sarai: SEX POLLEN!
[ profile] zoe_chan: SEX POLLEN!!!
Lady_Sarai: see?
Lady_Sarai: you totally like it.
[ profile] zoe_chan: It is the pollen of sex.
[ profile] zoe_chan: man sex.
Lady_Sarai: that makes it BETTER.
[ profile] zoe_chan: ::nods seriously::
Lady_Sarai: eeeee, gay man SEX POLLEN!
Lady_Sarai: and NOW "pollen" is starting to not look like a word.
[ profile] zoe_chan: pollen
[ profile] zoe_chan: sex-pollen covered peevish kettle.
Lady_Sarai: OMG!
Lady_Sarai: 42 sex-pollen covered peevish kettles!
[ profile] zoe_chan: (and why is it still peevish? Because there are no other boy kettles to exercise the polleny sex with)
Lady_Sarai: Poor peevish kettle with no boy kettles.
Lady_Sarai: no boy kettles to counteract the effects of the debilitating pollen of gay man sex.
[ profile] zoe_chan: You know, people will think that we are high
Lady_Sarai: ....but we are not.
Lady_Sarai: I don't think this helps our case, does it?

-and then I sent her a link which was made of win and Tim-

Lady_Sarai: see, you totally forgive me for the sex pollen when I give you the good crack.
[ profile] zoe_chan: You totally deal the good crack
[ profile] zoe_chan: liekwoah
Lady_Sarai: I know your brand of heroin.
[ profile] zoe_chan: this is true

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

There is no point to this post. I totally didn't think this would be as funny today as it was last night, but it is.
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A conversation with my mother, when I went to dig out my car from the Pile O Snow:

Mom: Wear a scarf.
Me: I don't need a scarf, Mom, I've got a really high collar. *zips to prove it*
Mom: You need a scarf!
Me: Mom, I don't want to wear a scarf. It's fine.
Mom: *shoves a scarf at me*
Me: I'm not wearing the scarf.
Mom: But scarves are cool.
Me: .....
Mom: What? They are!
Me: Mom. Scarves are not cool. Unless you're in California and don't need one.
Mom: They're cool. Scarves are rad.
Me: *extremely long pause* ...Rad!?!
Mom: Groovy?
Me: Mom! Groovy?!
Mom: What? Rad and groovy aren't cool?
Me: *has no idea what to say, but is crying from the laughing*
Mom: Hey, there's nothing wrong with groovy.
Me: Not if you're a member of the Partridge family!
Mom: Hey, I wanted to be Susan Partridge!
Me: First: Scarves are not cool, rad, OR groovy. Second: GROOVY?! *more laughing*
Mom: Oh, stop it. What's wrong with groovy?
Me: Nothing! Just 30 or 40 years.
Mom: Well, you didn't seem to like "rad."

Which proves that my mother does, in fact, rule all and get the last word. But hearing her say "rad" might well be the funniest thing EVER.
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Ran into Walmart and I noticed they already have spring and summer clothes. And on MSN's homepage this morning, there was a link to the hottest sandles and wedges for spring.

WTF? Maybe in some other parts of the country it's getting warmer and spring is approaching, but in Maine? NO. And even when spring hits, we have mud season--so sandles and wedges are STUPID choices.

Heck, they're talking about 6-12 inches of snow on Friday. It's not even March. We don't get spring until the last week of April or the first half of May. Seriously. No joke. We've still got two months of winter up here, I don't care what the groundhog said.

Stop torturing me.

Also, I have to squee. My mom and I joined Weight Watchers a month ago this week, and I have lost 13 pounds. This is awesome in a zillion ways.

The one down side? I got a brand new barn coat from LL Bean for Christmas and it's GETTING TOO BIG! I haven't even worn it that much, it's been too cold! O_o

And this is day 2 of not being called to sub. I'm going a little batty. I need a job that's not per diem, that doesn't involve me going to bed at a decent hour and waiting for a phone call at 6 am that doesn't come. However, it makes more sense resume-wise for me to do this than to get a job that's not in teaching. Oi.

And then, I have to say that putting my iTunes on random is just an exercise in proving that I a)have no taste in music but I love it, b)have the most random and odd assortment ever, and c)have no idea where half of this stuff came from. But, I mean, how the heck does one explain having Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport on one's harddrive? Or anything from The Partridge Family?

Also, I squeaked when it played Battle of New Orleans, because Squeeee! War of 1812! Andrew Jackson! Gators! Oh, geek that I am. I would so love to do a whole history unit using songs like this and We Didn't Start the Fire or similar songs. Dude, Waterloo's an Abba song that's not about Waterloo, but I'd use it because if you don't know what the hell Waterloo is the song makes no sense. ...Right?

Speaking of "Waterloo," I confess to having an embarrassing fondness for ABBA. ::bops around::

But I think Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport wins for cracktastic reality-punching power. Because WTF and where did that come from? How do I have that?! If I still lived with Steph, I'd play it and laugh hysterically and she'd worry about whether she should have me committed again and then I'd play it for her and it would wind up being one of our drinking songs, because it's THAT cracktastic. (Also, thank you Wikipedia for telling me that the Wiggles put out a new version of this in 2005. This does not make me feel ANY better.)

Dude. Listening to Battle of New Orleans... I think they used a gator as a cannon. I'm disturbed now. O_o

And I have You Don't Mess Around With Jim which is notable for the lyrics "You don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger and you don't mess around with Jim!" I'd be more frightened to tug on Batman's cape or try to take his mask off. THAT would get you maimed.

I just made my mother squeal when I played Mercedez Benz for her. She went "JANICE!" My father loved Janice Joplin, apparently.

Hey, I never claimed to be a SNOB about my music. I AM the one everyone in college came to for the musical crack.

I think the subject of this post is highly appropriate. Oh, music, I love you.
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Oh, I have just amused myself FAR too much for... oh, maybe half an hour. I found a website that creates short stories mad-lib style. I was feeling silly, so I used Bruce and Richard and OMG.

Our shoulders were younger and we had a lot more fun with them. )

I'm sorry, but oh. I am amused. And the cool thing is, you can hit refresh and it will make you a brand new story with the same words you filled in.

I had fun with the refreshing.

Just then, a gloomy manticore leapt out from behind a llama and bit Richard in the shoulder. )

And just pieces of this one:

Richard, you incandescent manticore! )

Oh, and not posting all of this one, just the best part (which could be the best of them all):

Prince Richard was cursed. It was a long story. )


I... I... I think this one wins for the pure, undiluted power of CRACK:

Like the bats in the batcave, he pressed his hip into Richard's shoulder. )

Oh, someone needs to stop me. Really.

How could he expect Richard to love someone with an incandescent hip? )

And then it goes Shakespearean:

O, swear not by the llama, the cracktastic llama... )

I think the cracktastic llama wins all.

Besides, you can cover it up with a lamppost. )

And now I'm done. But oh, I've been laughing. I am so amused by these. ::snort:: Cracktastic llamas and incandescent hips and lemon-fresh shock!

I clearly need to get a life.
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I'm not f-locking this because Katharine, I love you and I miss you. Everyone should know what a wonderful and special person you were and that I have been blessed to have you for a friend, even if it wasn't for long enough.

Katharine's obituary

For my own sake, when the link eventually expires. )

I'm sort of a mess right now, and I'm cutting this for use of the term 'wallow' in a non-sarcastic way. )

Unrelated, the girls are better than the boys on AI, and Randy and Simon must be having PMS.

Now, that all being said, I'm really just in need of some cheering up, and I expect that tomorrow this will especially be the case.

So! Help me out?

Leave me shiny happy bright things (or even not so shiny-happy-bright things) to come home to tomorrow night.

Also, if anyone knows where I can grab up some DC fics--particularly Dick Grayson and Roy Harper (OMG, ROY, how did you steal my heart so?)--point me? Or point me to people who know? ;) As my flist (as awesome as you are) is not so DC related, I won't ask you for Dick/Roy pr0n, even if I kind of want it. ;)

(And I have no idea when I'll be home, but if anything bad happens on Grey's Anatomy, it might BREAK ME. In a not good way.)

Link me, write me, comment-fic me. Show me something silly or happy, or even not-so-happy if it's in a fandom I like.

Go ahead and have a comment-war and break my LJ, even if I'm not here to participate. That'd be fun to come home to.

So, um, make me smile, please? At this point, in this mood, I am not above begging.

I ♥ my flist!

ETA: I was doing laundry and my mother nagged me about the dryer stopping and I groaned and she said "I know, I know, I'm the dryer nazi." I think she wins with that comment--it sent me into gigglefits until I cried.
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First, apologies. I got smacked by the Hyper Bus, apparently. I feel like, if I weren't comfortably surrounded by pillows and a pile of folded towels, I would skip about and maybe dance a jig.

Those who know me in RL are *laughing* at that right now.

This is a vast improvement over the badness that was last night, but I'm not feeling any more writerly inclined tonight, sadly. Just more... bouncy. Heh!

Oh, Bruce and Richard, I need to be mean to you now and you need to help me so I can finish this damn whateveritis.

As an awesome side-note, [ profile] likeadeuce wrote a Richard ficlet that I requested! Wee, and it is made of win.

But on that note, minor ranting about Richard White in (other) fics... )

Still in love with Grey's Anatomy, randomly. Watched a ton today with Mom. ♥ this show.

Also, it's been a while, so it's time for some pictures of my cats.

Just two, but they clearly show how very made of win my boys are... )

Okay, really, going to go write. Because otherwise I'll fall asleep. But I think that the Deep Freeze has perhaps passed, because the furnace has stopped running for the first time in three days and I'm actually WARM. Shocking.

Also, LJ. Stop lagging on the comment notifications. 30 minutes is too long a lag. What if [ profile] xenokattz was trying to break my LJ again? We would be up all night. Shut up, this scenario totally has never happened before.

Using my new icon, which I think expresses my current mood Perfectly.
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Lissa had her baby yesterday morning. Samuel Timothy.

And Nicole is pregnant.

(Mind you, neither finished school. Although Nicole is at least taking classes toward her degree. They're both 22.)

I'm not judging. I'm not. ...If they judge me, is it okay? (And they have.) No? Crap.

...Yeah, moving on.

How is it that mothers know just what to say to make you feel about *this* tall? And then turn around and make you feel 100% better after you've moped and cried about it for half an hour?

And why is it that Matchbox Twenty never fails to soothe me and put me in an utterly calm mood?

I like this last point very much. Just saying.

Also, Grey's! )

I have such love for this show.

Next week looks good, and interesting.

Now, back to Bruce and Richard, because if I don't finish this monstrosity sometime soon, I might kill them both. And that's not good. It messes with canon.
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ZOMG, I knew I was cold, but I looked up and out the window and IT'S SNOWING!!


It's so pretty. And my cats are awesomeness.

Okay, time to take care of kitty litter, laundry and dishes, and then I shall write. Booyah.

(Remind me to whine about the 1,000+ words that deleted themselves on Saturday after I wrote 992 words in half an hour and somehow cancelled out all my file saving. Grey's Anatomy, pizza, [ profile] aradiachiba and [ profile] zoe_chan saved my sanity.)

Also on Saturday, my brain went shut down and the three of us cemented our reputations/identities as Utter Geeks by comparing my brain to a computer operating system. At length. In a mall.

It went something like this:

Me: And that's why... damn. The rest of that sentence fell out of my head.
Aradiachiba: File error?
Zoe_chan: Her brain preformed an illegal operation, and must shut down.
Me: Blue. Screen. of. DEATH.
Aradiachiba: Said something extremely witty and bright and complex, which went flying over my head and I totally didn't follow it at all, except it had something to do with technology failing. I think.
Me: *stares blankly* What?
Zoe_chan: Be nice, she's operating on safe mode!
Me: Fire bad, tree pretty?

On another note, the Bruce/Richard Epic Drama of DOOOM and exposition has hit 30k.

I don't quite know what to do with that.

...Why is "random" not included as a mood? Cause I feel random.
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I signed up for [ profile] summers_fling. ::cue the flailing!:: (Although, leave it to me to sign up at the last possible moment. HA.)

All right, no more flailing until I get my assignment and THEN there will be massive flailing. (Because OMG the people participating are so GOOD!!)


Did you know Friends is on for two hours on Mondays on TBS? ::squee!:: I love this show. Ross is made of win. (No unagi--or oonagi--tonight, though.)

My aunt managed to wreck the celebratory mood following the Pats game yesterday by calling (from San Diego where she lives) to say simply "yes, congratulations but we're very upset and don't want to talk to you, goodbye." (She did call later to apologize but reiterated the whole No Discussing Of The Game rule.)

But seriously, the end of the game was *awesome.* The rest of it was a bit excrutiating. But if you want to win against the Pats, let them get a lead before halftime. Otherwise they are scrappy and pull together last-five-minute-wins like nobody's business.

Okay, enough. I'm off to write.
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Okay, another hour before the game starts. Cue anticipation.

♥ GO PATS!!! ♥

Okay, I'm good. I'll be fine.

...And seriously? I thought it was supposed to SNOW from now until Tuesday? Why is it raining?! Mother Nature, I am annoyed with you.

I'm going to get some writing done before the game and pass this anxious, jittery mood off on Richard.

ETA: Okay, 4:15 and the pre-game show is on and now Mom's changed her mind because she remembered that she really *does* love the Brady Bunch. ;) Also, there was a just a commercial featuring Steve Young selling heartburn medicine. That hurts me. Oh, my childhood.
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Okay, quick quick update. Real Life ATE ME for the past week and a half. >_<

Two words: Report. Cards.


In other news, my last day with my fourth graders is Fridsy. :( I will miss this school and my coworkers, and my students... but hopefully my next class will be less... challenging. =P

I have a new haircut! It's bouncy and WICKED cute.

I have an interview for a job tomorrow at 2. Pray for me!

Also, beautiful new layout courtesy of [ profile] justaddlayouts. It's GORGEOUS! I may try and make a Christmas header for it when I have time. =P But I am happy.

Anyway, off to bed now. =P

RL, please to stop killing me. Kthxbye.

Oh! And I finally posted my [ profile] narniaficathon fic! Weee! (Hence the up past my bedtime. >_< Oops.) Go read it!! Peter and Lucy, roughly 7 years into their rule in Narnia.

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I hope everyone has had a marvelous long weekend and enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday! I know I did. :)

Also, we saw Happy Feet on Friday, and if it's possible to be a little in love with an animated, dancing penguin? I totally am. (I blame this on Elijah Wood. I didn't realize it was his voice in addition to his eyes that got me. Note to self: Just because you loved him when you were 9, you do not NEED to love him now that you are 23. Understood? Apparently not.)

Also, the Christmas decorations are up! =D YAY FOR CHRISTMAS!!! ::flails about:: Yes, I am THAT girl. I was totally out yesterday putting the lights on the bushes--I have battle scars to prove it. And I totally lugged all the boxes from the basement BY MYSELF to decorate the inside of the house.

This is the first year my cats have had a real tree (we didn't have one last year ::weeps::) and the first thing they did?

They took a nap underneath it. ♥ My cats are love.

I really need to write my [ profile] narniaficathon story. Oops. >_<

In other news, RL is kicking my ass. The trimester ends Thursday, so it's a mad dash for paper grading and assessment giving and general grade-figuring. Woot. =P

And in other news, [ profile] three_nails has a fun meme I'm completely stealing because I'm like that.


Yours is pink, but mine is blue... )

That was spectacular fun!! My favorite may be my falling-in-love song. Heee!


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