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Um. Note to those I coerced into playing [ profile] penknife's "I Never..." challenge... those would be due April 5th.

Which I just realized is TOMORROW. O_O (Boy, I'm a smart one.)

And it's snowing a very wet snow and I had outdoor recess duty today. Blah.

Also, had a story idea on the way to work but a day of math ed teching drove it from my brain and it makes me sad. I need a tape recorder or something.


BTW, the [ profile] summers_fling fics I've read thus far are BEYOND amazing. Just... really wow. Especially the one for me! Bearings by [ profile] ion_bond. OMG, it's got a very young (set in 1985), *blind* (as in pre-ruby quartz) Scott Summers and ERIK LEHNSHERR and BRAILLE.

Yes, you heard that combination correctly. Also, there is a mention of an Atari screen. How much LOVE is that?

I wish I had more time to just READ these fics, but I do have to, you know, write another story. =P Plus there's the whole have-a-life thing. (A what now?)

I think, after [ profile] yuletide and [ profile] summers_fling, it's safe to say that I ADORE ficathons, despite the last-second panic. Which, you know, is my own fault for apparently working best under pressure.

Here's hoping that works for my "I Never..." fic. Heh. >_<

I'm incredibly happy with how my [ profile] summers_fling fic turned out, given the amount of flailing I did over it and how much I HATED it on Sunday afternoon--you can ask my mother, who got to hear how much it sucked when I was helping make dinner. She has no idea what I was talking about, but was very sympathetic. [ profile] zoe_chan put up with my AIM flailing with the usual grace and minimal eye-rolling, complete with statements of "you do not suck." ;)

Also, I'm a geek, but I think I'll save the reason why for another post.


Also, have fallen deeply and madly in love with Superboy. Dammit, Kon. And Tim. But I already loved Tim, so this is not news. My Kon love isn't news now, either, not to poor [ profile] zoe_chan and [ profile] xenokattz. Although I blame Katt for this *anyway* because she's the Super-Fan, and I've always been a Bat-Fan. And I blame my Tim-love on [ profile] zoe_chan, because... well. Why not? ;) (And I thought I was *SAVING* my professions of geekiness?)

On this note, I have a rec of IMMENSE AWESOMESAUCE POWER. LIKE OMG. I flailed at [ profile] zoe_chan over IM all night when I read it (and stayed up until 2:30 to do so), even though she was sleeping, and I emailed Katt and. Yeah. I think I had multiple geekgasms. (Which is a term you KNOW I've been dying to say.)

The Way I Was Made by [ profile] hackthis

It is Superman Returns meets Smallville meets the Teen Titans v. 3 (DC comicverse). And it's GOOD. REALLY good. It's adult, and slash, but seriously awesome in so many ways. Basic idea? Jason White is Kon-El.

No, *so* not joking. Complete with Lex Luthor DNA. You'd think it'd be crack, and it IS, but it's the GOOD crack.

I know enough of each verse to make loud, high-pitched noises when I recognized things--like BART, and STEPH, and the shades of Jason Todd that Jason White exhibits, and the incredible mention of the Narrows made me fall over because that makes it Batman Begins verse, as well. GUH. This is like the crossover to end all crossovers, AND IS WELL-WRITTEN.

AND it does right by Richard White, which we all know is MAJOR for me (or we should know). Because Jason has three dads, but he only calls Richard "dad."

The author's Jason voice is amazing, and so Kon-like that at first it's a stretch to think of little Jason White in SR as this college student with such blazing sarcasm and wit, but then it all makes sense.

Calculus isn't the same as 2 + 2 = 4, though, and Jason's not too sure how he's going to take care of his math requirement without bribery and blackmail.

Remarks like that are his inner Luthor coming out, which is a big joke with his dad, but Clark doesn't really tend to laugh about it very much. When Clark is all uptight, Jason reminds him that he's a genetically created baby, who was implanted in his mom while she was kidnapped on assignment. It took three men and two women just to get him into college.

Jason's bound to be a little warped; Clark should just accept it.

DUDE. Jason. Kon-El. MADE OF WIN. (I wish *I* had thought of this.) =D

Plus, hello, there is Tim/Jason-who-is-Kon, which, you know, is like icing on the cake.


One of my students from when I taught sixth grade last year has my MSN and her screenname is currently "Dang my extremely loud internal monologue!" Oh, sweety, I love how much you are a geek. ♥


So... any plot bunnies want a home? Hit me with 'em.

(Wait, what am I doing? I must be mad.)
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So, [ profile] china_shop is running the Fandom Appreciation Challenge 2007, and today's challenge is to rec 5 fics written for challenges/exchanges.

Which means I get to revisit some AWESOME fics and squee!

5 recs of awesomesauce power in no particular order within--DC, HP, and Narnia )

American Idol? WHAT is going on with Paula--did she take crazy pills? And Simon wins for randomly pointing out that he likes puppies.

I'm so watching Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader because fifth-graders are smart, yo, and well... Schadenfreude, anyone? ;) (And I hope *I* am smarter than a 5th grader, as I hope to *teach* them!)

Trapezoids have four sides! I taught 4th grade geometry this fall. I know my quadrilaterals!

I plan on enjoying this show purely on the basis of the children, who will probably lose it when the adults blow easy answers. This will also prove that their parents cannot help them with homework. ;)
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Okay, so my first "down" day since coming home for break, and I spend it online reading Yuletide fics and watching Christmas movies and Little House on the Prairie with Mom (or while Mom naps)...

It's a good day. And I made omelettes for breakfast! For the first time! Yum, go me and my domestic self.

Behold the joy of RECS! )

Oh, that's enough. SUCH of the bedtime. (And I'm still only halfway through the alphabet!)

I think my favorites are the Grey's Anatomy fics...
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Harry looks at him with James' anger in Lily's eyes and calls him 'Professor'... GUH. Remus is alone. Remus talks with Snape, of all people, after OotP. And it's not as out-of-character as you may think.

Harry could scarcely recognise the easy-going squabbling that Sirius and Professor Lupin were engaging in. To see a former teacher actually joking about grape jelly was a bit unnerving. Just... a cute moment. Harry's too asleep for it to be bittersweet.

He'd seen the scar, of course, the darkish rosebud of discolored skin, there at the juncture of neck and left shoulder. Sirius puts two and two together, and for once, they equal four.

I was tempted, I was really tempted, to hand him over to the police, to never look into a pair of green eyes again, to forget the whole ruddy mess of witches and wizards and magic.

Only I’ve got green eyes, too.
Petunia reflects on Harry, and Dumbledore's letter, and Lily. Gah, you know... they WERE sisters, after all.

It had been a quiet day, and Ron didn't need to consult tarot cards or tea leaves; he knew, with a bone-deep certainty, that it was going to be an equally quiet night. Post GoF, after Harry gets out of the hospital wing. Ron and Harry. Best friends are awesomeness, you know that? And, may I add, BOYS. ::roll of

And now, to bed. For Storyland is tomorrow. Pray that it doesn't rain and cancel the field trip, because I'm not sure I can handle 30 disappointed 5-7 year olds and a make-shift afternoon-only field trip, you know... bowling, or something.

Gah, it better be just drizzly and overcast in NH tomorrow, PLEASE.

Fic Recs!

Jul. 4th, 2005 10:58 pm
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Okay, so I randomly remembered a fic the other night and thought, well, it can't be that hard to find.

Yeah, right.

So, I've spent the past weekend looking for this one fic featuring Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. Found several others, but as yet, not the one-or two-I'm thinking of.

Fic recs within )

Also, saw the BEST commercial tonight, for Liberty Mutual. In which the Greeks deliver a wooden horse to the gates of Troy, and the Trojans turn them away. The voiceover says "Hindsight is 20/20. Looking ahead is harder." or something. In any case, made the geek in me LAUGH.
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Okay, partly for my own benefit so I can find what I want when I return Sunday. And for Theanna and anyone else in a Batman fic mood. :)

Batfic recs... )

:D So, have things to do. Will do them.

Have a fantastic weekend. I hope I do.
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Okay, so, first off, Ariel and Theanna, things are good tonight. Not sure for how long, of course, but he and Mom had a talk and things... well, things are okay for the moment which is about all we want right now. (Apparently her mother FLIPPED out and took Mom's side about things, and they are not allowed to see each other for a while. Which somehow makes him see some sort of light. I don't know, I was working. :P Ah well.)

Secondly, lookit! I found a fic!

Five Things that Never Happened to Dick Grayson, which is something I wanted to find. And it's great. I particularly love "Lights Going Down" and "In the Center Ring." Very cool.

Now I want one for Bruce. Or, oo, Alfred. And maybe some different Dick scenarios... Hmm...

(Also, made the rather amusing discovery that Melissa Gilbert (aka Laura, of Little House on the Prairie fame) voiced Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in the cartoons. This amuses me. And I will not admit that I watched any of said cartoons and recognized the voice that way. Nope. On a related note, it has never failed to amuse me that Luke Skywalker is the Joker. Or rather, Mark Hamill's voice is.)

::sigh:: So, to bed before my Day Of Work. Yes. Get up, throw some laundry in to wash, eat, pack lunch AND dinner, showe, go to work. At work by 11. Bus leaves for a picnic at 11. Have picnic, play wiffleball (or watch, if lucky), take bus back. Walk to Sweets N Eats for ice cream. Walk back to Little Falls. Sit and watch kiddos on playground until parents take them. Stay until 5:30. At 5:30, camp training/planning begins. Woot. Plan activities for camp this summer, set up shifts/groups/cleaning duties. Set up camp. Leave. Hopefully before 9 pm. :P This should be an interesting day...

(Meanwhile, am opening on Friday! Like... the program director gave me the keys to the building! I get to let people IN! :) Check out me and my mad power trip. Also, get to open, sit at front desk while parents sign in kids, maybe watch them on the playground... then go to the movies. And leave when we get back. Booyah.) Except Steph called and she doesn't want to go to Vermont but will because I do and I don't know how to call Katharine and say, oh, btw, we aren't coming cause Steph doesn't want to. Eh. >.< It's never just simple, is it?

Ah well. I suspect there will be drinking in this cabin on the lake. I will refrain from being either joyous or annoyed at this until Sunday when I get back.

Oooo, boy. Maybe I'll write something at some point. I want to. Gah.

Also, Ariel, THIS was the wondrously funny comic we discussed on the beach. Bleeding nub. ;) Must be seen, so there you are.
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Okay, so, it's the day after I saw Batman Begins with the two most awesomely wonderful people EVER. :D As if the movie wasn't good enough.

And, btw, Theanna, I am ever so happy you have finally given in and joined us in the Batverse. It's been a long time coming, but I knew you'd be here eventually. And I am highly glad you understood my many random squeals of glee... cause, you know... DUDE.

For Ariel: Liek, OMG!!!1!!!one!!!! WTF, and Dooooooode!! I'm totally, like, geeking out here! :D That movie rox my sox! (happy? that's twice!)

So, yes. Let it first be said that I am a huge dork. Geek. Nerd. Whatever. I LIKE Batman. A lot. I like the Batman comic-verse, but like most comics, it is large, extensive and full of weird canon changes. But the core remains. And I have a fairly good grasp of comic canon. Good enough to be highly picky.

Also, am obsessed enough to not hate the other Batman movies.

'Course, now, they don't stand a chance with me, despite my long-held affection for them, earned simply by their existence.

In an effort to avoid filling up f-lists with insanely long posts about how much I love Batman and the complete awesomeness that is the new movie... a cut )

In any case, the movie MORE than lived up to my expectations and hopes. I loved it.
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All right, only because I still have all the windows open, I will retype my fic recs tonight. I will retype my squealing fangirl reaction to Batman Begins tomorrow at some point.

Suffice it to say, it went much like this:

OMG, WTF?!?! Leik, WOAH!! That was totally WICKED!! OMG!!!!!one!!!11!!!

(Right, Ariel? ;) Who is now rotflmao... or rotflHao.)

Complete with comic geekiness and rantage.

Like... Wow. It actually followed canon. It brought me INSANE joy.

SO sucked into the Batverse now. Knew I would be. This happens from time to time. Heh. I love my Batman. More will follow on why, tomorrow or something, at least.

::sigh:: I wish I hadn't lost my fangirl-ish geeky reaction. Cause... yeah. Touched on just about everything.

Suffice it to say, the movie was PERFECT. More than I expected.

Go see it. NOW. I wanna see it again. NOW.

Anyway, mainly for [ profile] zoe_chan's benefit, some fic recs. )

(And new [ profile] iharthdarth!!!!! Woot!! :D)

And, because Theanna says she likes them, I have a few Batfics. 3, but 1 I don't care much for. The two I like... fine.

Graveside Confessions was more of a 'deal with issues by giving them to your characters' fic for me, but it worked. In which Dick mourns his parents on the anniversary of the day they died, and he and Bruce discuss mourning differences.

Lost Boy is about Dick coming to live in Wayne Manor, and follows quite closely the cartoon episode "Robin's Reckoning"... but with lots more emotion. :P

Keep in mind, I wrote these... wow, 3 years ago, now. I feel old.

Also, I hate the way they look. I need to re-upload them and edit them, because I hadn't figured out's new system yet. Bah. All my lovely scene changes vanished, much to my SUPREME annoyance.

Now, to bed with me. :P Oi.


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