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I got to thinking that I should have one central place to locate all my fic. So here is that place, organized by fandom.


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Well, it's a bit late, yes, but I decided to do that "what you've written this year" thing that's been happening in more interesting LJs. ;)

All in all, considering I took three literature courses last spring and had no life of my own and then spent the summer in a perpetual writer's block... I'm fairly impressed. Here's hoping I do better in 2007!

Fics sorted by fandom... )

Well. Back to Richard and Bruce.
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For [ profile] aradiachiba, Harry Potter and RENT:

HP; Draco )

HP; Harry/Ginny fluff )

RENT; Mark/Maureen, pre-musical (200 words) )

And speaking of RENT, for [ profile] scribophile, who asked for something about Roger.

Uh. Definitely more than a drabble, and maybe I'm cheating because most of this was written a while ago, but I never could figure out what to do with it until now. :)

RENT; Roger (431 words) )

[ profile] larinza and [ profile] arnica, yours are coming. Eventually. =P

But now, it's bedtime. Definitely past so.
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Oh! Oh!!

Dancing with the Stars finale!!!! Oh, I'm all aflutter! I do love this show and I am sorry it will be over. ::sigh:: No more watching Drew dance... I do love to watch that man move. :) And Stacy's awfully fun to watch, too. I wish I had her legs. (Ha, let's try her entire body. But I'd settle for the legs.)

In any case. Dancing! Wee!!

THEN Grey's Anatomy!! Which I am still angry about. So. Here's hoping Meredith redeems herself. And poor George... I love him ever so.

Yeah, it's official. I live in the Rent Room. Steph, Tina and I decided we couldn't watch the whole movie, but we'd watch our favorite songs... well, the problem is that they are ALL our favorites. And then we decided to watch the commentary on a few scenes and Steph and I got caught up in it and then we realized we'd been watching for an hour. Heh.

Yeah. So they are obsessed too, and this amuses me.

(But Steph said Mark can't dance and I got offended. Maybe he's spastic, yes, but he does have rhythm. He has to, listen to him sing. And everytime he jumps onto that table and starts spazzing out, I love him. And his crazy dancing. So there. But Steph is equally obsessed with Roger as I am with Mark, so...)

TV time!!! WEEEE!! (I love Sunday Nights.)
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Well, crap. There's the nail in MY coffin.

I am officially a fangirl. Of the rapid pulse, squeeing loudly, obsessive variety. Leik OMGWTFBBQHOTTNESSWOAH!!!!!eleventyone!!!

Yes, that bad.

I shamelessly fangirl Anthony Rapp. And Mark. (There is a vital and distinct difference. I pride myself on this difference.) And Collins. And Angel.

And most of all, Rent.


I should not be surprised. Really. Rent was a huge part of my life (and friendships) through high school, why not college too?

But this Anthony Rapp obsession is just... oh. I haven't really gone crazy over an actor since I was little and obsessed with Joshua Jackson and Elijah Wood. And I was obsessed because of Mighty Ducks and North, not Dawson's Creek and Lord of the Rings. (In fact, I told my boss who Elijah Wood was when I was helping him put up posters of LotR at the bookstore I worked at. Very excitedly told him.)

Also, watched Rent with commentary today and I LOVED it. Oh so much. It did not help my fangirling, but there you are.

And Without You is one of the most amazing books I have ever read. And I say that with all honesty and as someone who reads a lot.

And even disregarding my fangirling... Yeah. Completely awesome book. The man can sing, dance, act AND write? Seriously now. The fact that he's sexy doesn't hurt at ALL.

Anyway. Done gushing. (Not really, but Theanna's getting enough of that in IM right now. ;) No need to repeat myself.)

So. I want some good fic. Like... yeah. It's unlikely, but I'd like it.

::sigh:: Oo, you know, someone else's POV re: Mark would be cool. Something ala "Tea and Sympathy" by saudades over at (Too lazy to pull up link. Heh.)

Also, something with Mark and Roger as best friends but not in love or with unresolved sexual tension or any slashy undertones. Really. I'd like that.

Fandom, I challenge you: Let Mark and Roger be Just Friends. For me? For one fic? ::sigh::

(Some are good, but really stupid. >.< Oi.)

Feeling nicely toward Roger tonight, which is a nice change.

I should find my Roger muse. Because my Mark muse has inhabited my head permanently, I think. Not complaining at all, but there you go.

Sometimes if you don't find what you want, you have to do it yourself. =P

(The banter between Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal in the commentary is SO fun, as a btb.)
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Title: Insomnia
Author: [ profile] lady_sarai, with [ profile] zoe_chan (aka [ profile] the_and_sara)
Fandom: RENT
Rating: R, I suppose. Language.
Pairing(s): Pre-RENT Mark/Maureen
Disclaimer: I own nothing what-so-ever.
Notes: Takes place roughly following the events of Not Enough by [ profile] zoe_chan and alludes briefly to them, though I suppose it makes sense enough on it’s own. See This post for details on our reasoning concerning Roger’s withdrawal. (If it's a source of concern, that is.) =)

Uber thanks to [ profile] zoe_chan, who provided Roger’s dialogue and endless advice and counsel, and helped me choreograph. ;) And who is my beta-reader extraordinaire, as well as the Angel (or Collins) to my Mark. And to [ profile] aradiachiba, who is Maureen. And who suggested a shove.

Summary: Pre-RENT. Mark can’t sleep. In the middle of the night, he and Roger discuss April. If “discuss” is the right word…

The loft just isn’t the same without Maureen. )

Feedback is love! Love me! ;)
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Okay, it started innocently enough. I asked [ profile] aradiachiba what her thoughts on Roger's time in withdrawal was like, and her opinion was so *drastically* different than mine that I asked [ profile] zoe_chan. Which was similar to mine, but there were some points both brought up that made me go "hmmm..."

So, [ profile] zoe_chan and I went to the source!

Yes, complete geeks that we are, we have analyzed the libretto of the musical, AND looked into the original New York Theater Workshop version. We are not putting much stock into the movie, because, well, the day I write something "movieverse," Zoe has promised to slap me. ;) Also, nothing tangible for us to cite.

But here is what we have deduced, and decided, for we are writing. Fics. And it seems like this is an expanding thing, so... we figured we should put our reasoning out there as proof that we did not just come up with details frivolously.

Definitely nothing decided in haste, that's for sure.

I have mentioned my anal retentive research habit, right? )

Suffice it to say that nothing [ profile] zoe_chan or I write is going to come out of nowhere. If we make a decision, we do so using as much information as we can glean from the canon source... even if this means creating a hell of a headache for ourselves in the process.

This is simply our close analysis, meant to help us rationalize decisions we make in writing. Feel free to disagree, but we probably won't change our minds. ;) If we change yours, let us know!
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Might I point out the horrible, horrible, it-makes-me-bleed community [ profile] speed_rent? Because.


God, let's kill all chances at good fics, shall we?

I mean, there's something to be said for challenges, but they work SO MUCH better when open-ended and not including a list of a zillion things that MUST, on pain of death, be included.

Is a good Rentfic too much to ask for? Apparently.
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Had a good day. Was filled with errands, but marvelous company. And I made tacos for dinner. Go, me.

[ profile] aradiachiba, I have 3 words for you:

alphabetical by otter.

And there are several memes I want to do, but... not at the moment. for some reason. and apparently I've lost my capital letters. huh. ;)

So... I have absolutely no train of thought. Damn. I know there was a reason for this post.

My back hurts. ow. owowow. I should maybe get a heating pad or, you know, move.

Meanwhile, watching According to Jim (not by choice) and reality check, people! 10 year olds are not teenagers. OI.

And did anyone actually ever have that "sex talk" with their parents? Cause I know I didn't. I mean, Mom told me what I needed to know, generally, but mostly? Friends.

Oh, yes, and that reminds me.

Borders bookstore... Self-Help/Recovery/Sex. Yes, the aisle goes like that.

And the other side of the aisle is Psychology/Marriage/Divorce/Incest/Chicken Soup for the Soul.


So what are people's impressions of Roger's rehab/withdrawal/recovery/whatever?

Because Ariel and I have ENTIRELY different ideas as to what happened with April and the drugs and Roger's consequent (or not-so-consequent, as Ariel thinks) rehab. And what role Mark may or may not play in this.

Because now I'm curious. And resisting the urge to research...

Oi. (And let's focus on the play, because the movie... Let's just say my roomie didn't know Roger had AIDS and didn't know what the big deal was with April. And leave it there.)
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Close up: Benjamin Coffin the third, our ex-roommate who married Alison Grey, of the Westport Greys -- then bought the building and the lot next door from his father-in-law in hopes of starting a cyber-studio.

Proving just how geeky I am, but. Was reading the libretto online, because A) I think my brother borrowed my RENT book and hasn't returned it and B) I wanted to see what was said about Roger's withdrawal (there is a reason for that).

Came across this, which I would have noticed (probably) had I watched The's bootleg copy, but I'm waiting until MY computer returns to me before I unzip the massive file. (I have weird computer habits/boundaries, I know.)

ANYWAY, so Theanna may have noticed this already. But going back to a question we discussed last Wednesday (or was this just Ariel and me in the car? I don't think so...)

If we take that as fact, then Benny, interestingly enough, married his landlord's daughter. Had enough of his *own* money to buy 2 buildings from his new father-in-law.

And so Benny was married when he told the guys they were golden and could live rent-free.

I am SUCH teh geek...
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I truly love the RENT movie soundtrack. The *music*... dude. Just... I think the instrumental parts kick ass.

Sometimes you get a cd, you know, and you immediately love it. And sometimes it takes a few listenings to decide what you think of it, you know? Idina Menzel's is definitely the former and Anthony Rapp's was the latter. And the decision I came to is that I *do* love it.

Certain songs in particular. I *love* Goodbye. Dunno why. And Living Alive took me a while to decide on, but I DO love it. Guh.

And then there's Adam Pascal, and I've had his cds for about a year, and Civilian? So much love for that cd. Ordinary Men Abound may well be an all-time favorite song.

I have OBC!Rent-cast joy.

And I AM a geek, and definitely read all of Anthony Rapp's posts/responses on Broadway, and can I just fangirl him for a while? Cause, dude. He rocks. AND he's a Red Sox fan. (In the only way that matters, after all-in that he's not a Yankee fan. ;) Apologies to any Yankee fans out there.) And is not a fan of George W. Which is enough for me.

The weather is stinky. Stupid Maine. Every morning, cold and snowy. And grey, now. Fun.

The furnace is fixed. SO happy about this. God, heat is good. It was 62 when we woke up this morning, and went DOWN to 60 by the time the furnace guy left. Now it's a normal, tolerable temperature in the house. Wee!!

But my poor kitty threw up all over the place. Poor little Chip. :\

On the other hand, we think Febreze should hire Mo as a spokes-kitty, because after cleaning the icky with appropriate pet-safe carpet cleaner, I sprayed Febreze all over the rug. And Mozart, being the silly kitten he is, proceeded to have fits of glee and roll and roll and roll himself around the living room carpet. Oh, his joy.

He loves Febreze.

We timed him. He rolled around, and stopped and flopped back over to roll some more, for at *least* half an hour. Now Mo's sleeping. On the febrezed carpet.

It's rather hysterical.

And, oh, RENT has me in SUCH a fandom grip. It's upsetting, because there's not much AT ALL out there, by means of good fic. Theanna, I am THIS CLOSE to setting up something just for good fic. But the problem would be finding anything to PUT there.


On an up-note, I finally switched POVs and am very nearly on page 9 with current word count 2,592. Which is a lot. Considering I'm still setting the darn thing up. And I have a fairly good game plan. Here's praying this doesn't fall victim to school once the new semester starts...

But anyway. Having one of those 'what do I do with myself?' moments... BORED. Guh.


Dec. 29th, 2005 10:24 pm
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Well, posting RENT icons for posting's sake... made them a while ago.

Icons ahoy! )

# 2 was made for [ profile] zoe_chan, specifically.

I SO want more RENT caps. So far, I only have caps of the trailers. And there are precious few Mark caps. ;) hehe...

Watching "Sound of Music" with Mom and right now? "The Lonely Goatherd" song... So now I'm yodeling. Sigh.
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Wow. Talk about a wicked week.

Let's see, I spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday in a perpetual portfolio panic (woo! alliteration!). We're talking up till 4 or 5 am and getting an average of 3 hours of sleep. We're talking anal retentiveness to the nth degree.

We're talking re-doing the tabs on the dividers so the font matched the font on the section headers.


BUT! My portfolio is a work of art. And gorgeous. And scrapbooked! And everyone loves it. My supervisor loved it. This makes me happy.

4 years of work compiled into 1 2" binder? Not too shabby, either.

Yeah, so Tuesday was P-Day. Portfolio Fair day, that is. Mom, my grandmother and Ryan came up. Lissa wound up coming, too, with her baby just because she wanted to go to the bookstore, but she came.

As did SO MANY of my friends and people I had practicum with! It was very nice. AND my professor I took Intro to EDU with my first semester of college came, as did my practicum supervisor. Who I adore. And apparently he knew I was student teaching so he kept visiting my Student Teaching supervisor to see how I was doing. Heee. :) And he had very nice things to say.

Then Wednesday was my Exit Interview, which meant Tuesday I was up working on my unit... until 3 am, and up at 7. But it was Early Release and I left at 10 for my interview, and my mentor said I didn't have to come back because we were working on report cards that we had finished. So Wednesday was great.

We drank Wednesday night. =D (But not enough to get a hangover! Then again, I've never done that.)

Thursday, taught. Good day. Thursday night... Holiday Festive Meal in the dining hall! Christmas party with the girls!! =D It was great. Anne gave me a framed picture of the whole group of us. Jenna made all 3 of us who are graduating this year collages of photos... Steph gave me a little angel that said "cherished friend..."

Then Steph, Tina and I went to see RENT.

Which I adore more and more every time. And Tina adores it as well, which is huge because a year ago she NEVER would have even looked twice at. But she is in love with Joanne. Has a WICKED crush on her. This cracks me up. She wouldn't stop talking about RENT and asking me to play songs so I made her cds for Christmas.

And now, having seen it, Steph also loves it. More, she says, than Phantom. Which is huge for Steph.

And... she is OBSESSED with Roger. I'm playing Adam Pascal's cds right now because she wanted to hear his voice. We have put Roger on our hot guy door of DOOM. (We put Mark up, too, for me.)

So, yeah, Steph's new obsession with Roger is so amusing me. Cause I've obsessed over Adam Pascal for YEARS. And now have moved on to Mark. But... it's funny.

She said "hello, Roger" when we got back from Pizza Hut tonight. :) We thought about going again tonight but... it's frickin' wicked cold out, yo. And snowy.

And in Pizza Hut, she turned to me and said "Will I lose my dignity?"

I said, "Will someone care?" and everyone else looked at us like we were crazy.

...I just caught her googling RENT. The broadway site plays music and her first comment? "That's not Roger!!... well, it's not the REAL Roger." And now she's listening to the movie soundtrack online (or clips, rather).

I am oh-so-amused.

And today it snowed, right? All of southern Maine shut down, pretty much. My school dismissed at 12:30... which is far less fun when you are a teacher than it is when you're a student, btw. Hmph.

So, no going home tonight for me.

And Mom fell outside the credit union, and Ryan was with her, luckily.

She fell and broke her arm. She cracked that ball that sits on your shoulder joint--her right arm, her bad arm anyway.

And she hurts, and they couldn't even cast it. =( And it's her right arm, and she can't use it at all, so she'll have to take time off work... Oi. And right before Christmas, too.

Things are interesting. I feel so bad for Mom... like she needs any MORE pain on top of her arthritis. Sigh.

But, yes, thrilled beyond thrilled that portfolios and units and lesson plans are done! =D Now, just to teach for another week. Which I can SO handle!

I need to find a way to balance Cedric and Mark in my brain. Unfortunately, neither of them are very pushy characters, which means they don't shove around in my brain, either. (And doesn't THAT sound schizophrenic?)

All right, off to look up fics until Steph decides she wants to watch TV and drags me away. (She stayed because of snow, too.)
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Why am I writing this post instead of working on reducing my pile o' stress? )

Anyway, a bit of a rant. And possibly another one...

I mean, I love RENT. A TON. The movie was awesome. The play is... ooo. No words. But that's beyond the point...

Tiny rant about slash in RENT fics... )

Yeah, so, not sure I have anything else to say. I'm tired. And have a wicked knot between my shoulder blades.

And right now, it is raining, which means tomorrow morning should be fun.

As this morning, we had a staff meeting, so I left early so I could be on time... and my car doors were frozen shut. So I spent a good 20 minutes trying to get in, and finally manage to yank open the passenger side door and had to crawl in because even after running the car for 5 minutes and defrosting it, I still couldn't open the driver's side door.

So I was late to the staff meeting. But at least I called and let the secretary know first... And I love our secretary and our janitors. They rock.
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Oh, it's been a lovely day.

Went to see RENT with Ariel, Theanna and Chris. Had the best time EVER. I love you girls, and I have missed you!! And I'm impressed with Chris. Anyone who can spend extended time with the three of us and not only tolerate it, but hold his own... Ya done good, The. ;) hehe... It was fun.

Random IHOP guy. "OMG, we're going to DIE!!" "We need 4 mops in aisle 2..." I think we handled ourselves very well, girls. The squeeing was kept to a minimum. ;)

"Our Father, who art in heaven..."
"Hallowed be thy name, thy kingd-"
"What? I can say it!! I remember how it goes!"

::cough:: /randomness.

Seriously, it was a terrific day, girls. I love you!!!

Also, everyone needs to see RENT right NOW. This very moment, go. See it and love.

And laugh when people walk out during "La Vie Boheme." And pity them.

Also, I am now in love with Mark. SO not fair. But, Adam Pascal was suitably pretty.

Why do RENT and GoF have to come out at the same time? Can't I immerse myself in one fandom for once? ::sigh:: I suppose I shall have to dabble in two.

Working on finding my inner Luna Lovegood for a fic. She's hiding.

Watching The Bishop's Wife with Mom... they don't make men like Cary Grant anymore. Sigh. Now, that's the type of sexy Cedric Diggory should have been! ;)
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So. I have to get up for breakfast at 9, but I'm online instead. Messing around in LJ and talking with Arnica... who I haven't talked to in a looong time. :) It's nice. Was tempted to transcribe "La Vie Boheme" for my paper on "What does it mean to be an American" but decided that was plagiarism... and I'd like to stay in college.

Did not need to be on emotional support duty tonight! Was nice. She worked things out with her boyfriend and is going home tomorrow to further work it out. Hoping things go well.... Cause selfishly, am ready for her to be okay.

As a side note... I think I need help. I accept the fact that I am obsessive and strange and a major geek/dork/nerd... all 3. When I get into a fandom, I get sucked in. Completely. Although can occasionally manage more than one at once, which is just scary.

Lessee... I've made it through X-Men, Harry Potter, Troy and Lord of the Rings in the last month or so.

I saw Rent on Friday, and oi.

I'm a goner.

Never read Rentfic before. Resisted it. Although maybe that's because when I discovered Rent we didn't have the internet (which is how long ago it was), and my friends and I played the soundtrack so much it became just... something that was *there* during high school and into college.

But now I've seen it and I went.... oooooh boy.

Brought me right back to that place you get to when you first discover something really great...

Yeah, so, thought I'd share. Think I'll devote an entry to Rent in a few minutes... gonna try and sleep, but it's doubtful.

I really should sleep, but my mind is all over the place and am not completely tired...


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