May. 11th, 2006 03:03 am
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I did it.

Three ten-second studies are written.


Once I turn them in, I will be done with college.

Oh, right now the overwhelming emotion is "THANK GOODNESS!"


OMG so going to bed. Cannot remember being this exhausted. Heh.
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Hm. You know what?

I totally need to stop thinking about the Pevensies (especially Peter), and Cedric Diggory, and Narnia and Harry Potter, and X-Men and Scott and Warren, and Hufflepuffs and Lions and tigers and bears, oh my. I need to stop letting fandom take over my brain.

What I need to focus on right now is Toni Morrison, and double-consciousness and literary criticism, and Norse mythology and medieval literature and picking a topic and finding resources and...


::bites lip::

Why won't photoshop open? What do you mean, error?


I mean, hello, Word!
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So, the header grows on me. Although the size is bothersome for some reason.

Maybe I'm just picky. ;)

I want to write those drabbles, and maybe write something substantial. I want to make a header and icons. I want to read fic.

I have a 10 page paper to draft for tomorrow. Draft, anyway. Which is a lovely word. But if I do that tonight, I won't be up all night Thursday which would be nice... Hmm. Have paper due Monday, too, that WON'T get done this weekend (even Sunday night) so I should tell myself THAT is due Friday.


Oh, and must choose topic for research paper due May 8th. Possibly something on the Norse Mythology we've been reading. Or Beowulf. Tons of stuff on him.

I would like to write on Robin Hood again, but we need to use the texts we've read for class. Bugger.

I also have four novels to read before finals week... which means I have two weeks.

But first, I think I will nap. And then be unproductive. =P And stay up all hours to write for tomorrow.

It's nice to know I can establish a sleeping pattern in three weeks... :)

Edit: Re-reading this, you would never know how I am not a slacker. And how on EARTH I managed to get a GPA like the one I have. Heh. Procrastination, I am your Queen.


Feb. 27th, 2006 09:27 am
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Right, so it's cold. IN the room. (This never happens. We have the heater on and can SMELL the heat, but not feel it. This is odd.)

Also, am dead tired and this will not change. Ugh.

And my internet is spastic and won't keep me on AIM. Hmph, fine then.

Katharine has two male friends coming up this weekend and asked Steph and I if they could sleep in our beds. O.o Uh.... say what?! First of all, neither Steph or I will be here. Second of all, holy bed issues, Batman! Third of all, we don't know these boys and have never met them. Fourth of all, Katharine is mad at us. Last I checked she was being immature and not talking to me, so wtf? Seriously. And fifth of all, they have a FUTON. IN THEIR ROOM. ?!

And now how do Steph and say "Dear gods, NO!" to her when we're already in a rocky place with her. Erg. And how do you say no to something like that without coming across as a total bitch?

But how do you even ASK something like that?! Seriously. It's our BEDS. And our room, which we would then have to leave UNLOCKED all weekend. Uh, not likely, I rather like my possessions.


And my to-do list just keeps growing and I'd love to freeze time. >.<

-Read a 30 page essay for my Toni Morrison class at 11 TODAY so I can lead a discussion on it. Or sound like I've read it.

-Read The Canterbury Tales for class TODAY at 2:20. Just in case we get a random quiz, as we keep being threatened. >.<

-Read The Assistant by Bernard Malamud. Currently on page 16. Need to read to the end (pg. 246) by TOMORROW at 11 am.

-Write a "talk" about Morris Bober and his relationship with his daughter, Helen, as well as his contributions to the novel. Need ~2 pages of notes to hand in. Talk to be given TOMORROW at 11 am.

-Write a 6 (not 5) page paper on a Toni Morrison book we've read for WEDNESDAY at 11. Meet with professor about it and turn in said paper by Friday at 5 pm.

THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN A DAY! And I'm already sleep deprived, and feeling like I'm coming down with the plague. (Would not be surprising. Everyone else has it. Urgh.)

At least after Wednesday I can sleep?
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Randomly, Eric Brown is the best professor ever. Really. I adore him.

Sharing some amusing moments from class this week, because I can and honestly? I may be the only one who laughs at these. It might be a 'you had to be there' sort of deal.

But my geeky little literary heart is amused.

From my Medieval Lit class; this week, we are discussing Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and previously, it was Beowulf.

Eric Brown-isms:

speaking for the Green Knight: "It's not like I came in here and pulled a Grendel!"

"Blah, blah, blah, the Green Knight uncovers his neck so he can be beheaded..." ::pauses, looks up at us:: "Isn't that nice and accomodating of him?"

"It's a soccer game; everyone kicking his head around. I mean, picture that. Is there a better way to decorate for Christmas? You've got a green head spouting red blood!"

"Woody Allen says comedy=tragedy+time." ::there is a very long silence:: "I'm not at all sure why or how that's relevant. Free association time, everyone!"

"...until Gawain himself is, for lack of a better word, tweaked." ::pauses:: "There was definitely a better word."

talking to our group about our discussion question: "So, yes, I believe this question regarding the pentagram is the most pointed." ::clearly waits for a reaction from us:: "Oh, come on, that was a perfect pun. In fact, I'm writing that down so I can use it in May term..."

"Now, I think I mentioned xenia last class. Did I?" ::blank stares from us:: "Apparently not. Okay. We haven't discussed xenia? We're sure?" ::more silence:: "Apparently we are. Well, I say we, but I mean you, because I'm not sure at all, apparently." (and gets sidetracked)

back on track: "Have we talked about xenia? It's the greek word from which we get 'xenophobia'... but not Xena. No warrior princesses involved. Unless they're very good hostesses."
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My mentor teacher just called me! =D I miss her.

She wants me to find 5 UMF students to help keep score at the Maine Geography Bee in March, because she wants to "save" me for the finals, because-and I quote: "I want you to do the finals because I need to know the person scoring that can handle it. And I want to keep you on reserve just in case anything comes up during the other rounds."

=D Squee! And every so often I feel about 5 again, because a little pat on the head does wonders for me. Cue Sally Field-"She likes me! She really likes me!"

I knew she did, but the reaction is there just the same. As is the bounciness and the joy I felt when I heard her voice. I didn't know I missed her as much as I do.

Sigh. I knew I missed the kids...

Who apparently also miss me, especially one girl. Who managed to trick my mentor into giving her my email and so now has me on MSN messenger and talks to me all the time. I don't always get to talk to HER, since I'm never at the computer when she is, but... it's nice. And apparently when I *do* talk to her, she goes into school and tells everyone she can make listen to her about it.

I feel so cool. I'm the cool teacher. Dude. I mean, I remember hanging all over my 6th grade teacher and *her* intern? Dude. Was all over her. LOVED her.

...I AM her!! Or was. Sigh.

BUT!! I will be a chaperone on their field trip this June! ::dances::

I think I'll end here with a minor complaint. OW. Theanna, I think my back is having sympathy pains. Right shoulder blade, eh? >.< All tight and ow. As is my lower back, but THAT is related to something I can't do anything about, save, you know, early menopause.

So, gonna curl up and whine now. Oo, wine would be nice. Too bad we have none. And we're an of-age room! We could have all the alcohol we wanted and could FLAUNT it and nobody could touch us!!


Yeah, welcome to the land of procrastination. I am its Queen.

Although! I went through all my syllabi and wrote down every assignment for the whole semester in my planner!! And then I HIGHLIGHTED it! I color-coordinated!

...yet somehow I still think I will fall behind and pull all nighters in futile attempts to save my eternal academic soul.

Ah well!

Dinner is a Chinese Festive Meal tonight. GAG me. I've got to talk the girls out of that... Now, REAL chinese food... yum. School chinese? NO.

And I wrote a fic! I just need to go over it and title it and have it checked out. =D ::bounces::

Now I should go read.

Also, I HATE my world film class, but it's too late to add/drop without jumping through hoops so I'll have to suck it up. The movie wasn't terrible, but the rest of the class is. Guh. Stupid pretentious film prof. Who made me buy at $50 book that's smaller than some of my Literature novels.

Gotta love it.

I cleaned off my car today and the doors opened! And the engine started! I count my blessings. AND I listened to music on headphones while doing it, and I should so remember to do that more often. Made crossing campus MUCH nicer.

And despite wanting to curl into the fetal position, I have been roped into going to a step aerobic class tonight at 7:15 with the girls. Why are we suddenly gym groupies? This seems so random and different. Not that I'm complaining, I doubt I'd go if it were just me. But. Out of nowhere this semester. And closing my window, the air is FREEZING.

Edit: Oh, crap. Totally forgot I was silly enough to sign up for [livejournal.com profile] omniocular's January challenge, which means I have to write something about Ernie MacMillan and the Fat Friar by, oh, Tuesday. And get it beta'd and posted and sent. O.o Riiiight.

I need to find my Harry Potter place again, and I wonder how bad it would be if that fic wound up being more about Cedric than my 2 given characters? >.< Probably not the point.


Jan. 25th, 2006 05:33 pm
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I have one word for today.


So, having missed 2 of my classes today, going to my 3rd and final. As it's a film class and we're watching Tokyo Story (because apparently the professor has a love affair with Japan)... I'm not stressing over having to think.

Cause, yeah, ow.

I never get these things. WTF, seriously. Note the icon.

AND class goes from 6-9, so I'll miss the very beginning of LOST. Which is, like, the most important part.

I weep.

So, off to the snack bar to get a smoothie and snacks for said movie, then to class.

Steph gave me ibuprofen and it's helped, but still achy.

I whine.
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So, it's been a day. Good one, actually.

I wore my new outfit today, with my awesome new jeans that actually look good on me. This is a minor miracle.

Wore eye make-up, too, like with the liner and mascara and all. Got the eye-shadow made especially for your eye color a while ago, and I love it, so I got the other stuff this weekend. Got compliments from my friends! This is nice!

It snowed, and we needed it. If you don't get enough snow in winter, it throws of the environment for the rest of the year. And we had none. So, snow. Which made the roads horribly icky.

I did my homework!

In fact, am 3/5ths through The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thorton Wilder and it's actually quite good. Depressing as hell, since every section is about a person who died when a bridge fell, but.... good. Making me introspective, though, which is not good if I want to write something with dialogue and action. ;)

Still have a TON to do, but will do that tomorrow.

Highlight of my day was my evening. Went to the gym! I *never* do that. Seriously.

But the roomie asked me to be her yoga buddy tonight at 7, and I thought, heck, why not?

So I went outside my comfort zone and tried yoga and it was *really* nice. I impressed Steph *and* me with how much I was able to do and how quickly I picked it up.

THEN, at 8, I stayed and 4 of my friends came and the 5 of us took a DANCING class!!

=D SO awesome.

We learned the steps and then got in a circle with partners and got to be both the man and the woman (since there were 27 girls and 2 boys) and danced in a circle. Which led to many a traffic jam and it was great, no one had a clue.

We did the foxtrot, and SWING, and the Charleston (OMG, exhausting!! That was our cardio, we were told), and the salsa (which I suck horribly at) and the waltz.

I was at the gym for 2 and a half hours. O.o

And I had FUN. And plan on making this a Monday night tradition.... I baffle me.

And now am talking with my girls and planning to write! (or plan for writing...) Life is good.

Now if only my back would stop aching and reminding me that I don't normally put it through such torture... ;) It's pain, but it's not a *bad* pain, per se...


Jan. 23rd, 2006 01:29 pm
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Feeling a tad overwhelmed. Where are all the hours in a day?!

Breathe. In and out.


-So, read half of The Bridge of San Luis Rey for class at 11 am tomorrow.

-Practice piano for class at 1:50.

-Read The Bluest Eye for Wednesday at 11. Write 2 page reaction paper.

-Watch a foreign film and analyze 10 seconds of it; write 5 page paper on those 10 seconds for Wednesday at 6.

-Finish The Bridge of San Luis Rey for Thursday at 11.

-Have practiced and polished a piece to preform in piano class at 1:50 on Thursday.

Hyperventilate now.

Tonight's agenda, apparently:

-Class 2:25-3:40
-At some point, rewatch Grey's Anatomy with the roomie.
-Dinner, at some point after 5.
-Go straight to the Health and Fitness Center, where we will walk/play/something.... until 8 pm. ETA: Come back to the room, do homework!
-At 8 pm, take the Swing dance excercise class that is apparently starting tonight.
-Back here to watch 2 frickin' hours of the "Bachelor"... I think this show should only be an hour. I lose interest after that.
-Talk with Theanna and possibly Ariel online.
-I'd like to write.

And somewhere in there read my ass off. And watch a foreign movie. And practice the piano. Which means going practically downtown to Merrill, and to the 3rd floor to the piano lab. Unless I practice in front of everyone on the crappy, horridly tuned piano in the main lounge of this building. Hmm.

Yeah, went to the lounge. Where half the keys don't even make noise. BUT it serves the purpose of letting me practice remembering which keys are which and where they are and hey! That note on the paper is this key right here! =P


I'd better go read until heading out at 2:10....

Also, it is snowing. A lot. And will continue to do so.
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Yeah, the flood I mentioned? Happened in December of 2003, and here are some pictures, just because )

Yeah, so the water's even higher than that now. And has way more ice chunks in it. And is now freezing over across the field...
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Wow. Talk about a wicked week.

Let's see, I spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday in a perpetual portfolio panic (woo! alliteration!). We're talking up till 4 or 5 am and getting an average of 3 hours of sleep. We're talking anal retentiveness to the nth degree.

We're talking re-doing the tabs on the dividers so the font matched the font on the section headers.


BUT! My portfolio is a work of art. And gorgeous. And scrapbooked! And everyone loves it. My supervisor loved it. This makes me happy.

4 years of work compiled into 1 2" binder? Not too shabby, either.

Yeah, so Tuesday was P-Day. Portfolio Fair day, that is. Mom, my grandmother and Ryan came up. Lissa wound up coming, too, with her baby just because she wanted to go to the bookstore, but she came.

As did SO MANY of my friends and people I had practicum with! It was very nice. AND my professor I took Intro to EDU with my first semester of college came, as did my practicum supervisor. Who I adore. And apparently he knew I was student teaching so he kept visiting my Student Teaching supervisor to see how I was doing. Heee. :) And he had very nice things to say.

Then Wednesday was my Exit Interview, which meant Tuesday I was up working on my unit... until 3 am, and up at 7. But it was Early Release and I left at 10 for my interview, and my mentor said I didn't have to come back because we were working on report cards that we had finished. So Wednesday was great.

We drank Wednesday night. =D (But not enough to get a hangover! Then again, I've never done that.)

Thursday, taught. Good day. Thursday night... Holiday Festive Meal in the dining hall! Christmas party with the girls!! =D It was great. Anne gave me a framed picture of the whole group of us. Jenna made all 3 of us who are graduating this year collages of photos... Steph gave me a little angel that said "cherished friend..."

Then Steph, Tina and I went to see RENT.

Which I adore more and more every time. And Tina adores it as well, which is huge because a year ago she NEVER would have even looked twice at. But she is in love with Joanne. Has a WICKED crush on her. This cracks me up. She wouldn't stop talking about RENT and asking me to play songs so I made her cds for Christmas.

And now, having seen it, Steph also loves it. More, she says, than Phantom. Which is huge for Steph.

And... she is OBSESSED with Roger. I'm playing Adam Pascal's cds right now because she wanted to hear his voice. We have put Roger on our hot guy door of DOOM. (We put Mark up, too, for me.)

So, yeah, Steph's new obsession with Roger is so amusing me. Cause I've obsessed over Adam Pascal for YEARS. And now have moved on to Mark. But... it's funny.

She said "hello, Roger" when we got back from Pizza Hut tonight. :) We thought about going again tonight but... it's frickin' wicked cold out, yo. And snowy.

And in Pizza Hut, she turned to me and said "Will I lose my dignity?"

I said, "Will someone care?" and everyone else looked at us like we were crazy.

...I just caught her googling RENT. The broadway site plays music and her first comment? "That's not Roger!!... well, it's not the REAL Roger." And now she's listening to the movie soundtrack online (or clips, rather).

I am oh-so-amused.

And today it snowed, right? All of southern Maine shut down, pretty much. My school dismissed at 12:30... which is far less fun when you are a teacher than it is when you're a student, btw. Hmph.

So, no going home tonight for me.

And Mom fell outside the credit union, and Ryan was with her, luckily.

She fell and broke her arm. She cracked that ball that sits on your shoulder joint--her right arm, her bad arm anyway.

And she hurts, and they couldn't even cast it. =( And it's her right arm, and she can't use it at all, so she'll have to take time off work... Oi. And right before Christmas, too.

Things are interesting. I feel so bad for Mom... like she needs any MORE pain on top of her arthritis. Sigh.

But, yes, thrilled beyond thrilled that portfolios and units and lesson plans are done! =D Now, just to teach for another week. Which I can SO handle!

I need to find a way to balance Cedric and Mark in my brain. Unfortunately, neither of them are very pushy characters, which means they don't shove around in my brain, either. (And doesn't THAT sound schizophrenic?)

All right, off to look up fics until Steph decides she wants to watch TV and drags me away. (She stayed because of snow, too.)


Nov. 27th, 2005 04:24 pm
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Back at school.

Desperately do not want to be. Sigh.

Wrestling with myself for not doing ANYTHING productive during break, and the To Do list is hanging over my head...

I have zero motivation. And a good internet connection.

This is torture. Ack.

I'm hungry, where is my roomie? Dinner time, Steph! =P

Yeah, I feel peevish. And annoyed.

And if I've got senioritis this bad right now, how bad will it be next semester when I only have classes to worry about and not my entire future teaching career?


...on the upside, I can get a radio station in my room! This is astonishing and miraculous, especially as it's the station I want.
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You Are 10% Boyish and 90% Girlish

Even if you're not a girl, you're very feminine.
You're in touch with your feelings, and your heart rules you.
A bit of a emotional roller coaster, one moment you're up and the next you're down.
But no matter what, you try to be as cute and perky as possible.

Cute and perky? Are those words people would actually use for me? Like... when asked to list descriptive words, those two would top the list?

Yikes. It must have been the "powerful" vs. "cute" car question. There was no "ecologically friendly" or "practical/good in snow and ice" option, so I went with cute! ^.^ (eek, that smiley is cute!)


I have a student questionaire to analyze and make into pretty graphs and write a paper on before tomorrow at 2, and the fact that I'm gone from 6 am to 4 pm means... well, gotta do that tonight.

Do you know how much it SUCKS that my printer won't work? I HATE it with the fury of a million burning suns. Going supernova. I have been tempted to kick the damn thing and shove it off the desk. As I just bought $60 worth of ink, the idea that I may never use that ink TRULY pisses me off.

Am I still cute and perky?
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Oo, totally stealing a meme from [livejournal.com profile] _dundee_kisses... cause I'm a geek and love the English language. Heh.

English Language Survey )

That was fun!

Btw, do not enjoy Farmington House of Pizza pizza. Ick. I had to use three paper towels to dab the grease off before I could even try eating it, and there was still grease. Ick.

And Numbers (Numb3rs, excuse me) started tonight. I am annoyed. Terry is no longer on the show. Grr. Whatever, I wound up distracted and will watch it later at some point.

I watched Phantom of the Opera with the girls tonight, and it was unanimous that Raoul was supposed to get the girl and the Phantom was crazy. And the person most interested and entranced by the movie? KATIE, who hates music that is not rap or hip hop, and who likes sports movies and action movies more than "chick flicks." Ha. (Also, very fun and nice to hang out with her and the other girls tonight. Haven't done that all semester! Oi.)

What was also fun was when I was oogling Zorro!Phantom during "Point of No Return," and pointing out his lovely tight!pants, Katie went "whoa! her sleeve! It was there... and now it's not!" and she told us if we could oo and ah over the men, she could oogle Christine. Which just sent us into hysterics and then we all started checking Christine out, too. Just to make Katie turn red. We kept yelling "collapsible bodice!" whenever a sleeve fell. Which is often. Fun game!
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Well, sort of. Moved in, mostly unpacked... Then came home for a night or two. Heh. Ah well, no one's there anyway, yet.

Moved in early due to Student Teaching Orientation, which was yesterday, and intimidating. I know I will be fine. And it will be fun... but yikes. 157 page handbook in a binder. Just... yeah. Get me in the classroom, please, and I'll be fine.

We got new furniture!!!!! Since freshman year, our dorm has been "next in line" for new furniture, and it HAPPENED!! LOFT beds!!! DUDE! I had mine raised so it's at SHOULDER-LEVEL! And!! The furniture MOVES!! The desk and dresser aren't bolted to the wall!! I'm so happy and excited I can't take it.

And we have new windows and curtains, too, so we won't freeze or wake the entire hall when opening the window! =D

On the other hand... the internet. ::whines::

Yeah, so, every year we have to go to the website and agree to the terms before we can use the internet on campus. Well, now we have to download this antivirus thing, which is good, as it's great, and free... but we have to remove all other antivirus stuff first...

But my computer is stoopid. And it wouldn't let me remove the antivirus I downloaded from the Dell people. Something didn't work right in the uninstall, and it said, "go to the website for help."

Right, except the only webpage that works at school is the school site. So I had to bring the computer home to remove that. And did. (I hope.) But now I have to be at school again to install the ResNet thingy.

Oi. Computers. I don't like them.

On the other hand, I am a cool nerd. )
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Well, such is the story of my life, I suppose. I have a ton of homework and it's the second day of the semester... Fun, fun. Yet what am I doing? Setting up a LJ for my fics and stories... because I am a closet-ficcer, I have decided. And want a fic journal. So ha! Here it is. Too many college friends have my other LJ friended for me to freely express my fic love.... ::smirk:: Ha. Well, whatever. Just messing around right now.... I'd better go read for my Special Ed class, or my Teaching Social Science class... or write my "What does it mean to be an American?" response... Oi.

As a side-note, I really feel like writing. And am happy, for I have a writing class starting Monday... Yay, except I've never been workshopped... ah well. It'll be good. I'll HAVE to write.


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