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Um. Note to those I coerced into playing [ profile] penknife's "I Never..." challenge... those would be due April 5th.

Which I just realized is TOMORROW. O_O (Boy, I'm a smart one.)

And it's snowing a very wet snow and I had outdoor recess duty today. Blah.

Also, had a story idea on the way to work but a day of math ed teching drove it from my brain and it makes me sad. I need a tape recorder or something.


BTW, the [ profile] summers_fling fics I've read thus far are BEYOND amazing. Just... really wow. Especially the one for me! Bearings by [ profile] ion_bond. OMG, it's got a very young (set in 1985), *blind* (as in pre-ruby quartz) Scott Summers and ERIK LEHNSHERR and BRAILLE.

Yes, you heard that combination correctly. Also, there is a mention of an Atari screen. How much LOVE is that?

I wish I had more time to just READ these fics, but I do have to, you know, write another story. =P Plus there's the whole have-a-life thing. (A what now?)

I think, after [ profile] yuletide and [ profile] summers_fling, it's safe to say that I ADORE ficathons, despite the last-second panic. Which, you know, is my own fault for apparently working best under pressure.

Here's hoping that works for my "I Never..." fic. Heh. >_<

I'm incredibly happy with how my [ profile] summers_fling fic turned out, given the amount of flailing I did over it and how much I HATED it on Sunday afternoon--you can ask my mother, who got to hear how much it sucked when I was helping make dinner. She has no idea what I was talking about, but was very sympathetic. [ profile] zoe_chan put up with my AIM flailing with the usual grace and minimal eye-rolling, complete with statements of "you do not suck." ;)

Also, I'm a geek, but I think I'll save the reason why for another post.


Also, have fallen deeply and madly in love with Superboy. Dammit, Kon. And Tim. But I already loved Tim, so this is not news. My Kon love isn't news now, either, not to poor [ profile] zoe_chan and [ profile] xenokattz. Although I blame Katt for this *anyway* because she's the Super-Fan, and I've always been a Bat-Fan. And I blame my Tim-love on [ profile] zoe_chan, because... well. Why not? ;) (And I thought I was *SAVING* my professions of geekiness?)

On this note, I have a rec of IMMENSE AWESOMESAUCE POWER. LIKE OMG. I flailed at [ profile] zoe_chan over IM all night when I read it (and stayed up until 2:30 to do so), even though she was sleeping, and I emailed Katt and. Yeah. I think I had multiple geekgasms. (Which is a term you KNOW I've been dying to say.)

The Way I Was Made by [ profile] hackthis

It is Superman Returns meets Smallville meets the Teen Titans v. 3 (DC comicverse). And it's GOOD. REALLY good. It's adult, and slash, but seriously awesome in so many ways. Basic idea? Jason White is Kon-El.

No, *so* not joking. Complete with Lex Luthor DNA. You'd think it'd be crack, and it IS, but it's the GOOD crack.

I know enough of each verse to make loud, high-pitched noises when I recognized things--like BART, and STEPH, and the shades of Jason Todd that Jason White exhibits, and the incredible mention of the Narrows made me fall over because that makes it Batman Begins verse, as well. GUH. This is like the crossover to end all crossovers, AND IS WELL-WRITTEN.

AND it does right by Richard White, which we all know is MAJOR for me (or we should know). Because Jason has three dads, but he only calls Richard "dad."

The author's Jason voice is amazing, and so Kon-like that at first it's a stretch to think of little Jason White in SR as this college student with such blazing sarcasm and wit, but then it all makes sense.

Calculus isn't the same as 2 + 2 = 4, though, and Jason's not too sure how he's going to take care of his math requirement without bribery and blackmail.

Remarks like that are his inner Luthor coming out, which is a big joke with his dad, but Clark doesn't really tend to laugh about it very much. When Clark is all uptight, Jason reminds him that he's a genetically created baby, who was implanted in his mom while she was kidnapped on assignment. It took three men and two women just to get him into college.

Jason's bound to be a little warped; Clark should just accept it.

DUDE. Jason. Kon-El. MADE OF WIN. (I wish *I* had thought of this.) =D

Plus, hello, there is Tim/Jason-who-is-Kon, which, you know, is like icing on the cake.


One of my students from when I taught sixth grade last year has my MSN and her screenname is currently "Dang my extremely loud internal monologue!" Oh, sweety, I love how much you are a geek. ♥


So... any plot bunnies want a home? Hit me with 'em.

(Wait, what am I doing? I must be mad.)
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Title: Mark the Music
Written for [ profile] summers_fling
Recipient: [ profile] michan17
Disclaimer: None of this is mine, especially various songs and characters. Anything recognizable belongs to better people than me.
Warnings/Rating: No warnings, rated PG.
Length: ~1,900 words.
Recipient’s request: Dry humor (from Scott), Scott/Jean, music
Author’s note: Thanks to [ profile] zoe_chan for beta-reading, offering encouragement and hand-holding. Movieverse with comicverse influences, and a heaping spoonful of X-3 denial, particularly where Warren is concerned. He was very vocal about that.

Summary: If someone were to make a soundtrack for Scott’s life, these are six songs that would be on it.


The music in my heart I bore
Long after it was heard no more.

-"The Solitary Reaper," William Wordsworth

There goes my hero / he's ordinary.

Feedback is ♥. Love me?
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Beyond the fact that it will only take 6 3 more plays to put "Liberty Valance" on my 25 most-played list, I am pathetic.

Because I was thinking "Jimmy Stewart is in this movie."

This led to ZOMG! Scott Summer's favorite actor is Jimmy Stewart! I bet he's seen this movie!



I need a life. Or someone to talk to, because everyone has away messages up!! ::pokes her buddy list::

Instead, I spam my LJ.

And shut up, okay, I made some icons, whatever...
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Okay, I am a horrid person and missed this when it was posted.

But I have several Tonks fans on my list, and as I loved it, here!

Go read Clumsy Changeling: Chameleon by [ profile] scribophile!!

Read it now! It's Tonks at age 5, and brilliant.

(As it was written for [ profile] everyfiveyears, starting at age 5 is a good thing. ;) Heee!)

Since I missed it, others may also have--that and not all my Tonks-admiring fans are members of that comm.

Liberty Valance makes me want to write a Western fic now. Or something grand and epic, anyway, involving lawmen and outlaws and cowboys and pirates.

Shut up, I'm sure pirates could work their way in.

Possibly Mexican war heroes, too. And Gene Pitney.

No, Hugh JackmanLogan as the singing minstrel, playing Gene Pitney. And James MarsdenScott the lawman. Dude, the sherriff.

OMG, I must stop. Work on a fic, Sara, and stop listening to this song. (1715 more plays before it makes song 25...)

I totally need some more fun icons...
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So, I can NOT stop listening to this song. It's ridiculous.

See, earlier I listed several of my favorite Cary Grant movies, so I went to to make of list of ones I wanted to rent, and I then looked up Jimmy Stewart (I seem to be incapable of calling him "James," despite that being his name...), and I saw the name of one of his movies and I thought "hmm, that's a song, let me go find it!"

And I did.

And now? Can NOT stop playing the damn thing. It's addictive. I mean, I've heard it before, but... um. Now it's in my iTunes and my prediction is by the time I go to bed it will be well into my Top 25 most played list.

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Yes, that's right. Gene Pitney.

Good lord, I'm addicted. I'm not even a huge fan of westerns!

And I realized how obsessive I am this afternoon.

I saw Scott Summers on a motorcycle in Portland.


Beige dress pants, blue dress shirt, on a very loud motorcycle--but wearing a helmet. The way he was weaving in and out of traffic and breaking all sorts of speeding laws kind of negated the math-teacher look. ;)

And then I realized that no, I could not be seeing Scott Summers on a motorcycle, because why would Scott be in Maine?


I do, in fact, realize that he is a fictional character. This did not stop my double-take.

So, because I have many James Marsden fans on my flist, and because I love him too, and the transition has been made...


Because it's James Marsden. Singing.

Which is almost as good as Hugh Jackman, singing. I think they should sing a duet.

...Now, thanks to Liberty Valance, I keep picturing Scott Summers in a ten-gallon hat. And somehow Harry Potter is there, too. It's a strange place, my mind.


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