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Oh, I have just amused myself FAR too much for... oh, maybe half an hour. I found a website that creates short stories mad-lib style. I was feeling silly, so I used Bruce and Richard and OMG.

Our shoulders were younger and we had a lot more fun with them. )

I'm sorry, but oh. I am amused. And the cool thing is, you can hit refresh and it will make you a brand new story with the same words you filled in.

I had fun with the refreshing.

Just then, a gloomy manticore leapt out from behind a llama and bit Richard in the shoulder. )

And just pieces of this one:

Richard, you incandescent manticore! )

Oh, and not posting all of this one, just the best part (which could be the best of them all):

Prince Richard was cursed. It was a long story. )


I... I... I think this one wins for the pure, undiluted power of CRACK:

Like the bats in the batcave, he pressed his hip into Richard's shoulder. )

Oh, someone needs to stop me. Really.

How could he expect Richard to love someone with an incandescent hip? )

And then it goes Shakespearean:

O, swear not by the llama, the cracktastic llama... )

I think the cracktastic llama wins all.

Besides, you can cover it up with a lamppost. )

And now I'm done. But oh, I've been laughing. I am so amused by these. ::snort:: Cracktastic llamas and incandescent hips and lemon-fresh shock!

I clearly need to get a life.
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Okay, so I go from not posting in several days to posting four times in one afternoon, but all these IM posts do come from TWO conversations--Wednesday and Thursday nights. So, um... not sure how, but that makes it better? Also, my mother is sick and I am taking care of her and thus spending my Saturday just sitting here. ;)

So, lately, I gave in to the voice in my head that was screaming DICK GRAYSON at me, and I revisited some of my comics. Which lead me to giving in to curiousity and finally reading Infinite Crisis.

Oh, DC. I love and hate you, all at once.

The hate? Well. >_< Superboy punched reality, didn't he? Which is entirely cracktastic and wonderful in that it's SO cracktastic, but it's also... horrid. ::shrug:: Also, not a fan of mindless death, but it's comics, right? Meh.

The love? Well.

I've mentioned that I've been in love with Dick Grayson since I was seven, right? ;) And the whole screwed up father-son relationship between him and Bruce is one of my favorite things, EVER, and Infinite Crisis? Was chockful of it.

I was planning on posting about this eventually, but [ profile] zoe_chan and I got chatting and I wound up explaining it all via IM, so I'm gonna just copy/paste, rather than retype. ;)

But first! I was chatting and this exchange occurred:

Me: Well, Dick kind of spiraled into this wacky emo drama king full of WOE and DOOOOM.
[ profile] zoe_chan: I don't really see Robin as emo.
Me: No, but Nightwing is.

And prompted me to give a quick and extensive off-the-top-of-my-head history of Dick Grayson, former Boy Wonder. ;)

Note: This was all utterly off the top of my head, so forgive any inconsistencies. Also, while I have read a fair amount of Nightwing, I also read a lot of Wiki. ;) Also, my grasp of DC timelines--especially after both Crises--is handwavy at times.

Another note: I really did gloss over a LOT of details and if you want more, check out Wikipedia, at LEAST. ;) I actually know more than this lets on, if you can believe that. I am completely aware that much more went on than I managed to convey. I could probably talk for several hours about Dick, AND the people around him. Contrary to what I might let on, I know a LOT more about the DCU than I do about the X-Men. And, sacriledge that it is, my love for Dick may be EVER SO SLIGHTLY more than my love for Scott, which, ACK!! So WRONG!

Wherein I discuss the Life and Times of Dick Grayson, introduce Roy Harper, discuss the original Teen Titans, quote a lot of Infinite Crisis and Nightwing and generally am a HUGE comics geek. )

So, yeah. I think that covers everything I could possibly want to say about Infinite Crisis, Bruce as an Emotionally Constipated Father Figure, the Batclan, the Titans, and why Dick is, indeed, emo these days.

ETA, 3/2/07: D'oh! I read this over now and I think "wait, no, I was WRONG!" Because now I've done far more research on the Teen Titans and oh. It's not bad as a picture of what I knew, but now I know more. So forgive me. =P
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Okay, so this subbing thing? Is really, seriously strange. Just because I'm subbing in the schools I attended and I keep running into teachers I had and...

Example: In third grade, my teacher's classroom was in a portable, and our class and the teacher next door would switch for science and social studies--so MY teacher taught all social studies and the teacher next door taught all science. My brother had that next door teacher when he went through school.

I team-taught with that teacher on Thursday and Friday. Mr. S (we'll call him) wanted me to call him by his first name.


And then he said "You have to go see Sue and say hi!" REFERRING TO MY THIRD GRADE TEACHER.

It's all too much. I cannot call these people by their first names. It's wrong on every possible level.

What was amusing was listening to my fourth grade teacher and my art teacher introducing me to one of the other teachers and practically interrupting each other to do so.

"This is my baby!" (I'm not kidding, this is what my fourth grade teacher called me.) "She was in my class--"
"I went to high school with her mother!"
"She went to my college!"
"I was roommates with her aunt in college!"

Also, do you have any idea how WEIRD it was to eat in the teacher's room of my old school? I stepped in and expected to be yelled at!

Anyway, yeah, so I subbed 3 days this week and just now the sub caller called and I have jobs lined up for Monday, Tuesday and Friday and she'll call me if she gets requests for the other two days.

This is looking good for my wallet, but not so good for my continued sanity, as I ENTER A TIME WARP when I enter these buildings!

Also, I made an 80s playlist because [ profile] aradiachiba made me, and then decided I needed a playlist with all the music I have from the 1990s.

All except the broadway music, with the exception of certain songs from RENT and Disney movies, because I CAN'T think about the 90s without "Be A Man" playing in my brain--certain people know why.

248 songs, 17 hours and 18 minutes (exactly) later... I think I need more 90s music. ;) Let's just say I've been listening since Saturday and I've barely gotten halfway through.

I ♥ the 90s. Except I'd never relive them EVER.

On a random side-note, I just read a freaking AWESOME fic involving Dick Grayson and Roy Harper. ::is so beyond happy::

DC, you are so absolutely crazy that Superboy's reality punching is starting to MAKE SENSE TO ME. Somehow I think that's wrong.
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Today's [ profile] fannish5: Who are your five favorite sidekicks?

This IM might put things into perspective:

Lady_Sarai: dude, fannish5: Who are your five favorite sidekicks?
Lady_Sarai: I am so playing.
aradiachiba: hmm...
aradiachiba: I dunno how I'd answer that...
Lady_Sarai: no?
aradiachiba: nope
Lady_Sarai: I love me my sidekicks.
aradiachiba: I know you do
aradiachiba: ::pats you and your sidekick harem::
Lady_Sarai: O_O

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

So, uh, yeah.

Here are the top 5 members of my Sidekick Harem:

1. Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, who was once the original Robin to Bruce Wayne's Batman and therefore totally counts as a sidekick, even if he IS all grown up and a hero on his own now. And rocks in Every. Possible. Way.

Not even exaggerating a little there.

I should also let it be known that my first ever crush was on Robin, thank you Batman: The Animated Series.

2. Ron Weasley, because while I adore Hermione and Neville and everyone else... it's Ron. I have always had great Ron-love.

3. Samwise Gamgee, who is everything a sidekick should be and then some. ♥ Sam.

4. George O'Malley, Izzie Stevens, Cristina Yang and Alex Karev, the Grey's Anatomy interns. Not that they're *precisely* sidekicks, as I think they're main characters, but the show *is* named after Meredith Grey, and these four are her family. I just adore these people. Alex has particularly grown on me in massive ways. :) I just love when Meredith and Izzie used to go lie in bed with George when they were in bad moods. I miss that.

And I am not cheating, you can't have one of these guys without the others. (And Miranda Bailey is too much of the awesome to be a sidekick. She's the Nazi.)

5. Xander Harris, best friend of Willow Rosenberg and Buffy Summers. Xander saved the world, yo. YELLOW CRAYON. I adore Xander.

That was fun. And I am wiped out.

At some point, I will totally post about how I have now read DC's Infinite Crisis and... I adore it. I blame Batman and Nightwing, I do. Although mentioning that Superboy punched reality will never get old.

But speaking of, anyone have any DC recs for me? Specifically Nightwing oriented? (See sidekick 1)

I'm a sucker for Dick Grayson. I suppose there are some things you never outgrow. (Seriously, I was maybe seven, and totally crazy about him.)
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Well, he did. Then [ profile] aradiachiba, [ profile] zoe_chan and I started chatting.

You should all know this is bound to go post-modern.

[ profile] aradiachiba: I have pomegranite vodka
[ profile] lady_sarai: ooooooooo
[ profile] aradiachiba: and black currant vodka
[ profile] zoe_chan: I have all sorts of liquors
[ profile] lady_sarai: I have..... none.
[ profile] zoe_chan: aww!
[ profile] lady_sarai: ::shifty eyes:: I should call Superboy.
[ profile] aradiachiba: you should
[ profile] aradiachiba: he could fracture some reality for you
[ profile] lady_sarai: he can punch reality and get me liquor.
Reality punching doesn't get any realer than punching reality. )

Immediately after this, my iTunes began playing "They're Coming To Take Me Away" and I got paranoid.

When in doubt, just remember:

Superboy punched reality.


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