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Heard on the radio this afternoon--the DJ said "Remember--love is a battlefield. Wear Kevlar."

Then he played the song. I love my radio station.

A commercial for Enbrel (which my mom used to take until it stopped working): "I knew Rheumatoid Arthritis was painful, but I didn't know it could attack my joints."

The hell? ....WTF kind of Rheumatoid Arthritis do *YOU* have, lady? O_o *is baffled*

So, [ profile] zoe_chan and I watched Heroes and kept a running IM commentary.

Spoilers and flailing, ahoy! )

If that made sense to you, I commend you! ;)

My last day with my second graders. I shall miss them.

Also--NorEaster this weekend?! O_O Oh, FUN. (At least it's rain?)

I need a Heroes icon. Hmmm, but who?
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I may or may not have rediscovered my Man Who Shot Liberty Valance kick. Song-wise. Just a warning.

Also, may do a running commentary of Grey's tonight if I don't get too caught up in watching to do so. ;)

I promise nothing coherent. )

GUH! I'm flailing.

I'm going to go write now. I'm going to write teenage woe and doom of the angst variety. Oh, boys. And possibly watch a movie, but probably just listen to music.

Whatever I intended on posting about had completely fled my brain, thanks to Grey's. This show is the good crack.
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So, [ profile] china_shop is running the Fandom Appreciation Challenge 2007, and today's challenge is to rec 5 fics written for challenges/exchanges.

Which means I get to revisit some AWESOME fics and squee!

5 recs of awesomesauce power in no particular order within--DC, HP, and Narnia )

American Idol? WHAT is going on with Paula--did she take crazy pills? And Simon wins for randomly pointing out that he likes puppies.

I'm so watching Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader because fifth-graders are smart, yo, and well... Schadenfreude, anyone? ;) (And I hope *I* am smarter than a 5th grader, as I hope to *teach* them!)

Trapezoids have four sides! I taught 4th grade geometry this fall. I know my quadrilaterals!

I plan on enjoying this show purely on the basis of the children, who will probably lose it when the adults blow easy answers. This will also prove that their parents cannot help them with homework. ;)
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Oh. >_<

Why am I watching American Idol again? It's like a trainwreck, but I can't stop. I like the later stages, but I *hate* the audition process and it takes weeks and weeks and NEVER ENDS.

I do like Simon. He says what everyone's thinking and too nice to say and while I'd hate to be on the receiving end of those things... yeah. He amuses me. I may or may not still be harboring a slight crush on this idiot. Guh.

I have nothing to say, but oh. It's painful when people actually have their feelings hurt and are upset when they fail. And sometimes I think... SERIOUSLY?!?! >_<

I could totally be writing instead of watching this. ...Or I could do both.
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ETA: OMG, this comic amuses me no end.

Halloween in Maine )

To amuse you, a conversation that totally did not happen precisely this way last night:

Me, trying (and failing) to unlock the car door: I couldn't get it in the hole!
[ profile] aradiachiba: [dissolves into giggles]
Me: I mean the key. I couldn't get the key in the hole. If I were a man, I'd suck at sex.
[ profile] aradiachiba: You suck at sex?!
Me: Yes. If I were a man, I would.
[ profile] aradiachiba: Oh, I thought you said you DID suck at sex.
Me: No, no, I'm the hole, not the key. If I were the key, I'd suck at sex. I'm the hole, so I don't suck at sex. If I were the key, I wouldn't want to have sex with myse--let's not touch that.
[ profile] aradiachiba: I think that's best.

And that totally did NOT lead to the phrase "suck at sex" being repeated ad nauseam until it sounded like "socket-sex," at which point the conversation did not completely die.

Dancing with the Stars is on, and has a Halloween theme! Hmm, interesting.

...Mario Lopez is TOTALLY wearing eyeliner. O_O Well. I didn't expect that to be this sexy. (HA! Anything Mario does/wears is sexy!)


Joey is doing the TANGO to "The Addams Family" theme song??


The eyeliner is REALLY working for me. Hooooooey.

We had precisely 6 doorbell rings, and less than 20 trick-or-treaters. ::sighs:: Here I am mourning my childhood. Although, one of my students said today "Ms. _________, where do you live? I'll come trick or treating at your house!" I said, "I live 40 minutes away from here." He said, "Oh. Well, maybe not, but I would if I could."

Halloween left me ABSOLUTELY BEYOND EXHAUSTED. OMG those kids were out of control today. We put together paper skeletons in science for our unit on the skeletal system, and it took two hours of the afternoon... so I'm glad I decided to switch that to BEFORE the mindless fun Halloween packet. ;) [ profile] aradiachiba helped me make and decorate cupcakes that I brought in. I hid them under my desk and somehow managed to get them out, around the desk and on the front table before any of the kids noticed. I was surprised!

Huh, so NaNoWriMo's FAQ says fanfic counts. That is, if I were to write 50,000 words on the Founders, that could count as completing Nano.


And a bit tempting, as all my original ideas seem to be hiding or physically avoiding me as best they can.

And Salazar and Helga won't shut up.


And yet, I feel like it's... cheating. In some vague, undefined sort of way.

Does that make sense?


I'm tired. Bed after the show. =P

NaNo decisions tomorrow, possibly when I'm writing. (HA!!)
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Oh my. What a TV night.

American Idol was possibly the most annoying and frustrating finale I have ever seen of any show. Note to producers: Dragging a finale out two hours to reveal the winner at 9:58 and go OVER? That's nice. And stupid. I have never been so disgusted and annoyed by two hours of television in my life.

Stupid 'Golden Idol' junk... )

OMG!!!! LOST!!!! (Utterly spoileriffic) )

Also, I wrote my first Narnia fic! And I'm quite pleased with it. ;) Check it out, if you haven't, because feedback makes me happy.

Put Aside Childish Things

It wound up being Susan's story, which surprised me because I've been so enthralled by Peter. But. =D

My roommate slept over! )

And now I'm tired and have a headache and THAT SHOW makes my brain hurt!!!
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American Idol killed my good mood.

Don't ask me about it. I might cry. ::glares::

I am not very happy with America tonight.

I haven't even the emotional energy to watch LOST yet! (Taped it. God bless the VCR.)


Three ten-second studies to go.

THEN I can read [ profile] minisinoo's new chapter! Wee! She's so addictive. ;)

But oh, how I would like sleep. How did I cram ALL THIS JUNK into my dorm room? Seriously, it's only HALF of a twelve x twelve foot room. I filled the mini-van. And have more things still left to bring home Saturday.

My bedroom here at home is SCARY. Organized, boxed, suit-cased and piled scary, but... scary.

I can't see my desk. The piles have obscured view of the hutch.

My cats think it's the greatest playground they've ever seen, though.

My brother informed me that my mini-fridge is now his, since he's leaving for college in the fall, and yeah, makes sense so he doesn't have to buy one, but somehow I had it in my mind that I might be able to have it in a classroom at some point in the future. Hmph.

I adore my roommate's fiancee.. he carried the fridge from the third floor to the van. :) Bless him.

I made umpteen million trips from the third floor to the van, and then drove two hours and made umpteen million trips unloading the van and carrying it all up to the second floor of my house.

I hate the moving in/out process. This is the last time I have to do it. Egads.

.... I really am depressed. Stupid reality shows.
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Oh! Oh!!

Dancing with the Stars finale!!!! Oh, I'm all aflutter! I do love this show and I am sorry it will be over. ::sigh:: No more watching Drew dance... I do love to watch that man move. :) And Stacy's awfully fun to watch, too. I wish I had her legs. (Ha, let's try her entire body. But I'd settle for the legs.)

In any case. Dancing! Wee!!

THEN Grey's Anatomy!! Which I am still angry about. So. Here's hoping Meredith redeems herself. And poor George... I love him ever so.

Yeah, it's official. I live in the Rent Room. Steph, Tina and I decided we couldn't watch the whole movie, but we'd watch our favorite songs... well, the problem is that they are ALL our favorites. And then we decided to watch the commentary on a few scenes and Steph and I got caught up in it and then we realized we'd been watching for an hour. Heh.

Yeah. So they are obsessed too, and this amuses me.

(But Steph said Mark can't dance and I got offended. Maybe he's spastic, yes, but he does have rhythm. He has to, listen to him sing. And everytime he jumps onto that table and starts spazzing out, I love him. And his crazy dancing. So there. But Steph is equally obsessed with Roger as I am with Mark, so...)

TV time!!! WEEEE!! (I love Sunday Nights.)
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Back to school tomorrow... Sigh.

It won't be bad, except I'll *MISS* my kitties!! And I'm not sure Chip will *ever* forgive me. Poor baby...

On that note, we have discovered that our cats are ridiculously silly boys.

Crazy boys... )

Why did I sign up for the [ profile] omniocular January challenge? Cause I have the Fat Friar and Ernie MacMillan and NO idea. Oi.

Also, stress level fell *tremendously* because my refund check *finally* showed up on my school bill. This is good. I can buy my books now.

God, I hate money. (Or I love it, but I hate not having any...)

And I *totally* wrote an entire ficlet while trying to fall asleep last night, but it was definitely completely in my head while lying down. So nothing on paper or the computer. And, obviously, can't remember a damn thing. Heh!

And I love Cold Case, even if they always leave me teary and sad. But I couldn't help giggling every time I saw Tracie Thoms tonight, and had to refrain from yelling "Joanne!" whenever she appeared onscreen. Amusing, anyway.

I love Lynette on Desperate Housewives. Really.

And ooo!!!! New Grey's Anatomy!!!!! SQUEE!!! I can't wait!

Well, FINE.

Jan. 8th, 2006 09:45 pm
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Damn it, let's make the night a REAL winner.

I forgot Desperate Housewives. And it's the first friggin' new episode in like a MONTH.

And stupid Grey's Anatomy is one of those stupid recap shows.

Oh, I'm pissed.

And Mom kept asking if there was something on we were forgetting, but I didn't think about it until about 5 minutes ago when Mom asked about GA.


On the other hand, I LOVE Cold Case, ya know? Even if it NEVER has a "happy" ending. But there is love anyway. And tonight? Bruce Springstein music.

I love the music on this show. Dude.

I need an angry or WTF icon, cause ARGH!!! >o< honestly.

Not even sure if watching the last 10 minutes is worth it, because it's meaningless without the whole episode and sometimes worse that way.

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Oo, totally stealing a meme from [ profile] _dundee_kisses... cause I'm a geek and love the English language. Heh.

English Language Survey )

That was fun!

Btw, do not enjoy Farmington House of Pizza pizza. Ick. I had to use three paper towels to dab the grease off before I could even try eating it, and there was still grease. Ick.

And Numbers (Numb3rs, excuse me) started tonight. I am annoyed. Terry is no longer on the show. Grr. Whatever, I wound up distracted and will watch it later at some point.

I watched Phantom of the Opera with the girls tonight, and it was unanimous that Raoul was supposed to get the girl and the Phantom was crazy. And the person most interested and entranced by the movie? KATIE, who hates music that is not rap or hip hop, and who likes sports movies and action movies more than "chick flicks." Ha. (Also, very fun and nice to hang out with her and the other girls tonight. Haven't done that all semester! Oi.)

What was also fun was when I was oogling Zorro!Phantom during "Point of No Return," and pointing out his lovely tight!pants, Katie went "whoa! her sleeve! It was there... and now it's not!" and she told us if we could oo and ah over the men, she could oogle Christine. Which just sent us into hysterics and then we all started checking Christine out, too. Just to make Katie turn red. We kept yelling "collapsible bodice!" whenever a sleeve fell. Which is often. Fun game!
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Okay, first off, totally spoiling it for anyone who didn't watch AFI's 100 Years 100 Quotes special tonight.

But I'm totally proud of myself for guessing it early on.

And it reminds me of Ariel... who I give about 2 seconds to guess what the # 1 quote is.

Yes, that's right.

"Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

:) Well chosen, in my book. Others from Gone with the Wind included "As God is my witness, I'll never go hungry again!" and "After all, tomorrow IS another day."

Made me think of you, sweety.

Also, DUDE!!!! Leik, OMG!!! THEANNA!!! ARIEL!!! EVERYONE!!!


They're making a sequel!!! DUDE!! What did I say? Did I not throw out my arms and proclaim "Door! Wide open!! Sequel!!" :D

I am beyond happy. Best of all? Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman have SIGNED!!! :D

Pardon my glee.

And the JOKER...

Okay, off to find some fics now. ::cough::

(Also, there is no Batman drabble community, did you know that? This upsets me. I'd like one. Or I'd like to find it and know how I've missed it.)

Interesting work news, Ariel and Theanna... email or call me if we don't connect tonight online... )

And, like my new icon? Made it in about 15 minutes. Ha, that's why it's not great... But it's fun anyway. :-P

Edit:But ack, I weep!!!! :( Alan Cumming won't be back for X-3!! NIGHTCRAWLER!!! I have to go mourn now....


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