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Um, I will regret this, but it's Saturday night and I'm bored. ;) Although possibly I will go to bed early, or, you know, actually read Eclipse. =P But--let's try this.

Timestamp meme!

Give me one of my own stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future after the end of the story, or sometime in the past before the story started, and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future--or pick one of my stories and I will write a missing scene for it.

Conveniently, I made a masterlist of my fic yesterday. ;) Although if you look under my "5 things" tag, I'll play with those too.

This icon has nothing to do with this post, but it makes me happy. So there. Now to find a Shego icon!
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So, um, is 1,450 words too long for one segment of a 5 things fic? >_< 4 pages in Word. Huh.

Brevity is not my friend.

Also, this fic? Is SO not one of the ones I should be working on. Really. I have two ficathon fics, a rabid bunny of plot and THIS is what starts writing itself?

Well. Fine, then.

ETA: All right, MSN messenger, why will you not sign me in? Look, AIM works. Look, MSN Explorer works. Let me on! Seriously.
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So no call to sub today, which is fine except I realized my paycheck Friday will be for one day, thanks to vacation. Ugh. Also, the only new job posted today was for hall monitors in Bangor. Um. Not so much.

But this means I can play with the memes I wanted to last night! Not tagged, so stealing from various and sundry. Also, whoever wants can play--not tagging for fear of leaving someone out. ;)

Meme the First: Top Five Favorite Fics I've Written (in no particular order)

Post a list of your top five favorite fics you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. this isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

I can *so* get into a little self-pimping. )

Meme the Second: Fic Titles

Even though I cannot find the actual meme now (oh, flist, you are large and full with active communities!), I wanted to play. The general idea was that I list out fic titles I've been wanting to use and you tell me what the fic should be about.

I can so get behind that, cause you never know when a bunny might strike. ;)

So, I have a lot of title ideas and why don't I use these?

It's a good question--and yes, I realize I have a very sad habit of yanking titles from song titles or lyrics or poems. =P Without further ado--the list:

Hazy Shade of Winter

Lesson Learned

Can't Get There From Here

Going Down To Nowhere

Mad Season

Come Undone


Deep and Dark December

Beauty in the Breakdown

I'm sure I have others but I can't think and I've had this post open for like 3 or 4 hours now, so I'm just hitting "post" now.
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Is it LJ acting up, or is it the friggin blizzard out there affecting my internet connection? Anyone know?

ETA: Sara, click on the lj status link they give you. It will tell you things like the database IS being wonky and it's not you. >_<

And, because I'm so nice, here is some pretty pretty oh-so-damn pretty music:

Ships, Umbrella

This is in the so-damn-pretty category. Good lord. The instrumental sections? Things of BEAUTY. The subject of this post comes from the lyrics. You may recognize it from Grey's Anatomy, since it was featured pretty heavily in commercials awhile ago.

And just like ships we float through each others' lives
Like the waters of beauty and grace
And one day we dock at the same port
And give rest to our weary legs...

America--it's Josh Groban singing a Paul Simon song. GUH.

"Kathy, I'm lost," I said
though I knew she was sleeping.
"I'm empty and aching and
I don't know why..."
Counting the cars on the New Jersey turnpike
They've come to look for America.

Nowhere Warm Kate Havenik (also featured in an episode of Grey's)

I go nowhere high
Go nowhere warm
Until you're by my side
Your hand in mine
And I've always known
You're like a feather
You go where wind and fire melt together
But I'm sure you're on your way home.
Yes, I'm sure you're on the road.

One more: the acoustic version of 3 am by Matchbox 20. Because everyone knows this song, but this version is so friggin emotional and beautiful. GUH.

And this is the type of playlist I have right now. PRETTY.

I am so going to try and work on my Bruce/Richard epic of massive proportions and angst. Because I think I need to post it so I'm forced to finish it--part one is complete, barring some blockage about the end of chapter one. (Which is, I admit, a significant block when it comes to posting it... since I'd need to post THAT first.)

So the agenda is to get that done and see if maybe I have a volunteer beta-reader? ::whistles innocently::
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Well, it's a bit late, yes, but I decided to do that "what you've written this year" thing that's been happening in more interesting LJs. ;)

All in all, considering I took three literature courses last spring and had no life of my own and then spent the summer in a perpetual writer's block... I'm fairly impressed. Here's hoping I do better in 2007!

Fics sorted by fandom... )

Well. Back to Richard and Bruce.
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ETA: OMG, this comic amuses me no end.

Halloween in Maine )

To amuse you, a conversation that totally did not happen precisely this way last night:

Me, trying (and failing) to unlock the car door: I couldn't get it in the hole!
[ profile] aradiachiba: [dissolves into giggles]
Me: I mean the key. I couldn't get the key in the hole. If I were a man, I'd suck at sex.
[ profile] aradiachiba: You suck at sex?!
Me: Yes. If I were a man, I would.
[ profile] aradiachiba: Oh, I thought you said you DID suck at sex.
Me: No, no, I'm the hole, not the key. If I were the key, I'd suck at sex. I'm the hole, so I don't suck at sex. If I were the key, I wouldn't want to have sex with myse--let's not touch that.
[ profile] aradiachiba: I think that's best.

And that totally did NOT lead to the phrase "suck at sex" being repeated ad nauseam until it sounded like "socket-sex," at which point the conversation did not completely die.

Dancing with the Stars is on, and has a Halloween theme! Hmm, interesting.

...Mario Lopez is TOTALLY wearing eyeliner. O_O Well. I didn't expect that to be this sexy. (HA! Anything Mario does/wears is sexy!)


Joey is doing the TANGO to "The Addams Family" theme song??


The eyeliner is REALLY working for me. Hooooooey.

We had precisely 6 doorbell rings, and less than 20 trick-or-treaters. ::sighs:: Here I am mourning my childhood. Although, one of my students said today "Ms. _________, where do you live? I'll come trick or treating at your house!" I said, "I live 40 minutes away from here." He said, "Oh. Well, maybe not, but I would if I could."

Halloween left me ABSOLUTELY BEYOND EXHAUSTED. OMG those kids were out of control today. We put together paper skeletons in science for our unit on the skeletal system, and it took two hours of the afternoon... so I'm glad I decided to switch that to BEFORE the mindless fun Halloween packet. ;) [ profile] aradiachiba helped me make and decorate cupcakes that I brought in. I hid them under my desk and somehow managed to get them out, around the desk and on the front table before any of the kids noticed. I was surprised!

Huh, so NaNoWriMo's FAQ says fanfic counts. That is, if I were to write 50,000 words on the Founders, that could count as completing Nano.


And a bit tempting, as all my original ideas seem to be hiding or physically avoiding me as best they can.

And Salazar and Helga won't shut up.


And yet, I feel like it's... cheating. In some vague, undefined sort of way.

Does that make sense?


I'm tired. Bed after the show. =P

NaNo decisions tomorrow, possibly when I'm writing. (HA!!)
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Because it was pitch black outside by 5pm!! and because my body is telling me that it's 8:30, not 7:30 (clocks LIE!!), a meme. An old one that circulated a while ago, and I meant to do, but am just now getting around to. :)

All links lead to my website.

1) Right now, what do you feel are the 1, 2 or 3 best stories you've written since becoming/admitting you're a fanfic writer? What was it about that/those stories that really made you proud, or thrilled you about them?

1--Believe [Harry Potter, gen]

I still hate the title, but otherwise, I rather adore this fic. I drew Ernie MacMillan and the Fat Friar in [ profile] omniocular's character roulette last January and despaired. But I shouldn't have--once I got over my fear/reluctance to tackle religion in the wizarding world, the fic practically wrote itself. I set it post GoF. My biggest hurtle writing this was the Friar, because why would a Friar choose to become a ghost?

Ernie is aware of a burning in his eyes, and his chest aches. He thinks of Heaven, and death and life and that choice the Friar spoke of. He thinks of God and the Devil and Jesus Christ and magic. He doesn’t know what he believes, but he knows that the ghost sitting next to him somehow made room for all of these things and believes in them even after he has died. Ernie cannot imagine turning away from Heaven, if he believes in it. A part of him desperately wants to believe.

2-Put Aside Childish Things [Narnia, gen]

What's strange about this fic is that I had intended to write something about Peter, preferably set during the Golden Age of Narnia--and wound up with a fic about Susan, set directly before The Last Battle. This fic surprised me, because it just sort of happened, without much thought on my part--but I'm pleased with it. It became very much about Peter and Susan's relationship as brother and sister and how that's deteriorated. Peter has faith in Susan, even if she doesn't.

(Peter) said, “I think I understand. But Susan, what you’re doing hurts so much more than believing, even if we can’t go back.”

She sighed and said into his chest, “If you can’t go back, why not just let it go?”

2) What Professional writer (that is, paid author) would you love to see write a fanfiction story? What ship or fandom? Tell me a little about it.

Well, I'd like to see Robin McKinley get off her high horse and see fanfic as a form of flattery rather than being annoyed that people like her books and characters enough to write about them. ::cough:: I mean... Yeah.

I'd like to see JK Rowling let the Hufflepuffs kick some ass in book 7, but we'll see what happens. ;)

3) What show/cartoon/kid's book from your childhood would you be amused to see in fanfiction? Would you consider writing one for this early love?

Actually, I'd really rather NOT see some childhood loves in fic format--I *have* and it's not often pretty. Before I knew what the internet was, I was writing "Mighty Ducks," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and oh goodness, lots of others. Having found these as fandoms physically hurts. =P Although...

4) Is there a fanfic of yours you'd like to see made into a Broadway show? Tell me about it!( "_____________: the Musical!"

::snort:: NO. Although, HA, the Hogwarts Founders would be amusing in a musical. ;) (RENT already *is* a musical, so that would have been cheating... right?)

5) Think about it--what could possibly be the WORST crossover out there? A story that Should Never Be Written? Hamtaro/V? Lost/Gilligan's Island? Come up with your most terrible pairing!

O_O Okay, Lost/Gilligan's Island might prove amusing JUST to see the look on Sawyer's face when he sees what the Professor is doing to the coconuts. ;)

Seriously, whatever I come up with probably can be found. Sadly. =P

Now, off to write some Foundersfic. ::nods:: Last I checked, Helga was up a tree.
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So, I had a WONDERFUL brainstorm last night. Complete with beautiful prose and insightful dialogue and a glorious plot.

I love when that happens and you feel like a story is writing itself; it's not you who is writing, it's the story and characters USING YOU to be written.

...I hate when this happens at 4:30 am when you've just woken to roll over and the very idea of even reaching for the light--never mind paper and pen, or a computer--is too daunting to even consider.

::slams head against wall::

So, of course, all I'm left with today is an intense DESIRE to write and a vague recollection of something that was beautiful and lovely and inspired coming to me in my half-asleep state. And a general sense of mourning for this lost story.

On a related note, I was spacing out today while reading and I actually grabbed paper and pen, because I had the beginnings of a story coming to me, but by the time I uncapped my pen, I was at least four paragraphs into the story and finding the first sentence again was impossible, and capturing even the general plotline would have stopped the story in its tracks. So instead I just let it go and now I'm not even sure what it was about. =P

I think my brain moves too fast for me, sometimes.

It is nice to know I have ideas and the ability to find words for them, again. I was a little afraid that all those papers at the end of the semester had pushed everything creative from my brain forever.

Now I just have to re-learn how to harness those ideas and slow my brain down enough to capture it all in Word or on paper. ;)

(...Of course, the last time I felt this inspired and creative and WANTED to write this badly was when I wrote Believe, using the prompt to involve Ernie MacMillan and the Fat Friar in a fic. And I'm rather happy with how that turned out, so maybe I'll just open Word and see if my muses and breeding plot bunnies take over.)

My mother thinks I'm insane, since I tried to explain to her how losing last night's inspiration bothered me. And when she noticed me spacing out on the couch and asked what I was thinking about, I couldn't really figure out how to answer her. She doesn't understand how my brain works; I'm not sure I understand how it works--sometimes it doesn't feel like I'm in control at all. ;)
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Okay, listening to the Grey's Anatomy theme song just now, and it's so fun.

So... Here. Go ahead, and listen. It's just pretty. I wish they used more of it...

And yes, avoiding this paper like the plague.

On the upside, have a great deal of my uberlong fic mapped out now, thanks to Theanna's patience while I spouted research at her. Heh. :) And she's an amazing writer of answering machine messages. Utterly awesome.

Also, Spamalot is so fun. (Yes, utterly random playlist happening here...)
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I truly love the RENT movie soundtrack. The *music*... dude. Just... I think the instrumental parts kick ass.

Sometimes you get a cd, you know, and you immediately love it. And sometimes it takes a few listenings to decide what you think of it, you know? Idina Menzel's is definitely the former and Anthony Rapp's was the latter. And the decision I came to is that I *do* love it.

Certain songs in particular. I *love* Goodbye. Dunno why. And Living Alive took me a while to decide on, but I DO love it. Guh.

And then there's Adam Pascal, and I've had his cds for about a year, and Civilian? So much love for that cd. Ordinary Men Abound may well be an all-time favorite song.

I have OBC!Rent-cast joy.

And I AM a geek, and definitely read all of Anthony Rapp's posts/responses on Broadway, and can I just fangirl him for a while? Cause, dude. He rocks. AND he's a Red Sox fan. (In the only way that matters, after all-in that he's not a Yankee fan. ;) Apologies to any Yankee fans out there.) And is not a fan of George W. Which is enough for me.

The weather is stinky. Stupid Maine. Every morning, cold and snowy. And grey, now. Fun.

The furnace is fixed. SO happy about this. God, heat is good. It was 62 when we woke up this morning, and went DOWN to 60 by the time the furnace guy left. Now it's a normal, tolerable temperature in the house. Wee!!

But my poor kitty threw up all over the place. Poor little Chip. :\

On the other hand, we think Febreze should hire Mo as a spokes-kitty, because after cleaning the icky with appropriate pet-safe carpet cleaner, I sprayed Febreze all over the rug. And Mozart, being the silly kitten he is, proceeded to have fits of glee and roll and roll and roll himself around the living room carpet. Oh, his joy.

He loves Febreze.

We timed him. He rolled around, and stopped and flopped back over to roll some more, for at *least* half an hour. Now Mo's sleeping. On the febrezed carpet.

It's rather hysterical.

And, oh, RENT has me in SUCH a fandom grip. It's upsetting, because there's not much AT ALL out there, by means of good fic. Theanna, I am THIS CLOSE to setting up something just for good fic. But the problem would be finding anything to PUT there.


On an up-note, I finally switched POVs and am very nearly on page 9 with current word count 2,592. Which is a lot. Considering I'm still setting the darn thing up. And I have a fairly good game plan. Here's praying this doesn't fall victim to school once the new semester starts...

But anyway. Having one of those 'what do I do with myself?' moments... BORED. Guh.


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