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Lady_Sarai: OMG, there is a new series on Discovery Channel that started tonight and is on right now.
[ profile] xenokattz: LMAO
[ profile] xenokattz: Dang. And here I was hoping it was about real lobsters...
Lady_Sarai: haha!
[ profile] xenokattz: Okay, that conversation just HAS to be metaquoted.
[ profile] xenokattz: I wish where was an IM metaquote 'cause I'm still laughing about it
Lady_Sarai: The only problem is that it is about the deep sea lobstermen at Georges Bank,and not about lobstermen from Maine. Who go out EVERY DAY to get their lobsters, not just once a year, thankyouverymuch. I being snooty? PROBABLY.
Lady_Sarai: *laughs* You could post this in your LJ.
[ profile] xenokattz: I think I will
Lady_Sarai: My flailing over lobstermen.
Lady_Sarai: But Katt!!!
[ profile] xenokattz: I KNOW! LOBSTER MEN!
Lady_Sarai: It's like someone loves me.
[ profile] xenokattz: *huggles*
Lady_Sarai: With lobster traps and everything!
[ profile] xenokattz: I think I love you now more than I ever have
[ profile] xenokattz: No one else would msg me something like that
Lady_Sarai: I don't know if that should make me feel special or.... special in the not good way.
[ profile] xenokattz: Heeee!
Lady_Sarai: (Wow, I am giving you lots of good LJ posting material here, aren't I?)
[ profile] xenokattz: And me with limited time
Lady_Sarai: Wait, is it still considered blackmail if I encourage it?
[ profile] xenokattz: ...
[ profile] xenokattz: self-sabotage maybe
Lady_Sarai: Yes, but now I've entertained you.
Lady_Sarai: *snort*
Lady_Sarai: (*I* may have to post this, which really WOULD be self-sabotage.)
[ profile] xenokattz: I think you should
Lady_Sarai: *laughs*
[ profile] xenokattz: And then I'll mail you salmon
[ profile] xenokattz: Or, y'know, a salmon fisherman
Lady_Sarai: O_O
Lady_Sarai: You LOVE me.
[ profile] xenokattz: Will you go to the dance with me? Circle "Yes" or "no"
Lady_Sarai: *circles Yes*
[ profile] xenokattz: *twirls*

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

So I'm going to the dance with Katt, and she is sending me a salmon fisherman, and I am watching a show about lobstermen--and even though they're not *Maine* lobstermen, it's okay. It's like Deadliest Catch but with lobsters!

Does it get any better?

...Considering how much flailing I do over lobster/fishermen, I should have an icon for it. Maybe with a buoy or a lobstertrap.

The mutant shrimp boat will have to do. ;)
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[ profile] xenokattz is clearly made of awesomewine. She collected all of the LJ-Breaking antics of Richard, Bruce and Clark in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe Bar That Defies The Space/Time Continuum, and made a ridiculously AWESOME banner!


Click and witness. 6 chapters, including "The Great Cross-Medium Breakage" that took down both of our LJs and an IM program.

Katt's gonna go HTML-fu on it at some point and THEN! BWAHAHAHA!

Also, note: the facial expressions for Bruce, Richard and Clark are carefully chosen. For example, Richard's face is his "why is the rum gone?" face.


Also, I mentioned in my last post that my mother was reading a book and wanted to put it in the freezer.

Surely someone recognizes that as a reference to something?

Will write for proof that I am not the only one who gets this. Your request, even.
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So, first, a hello to my new friends! =D Hi! I'm really *very* blown away by the responses I've gotten to The Smell of Smoke and it means a lot to me. Thank you!!

Second, [ profile] xenokattz has a bit of a habit of breaking my LJ. (I'm sure it's happened more than the times I've caught and tagged it, though. Hmm. Although by now we've also broke *her* LJ a time or two.) So, yesterday, Katt and I broke BOTH my LJ AND hers. I think this deserves a reward.

To quickly recap, there is a bar/pub where movieverse!Clark Kent, Richard White and Bruce Wayne went for drinks. Wherein Elemental!Remy Lebeau was the bartender. And eventually the *rest* of the Summers brothers wound up involved, along with various other Marvel and DC comicverse characters, including Roy. And there is much snark and flirting. And eventually we're going to have to clean this up and put it somewhere where people can read it, or where WE can read it, anyway.

We moved to IM. O_O Recorded here for posterity and our amusement. And hopefully yours:

[ profile] xenokattz: YAY! tonight is the night No More LJs Will DIE *waves flag*
Lady_Sarai: ...except that it's fun to kill them sometimes, so I'm sure that won't stop COMPLETELY.
[ profile] xenokattz: Then this is the night Fewer LJs Will DIE!!
[ profile] xenokattz: *L* The internets WANTS broken LJs because it loves rum
Lady_Sarai: can we break an LJ from here?
[ profile] xenokattz: There must be a death ray of some sort. No benevolent dictor of worth lacks death rays.
We rule the world so much it takes three countries to contain our awesomesauce. Also, there is a naked mole rat of win. )

If you read and followed that and are amused, I salute you. If you aren't amused... do you like nutella?

And Katt--the LJ-breakage offers a buffer of time that IM does not, which could prove dangerous in future interactions. Well, dangerous to Richard.

I was going to try and not spam my LJ today, which so far has worked well. No promises for this evening, however. My brain is operating on shuffle-mode, as [ profile] aradiachiba discovered this morning:

Another IM conversation in which I operate on RANDOM and there are bunkers of toothpicks, Punky Power and coffee. )

In other news, I'm still loving my pretty, pretty music. :) Not sure about the new layout, but there are *penguins* so...

Also, I'm in that really fun new-fandom phase where everywhere I go, there is something to read. And I'd like to read as much as I can, but--you all are prolific!! (This is a *good* thing.)

So, a minor request to my new friends: Would you mind reccing a few of your own fics to me? Because I want to read them, but I'd like a starting-point, and who better to ask? :)

ETA:D'oh! LJ cuts should work now. Shoot.
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Title: The Smell of Smoke
Author: [ profile] lady_sarai
Fandom/Continuity: DCU, Teen Titans v.1
Length: ~1,900 words
Characters: Roy Harper, Dick Grayson; cameos by Donna, Wally and Garth
Warnings: Potentially disturbing references to dead bodies
Disclaimer: I so own nothing.
Author's Note: Thanks to [ profile] zoe_chan for letting me flail and corrupt her share the Roy love, and for hand-holding and encouraging. ♥

Summary: It took six fire departments and the Teen Titans to contain that fire, and now Roy can’t get rid of the smell of smoke.

A short Author’s Note at the end. Also archived at my website.

"We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered." -Tom Stoppard

Roy focuses on the water pouring down the drain and decidedly does *not* think about the people he and Robin *didn’t* save. He just can't get rid of that *smell.* )

Feedback is love. ♥ me?
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So it's been an interesting day. I've spent a few hours making a playlist for this epic drama of a plot bunny, and earlier I broke my LJ with [ profile] xenokattz again. She noted that we had only done this 3 times and well, clearly that had to be remedied. Make this broken LJ 4.

We also created the Broken Down LJ cocktail. Which, had I any rum, would be made of yum. (HA! I rhymed.) Oh, why is the rum always gone? [/bad Jack Sparrow joke.]

And then I had fun with the playlist thing. I even put the songs in some kind of chronological order! Go me.

I should have started running a long, long time ago. )

And with that, it's time for bed. That was fun, though.

Have a Happy New Years, everyone! :)

Also, I would have made a pretty banner-type cd-cover thingy for this, but I'm not feeling very talented in Photoshop. ::Sigh:: If anyone felt like playing with pictures of James Marsden and Christian Bale, though... :) I will be working on an image for this epic, after all.
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Um, so, I should know better than to ask my f-list to feed my plot bunnies.

Particularly when [ profile] xenokattz has such a reputation for breaking my LJ.

Which is a drink now, btw. "I'll have a [ profile] xenokattz-broke-my-LJ-again. Make it a double." (It also should be an icon.)

Witness the madness.

Somehow that turned into some Bruce/Richard/Clark/LOIS thing. Richard had copious amounts of alcohol. I sadly have no such excuse.

But right now it's snowing, and I have chai latte and am quite happy to be staying in today. Opening Word and getting my headphones out. Oo, I should make a playlist!

Suggestions for a Bruce/Richard playlist, anyone?
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So, yeah, right here and now? Is the fun part of writing. Mom keeps telling me that I'm being quiet today, which I am, because hello. Muses will Not Shut Up. I am clearly just along for the ride here. These boys have a Tale To Tell.

I so want a kick-ass title for this thing. Oh, my *boys.* ::squishes them::

Also, lookit, I made an icon! Well, I made two, but this is clearly the better, although they are older here. Richard's thinking "well, bwa?" and Bruce is like "This is not my happy face."

I looked up James Marsden and Christian Bale on because I was curious about heights, and James Marsden? Is about 4 and a half months older than Christian Bale. I am a geek, I know. I didn't realize they were that close in age. Also, he is 4 inches shorter. If anyone cares. (All this makes me feel like a stalker in a bad way, and so I will go back to my corner now.)

I was talking with [ profile] zoe_chan last night (this is such a new development, I know). The relevant part of things is that I'm posting part of our conversation and since I figure it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission... ;)

Still smarter than you, Clark. )

And then later, further proof of why [ profile] zoe_chan is made of win:

[ profile] zoe_chan (2:33:25 AM): for conversations like this, there should always be wine.
[ profile] lady_sarai (2:33:36 AM): I think so.
[ profile] lady_sarai (2:35:30 AM): also, speaking of wine, I think I'm going to have to try writing some sex in this thing. Not a lot, not too explicit, but more than a fade to black. It feels necessary. I think I'll need a FEW glasses for those scenes.
[ profile] zoe_chan (2:35:59 AM): I can't wait to read it.
[ profile] lady_sarai (2:36:04 AM): meh
[ profile] zoe_chan (2:36:12 AM): When you are ready to share
[ profile] lady_sarai (2:36:20 AM): but do you know what I mean? I feel almost like I don't have a CHOICE about it.
[ profile] zoe_chan (2:36:25 AM): I know.
[ profile] zoe_chan (2:38:27 AM): Your characters are saying "Sara, we're going to have sex. It's going to be really good sex, and we're really going to enjoy it. Now, we don't expect you to go into hard cocks and tight openings, but we *demand* more than a fade to black. Honestly. We're played by Christian Bale and James Marsden. We *deserve* more than fade-to-black sex."
[ profile] lady_sarai (2:38:43 AM): ::dies laughing::
(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)

And it's [ profile] zoe_chan, for the win. =D I'm still laughing.

Also, I have dark chocolate covered marzipan. YUM. =D And I'm watching Everything is Illuminated, which is proving to be very interesting.


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