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So [ profile] second_batgirl clued me in on this. THE YOUNG JUSTICE CARTOON IS REALLY COMING. I am so excited.

Cut for excited ramblings )

In conclusion: I do love AUs, and this just gives me IDEAS that I can't afford to have while I'm drowning in schoolwork. MID-MAY. I can have Thoughts in Mid-May.

Also, just the very premise of the show makes me happy. And--yeah. I like the costumes, I like everything. Is it time for this show yet?

ETA: Also, I highly approve of Artemis as a code-name. I have totally used this in more than one AU as Lian's name once she grew out of Speedy. (Yes, yes, I know. But that was before.) Anyway. I am still amused and pleased by the name.
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Title: Put the Past Away
Authors: [ profile] lady_sarai and [ profile] zoe_chan
Continuity: Set between (yes, between) issues 24 and 25 of Young Justice. See Authors' Note.
Length: ~1,900
Pairing/Characters: Tim and Cissie. No pairings yet, as Tim is still with Steph in canon.
Rating/Warnings: PGish
Disclaimer: We do not own anything or anyone. We promise.
Note: Written for [ profile] 30_ballads, using "Jumper" by Third Eye Blind. Huge thanks to [ profile] xenokattz for beta-reading! ♥

Additional notes on canon and continuity... )


I want you to know
Everyone's got to face down the demons
Maybe today
We can put the past away...

--Third Eye Blind, "Jumper"


(Robin hesitated a moment before knocking quietly on the door in front of him.)

Apologies for cross-posting!
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Did you think the Cissie picspammage was over? Ha! ;)

Last time, Cissie vanished into a pile of fanmail.

So where did she go? To help her friends play baseball.

As crazy as it sounds, Young Justice wound up on an alien planet, coerced into playing baseball to save it from an invading alien race.

Young Justice was awesome.

Cissie and baseball are not the best of friends, however. )

Previous picspams are here and here.
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So what have I been up to this Friday night?

I made a masterpost of my fanfic, because it seemed like a handy thing to do. Organized by fandom. Hee. (I have more than I thought I did, actually.)

Shockingly, the most prolific fandom? DC. Considering I only started dipping my toes in back in February of this year? Yeah, I'm surprised too.

Although, the amount of unfinished, unposted fic [ profile] zoe_chan and I have? Obscene. Just wait.

Oh, my shiny almost-new fandom. I ♥ you.

Speaking of DC, I made some icons--just cropping, but. Have some.

All from Young Justice.

Yes, I know, they're all Tim and Cissie. I blame [ profile] zoe_chan. ;) (Although I really should take half the blame.)

Here, have a Bart:

Edit: Oh! Oh! I forgot! I was all productive and home-improvementish today!! =D

The banister (or railing, excuse me Home Depot employee who didn't know what a banister was) in our stairs fell down--fortunately while my brother was using it, not my mom. So today I removed all FIFTEEN screws from the wall, where they were stuck. And spackled the holes. Go me! (One of them was a big hole, will have to maybe do another coat.)

Also, I replaced the hinges on the cupboard doors under the sink.

In all, I unscrewed 28 screws and put in 16--which means I spent almost three hours wrestling with 44 screws, never mind the spackling.

I feel all handy. But my arms are DEAD and an electric screwdriver would have been nice. =P
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As promised, more Cissie! ;)

Cissie goes to the Olympics, her mother saves the day and she gets a roommate... )

Next time, Cissie joins Young Justice as they play baseball with aliens to save the planet--and is jealous of Empress, and gets an agent.
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So! I am writing my [ profile] femgenficathon fic about Cissie King-Jones, the former Arrowette, who is awesome and amazing and really, really fun to have living in my head.

And I realize that some of you--::cough::[ profile] xenokattz[ profile] scribophile::cough::--do not know who Cissie is! Now, I could easily *describe* her, and go on about how very cool she is, but...

I decided to let Cissie speak for herself. ;) What does this mean? PICSPAM. Or several.

(Because, yes, I totally have all of Young Justice on my hard drive, JOY! And honestly--I'm not so sad that Cissie is in comics-limbo, given what's happened to the *rest* of Young Justice these days. It hasn't been pretty.)

Anyway, so here is the first of what will probably be several picspams featuring Cissie.

Part of why I love Cissie is because she joins YJ in issue 4, and quits by issue 17--but continues to make regular appearances for the rest of the series, almost 40 issues after she quit. So, picspam 1 is dedicated to Cissie's career as Arrowette, short as it may seem.

Meet Arrowette. The superhero who dares to ruffle Robin's hair when he is in full Bat-sulk mode:

Please to be noting, those of you familiar with Cissie, that I do a significant amount of context and explaining for the benefit of those unfamiliar. If I've made any mistakes, feel free to point them out!

Also--so not dial-up friendly. Sorry.

Click to see Arrowette join Young Justice, yell at Superman and deal with her *mother.* )

Next time, Cissie goes to the Olympic Games in Australia, gets a roommate and is eaten by fanmail.

(I totally need some Cissie icons--better yet, some Tim/Cissie icons. :) I could make them myself, but begging is more fun. ;) Plus, photoshop keeps quitting on me when I am working. Not cool.)


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