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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I love Yuletide, and all three of my requests are things I will absolutely LOVE to receive. I can't wait to see what you do for me!

So I said this last year and it still applies: I am very easy to please. I have a post with some of the things I love/don't-so-much-love in stories over here, if you'd like some general details about what I like, but aside from the things in the list that makes me cry, anything will make me happy! Write something that makes you happy and I'm sure I'll love it!

Now for specifics... )

In conclusion: YAY YULETIDE! It will be incredibly hard to disappoint me, as anything in those fandoms will make my day. Thank you so very much for being my author!!

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I totally meant to post this MUCH sooner, but I got hit by a horrendous cold/fever THING and it's been a crazy busy month.

BUT. BUT BUT. YULETIDE!! ♥ I had to default thanks to busyness, but I plan to try to write a NYR fic to make up for it. IN ANY CASE the fic I received is SO PERFECT it's not even funny!

Ply, Skein and Twist is a Spindle's End fic about Peony. It's 8600 words of what happens after the end of my very favorite Robin McKinley novel, and it is nothing but GLORIOUS and PERFECT. I'm rereading Spindle's End now because of it, and loving it even more. This is now my canon, and nothing can change my mind about it. It's so wonderful, I really don't know how to describe it. I could not have asked for a more perfect story, seriously. I adore every word of it.

And [ profile] xenokattz drew me the most adorable webcomic in the history of ever! Lookit! It's wee!Cissie and Ollie! )


...And I think that's all for now, so I am going to take a nap, before I pass out.

Well, almost. I forgot I signed up for [ profile] fandom_stocking, so my stocking is here, if anyone's interested. :P I feel silly linking it, but I see this is kind of how it's done, and I am sick and pathetic. Oh, and I forgot to link my Yuletide letter where people could see it, so it is here. I adore my story SO DAMN MUCH, please go read it!!!
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for signing up and offering one of the things I've asked for! I am so excited. Yuletide is one of my very favorite parts of this time of year, and I hope you're happy with the request we were matched on!

I am very easy to please. I have a post with some of the things I love/don't-so-much-love in stories over here, if you'd like some general details about what I like, but aside from the things in the list that makes me cry, anything will make me happy! Write something that makes you happy and I'm sure I'll love it!

Now, as for specifics...

A Curse Dark as Gold, Red Robin, Spindle's End, Green Arrow )

When I finished my sign-up, I realized I requested four fics about awesome women being awesome in one way or another. So really, I am just looking forward to seeing what you write for me, and because it's about one of these women in one of these fandoms, I will be thrilled!

Thank you so much!
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Oh, right! Yuletide! I wrote Rapunzel fic this year, and while I flailed about it for the longest time, once I figured out what I wanted to do and how to do it, it came out very quickly and I kind of fell in love with it when I finished it.

I wrote Out Flew the Web and Floated Wide, which is basically the Prince's search for Rapunzel while he's blind, but also flashbacks to tell their whole story. I had a lot of fun with it and people seem to have enjoyed it and this pleases me.

Also, yes, the title is shamelessly taken from The Lady of Shalott. I love that poem, and for the longest time, the only thing I knew about my fic was that I needed to steal a line from it for my title. I'm just glad it fit when I finished! ;)

The interesting thing about Yuletide is I always wind up writing things that are unusual for me when I do it. It's kind of fun. It's also why I never play the guessing game--that and I'm terrible at not telling people anyway. ;)


Dec. 30th, 2009 01:34 am
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I've been meaning to do this all week, but kept forgetting, oops. ANYWAY, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or weekend. ;) Christmas was nice here. And then I reeeead. I got a bunch of books and they all make me very happy.

I read Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George all in one evening, and it was glorious. It's a retelling of the 12 Dancing Princesses, in which the princesses all have personalities and the soldier is awesome and the girls get to kick ass, too. Everyone should read it!

Currently I'm reading A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth Bunce and it is also glorious so far. It's a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin, and I'm liking it a lot.


A Day in the Sun is my official Yuletide fic and it's beautiful. The Wild Swans!! It's one of my favorite stories, because I love the relationship between Eliza and her brothers, and this fic focuses on her and her youngest brother.

As the day wore on, she emptied the contents of her dress pocket, finding the stone she had gathered from the river the day before. Aside from dirt and dust from her travels to find this place, there was also a small needle, a bit of thread, and the feathers she'd found on the shore - one from each of her brothers. The feathers had all dried, and after she laid each them on the sand next to her, ordered by size, she gathered up her skirt so she could comfortably reach the hem of it. Once she had also threaded her needle, she picked up one feather at a time and carefully sewed each feather to her dress. She attached them along the seam starting near her knees, and worked towards the bottom. She hummed while she sewed and occasionally her brother would tap a foot, or a wing in a beat to accompany her voice. When she sewed the last feather to the hem of her dress she ran a finger down to feel the softness and smiled. This way, she knew no matter what happened, she would always have her brothers with her.

But That's Another Story is another Wild Swans Yuletide Treat! This is also focusing on Eliza and her youngest brother, after the events of the story. And kudos to the author for including all the fairy tales I listed!! It's very creative!

"I'm sorry," she said again through her tears. "I wanted to save you all. I wanted to find a cure."

"Perhaps I don't need a cure," he said, voice trembling between laughter and apology. "You left me halfway undone. I may never be fully a man again, but there are other choices."

And then, Not the Worst Babysitting Job Ever is a DC treat that is cuuuuute and has a YJ reference that made me laugh and clap my hands happily! :D (Also, I have a weak spot for Cissie and Roy interaction and this has it.)

Only quoting the summary as this is a short fic and you need to read the whole thing. ;) Lian on sugar does not make for an easy night.

I've read some other fantastic Yuletide fics, but the ones that have really stood out for me have been unexpected fandoms.

The My Little Pony fic everyone is reccing? OH MY WORD. It is my childhood, all in one story and all grown up. Seriously. Read it. And if the crossover makes as much sense to you as it did to me, TELL ME. Because OH GOD, I know EXACTLY what they are referring to and I squealed.

There's also an amazing Lilo and Stitch fic that made me cry in an amazing way here. Heck, everything I've bookmarked at AO3 is amazing, and I have not had nearly enough time to go reading through everything.

Now, to finish my DOOM fic!
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Reposting from [ profile] astolat, to do my part!


Hey guys, urgent! With the huge increase in membership this year, we have a corresponding increase in last-minute pinch hits left to go out, and thanks to a new exciting Yahoogroups snafu, the original list has been silenced at the worst possible time. D:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you are by any chance up for doing any pinch hitting, join the new pinch hitters list:

Send a blank email to To activate your subscription, just reply to the confirmation message you receive from the group.

Or if you have a Yahoo! account, you can join at the group website!

There are some pinch hits sent there already but we are holding off on more until we get more people on board.

Please pass this along on journals, twitter, etc! ♥


And as others on my flist have done, here is a link to my Dear Yuletide letter. I keep it at the top of my journal anyway, but because it is the thing to do... Requested fandoms were Fairy Tales, Blue Beetle, Robin McKinley's Outlaws of Sherwood and Green Arrow.

...And now back to pre-Christmas prep. But--YULETIIIIIIIIIDE!! :(

(...Not that I'm a Yuletide Stalker or anything, but is there a lag in gifts showing up on AO3? Like, I know there's a lag in fandom tags appearing because of how AO3 handles those on a case-by-case basis or something (so I'm not freaking out that the only fandom I requested that is showing up is Fairytales, which you know, tells me nothing). Buuuuut otherwise when I look at my profile page, it looks like maybe my author defaulted. :( Sad Panda.)

Wee, it's only a bug!
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! Yuletide is one of my favorite parts of this time of year, and something I have always enjoyed. I love you for participating and being my author! I can't wait to read what you come up with!

Please don't see this and run for the hills. I promise this is meant more as a jumping-off point, or a place for ideas if you need them. Feel free to disregard what you don't like and play with what you do--or ignore it altogether! I made these lists before writing my NaNo as a guide for my own writing. Really, write something that makes you happy and I'm sure I'll love it!

General Likes and Dislikes... I may have gotten carried away. )

As you can see, my list of likes is a whole lot longer than my list of dislikes. ;) (Please don't take those lists as a judgment on your tastes, if something on it is what you enjoy. It's just a matter of personal taste, but I make no judgments on people who do like them!)

Now, for my specific requests )

IN CONCLUSION, dear author--if you read through all of this, I adore you. I am clearly not allowed to keep this letter open in a tab for more than a day. In all seriousness, I am incredibly easy to please, I love these fandoms terribly and I cannot wait to read what you write for me and I will love it!

Thank you so!
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EEEE!! LOOKIT! I got a new Yuletide story!! :D (Or, you know, New Year's Resolution story, I guess.)
LadySarai: for ENCHANTED!
LadySarai: about NANCY!!
[ profile] xenokattz: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! EDWARD IS ADORKABLE
[ profile] xenokattz: heeeeeeeeeee
LadySarai: Nancy wants some sex, damn it! ;)
[ profile] xenokattz: Wait until the fun starts.
[ profile] xenokattz: ;)
LadySarai: bwahaha!
LadySarai: do you think he'd break into song?
[ profile] xenokattz: Y'know, when he caught his breath
[ profile] xenokattz: ;)
[ profile] xenokattz: Or maybe instead of have the twisty orgasm face, he'd let out a very nice, pure high note?
LadySarai: OMG.
[ profile] xenokattz: *snerkle*

...I think that sums it all up, really. (Though it should be noted that there isn't actually a sex scene in the fic, but it's kind of more perfect for it.)

ETA: [ profile] zoe_chan just quoted part of the fic at me and it is kind of the perfect example of why this is so awesome, so now I'm quoting it at all of you, so you can see too:

[Nancy's] life was hardly NC-17, but it was a nice comfortable R. It had alcohol consumption and mature language and adult situations. She couldn't be mad at a wholesome G for not understanding those things even existed.

Meanwhile, I still mourn that we never got to hear Idina Menzel and James Marsden sing a duet. SIGH.
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Oh, [ profile] yuletide, how I love you! ♥ Every year I seem to spazz when I am writing my fic, and think 'I should not do this again,' but then I get my INSANELY AWESOME gifts and I realize I didn't write complete crap and I actually like it, and my recipient likes what I wrote and I remember that Yuletide is simply made of win.

I didn't give anyone the chance to guess what I wrote for Yuletide or [ profile] jbbs, mostly because I didn't think anyone would guess Yuletide, and [ profile] jbbs had us written ALL OVER IT. I never know how to start guessing other people's Yuletide fics, either, since the options are just so VAST.

This year, I wrote for Robin McKinley's Outlaws of Sherwood, which was the second Robin McKinley book I ever read (after Beauty), back in 1997. Yes, 1997. I was in seventh grade and I have been in love with her writing ever since. I have long had an obsession with the Robin Hood myth, and this is possibly my favorite version--so I had massive spazz and flail about writing this. (No, really. I even wrote a research paper on the subject during senior year of college. And had FUN writing it.)

([ profile] xenokattz and [ profile] zoe_chan are probably surprised; I had been thinking of attempting to write something for Sunshine, since my recipient loves it so much and I had not read it before--but I hadn't read it before, and I didn't finish it in time. And then Marian popped into my head, started talking and would not shut up.)

So--I wrote Man and Legend, which is Marian's POV before she goes to Nottingham Fair in Robin's place.

Now. I have ficlet requests to play with! (I will take more! Bonus points for anyone who can find me an excuse to write something involving Cissie and Roy. She keeps telling me he takes her to his apartment--not like THAT!--but won't tell me WHY.)
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Merry Christmas, everyone! Even if you don't celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful couple of days. ♥

My Christmas )

And then! I woke up this morning to discover that not only did [ profile] yuletide and [ profile] jbbs go live, but I got REALLY FREAKING AWESOME FICS from both of them!! ZOMG.

I'll start with [ profile] jbbs: [ profile] zoe_chan and I signed up together, so I won't flail too massively here, as she is away for Christmas and hasn't read our gift-fic yet, but O.M.G.!!!!!

WE GOT TIM/CISSIE!!! I draw sparkly hearts all over it. I really want to flail excessively, but I am containing myself. In the meantime, everyone should go read Christmas with the Waynes because it is SO FREAKING AWESOME. ♥♥♥♥♥


And now, [ profile] yuletide:

Um. WOW.

I really don't even know what to say, but imagine my complete shock when I opened my email and found SIX stories, just for me!! O_O

First, from my incredibly awesome author:

Five Ways Reality Beats Fairy Tales, By Queen Nancy and a shorter follow-up, P.S.: Three Ways Fairy Tales Beat the Real World, Also By Queen Nancy

For Enchanted, I requested Edward and Nancy's happy ending, and oh! These are so cute and fun! And--five things format!! I *love* that! The fic itself is cute and perfect.

Love at first sight is fine for fairytales. I'll take reality and being in love over it any day. Any damn day.

The follow up is short and funny, too!


And now, my ADDITIONAL FICS. I really don't even know how to express how happy and thankful I am for all of these wonderful stories. Thank you so much, mystery authors! You are all fantastic and so kind!

I Think You'll Manage Better This Time is also an Enchanted fic. Edward's POV, once they are in Andalasia and married and WOW, Edward's voice is spot-on here! He's just as cute and confused and adorable here as he is in the movie, and I really love this.

It's just so cute, witnessing Edward's thoughts as he and Nancy have an argument.

"You're patronizing." Nancy's voice sounded flat and Edward felt a rush of panic.

"I'm sorry!" he said. "I didn't mean to anger you!"

Nancy stared at him. He wanted her not to sigh again, but how she said, "Edward?," wasn't any better.

Edward licked his lips. "Yes?"

"Right now I would very much like to hit you."

Edward stared and he could feel his mouth fall open. "But, oh, why?," he finally managed to ask.


Beyond the Wide World's Edge is a beautiful re-telling of East of the Sun, West of the Moon, which is one of my all-time favorite fairy tales--(kind of a Norwegian version of Beauty and the Beast; East by Edith Pattou is a wonderful novel version). This fic has gorgeous language and really interesting world-building. It has a wonderful journey, and mysterious characters and is such a fairy tale.

"I need to find my way out of the world."

"Yes." The Mother of Storms tears a hunk from a loaf of bread warming on the ring of stones around the fire, holds it out to Esta. "You may not be able to find your way back into it."

Esta holds the stew in her right hand, takes the bread carefully in her left claws. "I'm not sure the world would have me back."


My last two (but SO not least!) fics are for Green Arrow--but actually have very little Ollie in them, which is perfect. ;) When I was signing up, I saw that Cissie was listed as a GA character, and so of COURSE I had to ask for a fic about Cissie joining the Arrow-clan.

And I got TWO!!

Like Family is so perfect. It shows both Cissie and Mia's insecurities about their places in their family, and there is Roy!!

While Cissie just tried to learn her family, Mia tried to figure out her place. Cissie was an Olympic champion. She was Oliver's daughter, related by blood, and even if Cissie hadn't been around before, Mia felt Cissie was far more entitled to the Arrow clan. She thought maybe this was how Roy had felt when Connor had arrived, and felt she understood Roy better now, even though she was the one who had taken his name, not Connor.


Then there is Some Girls, which is yet another gorgeous story just for me! This one is really neat in the way it describes Cissie and Mia's growing relationship and juxtaposes them--despite being blond archers, they are different, and this really shows that. There's also Connor and Roy and Ollie and all of them in their brief appearances are awesome and perfect. (For some reason, Ollie's part is particularly wrenching and perfect.) Oh, Arrows, you really are a mess sometimes.

It is Mia/Cissie flavored, and while femme-slash doesn't usually do much for me, I still totally adore this fic. (And I have to say, the nickname Roy gives Cissie made me squeak and grin.)

Her room is next to Mia's. It makes for an agreeable kind of juxtaposition.

It's been months and Cissie's room still has the sort of blank hospitality any Holiday Inn would be proud to call it's own. There are no signs that she lives there, except for a purple stain on the carpet from when she accidentally tipped over a can of grape Zesti.

Mia's room is exactly the opposite.


In conclusion, I am so full of joy and love about Yuletide and JBBS that I really don't know what to do with myself! I love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of my fics, and they are all absolutely perfect.

I would love to be more coherent, and if I didn't say it enough--I love everything I received!! But I am beyond exhausted and my head is pounding and I have caught a cold for Christmas. So I am going to crawl into bed now.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
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I got my Yuletide assignment, squeeeeee!! And OMG! I thought I was so careful in what I offered to write, but am already flailing--except for how another request is for a book I have been *meaning* to read for ages and it stares and mocks me from the bookshelf AS I TYPE so perhaps this is the kick in the pants to read it...


Sara, you know this is not how Yuletide works, stop it! Behave.

My Dear Santa letter is coming soon, I swear. As soon as I finish housework and flailing and MAKE MY NANO WORD COUNT BECAUSE I AM *DAYS* BEHIND ACK!

......Ooooooh, incentive! No writing your Dear Santa letter until you make word count, Sara!

(Which is possibly very unfair to your author, you know. Shut up, you're starting to sound schizophrenic and you will scare them away! ...Well, now you've done it, Sara.)

In the meantime, go ahead and check out my last two Dear Santa letters here and here. Since I might be borrowing some of the more generic things I said in those for my new letter, they're not completely defunct. This post has some stuff about things I like, too, although it was a birthday idea list--there is a list of non-fandom-specific things I like in the middle, though.

Oh god, I have to unpack the groceries, I left the chicken out!

(I am not usually this spazzy and flaily, I *swear.*)
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Dear Yuletide Author... )
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Well, now that the authors for [ profile] yuletide have been revealed, I can finally say a GINORMOUS


to everyone who enjoyed my story, commented and recced it. I am completely amazed and blown away by the response it received and I can't tell you how much all the comments made me smile. I spent last night responded to every comment that left an email address, and that was quite a few. :) But they all meant a lot to me.

I can now admit to writing Lives by Breaking, which is Narnia. I was really pleased with how it turned out; I'd never written anything in that kind of format before, and I'm *very* happy with the end product.

Short commentary on how that came about... )

I really had a fun time writing this, and I'm VERY happy with how [ profile] yuletide went this year. I am most *definitely* participating again next year! =D (Also, it gave me an opportunity to use one of my favorite poem passages!)

In other news, the Rose Parade is made of win, except for Home and Garden continuing to pop up a screen with ads that take up half the picture. And I don't *care* about Ed Bagley'sreality show, so stop talking about his solar powered oven and tell me about those pretty horses I can hardly see. Argh.

(Also, current word count on the Bruce/Richard fic is 970. I'm surprised how quickly that happened.)
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I'm all aflutter and flaily. (Yes, it's a word, shut up.) =D [ profile] yuletide is making for much glee. Everything is SO well-written and lovely!

And I'm literally going mad trying to not respond to the comments I've gotten on my fic and seeing the response it's getting. I have joy. Also, seeing the fic written for me get recced is VERY exciting. Almost as exciting as seeing the fic *I* wrote get recced. ::bounces on hands::

I'm not good at this anonymous thing, but I'm doing very well, I think.

There is a fabulous Superman Returns fic, Interview Skills, featuring Superman and Richard White, and it makes Bruce Wayne a classmate of Richard's in college. According to Batman Begins, that would be Princeton.

And I am utterly in love with the idea of those two being more than just passing aquaintances, but roommates. [ profile] likeadeuce should write something about this, as she mentioned it earlier and I will be a nag if I have to. ;) But... yeah, apparently I have a bunny. Of the plot variety.

[ profile] zoe_chan is doing a lovely job beckoning me to the dark side.

[ profile] lady_sarai: I, my dear, am going to a very special kind of Hell.

[ profile] zoe_chan: oh?

[ profile] zoe_chan: whyso?

The crack pairing that is eating my brain... )

Oh, plot bunnies. You and a glass of wine do not mix. (Or rather, you DO, too well for my own good.)

...I need an icon for this utter crack crossover pairing of DOOOM.

They're so messed up, it hurts, but I LOVE it. (Particularly the scene [ profile] zoe_chan and I just worked our way through! GUH!!!)

And now, I am so going to bed it isn't funny. And you know, wine? Goes straight to my head. Hello, lala-land.
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OMG. [ profile] yuletide makes for the perfect Christmas. I mean, yes, the family is also perfect-making. ;) But [ profile] yuletide is pure joy.

And the fic written for me is BEYOND perfect. It is absolute, utter brilliance and the writing is gorgeous. The format is one I particularly love--several connected vignettes, with lots of repeated phrases--and they're all subtly different.

It's The Beginning of All Things Are Small, and I can't stop re-reading it! =D

I asked for something introducing Dick Grayson into the Batman Begins verse, and oh, this does that. It's so perfect. This is the fic I've been looking for since the movie came out. THIS is how Dick will come to live with Bruce and Alfred. It's got enough comic canon in it to make me squee with glee, and there's even RACHEL, who I admit to liking well enough. =D And Rachel fits in perfectly, and has her place, as she should. Her characterization is better in her brief appearance in this fic than in many other Batman Begins fics I've read.

And OH, Dick. ::snuggles him:: It's even his POV! They're such a wonderful disfunctional family, which is why I love them. But oh, this fic. They're trying. Even Bruce is trying, and they're all so perfectly in-character. I really see Michael Caine and Christian Bale when I read it, and Dick is everything Dick should be. Oh, this is how it should be done.

But, oh, Bruce. He's so awkward and formal and trying even though he probably doesn't know why he's trying. The Batman/Bruce dichotomy is BRILLIANTLY done.

Then there's Alfred. I adore Alfred. He is my hero. I ♥ him.

"Alfred, he's just going to need to deal with this on his own terms, just like I did."

"Well, I certainly hope that doesn't mean he's going to run off for seven years without telling anyone. I don't think I'm up for going through that twice."

That would be my heart breaking. =D

I have such insane love for this fic, and it was written all for ME!! =D

This is the best Christmas EVER. I am SO doing [ profile] yuletide again next year! (I've also gotten very nice comments on my story, which makes me squee! =D Although, like all the others, what I wrote will remain a secret until New Years. Hee!)

The whole [ profile] yuletide experience was fantastic, and getting the most perfect story ever for Christmas just put me over the top. I'm spouting glee. =D

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

PS: By the way, [ profile] scribophile, I got Twilight and New Moon for Christmas! I started Twilight and so far, I'm really enjoying it! Currently, Edward is trying to switch out of Biology. ;) I *did* just start it!
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Taking a quick moment to stop and say Merry Christmas and ♥ to my wonderful f-list. I hope you all have a joyous holiday, whatever you celebrate! :)

And a quick note to my [ profile] yuletide Santa: I have no idea when I will have another moment at the computer between now and tomorrow night, but rest assured that I am SO looking forward to reading my story! =D Thank you!!

There are times I really love being Norwegian; Christmas is one of them. :) Yesterday was "Little Christmas Eve" (Lile Jule Aften), so we had a lovely time at my grandmother's with the whole family. Tonight, presents! As it's Jule Aften (Christmas Eve!), at my grandmother's, and that's when Christmas is celebrated for her. Then to my house tomorrow for Christmas day! :) We're a small family, but we sure have fun!

Now, off to dress and get ready for CHRISTMAS!! :)

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Well, I'm off to bed here, because I'm exhausted.

But first, a quick uber-thanks to [ profile] likeadeuce and [ profile] zoe_chan for the fantastic, speedy and thoughtful emergency beta-reads of my [ profile] yuletide fic. You girls saved the day! :)

Second, when my [ profile] yuletide recipient discovers who I am, I want you to know this: I LOVED writing this fic. Seriously. I tried something new, and am pleased to say, I think it works. I doubt I would have tried it otherwise. Definitely pleased with my participation this year. Also, yay! Go me! Uploaded on time! =D

And third, my aunt came from California tonight. It's very nice to see her. :) It is now officially Christmas. This means that my life is not my own, of course. Just tonight, I discovered that my plans of cleaning the house and baking are not actually my plans for tomorrow: tomorrow I wrap and go to the post office and write Christmas cards and call my aunt for further directions.

::headdesk:: Hello, Christmas.

If I vanish, I blame family. I'm excited to start working on the First Kiss stories, btw. :)

Now, my wish list!!

If you'd like to make me happy, I'd like Helga/Salazar. Or something to do with Peter Pevensie. :) And Scott Summers is fun, too--especially when combined with any of the following: Xavier, Jean, Erik, Warren, Gambit or Logan. ;)

Just saying.
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Dear Yuletide Santa, )

In summary: I'm going to love anything you write for me, because it's in a fandom I love. :) Seriously, have fun with it.

I can't wait for Christmas!!!

Love (and uber-thanks!),

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Dear Santa,

You are my hero. Did you know I cried when I was ten and was told that Santa Claus wasn't real? No, really--sobbed. To this day, even recalling that moment chokes me up. So thank you. Because see? Santa DOES exist. My faith is restored!

To my flist: shut up. We know I'm odd. ;)

In any case, I'm terribly sorry, but I'm going to bed before 11 on a Friday because, well, I teach fourth grade. And it was Halloween this week. >_< I'm exhausted, so.... will write a PROPER, possibly helpful letter tomorrow.

Love, Sara


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