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What have I been up to lately? I'm glad you asked! I made a fanmix! ...It's way too long, but I had, um. 94 songs in the playlist before I cut it down to this, so keep that in mind?

I Found the Arrow, Still Unbroke )
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A fanmix for Katt, for playing with the Summer fic challenge and writing an insanely AWESOME fic using all TEN prompts--and baby!Kon!!

ETA, 10:50 pm: Katt made a cover for the playlist, YAY!!!!! Now included under the cut!

Blazing Glory: A Kon Fanmix )

ETA, 7 pm: BAH! I forgot the cut in my rush to post for Katt to see before we ran off for dinner--sorry for the last several hours! =P Fixed now!
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Um, so, back in July I posted this fanmix meme.

I kinda sorta totally forgot to post the rest of the mixes after I posted the Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Snape ones.

So, erm... oops?

(Also, don't forget my August Frankenmix!)

For [ profile] scribophile, who requested Tonks.

Like the Harry/Ginny mix, I couldn't seem to stop at one mix. Heh. So, Tonks turned into Remus/Tonks, and then Remus needed one of his own, too.

So there you are.

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Tonks (and Remus) fanmix(es) behind this cut! )

And [ profile] zoe_chan asked for a mix for Mac and Ripley. Sorry, dear, no pretty cover for you, as... well, I was lazy.

=P (I figured you'd forgive me, as you will also enjoy the Tonks, Remus and Tonks/Remus mixes. ;) Hee!)

Mac and Ripley mix! )

So, there we are. I hope you love them, girls! ♥! And that you forgive the lateness. Oops.
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Beginning with [ profile] aradiachiba's request for "Ginny Weasley or Harry/Ginny"...

Well, I sort of did both and then made one for Harry, too. He felt left out. (Of course, you could just say I made three Harry/Ginny mixes and call it good, too. ;) Heh.)

Also, err... much more than 3-5 songs. Nothing mini about this. I got into it. I love me my H/G.

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Follow the cut for several sunlit days... )

And then [ profile] arnica tried to give me a heart attack or something and requested Severus Snape/Hermione Granger.

I apologize for no fancy banner thingy, but it might have broken me to make one. ;)

Snape/Hermione mini-mix for Arnica )

I hope you girls like! =D That was fun. (The sad thing is, writing this post took all week. Oops. The other mixes should be along... sometime. =P) Should the links stop working, let me know and I'll re-upload. :)

Edit: [ profile] zoe_chan is back and she asked me to elaborate on the Snape/Hermione mix and anyway, [ profile] arnica might be interested:

Song choice reasonings! )

Which I think says it all.


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