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I made these lists before writing my NaNo as a guide for my own writing, and then decided I'd like to have it up as a reference to point to, so here it is!

Cut for length )

My list of likes is a whole lot longer than my list of dislikes. ;) Please don't take these lists as a judgment on your tastes, if something on it is what you enjoy. It's just a matter of personal taste, but I make no judgments on people who do like them!
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One book left!! Read The Silver Chair today. I think... my least favorite thus far, in the way Chamber of Secrets is my least favorite HP book. Not disliked at all. Just... not as loved. =P

(Put that way, I want to love it! ;) Heh.)

I'm having issues.

I have got plot bunnies stirring for all sorts of things, in various fandoms. And I have promised to write certain fics! And they shall be written!

Just not tonight. =P

Anyway, before reading the books, I was very interested in the "Golden Age, when Peter was High King." And still am, but the back-in-England-after part is interesting me more now.

And I think I've read too many fics about how Susan deals with it. Because I'm eh about that.

(And all this "High King" talk is making me want to reread the Prydain books. Dude, Eilonwy and Taryn and... I should do that.)

(Also, I still really find Peter and Lucy's relationship to be really fun and interesting and I'd like more fic about them. I still adore them.)

Anyway, my point tonight is that since finishing The Horse and His Boy a few days ago, I've had a passage from a Robin McKinley book knocking about in my head.

And it's somehow trying to merge with my Narnian plot bunnies, and none of them know what to make of it.

It's always been one of my favorite passages, and therefore may be why it's been knocking about but...

Why should Narnia make me think of The Hero and the Crown? Which I haven't re-read since high school?

Cut simply because it is the last line of the novel, but not TERRIBLY spoilerrific, as I've only got the most important bit here... and I want help! )

And what on earth?

Maybe I'm too tired to make sense of this, but it's been rattling about for DAYS now and I'd like to make something of it.

Hmm. There are obvious routes I could go with it, in terms of applying the vague idea to Narnia, but... obvious and I aren't friends tonight.

So far as I know, reading the books, none of them married while in Narnia the first time around, correct? Hm. Trying to establish a timeline is DIFFICULT and the ones I've found online are by people other than CS Lewis and am I missing something important? Because I'd like to know how long that "Golden Age" lasted and 15 years doesn't sit well with me, especially if the whole Rabadash incident happened in their 14th year. Ugh. I also have no idea what THIS has to do with the idea forming.

I like it when ideas spring fully formed into my mind, screaming WRITE ME NOW!!!!!

But I don't know what to make of this, and I've been thinking about it. Ugh. I hate that. Maybe I should do some housework. (HA!)

Any ideas? Suggestions? Requests?

Oi. Bedtime, I think.


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