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Title: Reliving
Author: [ profile] lady_sarai
Fandom/Continuity: DCU, Adventure Comics (no real spoilers, except that Kon is alive!)
Length: ~750 words
Characters: Kon, Martha Kent
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Author's Note: Okay, so I actually wrote these scenes for my Kon-lives! NaNo novel two years ago, but I haven't finished it, and now... Well, Kon is alive! In a much simpler way than what I came up with because I tried to be realistic. As realistic as being not-dead-anymore can be. ANYWAY, upon re-reading, these scenes fit together and work on their own, so I have edited them a bit and tried to make them fit with what I read in Adventure Comics, and have decided to post them as a fic, to celebrate the insane awesome of that comic. That said, I have no idea what Kon remembers from being dead, and if this isn't entirely canon-compliant... oh well!

Summary: Kon died. He was dead. And now he isn't.

In which Kon gets a little existential. It's not easy coming back from the dead. )

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I posted fic! O_O And now I'm off to clean the fridge to make room for the MILLION groceries I bought this morning, ack! And then bake. ::nods:: (OMG where has December gone??)

In other news, we have twenty inches of snow. Yes, twenty inches. 50.8 centimeters, thank you google. (That actually sounds equally impressive, however you read it.) That poor Damn Reindeer is half-buried, and our 24" Christmas trees? Well, you know, we can see 4 inches of them. ;)

ANYWAY, FIC! Sort of a... multi-media fic thing? ::shrug::

Title: Wish You Were Here! 1/?
Authors: [ profile] lady_sarai and [ profile] zoe_chan
Pairing/Characters: Tim/Cissie, Bart, Kon, Cassie, Jaime, Rose
Rating/Warnings: PGish
Disclaimer: We do not own anything or anyone. We promise.

Summary: When the Titans go abroad, they have a tradition to uphold: they send a postcard to Cissie.

Part 1: In which the tradition is established.

Authors' Note: Okay, so [ profile] lady_sarai has a slight Photoshop addiction, and both of us love postcards. For the purposes of this fic, the Titans are Tim, Cassie, Kon, Bart, Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle) and Rose Wilson (Ravager). Which means, yes, Bart and Kon are alive again. Don't ask us how. And to allow for this to be, they are all college age--hence the address on Cissie's postcards. (And, yes, Tim and Cissie are together.)

(And yes, this is image-heavy. Sorry, dial-up.)

Remember how you said you like postcards?

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A fanmix for Katt, for playing with the Summer fic challenge and writing an insanely AWESOME fic using all TEN prompts--and baby!Kon!!

ETA, 10:50 pm: Katt made a cover for the playlist, YAY!!!!! Now included under the cut!

Blazing Glory: A Kon Fanmix )

ETA, 7 pm: BAH! I forgot the cut in my rush to post for Katt to see before we ran off for dinner--sorry for the last several hours! =P Fixed now!
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I am having one of those Rough Days where I want to crawl into bed and hide under the covers until I feel like a human being again, and that feels like it could be years.

But--came home and am talking to [ profile] zoe_chan and [ profile] xenokattz and am beginning to feel better.

Provided my family doesn't try to take my internet away from me, I will be okay in a few hours.

Katt and I had this conversation which must be preserved (Context is for the weak--or those who are getting snippets of my WiP):

[ profile] xenokattz: ZOMG KON!
[ profile] xenokattz: and a HAM!
[ profile] xenokattz: And possibly twice-baked sweet potato pie which he hates 'cause it's got raisins!
[ profile] xenokattz: It's not pie, sorry. Just twice-baked sweet potatoes.
Lady_Sarai: either way.
Lady_Sarai: they're sweet potatoes with raisins.
[ profile] xenokattz: but WHY does Kon dislike raisins? As Tim says, they are nature's candy.
Lady_Sarai: ::laughs:: he doesn't mind RAISINS per se, just--he does not like raisins in his potatoes.
[ profile] xenokattz: Truth.
Lady_Sarai: (he does not think he should have to CHEW his potatoes like that)
[ profile] xenokattz: What does he do with fries then?
Lady_Sarai: fries are fried.
Lady_Sarai: if its fried it automatically okay
Lady_Sarai: and he doesn't mind chewing potatoes, but he minds chewing MASHED potatoes.
Lady_Sarai: Martha's cooking spoils him.
[ profile] xenokattz: gotcha
Lady_Sarai: plus, she doesn't put raisins in his.
Lady_Sarai: Clark gets raisins.
[ profile] xenokattz: Clark loves raisins. They are, after all, nature's candy.
Lady_Sarai: to which Kon facepalms.
[ profile] xenokattz: and wonders why he ended up with the S and Tim with the Bat
Lady_Sarai: and whether or not Luthor likes raisins, and if he doesn't, he's going to buy a giant sized bottle at the wholesale club and eat them all BECAUSE.
[ profile] xenokattz: oh KON
[ profile] xenokattz: He's going to be runny for a WEEK
[ profile] xenokattz: And I'm not talking his nose
Lady_Sarai: which is why Tim will stop him.
[ profile] xenokattz: And one day, perhaps several years from now, Bruce will go to Clark's holding a giant jar of petrified raisins with a sign in Tim's spiky printing "Kon-- this will kill you. I'm not even kidding."
[ profile] xenokattz: And Bruce will arch one brow
[ profile] xenokattz: And say "I blame your boy entirely."

(LJ-ify your IMs before pasting!)
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Title: Of Mortality
Authors: [ profile] lady_sarai and [ profile] zoe_chan via their shared journal, [ profile] the_and_sara
Continuity: DCU, some nebulous post-Crisis universe, where Kon is not dead anymore, and Tim is not broken
Length: ~3,700
Pairing/Characters: Tim/Kon
Rating/Warnings: Teen for language, and a bit slashy.
Disclaimer: We do not own anything or anyone. We promise.
Note: The trouble all started when [ profile] zoe_chan either sprained or tore somthing in her knee. And it hurt. So she IMed [ profile] lady_sarai and told her that she needed squish to make her feel better about being on crutches and in pain and generally miserable. So we wrote cuddly squish which made [ profile] zoe_chan feel a little better, even if three weeks later, she does not know what happened to her knee, or how long it will be until it is better.

Summary: Kon drops in on Tim and is unpleasantly surprised.

(Kon used every bit of stealth and subtlety that he had to fly up beside Tim’s open window.)

Follow the fake-cut to the fic!
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Title: As a Constellation
Authors: [ profile] lady_sarai and [ profile] zoe_chan
Fandom/Continuity: DCU, sometime in the nebulous future when Kon is no longer dead. Therefore, definitely an AU.
Length: ~6,000 words
Pairing: Tim/Kon
Rating/Warnings: ADULT. So very, very, VERY adult. Cannot stress this enough—ADULT. Take note of the pairing: slash contents of an ADULT nature. Please don’t read if these things bother you.
Disclaimer: We do not own anything or anyone. We promise.

Author's Note: So one Saturday, [ profile] lady_sarai IMed [ profile] zoe_chan and said "I am in a bad mood. I want schmoop of the fuzzy bunny, sunshine and rainbow variety. But that doesn’t really work with this fandom, does it?" and [ profile] zoe_chan said, "No." But it happened to be the day before [ profile] zoe_chan’s birthday, and she required squish. So we nixed the sunshine and rainbows, but threw in kittens.

This should tell you what we were hoping to accomplish with this fic. Well, until plot happened. Let this serve as proof that we are incapable of writing PWP even when we try.

Summary: Tim surprises Kon with a late night visit.

Tim swung himself lightly onto the old wooden roof. )

The title is taken from this poem:

the plump of my belly, the
hollow of your
groin, as a constellation,
how it leans from earth to
dawn in a gesture of

--Denise Levertov, “Our Bodies.”

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5 Times Donna Had To Remember She Really Loved The Boys, So She Didn't Kill Them for [ profile] miakun:

I tried to make "the boys" apply to ALL the boys, but Donna told me that "The Boys" refers to Dick and Roy. Also, my canon knowledge is handwavy and I had no internet check available. :)

Roy asked her about Amazonian customs... )

And then, for ME:

5 Things Kon Secretly Loves About The Farm But Would Never Admit, Even To Clark—But Maybe To Tim

Except he thinks Tim already knows these things. )

Okay, now I feel bad mooching the internet and a table, even though I bought a bagel, because it's getting kind of crowded in here. Oh, my conscience.

I discovered last night that I get EXTREMELY intermittent internet access at home, for about two seconds at a time, but that means occasionally an email slips through the internetless haze. It's also the worst tease possible, because then I spend an hour and a half hitting "sign on" in vain hope that maybe it will work this time. =P
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Um. Note to those I coerced into playing [ profile] penknife's "I Never..." challenge... those would be due April 5th.

Which I just realized is TOMORROW. O_O (Boy, I'm a smart one.)

And it's snowing a very wet snow and I had outdoor recess duty today. Blah.

Also, had a story idea on the way to work but a day of math ed teching drove it from my brain and it makes me sad. I need a tape recorder or something.


BTW, the [ profile] summers_fling fics I've read thus far are BEYOND amazing. Just... really wow. Especially the one for me! Bearings by [ profile] ion_bond. OMG, it's got a very young (set in 1985), *blind* (as in pre-ruby quartz) Scott Summers and ERIK LEHNSHERR and BRAILLE.

Yes, you heard that combination correctly. Also, there is a mention of an Atari screen. How much LOVE is that?

I wish I had more time to just READ these fics, but I do have to, you know, write another story. =P Plus there's the whole have-a-life thing. (A what now?)

I think, after [ profile] yuletide and [ profile] summers_fling, it's safe to say that I ADORE ficathons, despite the last-second panic. Which, you know, is my own fault for apparently working best under pressure.

Here's hoping that works for my "I Never..." fic. Heh. >_<

I'm incredibly happy with how my [ profile] summers_fling fic turned out, given the amount of flailing I did over it and how much I HATED it on Sunday afternoon--you can ask my mother, who got to hear how much it sucked when I was helping make dinner. She has no idea what I was talking about, but was very sympathetic. [ profile] zoe_chan put up with my AIM flailing with the usual grace and minimal eye-rolling, complete with statements of "you do not suck." ;)

Also, I'm a geek, but I think I'll save the reason why for another post.


Also, have fallen deeply and madly in love with Superboy. Dammit, Kon. And Tim. But I already loved Tim, so this is not news. My Kon love isn't news now, either, not to poor [ profile] zoe_chan and [ profile] xenokattz. Although I blame Katt for this *anyway* because she's the Super-Fan, and I've always been a Bat-Fan. And I blame my Tim-love on [ profile] zoe_chan, because... well. Why not? ;) (And I thought I was *SAVING* my professions of geekiness?)

On this note, I have a rec of IMMENSE AWESOMESAUCE POWER. LIKE OMG. I flailed at [ profile] zoe_chan over IM all night when I read it (and stayed up until 2:30 to do so), even though she was sleeping, and I emailed Katt and. Yeah. I think I had multiple geekgasms. (Which is a term you KNOW I've been dying to say.)

The Way I Was Made by [ profile] hackthis

It is Superman Returns meets Smallville meets the Teen Titans v. 3 (DC comicverse). And it's GOOD. REALLY good. It's adult, and slash, but seriously awesome in so many ways. Basic idea? Jason White is Kon-El.

No, *so* not joking. Complete with Lex Luthor DNA. You'd think it'd be crack, and it IS, but it's the GOOD crack.

I know enough of each verse to make loud, high-pitched noises when I recognized things--like BART, and STEPH, and the shades of Jason Todd that Jason White exhibits, and the incredible mention of the Narrows made me fall over because that makes it Batman Begins verse, as well. GUH. This is like the crossover to end all crossovers, AND IS WELL-WRITTEN.

AND it does right by Richard White, which we all know is MAJOR for me (or we should know). Because Jason has three dads, but he only calls Richard "dad."

The author's Jason voice is amazing, and so Kon-like that at first it's a stretch to think of little Jason White in SR as this college student with such blazing sarcasm and wit, but then it all makes sense.

Calculus isn't the same as 2 + 2 = 4, though, and Jason's not too sure how he's going to take care of his math requirement without bribery and blackmail.

Remarks like that are his inner Luthor coming out, which is a big joke with his dad, but Clark doesn't really tend to laugh about it very much. When Clark is all uptight, Jason reminds him that he's a genetically created baby, who was implanted in his mom while she was kidnapped on assignment. It took three men and two women just to get him into college.

Jason's bound to be a little warped; Clark should just accept it.

DUDE. Jason. Kon-El. MADE OF WIN. (I wish *I* had thought of this.) =D

Plus, hello, there is Tim/Jason-who-is-Kon, which, you know, is like icing on the cake.


One of my students from when I taught sixth grade last year has my MSN and her screenname is currently "Dang my extremely loud internal monologue!" Oh, sweety, I love how much you are a geek. ♥


So... any plot bunnies want a home? Hit me with 'em.

(Wait, what am I doing? I must be mad.)


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