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I made these lists before writing my NaNo as a guide for my own writing, and then decided I'd like to have it up as a reference to point to, so here it is!

Cut for length )

My list of likes is a whole lot longer than my list of dislikes. ;) Please don't take these lists as a judgment on your tastes, if something on it is what you enjoy. It's just a matter of personal taste, but I make no judgments on people who do like them!
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Okay, so--I am bored and want to write. But I don't know what. ALSO, making a deal with myself. NO WRITING until I finish beta-reading [ profile] xenokattz's story, because I am very very very slow and late and she might kill me or at least never use me as a beta again, buuuuuut I am so very cute and charming that she loves me anyway? 0:) Also, I bring the good crack.

However! When I am done with that, I will want things to write. Sooooo--prompt me! (I realize this means [ profile] alphabet26 is going to ask me to write Star Trek genfic, but I will take this risk.)

Also, if you think there was ever a prompt you asked for that I didn't write, feel free to smack me about it. It sadly happens. :P I am highly distractable. Oooo, shiny!
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Is it as hot and humid and unbearable where you all are? Man, hello Summer!

So, I had a thought!

Let's do some writing-sharing, shall we? I'll post a list of prompts, you pick one (or more! or pick your own!) and write a drabble, a ficlet, a novel! Whatever you want, go for it! And pick one for me to write or send me a prompt, and we will exchange fics--this way, everyone wins!

Also, if you have prompts, I'll add them to the list?

Yay? Yay!

So--the prompts! Summer themed, given the heat we've had:

1) Sudden summer storm
2) Sunscreen
3) Full moons and fireflies
4) Ice cream cones/popsicles
5) Cruel Summer
6) C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips Feel free to ignore the video. Also, though this may affect your thinking, this is my Bart song.
7) Heat exhaustion
8) Giant Slip-N-Slide!
9) This pic
10) This pic

As always, Tim/Cissie gets my unending love and devotion and earns you Quadruple Bonus Points. ;) There needs to be more Tim/Cissie out there. You know I'm right.

Please play? You know I want you to. ;) (And you know you want to, too!)

Ooo, also--this could be a challenge? Complete one or as many as you want--if you complete all ten, I will totally write you a fic, or make you a graphic of your choice or maybe make a fanmix... Your pic!


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