Mar. 13th, 2010

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So today is HOMEWORK DAY, which clearly means that Twitter has been DISTRACTING ME. But I can't be blamed because [ profile] imaginaryalice mentioned watching What a Girl Wants and that she thinks it is about Cissie and Ollie. [ profile] second_batgirl chimed in her agreement and of COURSE I agreed (and not just because I cast Amanda Bynes as Cissie). The next thing I knew, there was an epic discussion about Cissie and Mia forcing Ollie to sit through romantic comedies and TSB and I had this conversation on AIM:

[ profile] second_batgirl: I really want fic now where Cissie and Mia force Ollie to watch a bunch of rom coms
Sara: me too!
[ profile] second_batgirl: secretly they're both rolling their eyes a lot, but Ollie thinks he has to indulge them
[ profile] second_batgirl: and Dinah told Ollie it was his duty to do it
Sara: well, yes. they're enjoying torturing him
Sara: HAHA
Sara: <3
Sara: I want this fic so hard.
[ profile] second_batgirl: maybe it's after Cissie and Tim had a fight?
[ profile] second_batgirl: and this is how Ollie thinks he's supposed to cheer her up, with chili and movies
Sara: ooooooh, I like this!
Sara: A LOT.
[ profile] second_batgirl: (and then Dinah smacks him and makes him buy Cissie chocolate ice cream)
Sara: heeee! YES.
Sara: I would so write this, but I'm devoting today to homework. see how well I'm doing so far. :-p
[ profile] second_batgirl: "... but you never complained."
[ profile] second_batgirl: "Go get her chocolate. Now."
Sara: "Cissie doesn't even LIKE chili!"
[ profile] second_batgirl: "She never complained!"
[ profile] second_batgirl: "She was worried you wouldn't listen anyway. Now march! And maybe some flowers also."
Sara: heee! <3 I WANT THIS FIC SO HARD
[ profile] second_batgirl: I HAVE ALREADY CHANGED MY BIG BANG ONCE
[ profile] second_batgirl: I AM NOT DOING IT AGAIN
Sara: It doesn't have to be a big bang! it's a one-shot! :-D
[ profile] second_batgirl: :P
Sara: <3
[ profile] second_batgirl: Maybe after my big bang :P
Sara: hee!
[ profile] second_batgirl: What did Cissie and Tim fight about?
Sara: he pays more attention to his bike than to her. ;-)
[ profile] second_batgirl: Roy pats Cissie on the shoulder a lot, and tells her that's a bat trait, and there is nothing she can do about it
[ profile] second_batgirl: (Well, there is, but Roy thinks Cissie is too young to sprawl out naked on the bike and wait for Tim to notice, which is CLEARLY what Roy did to Dick)
Sara: (HAHAHA, of course!)
Sara: or he's stubborn about being hurt or overworking himself and not taking care of himself, or not telling her when things happen, or how he doesn't want her to worry
[ profile] second_batgirl: Your second idea is too angsty and is not as easily solved :P
Sara: ::laughs:: he missed a date? again?
[ profile] second_batgirl: my suggestion at least leads to porn!
Sara: (the second idea is generally what I think they will ALWAYS argue about, even if they learn how not to fight about it)
Sara: I like yours!
[ profile] second_batgirl: :D
[ profile] second_batgirl: I vote that we just post our chat on LJ and make someone else write it

So I said I would post this. ;) And if it doesn't get written, I might have to consider it when I have some time, because holy cow, too funny.

There was also discussion of how Ollie tries to placate the girls by buying them ponies and cars. Oh, Ollie.

Also, I have a new shirt )

Yeah. So... homework, right.


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