May. 11th, 2010

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HI GUYS! It's been awhile.

I AM DONE. Spring semester ended officially last night after my very last presentation. I am freeeeeee. ...Well, until my summer course starts next Tuesday. But it's just the one class, as opposed to three. WHY I thought I could handle three graduate courses at once is beyond me now, but it looks like next year I can take two courses in the fall and two in the spring, then the summer practicum and I'll be done with the program! So--I am pleased with that.

IN ANY CASE. I did this last November, so I thought I'd do it for this April/May, since I've been, oh. Too busy to sleep. (...No, really, there was at least a two week period where I averaged 4-5 hours per night. If I was lucky.)

So. This is what I've been up to... )

And oh yeah. I put the entirety of my Lit Log online as a blog as my final project for the Horrible Computer Course. Just checked, and got an A+ on it, wooo! This brought my course grade from an A- to an A, which pleases me greatly. (The A- was because I didn't participate in class enough. Which was because if I participated, I would have said mean things.) And my grade for my Tuesday class is in too, and that's an A, so YAY! Just my Children's Lit grade to go. ...So far my assignments for that class have received perfect marks, so I am not so worried. (She is keeping my Literature Log as an exemplar to show future classes, which makes me a little bit giddy. Considering all the work I put into that sucker, I think I am allowed to be? Maybe?)

Oh, also--if you have never read anything by Wendy Mass, you really really need to. She's awesome and I loved her books. (She is who I did my author study on.)



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