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Okay, so... Harry Potter fandom.

Oh, you are monstrous and huge and not a little scary. And while I may not participate much, beyond the occasional fic... I have watched you from when you were small and relegated mainly to FF.Net BEFORE the Cassie Claire debaucle. I mean, I started reading fic actively when PoA came out! I'm not even sure I know when that was without looking.

However. This is the last book. As everyone on earth who is not under a rock knows, the cover was revealed today. I have thinky thoughts on it, but my first thought was "darn it, fandom!"

Which. Was maybe not the reaction I should have had.

A few thoughts concerning spoilers and possible f-list trims... )

I'd at least like a nice shiny spoiler-labeled LJ cut, and some people don't get that, at least in comms. (Note: if you are a person who I have friended, I am not worried. Particularly if you've friended me back, as all of YOU lovely people are considerate about things like spoilers. And the declaration of new information is not something I'm going to get upset about; I don't plan to live under a rock, really. It's when people post mini-images of new book covers without cuts that bother me because what will happen when it's something bigger than that? I'm a little afraid I'll have to cut the newsletters, but we'll see.

In other news, DC fandom, why? Why have I fallen in such utter and complete, total, flailing, buy-you-a-ring-and-feed-you-chocolate LOVE with you? Why, when your canon so clearly FAILS at times and contradicts itself and I can't stand some of the writers (canon, not fandom--fandom writers are ♥) and there are so many years of canon to catch up on and I am broke so I can't even keep up with current canon?

And why do you make me so damn happy?

Perhaps most perplexing is the question of how you've changed my fannish leanings. Because I swear that there was a point when I would have searched out every gen fic EVER before looking for any other kind of story. And the idea of writing something not gen would have been a bit daunting and not something I considered for a good while.

So why do I have the urge to write GAY SEX? I mean, really. I have been fannish for years, and have friends who can prove this. Hell, I have binders from SECOND GRADE that prove it. Shut up, I so do.

Anyway, my point is that up until now, my tendency has not been to look at two characters in a text and say "oh, they're gay" unless it's CANON that they are. My tendency hasn't been to pair anyone up at all, really, except in cases where the subtext is SO THERE--Ron/Hermione, Erik/Charles, Remus/Sirius, etc--or when the ship IS canon--Scott/Jean, Bella/Edward, Harry/Ginny (I love that it's canon), Mark/Maureen, Angel/Collins, etc.

My default has always been gen, possibly because it's what I write best and possibly because there seems to be less genfic than anything with pairings.

Anyone who has been around me can ALSO tell you that when it comes to two characters being best friends, it has annoyed me when fandom automatically starts pairing them up romantically. Witness the hissy fits I've had over the RENT fandom and the insane number of Mark/Roger fics but huge LACK of Mark-and-Roger as Best Friends fics.

(Perhaps a bit contrarily, the Best-Friends-Who-Fall-In-Love pairing is one that TOTALLY does it for me. I have no idea what to make of my oddness.)

So, DC fandom, I ask you--how did you CHANGE THIS about me?! How? Seriously.

Why is it I look at Dick and Roy (and Kon and Tim, OMG) and start inserting slashes between their names and drawing pink, sparkly hearts around them? Why do I want to cover them all in band-aids and wrap them in grandma-knit-afghans and feed them hot chocolate? Then let them have sex?

Oh, DC fandom. How infatuated I am with you.

And... any good Kon-lives!or-otherwise-is-back-from-the-dead! fic out there?

It is so not fair that I should fall so in love with a character who is DEAD. ::scowls::
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Ooh, lookit!! New Marta art! Spoileriffic art, though... But SO perdy. Pardon the drool.

Ariel, shut up. I hear you, you know. "Won-won," indeed. Bah. ;)

Also, was on the phone for 3 hours and 51 minutes today with Dell Tech support. Good god. Ryan managed to get a virus on Mom's computer, and it made it impossible to even sign on, so I called. Yeah. Talked to India. They were very nice.

Hopefully marginally entertaining account of the joys and wonders of Dell Technical Support and How I Contributed to the Economy in India. )

AND, ee!! Spoilers for the JKR interview that is highly spoilerific, but insanely fun for detail-hungry me... )

Okay, so maybe it was a little more spoilery than I had planned when I started. But still. I feel happy. Ariel, stop saying that. I know you're mocking me. I have telepathy that way.

And now, to bed, so I can be at your house at 9:30, so we can make the age-old decision: IHOP or Panera before movie?


Jul. 18th, 2005 11:24 pm
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The State of the Fandom as observed by Penknife, following the release of HBP.

It contains SPOILERS!! )So beware.

Also, Theanna, ADORE the cd. Made the discovery that Meatloaf was a favorite of Dad's, and am now craving more Meatloaf music. Not sure if this is a result of the song, or the fact that Mom knew every word to the song because Dad was apparently *quite* obsessed and I feel it's fair to assume some part of my brain recognizes this music because I do love it in insane ways. =P And Queen. I'm so an 80s child. Doode.
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Okay, so, first off, had a FANTASTIC time with my girls this weekend. It's too bad the drive-in BROKE, and Ariel, that WAS my co-worker I thought I saw. Heh. Also, a word to the wise... don't drink when you've been up for over 20 hours. You'll be far-gone REALLY fast. It's a good thing for me that I know my limits and get... quite cranky and whiny for water when reaching them. Heh. ;) But PoA DOES make a great drinking game. Should try that again when we're not so tired.

So, yes, stayed up until 1 last night to finish reading, even though I had work this morning. Better than the 2 that happened with book 5, but still... I couldn't fall asleep until roughly 1:30ish.

All right, for those just now tuning in, I have read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from cover-to-cover and now have to react. Because I don't know if Theanna has finished it, and I don't know how to contact Ariel. Heh. So, here goes.

Spoilery, spoileriffic, Spoiler-spoiler-spoilers... or, in any case, reactiony spoilers! )

And that's all for tonight, because I can't think of anything else and am tired. But, I love JKR, and I love Harry Potter, and it seems very little will detract from that.

Solemn Oath

Jul. 2nd, 2005 01:11 am
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Found in several lj's tonight. Dude, so true.

I solemnly swear that when I discuss spoilers or potential spoilers related to HBP, I will put them behind an LJ-cut tag for a period lasting until at least four weeks following the release of HBP, possibly longer if a significant portion of my flist is still reading or hasn't read it by then. If I fail to do so, it will be because of a coding error, which will be fixed as soon as humanly possible because I will always check my entries upon hitting "post". I'll iron my hands for good measure.

(I may just avoid the internet until I finish it, but I will be nice and cut spoilers. So please, do the same.)

Also, at the beach, a little girl ran up to our male camp director and pointed at his legs, yelling "Harry Potter Hairy Legs!!"

Yes, and today I dealt with the biggest nose bleed I have EVER seen, and the Teen Xtreme camp invaded our space, their director yelled at one of our counselors, a parent or two got ticked off at me for not knowing when the bus from swimming lessons would be back, and many small children did NOT use their indoor voices in the gym.

I do love working with first and second graders. I do.

But darn, that 5 year old bled a LOT. On the upside, I now know what to do in nosebleed crises.


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