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So, I was trying to tell my mother about my day and I think I need to post for everyone to see.

Picture, if you will, a classroom. 18 desks arranged like a giant square missing one side. A table at the open end, which I was standing behind--as the teacher's guide is on said table.

A math lesson, directly after lunch. (On scientific notation and exponents, if you are curious. Yes, in fifth grade. I know.)

My directions were "come in, sit down without talking at your desks, take out your math journal."

Remember, this is fifth grade.

This might be amusing and horrifying at once. You decide. )

.....And that is how the first ten minutes of a lesson goes. The rest continues in the same vein.
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Today was the type of day that had me hiding in my room instead of monitoring bus lines. (Is this surprising at this point?) One of the other teachers saw me in the hall and said "you look like you could cry right now" and--I did. ::sigh:: I really don't like being so emotional and easy to cry. But the staff is really supportive and the principal is really trying to help, as are the other fifth grade teachers.

I'm just so exhausted and these kids take everything out of me. The class management was compared to "whack-a-mole"--all I'm doing is putting out small fires all over all at once, trying to stop a wildfire. (Okay, mixing metaphors, but you get it.)

We also had not one but TWO fire drills today. At least the weather was gorgeous (hence two--we should have had one last week, but it wasn't nice enough, and today was THAT beautiful).

This afternoon, there were THREE kids I did not have to speak with for behavior. That's it.

I'm exhausted and kind of discouraged and sad. I could really use some Tim/Cissie fluff?

And OH NO, my favorite American Idol was voted off! :(
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So, I could have handled twenty overtired children had the Pats won. >_<

Well--it still would have been ridiculous, but I would have been happier--and so would they!

I did a poll--all but two of them stayed up past their bedtimes for it.

Also--those tech decks? NEED TO DIE. Or, you know, VANISH FROM MY CLASSROOM.

I had a collection of 19 on my desk at the end of the day. I am done with them, they are annoying and the kids hide them in their desks and play with them when I am teaching. NOT OKAY. I take them without giving second chances. I am the Evil Fingerboard Overlord and your tech decks are belong to me.

...At least until recess when I give them back to you and then I take them again in the afternoon because you broke the rules again and then I let you have them at the end of the day.

Because I don't want rabid parents coming after me for those monstrosities.

Do you remember Pogs? Oh, Pogs. How my teachers must have hated you.
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The kids are at recess. THANK YOU.

I am so ready for a nap. I think my brain exploded trying to explain why you can't have a fraction for the numerator of a fraction. I devolved into "NO! It's just--the answer is always NO! If the answer is ever yes, the world is ending! NO!" Fortunately, by that point, he was laughing too hard to pay attention to me. =P As he left for recess, he said "So, is-" I said "NO" and he said "It's always no, right?" and I went "N-YES!" And then we stared at each other.

And yes, I am the person you want teaching your kids. ;) Heh.

Also, cable company has my hatred again, as we woke up to nothing working. Woe. Mom is going after work. I am Not Amused.

::hugs [ profile] zoe_chan::

Okay, off to use restroom, get water, make signs and get ready for insane reenactment of the Triangular Trade in the classroom. THIS should be interesting!
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So, back to teaching! )

In other, completely unrelated news, [ profile] zoe_chan and I wrote fic! We posted it, even, despite massive flailage and hiding behind furniture. Because despite our efforts at writing schmoopy porn, it turned into schmoop with a side of porn. ;) We are incapable of PWPs, which is why the thing is massive and 6000 words. HA. >_<

Also, posting over Memorial Day weekend is a way to make yourself feel better about posting porn--because everyone is out and about and not home reading fic! Wee!

That being said, go check it out: As a Constellation, Tim/Kon, adult.

Never let it be said that I am not shameless and a fool for feedback. ;)

I just noticed that in my icon keywords, "Kon" shows up 11 times, and I have 1 labeled "Superboy," which brings it to 12 Kon icons. And 6 of those also have "Tim" as part of the keyword--he only appears in 5 of them, though. And I'm still looking for the PERFECT Tim/Kon icon. I just don't know precisely what I'm looking for.

I think it's safe to call them my favoritest OTP. I need more Tim icons, though. Because Tim is ♥. *uses Timmy icon* (It's just that Kon lives in my brain. Tim lives in [ profile] zoe_chan's.)
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So there's no way to avoid talk of the Valentine's Day Nor'Easter we may be getting. ::shifty eyes:: The weather just predicted 10 to 16 inches for where I live. Storm center located in the Gulf of Maine. Wow, and a winter storm watch already up. Hmm.

It amuses me that I have subbing jobs lined up for Tuesday and Friday, and there may well be snow days between them.

Also, I was gobsmacked today. Gobsmacked, being another way of saying that Superboy punched my reality again.

The day this doesn't happen will be a very odd day. Today I was introduced to my brother's first grade teacher. That was cute.

But the gobsmacking happened when I was introduced to a class and a special ed aide came up to me and asked, "Are you related to..." and then said MY FATHER'S NAME.

You probably could have knocked me over with a feather. I don't know when that has EVER happened to me--people ask about Mom or Ryan or people I've never met, but I can't remember when I've been asked about my DAD. Let's keep in mind that he died over 16 years ago.

I'm still reality-punched. )

Anyway, I totally didn't expect for someone to ask if I was related to my FATHER, of all people, when I went in to sub this morning.

It was very, very, very strange and I'm still kind of weirded out.

That turned into a really rambly and weird post, but sometimes you just have to kind of air things out, you know? So, just sort of getting all this out of my head must be helpful, right?

(Also, contrary to how it may seem, I am not in need of sympathy or hugs. I'm good. Weirded out, but good.)

I'm going to continue my exploration of DC fandom, thankyouverymuch. Dammit, Dick Grayson. I've read more Wikipedia pages than I should have, just to figure out who's who in the DCU and oh, COMICS.
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Okay, so this subbing thing? Is really, seriously strange. Just because I'm subbing in the schools I attended and I keep running into teachers I had and...

Example: In third grade, my teacher's classroom was in a portable, and our class and the teacher next door would switch for science and social studies--so MY teacher taught all social studies and the teacher next door taught all science. My brother had that next door teacher when he went through school.

I team-taught with that teacher on Thursday and Friday. Mr. S (we'll call him) wanted me to call him by his first name.


And then he said "You have to go see Sue and say hi!" REFERRING TO MY THIRD GRADE TEACHER.

It's all too much. I cannot call these people by their first names. It's wrong on every possible level.

What was amusing was listening to my fourth grade teacher and my art teacher introducing me to one of the other teachers and practically interrupting each other to do so.

"This is my baby!" (I'm not kidding, this is what my fourth grade teacher called me.) "She was in my class--"
"I went to high school with her mother!"
"She went to my college!"
"I was roommates with her aunt in college!"

Also, do you have any idea how WEIRD it was to eat in the teacher's room of my old school? I stepped in and expected to be yelled at!

Anyway, yeah, so I subbed 3 days this week and just now the sub caller called and I have jobs lined up for Monday, Tuesday and Friday and she'll call me if she gets requests for the other two days.

This is looking good for my wallet, but not so good for my continued sanity, as I ENTER A TIME WARP when I enter these buildings!

Also, I made an 80s playlist because [ profile] aradiachiba made me, and then decided I needed a playlist with all the music I have from the 1990s.

All except the broadway music, with the exception of certain songs from RENT and Disney movies, because I CAN'T think about the 90s without "Be A Man" playing in my brain--certain people know why.

248 songs, 17 hours and 18 minutes (exactly) later... I think I need more 90s music. ;) Let's just say I've been listening since Saturday and I've barely gotten halfway through.

I ♥ the 90s. Except I'd never relive them EVER.

On a random side-note, I just read a freaking AWESOME fic involving Dick Grayson and Roy Harper. ::is so beyond happy::

DC, you are so absolutely crazy that Superboy's reality punching is starting to MAKE SENSE TO ME. Somehow I think that's wrong.
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My mentor teacher just called me! =D I miss her.

She wants me to find 5 UMF students to help keep score at the Maine Geography Bee in March, because she wants to "save" me for the finals, because-and I quote: "I want you to do the finals because I need to know the person scoring that can handle it. And I want to keep you on reserve just in case anything comes up during the other rounds."

=D Squee! And every so often I feel about 5 again, because a little pat on the head does wonders for me. Cue Sally Field-"She likes me! She really likes me!"

I knew she did, but the reaction is there just the same. As is the bounciness and the joy I felt when I heard her voice. I didn't know I missed her as much as I do.

Sigh. I knew I missed the kids...

Who apparently also miss me, especially one girl. Who managed to trick my mentor into giving her my email and so now has me on MSN messenger and talks to me all the time. I don't always get to talk to HER, since I'm never at the computer when she is, but... it's nice. And apparently when I *do* talk to her, she goes into school and tells everyone she can make listen to her about it.

I feel so cool. I'm the cool teacher. Dude. I mean, I remember hanging all over my 6th grade teacher and *her* intern? Dude. Was all over her. LOVED her.

...I AM her!! Or was. Sigh.

BUT!! I will be a chaperone on their field trip this June! ::dances::

I think I'll end here with a minor complaint. OW. Theanna, I think my back is having sympathy pains. Right shoulder blade, eh? >.< All tight and ow. As is my lower back, but THAT is related to something I can't do anything about, save, you know, early menopause.

So, gonna curl up and whine now. Oo, wine would be nice. Too bad we have none. And we're an of-age room! We could have all the alcohol we wanted and could FLAUNT it and nobody could touch us!!


Yeah, welcome to the land of procrastination. I am its Queen.

Although! I went through all my syllabi and wrote down every assignment for the whole semester in my planner!! And then I HIGHLIGHTED it! I color-coordinated!

...yet somehow I still think I will fall behind and pull all nighters in futile attempts to save my eternal academic soul.

Ah well!

Dinner is a Chinese Festive Meal tonight. GAG me. I've got to talk the girls out of that... Now, REAL chinese food... yum. School chinese? NO.

And I wrote a fic! I just need to go over it and title it and have it checked out. =D ::bounces::

Now I should go read.

Also, I HATE my world film class, but it's too late to add/drop without jumping through hoops so I'll have to suck it up. The movie wasn't terrible, but the rest of the class is. Guh. Stupid pretentious film prof. Who made me buy at $50 book that's smaller than some of my Literature novels.

Gotta love it.

I cleaned off my car today and the doors opened! And the engine started! I count my blessings. AND I listened to music on headphones while doing it, and I should so remember to do that more often. Made crossing campus MUCH nicer.

And despite wanting to curl into the fetal position, I have been roped into going to a step aerobic class tonight at 7:15 with the girls. Why are we suddenly gym groupies? This seems so random and different. Not that I'm complaining, I doubt I'd go if it were just me. But. Out of nowhere this semester. And closing my window, the air is FREEZING.

Edit: Oh, crap. Totally forgot I was silly enough to sign up for [ profile] omniocular's January challenge, which means I have to write something about Ernie MacMillan and the Fat Friar by, oh, Tuesday. And get it beta'd and posted and sent. O.o Riiiight.

I need to find my Harry Potter place again, and I wonder how bad it would be if that fic wound up being more about Cedric than my 2 given characters? >.< Probably not the point.
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Why am I writing this post instead of working on reducing my pile o' stress? )

Anyway, a bit of a rant. And possibly another one...

I mean, I love RENT. A TON. The movie was awesome. The play is... ooo. No words. But that's beyond the point...

Tiny rant about slash in RENT fics... )

Yeah, so, not sure I have anything else to say. I'm tired. And have a wicked knot between my shoulder blades.

And right now, it is raining, which means tomorrow morning should be fun.

As this morning, we had a staff meeting, so I left early so I could be on time... and my car doors were frozen shut. So I spent a good 20 minutes trying to get in, and finally manage to yank open the passenger side door and had to crawl in because even after running the car for 5 minutes and defrosting it, I still couldn't open the driver's side door.

So I was late to the staff meeting. But at least I called and let the secretary know first... And I love our secretary and our janitors. They rock.


Sep. 28th, 2005 01:36 pm
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Oh my gosh. This is awesome...

In the style of Poe's "The Raven" comes The Rowling.

Just... read and laugh.

Went to a conference on teaching about the Wabanaki of Maine today, and it was interesting. We learned about the eugenics programs that existed in 35 states in the 20s and 30s and how Hitler wrote the Vermont government letters asking how they were managing to get away with it.

I left that talk feeling sick.

The next talk was on Thanksgiving Myths and I loved it, and totally want to use the activity we did in a classroom someday.

Got to see all kinds of interesting artifacts and oo and ahh over teaching resources, materials and books that I want but cannot afford. I think this will be a way of life for me. ::sigh::


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