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So, we have a New Year's Nor'Easter. I would call it the Blizzard of 2010, if it was later than January 3, and we were not known to get giant freaking blizzards all the way into April. In any case, it has not stopped snowing since Friday morning (and it snowed a few inches Thursday, but there was a brief lull between Thursday and Friday's snow, so it "doesn't count"). It is not expected to stop snowing until THE END OF TIME. (You think I'm exaggerating. I do live in Maine.)

One thing that can be said for this storm is that is has been a slow and steady storm, and all snow, so while it has snowed for DAYS and DAYS and WILL NEVER END, we have about a foot of snow to show for it and a lot of drifting thanks to heavy winds, but no ice and no slush and it's been gradual.

Also, my brother did the shoveling and snowblowing. Small miracles.

I have snow pictures! )

So, yes. Still dark. Still snowing. Never. Ending.

I am feeling better today though. Even if we're all getting cabin fever and stepping on each other's last nerves. But we have not lost power!! Here's crossing our fingers.
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Oh, lazy Saturdays are awesome things, aren't they? ♥

First--thank you everyone who commented on my last entry. You were all very helpful, and in conclusion, I am going to stop letting people-who-are-not-my-body freak me out about my body. (You would think this would have been an obvious solution in the first place, but possibly hearing the same thing a zillion times over six years or so finally got to me? OH WELL.)

Second--Dreamwidth! I has one. No codes, though, and same name there as here. Who else has one? I don't know what I'll do with it. I loves my LJ.

Third--my brother is now 22. Acts not so different than 21. Interpret as you will.

Fourth--MEME TIME. Snagged from [ profile] alphabet26, who always has the best ones. (Also, twittering during Heroes was AWESOME. Why haven't we done that before?)

Fannish History Meme )

Well, that was fun.

Fifth--Deadliest Catch is back. I am a happy Sara.

Sixth--Have started watching Firefly. Yes, is awesome.

Seventh--I just like even numbered lists and like them better when they are multiples of five. Seven is a filler. And [ profile] aradiachiba's favorite number. ♥

Eighth--Am completely addicted to this website and the texty pictures therein.

Witness the awesome pictorial evidence! )

Ninth--LEGION OF THREE WORLDS 4 ZOMG FLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL! MADE OF EVERY AWESOME EVER. AND I HAVE A VERY PRETTY NEW BACKGROUND FOR MY COMPUTER, which so happens to be the same one that [ profile] xenokattz, [ profile] second_batgirl and [ profile] shananagin all have. Because we are that awesome.

And Tenth--ONE LAST THING: Linking to a most awesome post by [ profile] selenak because everyone loves Obama, but our Secretary of State is made of win too, and Hillary Clinton kind of kicks some ass in these videos.

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Well, it's been an... *interesting* 24 hours here.

My mom and I had plans to do a double-feature at the movies followed by dinner out yesterday. We went to the movies for the 11:20 showing of The Dark Knight, which was AWESOME. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Heath Ledger--gah! He *is* the Joker. Like--yes. That's all I'm saying, but eee! And then we went immediately to see Mamma Mia--oh. SUCH CRACK. Sort of like Enchanted, they clearly had too much fun filming that and I laughed until it hurt--really good and remarkably faithful to the play, too. It must be seen to be appreciated, it was SO FUNNY.

So we left the theater at 4 in very high spirits and came outside and went "wow, that must have been a heck of a storm"--leaves and mulch and branches EVERYWHERE in the parking lot. Then Mom saw she had *18* missed phone calls. There was much panic on her part, but she got a hold of my brother. He was freaked out because the trees at the end of our driveway fell down. (He thinks they may have been struck by lightning--he was working, so he wasn't home. I'm not sure, although there is a Very Black section where it split. Anyway, there was one piece of the tree still upright and leaning so that he thought it was going to crash on my car where it sat in the turnaround, so he wanted to move it--but I had my keys. So we went home.

Ha. South Portland had power--Westbrook and Gorham had none; no traffic lights. Took FOREVER. And there were trees down EVERYWHERE. But we got home and saw our driveway and went "um." Because--trees down and blocking it and half the road. So I walked across the lawn and moved my car so it was not in Imminent Danger of being squashed. Then--another storm rolled through. And we heard a cracking, and--down came the other side of the tree. It fell across the lawn, though, thankfully--and not on our cars.

But we didn't get power until almost 9--and I think we were lucky. There was a tornado warning in York County, and according to the papers, over 3000 people in our town alone were still without power. We did not get CABLE--and the INTERNET--back until sometime this afternoon.

A neighbor came and offered to remove the tree for no charge if he could have the wood for his wood stove. YES PLEASE. Gah, tree removal is expensive, so we are very happy about that--the tree is now reduced to a lot of brush on the sides of our driveway.

We were lucky. We only lost the two trees and they did NOT crash on my car. An entire BARN was blown over on the other side of town, and driving around today, it looks like a war zone. We are lucky to have power and cable back. I was afraid we would be without cable for DAYS. Oh, internet! ::hugs it::

'Course, they are predicting more storms every day until Wednesday. Nice.

Pictures of the damage! )

Mom and I did go to the Yarmouth Clam Festival today, though, and got some really neat things in the craft show. I was wearing my Dark Knight shirt that [ profile] aradiachiba bought me at Six Flags and it was *quite* a conversation piece. Anyway, the Clam Fest was fun. Did not eat clams, though--ew. ;) (Had a lobster roll and fries and some steak tips. And a root beer float, yum!)

The best part was coming home to find my cable and internet back. ::hugs them::

Oh oh!!! Also, I saw a preview for Twilight (um--not terribly impressed but my hopes are not quite as low as they were before?) and for High School Musical 3. Which. Oh, the crack.
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So, I have whined about the snow and thrown around measurements like the announcement today that Portland has received 94" of snow and that Gray and Sebago both have 125" so far.

What does that look like?

I'm glad you asked. Clicky for photos! )

So, yes. This is what I refer to when I talk about The Goddamn Snow. ;)

Also, because I loves them and they are adorable--my cats.

Kitty pics! )
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So, the brother is out and about again, and I have pirated some laptop time--and discovered that he downloaded some pictures already from today! So, totally pirating some of THOSE to post and spam you all with. ;)

Today we went to the World War II Resistance Museum and Akershus (a park overlooking Oslo fjord where the museum is and where the cannons were fired from during the invasion), as well as the City Hall and down Karl Johan Gate, which is the street the Palace is on. Then we went to the train station, which is also a mall.

Here are three pictures, at least until I get home and upload all of MINE--and it doesn't take a YEAR to upload ONE. )

In other news, apparently am incapable of writing in a notebook by hand. Will try to remedy this, if I don't fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow, which is a VERY REAL possibility. =P Jet-lag does suck.

Also, it's almost 11 pm, but the sun is out and it's gorgeous. This midnight sun thing is awesome, but does not help convince my internal clock that it's not 3 in the afternoon! ;)
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I don't know if I should use an incredulous, overjoyed or "wtf" icon for this. I think it's time for my icon of shock and awe.

But! ::CLINGS to the internet and to POWER!!!!::

So, we got hit with a snowstorm, right? Yeah, about 14" of snow later... It's April 5th, Mother Nature. COME ON.

But the most fantastic part is how we lost power at 2 am and only got it back at 10 am--8 hours without power. The temperature inside got down to 64 degrees. I am sitting here in two sweatshirts and huddles under three blankets, because it takes awhile for the furnace to kick in.

This is not the most... *interesting* thing caused by the storm.

It's not even how my brother managed to get my mom's minivan out of the driveway and then got HIS car stuck in the snowbank so I had to go help him dig himself out and then PUSH the damn thing (despite how he had absolutely no good reason for needing to leave the house).

It's more that at 2 this morning A TREE FELL ON OUR HOUSE.

Fortunately, it's sort of... leaning against it, instead of slamming THROUGH the house. THANK GOD.

No, seriously. Tree. On my house. Pictures! )

So... oi.

Yesterday the only snow in our lawn was where the snowbanks hadn't melted yet. The grass was turning green. >_<

I suppose we should do something about THE TREE ON OUR HOUSE, but I have no idea WHAT to do.

Who do you call in this situation? Oi.

BUT WE HAVE POWER!!!! YAY! (We very, VERY rarely lose power where we live, and it's almost never for *that* long.)
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First, apologies. I got smacked by the Hyper Bus, apparently. I feel like, if I weren't comfortably surrounded by pillows and a pile of folded towels, I would skip about and maybe dance a jig.

Those who know me in RL are *laughing* at that right now.

This is a vast improvement over the badness that was last night, but I'm not feeling any more writerly inclined tonight, sadly. Just more... bouncy. Heh!

Oh, Bruce and Richard, I need to be mean to you now and you need to help me so I can finish this damn whateveritis.

As an awesome side-note, [ profile] likeadeuce wrote a Richard ficlet that I requested! Wee, and it is made of win.

But on that note, minor ranting about Richard White in (other) fics... )

Still in love with Grey's Anatomy, randomly. Watched a ton today with Mom. ♥ this show.

Also, it's been a while, so it's time for some pictures of my cats.

Just two, but they clearly show how very made of win my boys are... )

Okay, really, going to go write. Because otherwise I'll fall asleep. But I think that the Deep Freeze has perhaps passed, because the furnace has stopped running for the first time in three days and I'm actually WARM. Shocking.

Also, LJ. Stop lagging on the comment notifications. 30 minutes is too long a lag. What if [ profile] xenokattz was trying to break my LJ again? We would be up all night. Shut up, this scenario totally has never happened before.

Using my new icon, which I think expresses my current mood Perfectly.
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I was interviewed by [ profile] dundee_kisses!

Cut for length and pictures... because I never do anything halfway, do I? )

Yes, so, brevity is not a friend of mine. =P

Want to be interviewed?
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
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Yes, it is time for kitty pics! Because I love them and I miss them and I am bored.

You know you want to see my baby boys... )

Yeah, so, love my cats. I do. ;)

And read my stories if you haven't, and comment. ;)

Feeling happy tonight, very little reason for it. Kitty pictures, probably.
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Yeah, the flood I mentioned? Happened in December of 2003, and here are some pictures, just because )

Yeah, so the water's even higher than that now. And has way more ice chunks in it. And is now freezing over across the field...


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