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He proposed today!! And she said yes! I AM EXCITED, I WILL HAVE A SISTER. And she is wonderful, and we love her, and they're very good for each other and they are very happy. <3

He took her out to breakfast this morning and apparently has been a nervous wreck and antsy all week. Today he could not sit still and I guess she said something about it several times. He took her to Fort Williams Park, which is where Portland Head Light is, but they walked around a while. He was going to do it there, but there were too many people and he didn't feel it, so he took her to another park down the road (Two Lights State Park), and they went up on a hill overlooking the water and he got down on one knee and gave a whole speech and I guess he was shaking the whole time, and she started crying and everything. Then she called my mother at work to ask if she had a minute and said "I'm going to be your daughter-in-law!" and when she called me, she said "we're going to be sisters!" and I am so very, very excited for them! And us!

Apparently the number one question being asked is "have you picked a date?" which they haven't, since they just got engaged this afternoon. They're thinking next fall or the following spring, though. The second question is "when are you having kids?" which makes my brother turn purple. His answer is "eventually." We think this is a good answer. (But he has said he definitely wants a little girl, which is ridiculously sweet, if you ask me.)

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Wow. So, Mom's reading Michael Connelly novels because my brother is obsessed with them and kept shoving them at her. He loves them because they're action-packed and he's a criminal justice major. She's reading them because the first one got her hooked.

But she just stopped to tell me that she wants to put the book in the freezer (anyone who recognizes that joke, I will... squee at and write a drabble for or something), and then she said she used to read these mystery/crime novels all the time, but then she stopped and I asked why. She just Looked at me and then said she used to have a hard time sleeping.

Now, I thought it was a case of active imagination, but then she explained that when we were little, she used to sleep with a baseball bat under her bed and a BUTCHER KNIFE under her mattress in easy reach.

Those of you who know my mother will understand why that makes me go O_O, because she's possibly the least violent person I know.

But I was seven and my brother was three when my dad died and she was a single mother. It shouldn't surprise me that she worried, but she said tonight that she doesn't think she had a good night's sleep before I was in high school.

This? Is why my mother is my hero. It's another reason to continue to want to grow up to BE her. I love my mother.

Also, I realized that it's been two weeks today since I found out about Katharine's death. Because I'm having a bit of a moment, I'm recording some thoughts just to release them. )

Anyway. Yeah. I realized a while ago that my default position on the parentage of characters is to assume a dead or absent father. This makes writing for certain characters/fandoms easier than others. But when I need to write a story where there are two parents? HA!

The old "write what you know" rule definitely applies there. Heh!

I was all random and silly earlier and now I'm feeling kind of... meh. I'm sure I could switch to random very easily again, but maybe I can harness this into something creative and write something. Hmm. The question is *what.*

And [ profile] zoe_chan? I am on a Meat Loaf kick now, thanks to you. I JUST got over my Bon Jovi kick! Ack!
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A conversation with my mother, when I went to dig out my car from the Pile O Snow:

Mom: Wear a scarf.
Me: I don't need a scarf, Mom, I've got a really high collar. *zips to prove it*
Mom: You need a scarf!
Me: Mom, I don't want to wear a scarf. It's fine.
Mom: *shoves a scarf at me*
Me: I'm not wearing the scarf.
Mom: But scarves are cool.
Me: .....
Mom: What? They are!
Me: Mom. Scarves are not cool. Unless you're in California and don't need one.
Mom: They're cool. Scarves are rad.
Me: *extremely long pause* ...Rad!?!
Mom: Groovy?
Me: Mom! Groovy?!
Mom: What? Rad and groovy aren't cool?
Me: *has no idea what to say, but is crying from the laughing*
Mom: Hey, there's nothing wrong with groovy.
Me: Not if you're a member of the Partridge family!
Mom: Hey, I wanted to be Susan Partridge!
Me: First: Scarves are not cool, rad, OR groovy. Second: GROOVY?! *more laughing*
Mom: Oh, stop it. What's wrong with groovy?
Me: Nothing! Just 30 or 40 years.
Mom: Well, you didn't seem to like "rad."

Which proves that my mother does, in fact, rule all and get the last word. But hearing her say "rad" might well be the funniest thing EVER.
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So, today is my birthday! =D

(As if I hadn't been bouncing around broadcasting that all week... =P Oops.)

Anyway, when I finally made it to the computer this morning, I had birthday messages waiting for me on AIM from [ profile] zoe_chan, [ profile] aradiachiba and [ profile] arnica (who also wrote me a story!), then [ profile] alphabet26 had posted a birthday message on her LJ and later [ profile] author_by_night wished me happy birthday, too. I feel very loved and I thank all of you!! =D

Came home tonight and my friend Tina? Had IMed me while I was gone. >_<

A bit of frustration being aired... )

But! Onto happier things.

Family stuff... )

Anyone who has met my grandmother should not be surprised to hear that she went to Finishing School... )

It's just fun to picture my grandmother in a ball gown, dancing around in a ballroom as big as her house, sometime in the 1920s, in a small town in the middle of Norway.


I signed up for the HP [ profile] queenathon. O_O I was seduced by the Queen music! Not my fault! But... dude, I got an awesome song. =D (It always makes me think Mighty Ducks, but that's beyond the point.) Now I'd *really* better write my [ profile] femgenficathon story!

I have had a very nice birthday, and I'm irked at Tina for ruining the lovely warm and fuzzy feeling I was having, but. She's not the most important thing in my life. Like [ profile] arnica said earlier, I'm just too soft-hearted for my own good. Ah, well. My aunt called to play "Happy Birthday" on her piano for me. =D Private piano concerto all the way from San Diego to Maine.


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